Baldersby, Memorial Plaque transcription


Topcliffe parish:

Baldersby, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I and II Memorial Plaque in St. James's Church, Baldersby.

God And Home-Land.

In the beauty SEE, WHAT GREAT THINGS Who plucked
of the lilies THEY HAVE DONE FOR US.  
Christ was born     these Flowers?
across the sea, BALDERSBY RAINTON  
With a glory in Mark Meggitt Ralph Adamson  
his bosom that Gordon Richardson Edwin Ayton The Master.
transfigured Thomas Rigg Walter Busby  
you and me. Richard Thackeray Edward Harrison  
As He died to   Robert Hood And the
make us holy,   John Richard Wells  
let us die to ----------------- ----------------- Gardener held
make men free. 1939 - 1945 1939 - 1945  
While God is John Alfred Hodgson James Bowes his peace.
marching on. Donald Leslie Wilson Ronald Sidwell  
    Robert Sunley  
    Robert Francis Dunning  

Who Died For Us That We Might Live.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson