Scruton, Benefactions transcription


Scruton parish:

Scruton, Benefactions transcription:

The table of Legacies for the use of the poor in St. Radegund's Church, Scruton.

Of the legacies, left for the use
of the Poor belonging to the Parish of
Scruton, with the names of the Persons
Who left them, and the Day of Payment, &c.
I. John Jackson, the sum of One Pound Ten Shillings, to be pay'd yearly, out of Places Field, to be distributed in the Parish Church, on the Seventh Day of January, between the hours of Eleven & Twelve O'Clock in the presence of the Minister and ChurchWardens.

II. Mr. Whitwellby will the Rent arising out of the West end of Rigges Acre, to be distributed by Thomas Wardrop and George Rymer and their Heirs, and Assigns for ever, on the Days the Rent becomes due.

III. Mr. Isles, by will the sum of Four Pounds, Fix't upon Fencoate Wath closes, payable yearly, on the First Day of January.

IV. Mr. Brewster, by will the Sum of Ten Shillings, to be paid yearly, out of the Moores,(to the Overseers or Church Wardens, for the above Use) on the Thirteenth Day of February.

V. Mr. Langdale Ten Shillings, to be paid out of Cowper Closes, on the Thirteenth Day of February.

VI. Forty Shillings, yearly, arising out of Scamlings, to be distributed by the Minister Church Wardens & Overseers (in Coals) on the Day of St. Andrew & Candlemas.

VII. Mr. Heddon, Ten Shillings, to be paid yearly out of the Farm, now tenanted by George Barley, at Easter.

VIII. Rent for the Common, called the Batts, now paid by Henry Coore Esq'r to the Overseers, for the above Use. 1777

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson