Scarborough, Memorial Plaque transcription


Scarborough parish:


Scarborough, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The Another World War I Memorial Plaque in St. Mary's Church, Scarborough.

To the Glory of God
And in Memory of our Brave Dead

N. Odgers
P. Ireland
J. Monkman
H. Lempriere
H. Jaques
B. Snowball
T. Longman
B. Shannon
W. Mansfield
F. Escreet
A. Walters
J. Young
J. Bayes
C. Wilding
R. Green
G. Anderson
J. Kaye
T. Duncan
D. Pearson-Plows
A. Walters
E. Bean
C. Rutledge
F. Horner
A. Dolburn
H. Graham
W. Wilson
E. Purnell
J.W. Cook
F. Hunter
H. Crawford
T. Meads
H. Bean
W. Sheader
G. Wilson
C. King
J. Feather
J. Walters
H. Wood
H. Monkman
A. Williamson
I. Wilson
F. Leadley
G. Smith
E. Ashwell
J. Lancaster
C. Barker
N. Sheader
A. Hayles
J. Hartley
W. Cammish
F. Appleby
F. Cowling
R. Smalley
T. Mennell
J. Graham
Presented by Mr. & Mrs. H. Wright
as a token of Thanksgiving to

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson