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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for STOKESLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Stokesley, John Wilstrop, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Coates John Wynn, esq. Front st
  • Coates Rev. Samuel (curate) Parsonage
  • Consedd Dryden, esq. Normanby
  • Dobson Christopher, Dromanby
  • Emerson James, esq. Front st
  • Emerson John, esq. Front st
  • Farrar Robert, esq. Dromanby
  • Foulis Sir William bart. Ingleby manor
  • Gillson Miss Mary, Beck side
  • Grenside the Misses, Beck side
  • Grenside Rev. Robert, Seamer
  • Hartley Rev. Richard Fleming (curate) Parsonage
  • Healey Captain John, East end
  • Heaviside the Misses Margaret & Eliza, West end
  • Hildyard Lieut. Colonel, East end
  • Hunter the Misses, Ayton
  • Jackson George, esq. Tantan
  • Jackson William Ward, esq. (magistrate) Normanby
  • Ibbotson Rev. Joseph, Ayton
  • Invess Rev. William, Ayton
  • Jeffells Rev. William, Stainton
  • Martin Mr. Thomas, Front st
  • Martin Mr. William, Front st
  • Marwood Rev. George, Busby hall
  • Masterman Mr. John, Front st
  • Newton Rev. John, Kirby
  • Pennyman Sir William, bart. Ormsby
  • Phillips Mr. James, Tantan
  • Proctor William, esq. Ayton
  • Rennison Mr. William, Beck side
  • Taylorson Mrs. ---, Ayton
  • Temple Stephen, esq. East end
  • Thomason Rev. James, Ormsby
  • Todd Rev. Thomas, Back st
  • Wheatherall Mr. Thomas, Busby

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Appleton Ann, West end
  • Brittain James, Kirby
  • Jameson James, Back st
  • National School, Walker Braithwaite, master; Mary Jeffels, mistress
  • Neasham Ann (day & boarding) East end
  • Sanderson Humphrey, Ayton
  • Sanderson William, Cross row
  • Suggitt Thomas, Stainton
  • Todd Rev. James, East end


  • Garbutt, Blackett & Fawcett, Front st
  • Grenside George, East end
  • Palmer Robert, West end
  • Petty John, Cross row
  • Sowerby John Page (& coroner, and steward of the chief bailiff of Langbaurgh)
  • Front st
  • Ward Jonathan, Cross row


  • Appleton John, Front st
  • Farrow Robert Calvert, Front st
  • Kitching William, Front st
  • Robinson George, Beck side

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Rayner William, Front st
  • Sedman John, West end
  • Theakstone William, Ayton
  • Williamson George, Front st


  • Darlington District Banking Co. (draw on Barclay & Co. London) --- John Barr, agent
  • Skinner William & Co. --- (draw on Barclay & Co. London) -- attendance on Saturday only


  • Carlen Thomas, West end
  • Gill Thomas, Front st
  • Gillson William, Stainton
  • Halton David, West end
  • Hulton Thomas, Stainton
  • Ingledew William, Stainton
  • Parkin Henry, Seamer
  • Rontree John, Cross row
  • Snowdon James, Ayton
  • Waller Robert, Seamer
  • Williamson William, Ayton

Bookseller & Stationer,

  • Pratt John Slater (& bookbinder & printer) Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barker William & Son, Ayton
  • Broadfoot William, Stainton
  • Carling Christopher, Front st
  • Clark John, Ayton
  • Corbett William, Stainton
  • Davison John, Stainton
  • Galloway Richard, Ayton
  • Ghent George, Seamer
  • Harrison Robert, Cross row
  • Hebdon Thomas, Front st
  • Horton John, Seamer
  • Hugill William, Front st
  • Hutton William, Ayton
  • Lee James, Front st
  • Marlow Thomas, Stainton
  • Sanderson Francis, Ayton
  • Sanderson William, Ayton
  • Simonson Robert, Front st
  • Smith James, Ayton
  • Snowdon William (& clogger) Market place
  • Thirkell Robert, Front st
  • Thompson John, Stokesley
  • Tweddle Jackson, Front st
  • Walker John, Stokesley
  • Wright John (& patten) Front st


  • Carlen Jane, Ayton
  • Robinson George, Beck side
  • Wilstrop John, Cross row


  • Fawcett William, Front st
  • Grainge William Robinson, Front st
  • Hodgson William, Front st
  • Iveson John, Front st
  • Stephenson Thomas, Front st
  • Wade Robert, Ayton


  • Appleton John, Market place
  • Bainbridge Thomas, Market place
  • Beggin James, Market place
  • Easby John, Market place
  • Farrow Robert Calvert, Front st
  • Goldsbrough John, Market place
  • Harrison William, Stainton
  • Hepton Marmaduke, Market place
  • Man James, Market place
  • Myers William, Market place
  • Rowland Gregory, Ayton
  • Sawkill Raper, Market place
  • Scott William, Market place
  • Sherwood Thomas, Stainton
  • Smith William, Market place
  • Stephenson Robert, Market place
  • Wilson Anthony, Stainton

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Crummey James, Front st
  • Duck John, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Cross row
  • Ward William, Front st


  • Matson Jonathan, Front st
  • Watson Joseph, Ayton

Curriers & Leather Cutters,

  • Martin Jane, Ayton
  • Stephenson John, East end
  • Walker Robert, Front st


  • Pearson Anthony, West end
  • Pearson Hannah (silk) West end
  • Trenholme William, Beck side

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Norwich Union, John Slater Pratt, Market place
  • Yorkshire, John Tweddell, Market place

Flax Dresser & Spinner,

  • Mease Thomas (& patent thread manufacturer) Front st

Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Appleton John (grocer) Front st
  • Barker William, Front st
  • Bean Robert, Ayton
  • Brown Isaac, Ayton
  • Crummey James, Front st
  • Hebdon William, Front st
  • Newton Robert, Ayton
  • Stephenson George & William, Front st
  • Tweddell John, Market place
  • Wilson Thomas, Ayton

Gun Makers,

  • Dent Thomas, Front st
  • Harwood John, West end

Hair Dressers,

  • Appleton Robert, Market place
  • Appleton William, Market place
  • Turner William, Market place

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Grey John, Cross row
  • Kitching William, Front st


  • Black Swan, John Wilstrop, Front st
  • Golden Lion, William Naylor, Front st


  • Cail John, Market place
  • Skelton William (& brazier) Front st

Joiners & Cartwrights,

  • Carter John, East end
  • Coates John (& cabinet maker) Front st
  • Hauxwell John, Ayton
  • Hebbron John, West end
  • Hebron John, Ayton
  • Humphrey Thomas, Ayton
  • Leng John, West end
  • Lowther John, Seamer
  • Mothersdale John, Seamer
  • Porter William, Stainton
  • Pounder Robert (& cabinet maker) Front st
  • Richlieu Thomas, Ayton
  • Shepherd Christopher, Ayton
  • Smith John, Front st
  • Springles John, Ayton
  • Stephenson Daniel, Front st
  • Watkin James, Front st

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Calvert Stephen, Front st
  • Coverdale George, Front st
  • Easom James & John, Beck side
  • Hebdon Michael, Back st
  • Mease John, jun. (& damask table linen) Beck side

Linseed Oil Manufacturers,

  • Hesleton P & J (& seed crushers) Ayton
  • Pease & Weatherall, Ayton


  • Carlen Jane, Ayton
  • Wilstrop John, Cross row


  • Fiddler Thomas, East end
  • Oodiss John, Ayton

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Banks Susannah & Elizabeth, Front st
  • Carter Elizabeth & Ann, Front st
  • Davison Mary, Front st
  • Humphrey Jane, Ayton
  • Rowlin Mary, West end
  • Simonson Margaret, Front st
  • Sowler Hannah, Front st
  • Tyers Jane, West end
  • Watkin Dinah, East end
  • Williamson Mary Ann, Market place

Nail Makers,

  • Charlton Jasper, Ayton
  • Porteus Walter, West end

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Cole Thomas (& gilder) Front st
  • Colling John (& gilder) Front st
  • Gowland David, Front st
  • Noton William, Front st
  • Walker John, Front st

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Barker James, Market place
  • Stephenson Henry, Cross row
  • Taylor John, Front st
  • York Thomas, Ayton

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Ainsley Stephen, Front st
  • Cooper Sarah, Front st
  • Dixon William, Front st
  • Fawcett William, Front st
  • Grainge William, Front st
  • Hinckley James, Market place
  • Huntley Ann, Ayton
  • Leng Thomas, Ayton
  • Martin Thomas, Front st
  • Purvis Henry, West end
  • Richardson Francis, Front st
  • Rickaby Jane, Ayton
  • Sawkill Elizabeth, Market place
  • Turner George, Front st
  • Turner John, Cross row
  • Tweddle John, West end
  • Walter Joseph, Ayton
  • Williamson George, Market place

Stone Masons,

  • Bulmer George, Ayton
  • Dixon Valentine, East end
  • Fawcett Thomas, Ayton

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Banks Susannah & Elizabeth, Front st
  • Carter Elizabeth & Ann, Front st
  • Davison Mary, Front st
  • Leng Elizabeth, Ayton
  • Moon Mercy, Front st
  • Sedgwick Elizabeth, Front st


  • Allardice James, East end
  • Crummey Lawson Fleck, Front st
  • Graham Monkhouse, Ayton
  • Loy Thomas, Ayton
  • Murfitt Thomas, West end
  • Strother William, Front st


  • Barnaby William, Stainton
  • King William, Ayton
  • Marlow John, Seamer
  • Mowburn George, Stainton
  • Potter George, East end
  • Ramsdale Alexander, East end
  • Sanderson John, Stainton
  • Shaw James, Ayton
  • Shaw William, Ayton
  • Shipley Thomas, Cross row
  • Snaith John, West end
  • Thompson George, East end

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Brown Isaac, Ayton
  • Hodgson William, Front st
  • Stephenson George & William, Front st


  • Jackson John, Ayton
  • Jennett & Son, Ormanby

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, George Parvin, Front st
  • Bay Horse, Robert Calvert Farrow, Front st
  • Black Bull, John Smith, Front st
  • Black Horse, Thomas Carter, Stainton
  • Black Horse, Thomas Pattison, Front st
  • Buck, Mary Carter, Seamer
  • Buck, Joseph Watson, Ayton
  • Bull & Dog, John Bamlett, Front st
  • Chequers, Daniel Stephenson, Front st
  • George & Dragon, George Pennington, Front st
  • Grey Horse, John Lowther, Seamer
  • Greyhound, Robert Racey, Front st
  • King's Head, Sarah Peart, Front st
  • King's Head, Robert Waller, Seamer
  • Letters, John Parkinson, Stainton
  • Oak Tree, Thomas Wilson, Ayton
  • Red Lion, John Hauxwell, Ayton
  • Shoulder of Mutton, William Myers, Market place
  • Spread Eagle, Jabez Ruddock, Front st
  • Three Tuns, Lancelot Barker, Front st
  • White Horse, George Robinson, Beck side
  • White Swan, Anthony Pearson, West end

Retailers of Beer,

  • Carter John, East end
  • Featherstone Joseph, Ayton
  • Fiddler Thomas, East end
  • Halton David, West end
  • Hinckley James, Market place
  • Shepherd Christopher, Ayton
  • Shepherd Matthew, Ayton
  • Smith Thomas, Front st
  • Smith John, Ayton
  • Snaith John, Ayton
  • Wrightson Francis, East end

Veterinary Surgeon,

  • Barker Lancelot, Front st


  • Jackson David, Front st
  • Simpson Thomas (& boiler maker) West end


  • Barker Christopher, glover & hosier, Front st
  • Burnand John, rope & twine maker, Front st
  • Claxton B. & J. & Co. bleachers, Broughton bleach works
  • Davison John, tea dealer, Front st
  • Dispensary, James Allardice, surgeon
  • Elders Adam, clog maker, Market place
  • Emery James, farrier, West end
  • Excise Office, at George & Dragon, Front st
  • Phillips John, manager of Stokesley Corn Company
  • Porteus George, provision dealer, Ayton
  • Pratt John Slater, sub-distributer of stamps, Market place
  • Savings' Bank, Rev. William Jeffells, honorary secretary
  • Sherwood Robert, comb maker, Ayton
  • Turnbull John, watch & clock maker, Market place
  • Workhouse, Thomas Hebdon, master


  • To Ayton, James Sherwood & Ralph Richardson, from the Angel, Front st, every Saturday
  • To Guisborough, Thomas Johnson, from the Angel, every Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Hutton, Thomas Cust, from the George & Dragon, Front st, every Thursday & Saturday
  • To Stockton, James Ainsley, from the George & Dragon, every Tuesday, and John Middleton, Thomas Tate, & Francis Peacock, from the Angel, and Ralph Richardson, from Ayton ; all go every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • To Thirsk, Francis Peacock & Thomas Tate, from the Angel, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000