SKELTON IN CLEVELAND: Skelton in Cleveland, Boosbeck Chapelry PRs 1908-1909


Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for St. Aidan's, Boosbeck, 1908-1909

A friend has kindly loaned me a copy of this book. I remember my grandmother having a large collection of them and having asked her for them when I was a teenager when she died (nothing so blunt as a kid). However, we moved to NZ long before this sad event happened and I was overjoyed to see this copy lately. During the next few weeks I will print out some of the lists of bapt. marr. and burials. Not only is Skelton included but also St. Aidan's, Boosbeck with Moorsholm. It was interesting to note illigitimate children don't seem to be included - obviously not a topic for celebration. However, some parents seem to have differentnames, whether they are unmarried or using family names as second namesor the priest if including maiden names, I cannot tell but I will type surnames they are writ (not as capitals which I do prefer). The book starts Nov. 1908 (which seems odd to me but there you are).

I can't give any information on any of these are I am totally ignorant and please remember there is nothing like the original parish records. I was particularly delighted to see some strays and residences (at least the street) mentioned.

Hope some of you find something. Kind regards to all. Macha in NZ Macha in NZ

St. Aidan's Church, Boosbeck.

Baptisms 1908
Nov. 23 Edna, daughter of Robert and Phoebe Elizabeth Raynor, Boosbeck.
Nov. 25 Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Fred and Ada Write, Lingdale.
Nov. 25 Ida, daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Brown, Boosbeck.
Nov. 25 Mary, daughter of Robert and Martha Goodwill, Boosbeck.
Nov. 26 Leonard Oswald, son of Harry and Sarah Annie Dowson, Oldham Street,
Dec. 2 John, son of John and Mary Anne Moore, Margrove Park.
Dec. 2 Ida, daughter of Edgar Thomas and Agnes Maud Bringloe, Lingdale.
Dec. 4 Alfred, son of William and Priscilla Horton, Lingdale.
Dec. 4 Caroline Sophia, daughter of William and Priscilla Horton, Lingdale.
Dec. 9 John Robert, son of John and Mary Ellen Pearey, Boosbeck.
Dec. 9 William Oxley, son of Arthur Denton and Susan Wood, Middlesbrough.
Dec. 23 Wilfred, son of John William and Sarah Holliday, Margrove Park
Dec. 30 Martha, daughter of Henry and Hannah Maria Savage, Lingdale.
Dec. 31 Eliza May, daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Jones, Margrove Park.
Jan. 13 Albert Ernest Wilfred, son of Frederick and Alice Beekley, Margrove Park.
Jan. 20 Margaret Emily, daughter of William Edward and Emily Sophia Holmes, Lingdale.
Jan. 20 Florence Marjorie, daughter of Arthur Henry and Elizabeth Ezard, Lingdale.
Jan. 27 Walter John, son of John Thomas and Selina Stonehouse, Lingdale
Jan. 27 Harry Atkin, son of Harry and Hannah Passmore, Boosbeck.
Feb. 3 William, son of George Duncan and Mary Emma Bains, Boosbeck
Feb. 3 Elizabeth Marley, daughter of Robinson and Gertrude Stewart, Boosbeck.
Feb. 3 Ivy Lilian, daughter of Frederick and Lilian Hewitt, Lingdale.
Feb. 10 Doris Winifred, daughter of Robert and Mary Jane Howard, Lingdale.
Feb. 10 Mabel Margaret, daughter of James Cuthbert and Esther Ann Hewitt, Lingdale.
Feb. 10 Doris, daughter of Robert and Ethel Shaw, Lingdale.
Feb. 13 Henrietta, daughter of William Henry and Harriet Ethel Stonehouse, Lingdale.
Feb. 17 Mabel, daughter of Thomas and Selina Arnold, Lingdale.
Feb. 17 Thomas William, son of Francis William and Martha Teasdale, Lingdale.
Feb. 17 Enos William, son of William and Violet Ann Smithson, Boosbeck.
Feb. 19 Ethol, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Charlton's Terrace.
Feb. 24 Christina, daughter of Thomas and Rose Nairn, Boosbeck.
Feb. 24 Nora, daughter of Charles and Margaret Tansley, Boosbeck.
Feb. 24 Harry, son of Harry and Edith Mary Buckle, Boosbeck.
Feb. 24 Alice Maud, daughter of Edwin and Mary jane Gilbert, Oldham Street.
Feb. 24 Frederick Walter, son of Fred and Clara Carver, Charlton's Terrace.
Feb. 28 Connie, daughter of Obadiah and Hanna Gertrude Whittaker, Lingdale.
Mar. 3 George Henry, son of Byron and Alice Leach, Boosbeck.
Mar. 8 Betsey Helen, daughter of Frederick and Rose Green, Margrove Park.
Mar. 31 Thomas, son of John Edward and Margaret Ann Millar, Springfield.
Apr. 7 John William, son of John George and Ethel Day, Charlton's Terrace.
Apr. 7 John Robert, son of Robert and Harriet Wood, Boosbeck.
Apr. 7 Hilda, daughter of John Thomas and Margaret Puckett, Moorcock.
Apr. 14 Matthew, son of James and Annie Jackson, Lingdale.
Apr. 14 Dorothy Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mabel Wilson, Springfield.
Apr. 21 Evelyn, daughter of Frank and Sarsh Annie Wilkinson, Lingdale.
Apr. 21 Mona, daughter of Richard and Ann Jane Wily, Oldham Street.
Apr. 21 Elsie Vida, daughter of George and Ruth Welham, Springfield.
Apr. 25 Muriel, daughter of James Henry Medd and Blanch Annie Scarth, Kater(?) - paper cut off.
Apr. 25 Nellie, daughter of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Brown of Charlton's Terrace.
Apr. 28 Thomas, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Bendall, Boosbeck.
Apr. 28 Louisa, daughter of Jeremiah and Rebecca Jane Lee, Margrove Park.
Apr. 28 Muriel, daughter of John and Florence Mary Shaw, Lingdale.
Apr. 28 John Francis, son of John Frances and Alice Maud Payne, Lingdale.
Apr. 28 Joseph Leonard, son of Sydney and Amelia Jackson, Lingdale.
Apr. 30 Arthur James, son of James William and Edith Florence Dove, Lingdale.
May 9 Thomas William Hardwick, son of William and Hannah Jones, Lingdale.
May 12 Aileen Ann, daughter of John and Elizabeth de Wolf Pacey, Boosbeck.
May 16 George Henry, son of Joseph Henry and Ellen Ouseley, Charlton's Terrace.
May 19 Ivy, daughter of George Alfred and Laura Brought, Boosbeck.
May 20 Edwin, son of George william and Anne Spaven, Moorcock.
May 26 Allan, son of Frank and Sarah Annie Readman, Charlton's Terrace.
May 26 Lena May, daughter of James Arthur and Rosanna Lowther, Margrove Park.
May 26 Gladys Freda, daughter of Frederick William and Amelia Row, Margrove Park.
May 26 Wilfred Cecil, son of Walter Harrison and Harriet Jane Barwick, Springfield.
June 2 Clyde, son of John Henry and Patience Hannah Parker Sunley, Boosbeck.
June 2 John George, son of John James and Annie Rudsdale, Margrove Park.
June 2 Edith May, daughter of Thomas and Emily Porritt, Lingdale.
June 16 Gladys Mary, daughter of Maxey and Eleanor Croxford, Boosbeck.

Marriages 1908
Dec. 5 John William Cleaver and Annie Hutchings, both of Oldham Street.
Dec. 5 Isaac William Langstaffe, of Stanghow, and Emily Alice Murrell, of Springfield.
Dec. 5 William Parker and Mary Ann Liddement, both of Moorcock.
Dec. 23 Edward Hudson, of Lingdale, and Lizzie Annie Bradley, Stanghow.
Dec. 24 William Archibald Garratt, of Brotton and Mary Agar, of Lingdale.
Dec. 26 Sydney Jackson, and Amelia Ashton, both of Lingdale.
Dec. 30 William Marchington, of Charlton's Terrace, and Emily Carling, of Moorcock.
Dec. 30 Frederick Walt Suckling and Beatrice Jane Liddell, both of Moorsholm.
Dec. 31 William Henry Colbeck, of Oldham Street, and Hannah Slater, of Boosbeck.
Jan. 23 James Wilding and Martha Naylor Adamson, both of Lingdale.
Jan. 24 Charles Boyes of Lingdale, and Ada Thompson of Boosbeck.
Feb. 25 James Richard Atkinson, of Charlton's Terrace, and Sarah Annie Dove, Lingdale.
Feb. 27 Thomas Pearson, of Moorcock, and Rose Honor Smith, of Oldham Street.
Mar. 22 John Thomas Leng and Mary Dodd, both of Lingdale.
Apr. 26 William Gladstone Butterbee, of Guisbrough and Mary Hannah Frankland, of Stanghow.
May 15 Ernest Hudson of Lingdale, and Emily Lettie Richardson Medcalf, of Moorcock.
May 15 Allen Haggarth, of Shincliffe, and Alice Wildon, of Moorsholm.
May 29 James Harding, of Boosbeck, and Sarah Ann Hare, Charlton's Terrace.
Jun. 14 Joseph Bowden and Betsey Sellars, both of Boosbeck.

Burials. 1908
Nov. 23 Alpha Freeman, aged 37 years, Charlton's Terrace. D-K,8.
Nov. 30 Leonard Oswald Dowson, aged 3 weeks, Oldham Street. A-K,15.
Dec. 1 Athol Miller, aged 3 and a half, Boosbeck. D-G,7.
Dec. 13 Blanche Eveline Braxton, aged 2 years, Lingdale. D-C,8.
Dec. 20 Albert Oliver, aged 11 months, Oldham Street, D-G, 8.
Dec. 22 Eva Borrow, aged 3 weeks, Lingdale. A-F, 18.
Dec. 23 Jame Ackroyd, aged 73 years, Charlton's Terrace. A-I, 7.
Dec. 23 Violet Annie Curnow, aged 9 months, Lingdale. A-T, 19.
Dec. 24 Laura Bell, aged 5 years, Lingdale. A-K, 13.
Dec. 31 Elsie Wetherall, aged 14 days, Margrove Park. A-K, 13.
Jan. 7 James Pierce, aged 11 months, Boosbeck. A-U.7.
Jan. 9 Sidney James Cossey, aged 1 year, Margrove Park. A-D, 1.
Jan. 13 Harriet Harris, aged 67 years, Boosbeck. D-I, 12
Jan. 21 Thomas Hutchings, aged 66 years, Lingdale. A-K, 10.
Jan. 26 James Edmunc Duck, aged 1 year and 11 months, Lingdale. D-B, 7.
Jan. 27 Sarah Ann Ward, aged 46 years, Margrove Park. A-K, 9.
Feb. 1 Hilda Taylor, aged 10 days, Moorcock. A-U, 12.
Feb. 7 Stanley Smith, aged 5 months, Charlton's Terrace. D-L, 15.
Feb. 7 James Thomas Richardson, aged 29 years, Lingdale. A-K, 14.
Feb. 14 Doris Edna Walker, aged 13 months, Margrove Park. A-I, 6.
Feb. 18 Hannah Bosomworth, aged 76 years, Guisborough. A-F, 10.
Feb. 21 George William Holliday, aged 11 months, Lingdale.
Feb. 24 Mary Jane Humble, aged 4 years, Lingdale. A-K, 18.
Mar. 3 Arthur Barnard Cushion, aged 19 years, Boosbeck. D-A, 4.
Mar. 6 John Hoggil, 78 years, Charlton's Terrace. D-I, 8.
Mar. 14 John William Walker, aged 30 years, Margrove Park.
Mar. 18 Albert Allen Gate, aged 10 hours, Lingdale. A-H, 4.
Mar. 18 Reuben Braxton, aged 16 hours, Lingdale. D-C, 7.
Mar. 21 Richard Wallace, aged 37 years, Moorcock. A-H, 3.
Mar. 21 Violet Coates, 14 months, Lingdale. A-I, 7.
Mar. 21 Richard Wallace, aged 37 years, Moorcock. A-H, 3.
Mar. 21 Violet Coates, aged 14 months, Lingdale. A-I, 7.
Mar. 25 Richard Veyro, aged 66 years, Skelton, D-M, 14.
Apr. 2 Ada Gullon, aged 10 months, Lingdale. A-K, 17.
Apr. 18 Emily Smith, aged 8 years, Charlton's Terrace. A-I, 4.
May 2 Henry Dockeray, aged 51 years, Lingdale. D-I, 9.
May 20 James William Atkins, aged 60 years, Lingdale. A-I, 3.
May 23 Alice Hart, aged 1 year and 3 months, Lingdale. A-K, 22.
May 31 Ada Foster, aged 2 1/2 years, Lingdale. A-I, 19.
Jun. 9 Mary Hawes, aged 73 years, Lingdale. A-I, 9.
Jun. 14 Grace Irene Miller, aged 1 year and 4 months, Oldham Street. D-L, 15.
Jun. 15 Richard James Newton, aged 62 years, Boosbeck. D-A, 5.

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