Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for SKELTON in White's Directory of 1840.


Lords of the manor and landowners:

  • J and J Hepworth Esqs are Lords of the Manor, but Viscount Downe, T H Place
  • and H Thompson Esqs own part of the land

Miscellany of trades

  • Rev John Skelton, Rectory
  • Thomas H Place Esq, Skelton Grange
  • Henry Thompson Esq, Fairfield Lodge
  • Mrs Mary Thompson, Skelton Cottage
  • Mrs Arabella Hodgson
  • Andrew Hume, schoolmaster and registrar
  • Thomas Noble, vict Blacksmiths Arms
  • Francis Ridsdale, joiner
  • John Ward, smith and vict Bay Horse
  • Wm Waterson, shoemaker


  • John Barker
  • Wm Brown
  • Wm Kendra jun, Hall moor
  • J Marshall
  • Mary Rodwell
  • William Sowrey

Transcribed by Caroline Gaden.