Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for STOKESLEY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.




  • County Alderman - John Page Sowerby, Esq., J.P.
  • County Councillor - E. H. Wynne-Finch, Esq., J.P.


Miscellany of trades

  • Bell Sir Isaac Lowthian, Rounton grange
  • Blair George Young, Esq., Hutton Rudby
  • Brown Douglas, Esq., Q.C., Arncliffe hall
  • De Lisle and Dudley Lord, Ingleby manor
  • Emerson James, Esq., Easby hall, Chairman
  • Falkland Lord, Skutterskelfe hall
  • Johnson Walter, Esq., Rounton grange
  • Kitching Alfred Edward, Esq., Ayton firs
  • Marwood George Frederick, Esq., Busby hall
  • Richardson Joseph, Esq., Potto hall
  • Richardson Thomas, Esq., Kirklevington
  • Sowerby John Page, Esq., Stokesley
  • Wilson Isaac, Esq., M.P., Nunthorpe hall
  • Wynne-Finch Edward Heneage, Esq., Manor house, Stokesley


  • Clerks to the Magistrates - James Coates and Thomas Sowerby
  • Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall every alternate Saturday, at 12 noon, for the following places :- Arncliffe, Ayton Great and Little, Broughton, Busby Great and Little, Carlton, Easby, Faceby, Hutton Rudby, Ingleby Greenhow, Kildale, Kirby, Newby, Newton, Nunthorpe, Potto, Rudby, Seamer, Sexhow, Skutterskelfe, Stokesley, and Whorlton


  • Held monthly, alternately here and at Guisborough
  • Judge - His Honour, Edmond R. Turner
  • High Bailiff and Registrar - J. C. Sowerby
  • Bailiff to levy distress for rent under the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1883 - Robert Farrow The County Court District embraces the following townships and places :- Ayton Great and Little, Battersby, Brotton, Broughton Great and Little, Busby Great and Little, Carlton, Codhill Mines, Commondale, Crathorne, Easby, Faceby, Guisborough, Hemlington, Hilton, Hutton, Hutton Lowcross, Ingleby Arncliffe, Ingleby Greenhow, Kildale, Kilton, Lackenby, Lazenby, Middleton, Morton Newby, Newton, Nunthorpe, Pinchingthorpe, Potto, Rounton East, Rudby, Saltburn, Scugdale Mines, Seamer, Sexhow, Skelton, Skinningrove, Skutterskelfe, Stanghow, Stokesley, Swainby, Tocketts, Upleatham, Upsall, Westerdale, Whoriton, and Wilton


  • The Board, consisting of thirty-five Guardians, meets every alternate Saturday at the Workhouse
  • Chairman - James Emerson, Esq.
  • Vice-Chairman - Rev. George Prowde, Faceby
  • Clerk to the Guardians - Thos. Sowerby
  • Treasurer - Robert Elliot, Stokesley
  • Vaccination Officers - A. Trousdale and J. M. Mease
  • Medical Officers and Public Vaccinators - Stokesley District, -; Great Ayton District, Charles Stuart, M.B., C.M., Great Ayton; Hutton Rudby District, Anthony Snowdon, L.R.C.P.,Edin., Hutton Rudby; Yarm District, Christopher Young, M.D., Yarm
  • Assistant Overseer - William Hind
  • Relieving Officer - A. Trousdale
  • Workhouse Master - G. W. Weatherill
  • Workhouse Matron - Mrs. H. Weatherill


  • Superintendent - Thomas Sowerby, Stokesley; deputy, J. C. Sowerby
  • Births and Deaths - J. M. Mease, Hutton Rudby, for Hutton sub-district; deputy, Matthew Hall, Hutton Rudby; Abraham Trousdale, Stokesley, for Stokesley subdistrict; deputy, William Taylor, Stokesley
  • Marriages - A. Trousdale; deputy, William Taylor


  • Chairman - James Emerson, Esq.
  • Vice-Chairman- - William Winn, Esq.
  • Clerk - Thomas Sowerby
  • Medical Officer of Health -
  • Inspector of Nuisances and Surveyor - Joseph M. Mease
  • Road Surveyor - Henry Dixon


  • Chairman - James Emerson, Esq.
  • Vice-Chairman - -Rev. George Prowde
  • Clerk - Thomas Sowerby Attendance Officer - Thomas Smith, Carlton


  • Chairman - J. H. Handyside
  • Vice-Chairman - -J. C. Sewerby
  • Clerk and Secretary - C. E. Jameson
  • Treasurer - Richard Watson
  • Attendance Officer - William Taylor


  • Chairman - John Foster Ellerby
  • Treasurer - Richard Watson
  • Clerk and Secretary - C. E. Jameson


  • Coroner of Langbaurgh - J. C. Sowerby
  • Assistant Overseer - W. Hind
  • Collector of Assessed Taxes - W. Hind
  • Collector of Tolls - Joseph Atkinson
  • Inspector of Weights and Measures, Food and Drugs, Contagious Diseases in Animals, and Explosives - Inspector Hutchinson, Police station
  • Town Crier - Robert Butterwick
  • Sexton and Parish Clerk - George Sowler


By Rail -

  • North Eastern system: Thomas Allison, station master and goods agent

By 'Bus -

  • To and from the Railway station for every train

By Carrier -

  • To Guisborough: From Bay Horse
  • To Hutton Rudby: William Richardson, from Three Tuns, Saturday
  • To Potto: R. Mohun, from Three Tuns, Sat.
  • To Stockton: T. Wright, Wednesday
  • To Swainby: R. Mohun, from Three Tuns, Saturday

Places of Worship.

  • Bethel Chapel (Congregational) - Rev. E. H. Reynolds, pastor, h Great Ayton
  • Catholic Church (St. Joseph) - Rev. Patrick Hennessy, priest
  • Parish Church (St. Peter) - Rector, Rev. Charles Sisum Wright, M.A., Canon of York, Chaplain to the Archbishop, Rural Dean, and Surrogate for granting marriage licenses; Curate, Rev. A. L. Parry, M.A.
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel - Rev. J. Gillender, minister
  • Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. S. G. Scott, minister


  • Post, Money Order, and Telegraph Office, Market place; George Taylor Wallace, postmaster. Mails arrive at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and are despatched at 11 a.m. and 5-20 p.m. Sundays - Mails arrive at 8 a.m., and are despatched at 5-20 p.m. Postal Address - Stokesley, Northallerton.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ainsley Thomas, Chapel yard
  • Alexander Jph., sergt. instructor, C Company, 1st N.Y.R.V., West end
  • Allardice Mrs. Christian, High street
  • Atkinson Joseph, estate joiner and keeper, &c., Town hall
  • Balfour John, butter factor, Market place
  • Barker Edward, Back lane
  • Barker Hy., seed merchant and tallow chandler, Market place
  • Barker Philip, Bridge house
  • Bennison Mrs. Ann, glass and china dealer, Market place
  • Bennison Jonathan
  • Bowes Henry Stephenson, tailor, High street
  • Braithwaite Philip, brick and tile manufacturer, Providence house
  • Brown Robt., professor of music, Market place
  • Bruce Robert, High street
  • Butterwick Robert, billposter, East end
  • Calvert Robert, chemist, wine and spirit merchant, Market place
  • Caton Mary Kate, fent dealer, High street
  • Cattaneo Mrs. Elizabeth, Springfield
  • Coates William, cabinet maker, High street
  • Cole Mr. John, High street
  • Cole Thomas, painter, High street
  • Coulson James, veterinary surgeon, Beck side
  • Cove Henry, gardener, Oakland house
  • Cuthbertson John, mason, High street
  • Deacon Philip, painter, High street
  • Dobson George, bricklayer, Hodgson's yard
  • Duffill William, manager, gasworks
  • Durham John, carter, High street
  • English Mr. Francis, Levenside house
  • Fawcett John, plumber and glazier, High st
  • Fidler Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Back lane
  • Fidler Robert, cattle dealer, Back lane
  • Fidler William, corn miller
  • Finch Edward Heneage Wynne, Esq., J.P., C.C., Manor house
  • Foster Patrick, common lodging house
  • Froud Miss Lucy Emily, lodgings, Brook Side cottage
  • Garbutt Mr. George, High street
  • Garbutt Mr. John, High street
  • Gibson John, tailor, Commercial row
  • Gibson Robert, tailor's cutter, Beck side
  • Gill Thomas, Market place
  • Goldsbrough Henry, wool stapler, East end
  • Gothorpe Mrs. Elizabeth, Bridge terrace
  • Goulton Mr. John, Leven house
  • Graham Mrs. Martha, Montrose house
  • Grange Wm. Robinson, builder, Chapel yard
  • Grant Samuel, property owner, Market place
  • Handyside Mr. John Hepburn, West end
  • Harrison Miss Phillis, East end
  • Hebdon Marmaduke, joiner, West end
  • Hindson George, High street
  • Hockney Charles, market gardener
  • Hodgson Geo. and Farrow Robt., auctioneers and valuers
  • Hodgson George and William, seed and cake merchants, Market place; h College square
  • Hoggart Miss Elizabeth, Springfield
  • Holmes William, milliner and hosier, High st
  • Huthwaite Edward, property owner, Market pl
  • Huthwaite Jas. Wm., property owner, Market pl
  • Hymers Robert, Brook house
  • Jameson Chas. Edward, and Richardson Wm., solicitors, High green
  • Johnson Mrs. Isabella, West terrace
  • Kearsley Jonathan Hart & Co., millers, Union mill
  • Kitching Mrs. Ann, West end
  • Laverick William, fruiterer, High street
  • Lee James, builder, Angel Inn yard
  • Lee Miss Margaret, lodgings, West end
  • Leng William, joiner, West end
  • Loy Mrs. Elizabeth, High street
  • Marshall Miss Hannah, West row
  • Martin Mrs. Hannah, High street
  • Mastin Mrs. Mary Ann, Prospect house
  • Mease Miss Mary, West end
  • Miles Wm., printer & stationer, Market place
  • Moor Mrs. Margaret, Tanton grove
  • Nettleton George, milk seller, Back lane
  • Normington David, watchmaker and newsagent, Market place
  • Parker Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, West end
  • Parrish Charles Freshney, watchmaker and jeweller, Market place
  • Peacock Benjamin, tailor, Chapel yard
  • Peacock Joseph, lodgings and refreshments, Market place
  • Phillips Mr. James, Tanton villa
  • Ramsdale Christopher, carter, West end
  • Ramsdale Joseph, carter, West end
  • Richmond John, tinsmith, Commercial row
  • Robinson William, tailor, High street
  • Scott John, biliposter, china and furniture dealer, High street
  • Shepherd Joseph, plumber, &c., Beck side
  • Short Mrs. Jane, dealer in seeds, and florist, Market place
  • Skelton Robert, Brook house
  • Smith Mrs. Ana, confectioner, Market place
  • Smith Joseph, vet. surgeon, Ivy house
  • Sowerby James Coates & Thomas, solicitors, High street
  • Stephenson Mrs. Ann, Tanton hall
  • Stephenson John, chimney sweeper, West end
  • Stephenson Miss Louisa Octavia, Tanton hall
  • Stephenson Mrs. Martha, East end
  • Stephenson Mrs. Mary Jane, West villa
  • Stephenson Richard, glass and china dealer, West end
  • Swales Solomon, butter factor, High street
  • Tindall, William, Springfield
  • Turner John, painter, Commercial row
  • Tweddell Geo. Markham, author & publisher, Rose cottage
  • Wallace Mrs. Annie, ladies and baby linen warehouse, Post Office
  • Weatherill Miss Jane, The Green
  • Weatherill John, cabinet maker, Commercial row
  • Whitehead Rev. George, West green
  • Wiggins Thomas, brewer, Cleveland brewery
  • Williamson George, hairdresser and general dealer, Town hall
  • Williamson George, painter, High street
  • Wood James, coal merchant, West end
  • Woodhouse Jas., photographer, Rectory cottage
  • Wright Thomas, joiner, East end
  • Wrightson Mr. Charles, High street
  • Wrightson Francis, hay dealer, College square
  • Wrightson Stephen, joiner, &c., Lady Cross
  • Wrightson Wm. Moon, joiner, Paradise place
  • Yorke Edward, saddler, Market place
  • Young Mrs. Alice, furniture and game dealer, High street, and Market place


Academies & Schools.

Board School

  • Boarding & Day School; Mrs. Eliz. Woodhouse, Rectory cottage
  • Boys', Thos. Fenny, master; Girls', Miss Mary Alice Mills, mistress Infants', Miss Margt. Jane Rontree, mistress
  • Grammar School; H. Fawcett, M.A., master; Wm. Hind, assistant master


  • National Provincial Bank of England; Rt. Elliot, mngr.
  • York City & County Banking Co., Limited; Rd. Watson, manager


  • Parker Hyman Bentley, West end
  • Rontree Jno., Commercial row
  • Wilson Rt. Turner, East end

Boot & Shoe Makers.

  • Fidler Thos. (dlr. only), Town Hall
  • Glasper Robert, High street
  • Glasper Thos., High street
  • Stephenson Thos., High street
  • Wallace William (dlr. only), Market place
  • Whitelock Thomas (and dlr.), High street


  • Agar Geo. Wm., Market place
  • Farrow Rt., Bay Horse Hotel
  • Hebdon Marmaduke, Market place
  • Rowland Gregory, High Green
  • Sanderson Jno. (pork), High st
  • Scott Henry, Market place
  • Smith Thomas, High street
  • Swales Anthony, Market place
  • Wrightson John, Shoulder of Mutton Inn


  • Barr William, Market place
  • Benton (Ralph) & Shepherd (Benj.), High street
  • Bowes Hy. Stephenson, High street
  • Clemmet Robt., Market place
  • Graham John, West villa
  • Stephenson Thos. Hy. & Co., Market place


  • Armstrong Wm., Tanton dykes
  • Atkinson Thos., Market place
  • Barker William, Tanton
  • Gibson William, West End
  • Kearsley Jon. Hart, Manor farm
  • Moon William, Tanton
  • Mudd Jph. Benj., Springfield
  • Nellist William, West end
  • Rowland Rd., Mill riggs and Stanley house
  • Skeen Jph., Crab Tree farm
  • Smales Mrs. Eliz., Neesham lane; h High street
  • Smith John, Peaton carr
  • Thompson Wm., White house
  • Wallace Peter, Tanton
  • Wrightson Stephen, Ladycross

Grocers & Provision Dealers.

Miscellany of trades

  • Agar Geo. Wm., Market place
  • Armstrong Hy., High street
  • Barker Joseph, Market place
  • Butterwick John Davison, West end
  • Carling Mary, Bridge terrace
  • Fidler Thomas, Market place
  • Hodgson Thos. (and builder), Hodgson's yard
  • Kearsley Jonathan Hart & Co., Market place
  • Peirson John, Commercial row
  • Richardson Isaac Geo., High street
  • Rickatson Geo. Wm. (and wine and spirit agent), Market place
  • Robinson Herbert Geo. High st
  • Sawkill Frances, High street
  • Sherwood John, High street
  • Tasker Thos., Market place

Hotels and Inns.

  • Angel; Frances Clemmet
  • Bay Horse; Robt. Farrow
  • Black Bull; John Marshall
  • Black Horse; Wm. Exelby
  • Bull and Dog; Marmaduke Forster
  • Golden Lion; Wm. Wilson
  • Greyhound; John Harland
  • New Inn; John Calvert
  • Old Three Tuns; John Ward
  • Queen's Head; Rt. Blenkhorn
  • Shoulder of Mutton; John Wrightson
  • Spread Eagle; Wm. Easton, (also millwright)
  • Station; Joseph Jackson
  • White Swan; Ann Sawkill


  • Postal Address, Busby, Northallerton. Post Office, Carlton. Money Order Office, Stokesley.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barrett Henry, gent., Busby hall, Little Busby
  • Busby Tile Works; Philip Braithwaite; h Stokesley
  • Chapman Christopher, letter carrier between Carlton and Great Broughton


  • Braithwaite Philip (yeo.), Busby house; h Stokesley
  • Cornforth Edward Bagdale, Great Busby
  • Elliott John
  • Gibson John, Little Busby
  • Lamplugh Robert, Busby grange
  • Metcalfe James, Viewly hill
  • Stockdale Christopher
  • Wise Henry, Cote house


  • Postal Address, Easby, Great Ayton, Northallerton.

Miscellany of trades

  • Emerson James, Esq., J.P., Easby hall
  • Heselton John, accountant, insurance, and general agent, Rose cottage
  • Taylor Austin, huckster


  • Bennison John
  • Clark Matthew, Wood House farm
  • Cobb James, Copper hall
  • Dixon James (also estate agent)
  • Emerson Mr. Charles Arthur, Easby firs
  • Fell James (yeo.), Borough green
  • Frankland John, Beck House farm
  • Jobson Thomas
  • Mudd Joseph Benjamin, Easby firs; h Springfield, Stokesley
  • Richardson Thomas, Easby grove
  • Shepherd John, Pilleycock hall
  • Skeen John (also wool buyer), High House farm
  • Tindale James, Bleach Mill farm
  • Wardell John, Borrow grange


  • Postal Address, Newby, Stockton. Money Order Office, &c., Stokesley.

Miscellany of trades

  • Gallie Jessie Ann, schoolmistress
  • Walker Richd., builder and fanner, Rose farm
  • Welford William, shoemaker


  • Alexander George and William (and owners of steam thrashing machine)
  • Bainbridge James, Newby grange
  • Bean Nicholas
  • Dodsworth John, How hill
  • Thurlow Henry, Antelope lodge
  • Turnbull Thomas, Spring hill
  • Walker Anthony, Sunny close
  • Walshaw John

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.