Scarborough, Vicars transcription


Scarborough parish:


Scarborough, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars in St. Mary's Church, Scarborough.




c 1189Gilbert of Tours  1667William Hodgson
1226Richard of Chauseye 1676Noel Boteler
Henry [First Presentation by the Abbot and Convent of Citeaux] 1696John North
1268Roger of Scarborough 1708Henry Docker
1290Thomas of Ruston 1721Theophilus Garencières
1291William of Langtoft 1750John Morfitt
1313William of Wansford 1782John Kirk [Laid Foundation Stone of Christ Church]
1320Robert of Scarborough 1828Michael Hodsell Miller
1335John Belter [Last Presentation by the Abbot and Convent of Citeaux] 1848John William Whiteside
1349Robert Estiby of Skipsea 1864Richard Frederick Lefevre Blunt [Bishop Suffragan of Hull]
c 1362Henry Bentbow of Skipsea 1905Thomas Enraght Lindsay [Archdeacon of Cleveland]
1381John Goxhill 1913Cecil Henry Hamilton Cooper [Archdeacon of York]
1386John Coke 1923John Wynyard Capron
c 1388John Folk 1930Anthony Basil Carter [Archdeacon of Cleveland]
1397Richard of Askham 1937Charles Patteson [Canon of York]
1408Richard Shropham [First Presentation by the Prior and Convent of Bridlington] 1944George Frederick Townley [Canon of York, Archdeacon of York, Bishop of Hull]
1414Robert Abraham 1948Frank Edward Ford [Canon of York, Archdeacon of the East Riding]
1454Robert Kilham [Canon and Chancellor of Bridlington] 1958Douglas Oxby Parker [Canon of York]
1464Robert Sutton [Canon of Bridlington] 1964John Keys Fraser [Canon of York]
1475Thomas Bedford 1981Edwin Alan Crofton
1485Richard Tunstall 1992Robert William Jackson
1494William Penet 2002Martyn Philip Dunning
1501Thomas Roxby   
1503Robert Ogram   
1506William Evers   
1510Richard Bull [Last Presentation by the Prior and Convent of Bridlington]   
c 1535William Bravyn   
c 1558William Newton   
1558Henry Langdale   
1602William Ward   
1608Timothy Taylor   
1630William Simpson [Ejected 1645 - Reinstated 1660]   
John Boatman [Intruder during the Commonwealth]   
Wood of Whitby [Intruder during the Commonwealth]   
Robert Steele [Intruder during the Commonwealth]   

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson