Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: SINNINGTON.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 3,390 acres. Pickering Lythe and Rydall wapentakes. -Population, 584 *1; Church-room, 130 *2; Net value, £84. -The Church was given by Ralph de Clerc to the Priory of Yeddingham, which donation was confirmed by King Henry III.

Patron and impropriator, the master of Hemsworth School.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £8; Nova Tax, £4; in 1707, the Curacy was valued at £19; and in 1818, at £80 per annum.

Augmented in 1780, with £200 -by lot.

An Inclosure Act was passed 26th Geo. III.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1517; several years deficient, viz. burials, 1719, 1726, 1733; marriages, 1701, 1711,1727, 1733. -But vide transcripts at York.

The School. This is under Lady Lumley's charity, vide General Charities. The master receives a stipend of £20 a year, and an allowance of £5 a year is paid for coals ; a great number of free scholars, as many as apply, are instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic ; and the Commissioners reported the school to be a well conducted useful institution. The master also receives two rents-charge of 20s. each per annum. -Vide 7th Report, page 749.

Post town: Pickering.

Not noticed by Torre. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. iii. page 95. Nonce Rolls, page 240. East-mead's Rievallensis, page 261. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Swerinctun), page 122; (Micheledestun) 121. Burton's Monasticon, page 285.

*1 Viz. Little Edston, 13; Marton, 231; and Sinnington, 340. In the return to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1834, the Population of the parish is stated to be only 57, but which is probably a typographical error.

*2 In 1818, it was returned that there was only Church accommodation for 25 persons.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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