Stanwick Saint John, Roll of Honour transcription


Stanwick Saint John parish:


Stanwick Saint John, Roll of Honour transcription:

The Roll of Honour in St. Paul's Church, Aldborough St. John.

The Churchman's Roll of Honour
I have fought a good fight Their name liveth for evermore
The following connected with this parish, gave their
lives for King and Country in the Great War 1914-1918

Bartrom, John 6th West Yorks 'missing' Egypt 1916
Beach, John Moses 4th Yorks died in hospital France 1917
Fenwick, Ralph Northumberland Fusiliers died in action 1917
Stenson, James William 4th Yorks killed by shell August 1918
Swainston, William 10th Royal Hussars wounded 1917
Hutchinson, George 2/6 Hants died in training 1916

Returned from the Great War 1918 and 1919
Acum, Reg Alexander RN HMS Malaya
Alderson, Leonard RN HMS Firedrake
Alderson, Thomas RN HMS Truant
Bartrom, Robert 1/6 Durham LI in France 1918
Beach, George 55th Remount Squadron ASC
Brown, Harrison 4th South Staffs. France 1918
Brown, Charles Machine Gun Corps
Clement, Geo William 8th Canadian L of W. Ypres, April 1915
Clement, John 4th Yorks badly wounded Polcapelle
Daly, Henry [Lieut] 1st Sussex 1914-1917
Daly, Charles Durham LI POW March 1918
Dent, William Durham LI Lost foot Arras 1917
Fenwick, George 5th Army Cyclist Corps and observer
Gent, Thomas [Lieut] Army Cyclist Corps attached BAF
Gent, John 4th Yorks lost eye Hill 60 1916
Metcalfe, Norman RN HMS Foresight Dardanelles
Ridley, William RFC in France August 1914 to 1918
Robinson, Joseph Northumberland Hussars France
Robinson, Fred ASC Remount to and fro Havre
Stenson, Thomas Henry Durham LI in awful battle France
Vitty, David Army Cyclist Corps France all 4 years
Whitehouse, Henry Motor Transport ASC East Africa
Whitehouse, Arthur Remount Depot, Romsay
Woodhouse, Thomas Remount Depot, Southampton
Manning, Albert Motor Transport ASC France

Died in the World War 1939-1946
John James Barker

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson