Baldersby, Incumbents transcription


Topcliffe parish:

Baldersby, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. James's Church, Baldersby.

Church of St. James The Great
Baldersby and Rainton

St. James Church was Consecrated on the Feast of
St. Michael and All Angels 1857, and was the last of a
series of churches built between 1847 and 1857 by
William Henry, Seventh Viscount Downe, on his estates,
together with schools and vicarages, and generally partly

The Foundation stone was laid by Lord Downe, in
May 1856, but before the church had been completed
the Viscount died, and he never saw the final building.
His mortal remains were transferred from the
churchyard of Topcliffe to that at St. James, after the
consecration of the churchyard, and a brass to his
memory was placed in the chancel of completed

The parish was taken out of the ancient parish of
Topcliffe. In 1977, the parish became part of the
Thirsk Team ministry, but in 1982 the incumbent of
Baldersby became incumbent of Topcliffe, Dalton
and Dishforth also, thus re-uniting most of the
ancient parish of Topcliffe under one incumbency.

List of Incumbents

1857T. Bowles
1858Robert Francis Wilson
1863Edward Malleson
1880Alfred Payne
1914W. Zechariah Jones
1920Thomas Henry Foulkes
1930Henry Congreve Horne
1936George William Boddy M.A.
1950Bernard Hugh Newsam M.A.
1969Brian Braithwaite Johnson
1977Walter Smith
1989David F. Baker
1997Christine M. Haddon-Reece

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson