Topcliffe Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for TOPCLIFFE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; S. Sturday, postmaster. Letters via Thirsk arrive at 7 am., and are despatched at 5-30 p.m. in summer, and 4-30 p.m. in winter.
Miscellany of trades
  • Barker Frederick, registrar of births and deaths for Topcliffe sub-district, rate and tax collector, assessor, music seller, and insurance agent, Prospect house
  • Barker John, vict., Golden Lion
  • Barker William, retired butcher
  • Barningham Robert, grocer
  • Brown Charles Frederick, shoemaker
  • Calvert Matt., brick and tile maker, Topcliffe common
  • Coates Mr. George
  • Cooper Francis, brewer and vict., Black Bull
  • Davidson Jph., toy and baby linen, &c., dealer
  • Dickenson Barnard, butcher
  • Dresser Edwin, painter, decorator, &c.
  • Dresser Mrs. Mary
  • Free Grammar School; Samuel Arnott, master
  • Gibson Thomas, sexton
  • Gill Jacob, vict., Angel Inn
  • Hawkins Rev. Henry Annesley, B.A., Vicarage
  • Hudson James, joiner and wheelwright
  • Jackson John, shoemaker
  • Jennings David, saddler and grocer
  • Jennings Mrs. Emma, dressmaker
  • Jennings William, tailor and draper
  • Mason William, station master
  • Meynell Mrs. Ellen
  • Milburn Nathaniel, mason and builder
  • Milburn R. Robinson, mason, &c., Croft cottage
  • Milburn Thomas, bricklayer
  • Mitchell Thomas Carter, surgeon, M.R.C.S., Eng., and L.S.A., and hon. sec. to Yorkshire archæological society for Thirsk district
  • Parvin Thomas, shoeing smith, fishing tackle dealer and vict., Swan
  • Reynard William, blacksmith, &c.
  • Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Spalding William, monumental mason, &c., West view
  • Sturdy Staveley, grocer and postmaster
  • Thwaites Mr. George
  • Topcliffe School; Miss Eliz. A. Jeffrey, mistress
  • Trotter George, blacksmith
  • Walker Thomas, painter, &c.
  • Weatherill Miss Bessie, dressmaker
  • Wood Thomas, horse and trap proprietor and fruit dealer
  • Wrigglesworth Mr. William
  • Yeadon Wilfred, carrier

  • Atkinson Francis and John William, Foxhall
  • Bellamy William (bailiff), East lodge
  • Burnby Thomas, North lodge
  • Clarke Edwin, Gristhwaite
  • Cossins Lancelot, Topcliffe parks
  • Crathorne Thomas Dale, Topcliffe parks and Low house
  • Dale John S., Salmon hall & West Lodge farm
  • Durham John, Gristhwaite
  • Evans Henry (bailiff), Gristhwaite
  • Holgate Abraham and John, Topcliffe common
  • Jackson Henry, Topcliffe Manor house
  • Leggett Thomas and Wright, Eldmire grove
  • Moon & Lister (& millers), Topcliffe Roller mills
  • Nelson William, Providence hill
  • Parker Joseph, Topcliffe park
  • Parker William
  • Parkin George (bailiff to Viscountess Downe), Home farm
  • Rooke James, Thorpefield
  • Smith Edwin, Hagg house and Topcliffe parks
  • Suffield Samuel, Topcliffe parks
  • Turner William, Topcliffe grange
  • Umpleby Francis Richard, Manor Lodge farm, Dalton bridge
  • Wright James (and road surveyor of Sowerby)
  • Yates Mrs. Mary Ann

  • Letters via Thirsk arrive about 7-30 a.m., and are despatched at 4-45 p.m., summer, and 3-45 p.m. in winter.
Miscellany of trades
  • Halliday James, carpenter, wheelwright, and machinist, Byland house
  • Metcalfe Thomas, shoemaker, and registrar of births and deaths for Dishforth sub-district
  • Poulter William, market gardener
  • Scaife George, shopkeeper
  • Wilson Thomas, vict., Shoulder of Mutton

  • Atkinson John Johnson, Sheep hills
  • Barker John, Park house
  • Barker Thomas
  • Buck Tom (and assistant overseer)
  • Clarke Frederick, Asenby hall
  • Creyke Thomas, Poplar hill
  • Wilkinson Edward, Haram grange

  • Post Office, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, Baldersby; Mrs. E. Ellis, postmistress. Letters via Thirsk arrive at 7-30 a.m., and are despatched at 5 p.m.

Miscellany of Trades
  • Baldersby Reading Room; Master H. Ellis, sec.
  • Baldersby Tanning Co; Joseph Conyers, proprietor, Leeds; Henry Law, manager
  • Bean George, butcher and cattle dealer
  • Dunn Matthew, joiner, &c.
  • Ellis Edmund, clerk of works
  • Gregson William, clerk
  • Hurst Henry E., grocer, &c.
  • Jaques William, blacksmith
  • Law Henry, manager, Baldersby Tanning Co.
  • Payne Rev. Alfred, Baldersby vicarage
  • Payne Chas. Arthur, schoolmaster, St. James'
  • Pierson George, steward to Viscountess Downe
  • Savage Thomas, painter
  • Shaw William, station master
  • Tugman Rev. Edgar Arthur, curate, The Cottage
  • Walker James, shoemaker
  • Wallace David, joiner, &c.
  • Wallace Miss, schoolmistress, St. James'
  • Ward Joseph, postman

  • Bean Frederick
  • Buckton Robt. Edward, The Brooms, St. James'
  • Snowden Thomas Waddilove Joseph, Howe field
  • Stubbs Robert
  • Thackeray John, North house
  • Wallace Mrs. Ann
  • Weatherill Joseph, Skipton bridge
  • Weighell George (and assistant overseer)
  • Wood John

  • Letters via Thirsk.
Miscellany of trades
  • Bancks Rev. Gerard, B.A., Dalton parsonage
  • Calvert Christopher, cowkeeper
  • Calvert Moses, butcher
  • Hall Charles, vict., Jolly Farmers'
  • Halliday Ed., vict., Railway Inn, Dalton moor
  • Halliday George, joiner and wheelwright
  • Hogg Thomas, grocer and assistant overseer, assessor and collector of taxes
  • Marsden George, shoemaker
  • Meek Edward, butcher and cattle dealer
  • Nutley Edward, schoolmaster, Dalton
  • Parker William, tailor, Dalton moor
  • Simpson Mrs. Ann, Dalton Bridge house
  • Smith J., grocer
  • Teasdale Mr. William
  • Tyerman W. gamekeeper, Tile sheds, Islebeck
  • Whitecake Joseph, blacksmith

  • Atkinson Charles, Elm Tree house
  • Cleasby William, Islebeck grange, and Stockhill green, Thirkleby
  • Croft Mrs. Sarah
  • Dale J. Francis & Son (John Wm.), Dalton hall
  • Feather William, Islebeck
  • Halliday Thomas
  • Knowlson George, Islebeck
  • Parkin Henry, Dalton cottage
  • Parkin Jabez
  • Poulter Henry
  • Poulter James, Manor. house
  • Rose Robert Ralph
  • Wright John, Paradise

  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank at Mrs. Margaret Ellener's. Letters via Thirsk arrive at 9 a.m., and are despatched at 3-45 p.m., winter, and 4-45 p.m. in summer.
Miscellany of trades
  • Adams Arthur Walter, schoolmaster
  • Appleton John, joiner, &c.
  • Appleton Mr. Thomas, Rose cottage
  • Appleton William, tailor, East view
  • Barker Francis, jobbing gardener
  • Barker Thomas, grocer and draper
  • Blakeborough Miss Ann
  • Burnett John, farm foreman
  • Clayton John, blacksmith, &c.
  • Dixon William, carrier
  • Ellener Mrs. Margaret, Post office
  • Ellerton Mrs. Sarah
  • Gill Charles, mason, &c.
  • Handley Joseph, butcher, (waggonette for hire)
  • Harker William, vict., Windsor Castle
  • Horner John, vict., Crown Inn
  • Iddison Mr. Thomas
  • Jarvis Henry, vict., Black Swan, and farmer
  • Kilvington Christopher, shoemaker
  • Lawton Mr. Thomas Hartley, The Grange
  • Mason Mr. Charles Forster
  • Poulter George, joiner, &c.
  • Robinson Thomas, shoemaker, Back lane
  • Smithson Rev. Charles Oxley, incumbent
  • Snowden Northing, Esq.
  • Thompson Robert George, shoemaker
  • Wright Mrs.

  • Abel Richard (yeo.)
  • Hobson Thomas
  • Imison W. H. (and cattle dealer), Manor house
  • Kirby Charles, Red house
  • Lancaster John
  • Lancaster Thomas
  • Lomas George Metcalf, Lingham lane
  • Morley James
  • Pickard John Brook, Vine house
  • Snowden Northing, junr.
  • Sturdy Thomas
  • Walburn Thomas (yeo.), and Low house
  • Wright Mrs. Sarah

  • Letters via Thirsk.

  • Athea William, Crakehill
  • Ellis Thomas, Crakehill
  • Imeson T. F., Elchnire hill & Low House farm
  • Parker Thomas, Eldmire house

  • Letters via Ripon arrive at 10 a.m., and are despatched at 4-40 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Petch Mr. Thomas
  • Poulter John, shopkeeper
  • Richardson Robert, blacksmith
  • Simpson William, joiner, &c.
  • Smedley Mrs. Mary, schoolmistress
  • Taylor John, shopkeeper

  • Parnaby Joseph
  • Pearson William Baines
  • Robinson David
  • Walker Horton
  • Waller John Anthony

  • Letters via Thirsk about 8-30. Box cleared about 4 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Appleton Mrs. Mary, grocer, Rainton
  • Blakeborough Robert, grocer, farmer, overseer, and assessor, Rainton
  • Broadwith John, farrier, Rainton
  • Busby Sampson, builder
  • Carter Thomas, foreman, Southfield cottage
  • Downe Dowager Viscountess, Baldersby park
  • Geddes Joseph, vict., The Lamb Inn
  • Hosley William, butcher, Rainton
  • Jaques John, carpenter, &c.
  • Johnson John, cowkeeper
  • Kay Mrs. Margaret, vict., Bay Horse
  • Kay William and Sons, stone merchants, rainton quarries
  • Lickley Edward, builder and stone merchant, King's quarry, Hutton Conyers; h Rainton
  • Lindsay Mrs. Annie, schoolmistress
  • Lofthouse Mrs. Isabella, Rainton
  • Smith Wm., blacksmith and overseer, Rainton
  • Stevenson Miss Jane A., Rainton
  • Wilson George, shoemaker and dealer, Rainton
  • Wilson J., shoemaker, Rock cottage, Rainton

  • Appleton William, Rainton
  • Barley John, Rainton
  • Braithwaite William, Rainton
  • Clark John, Rainton
  • Haithwaite John, Rainton
  • Parkin Mrs. George (farm bailiff for Dowager Viscountess Downe), Baldersby Park farm
  • Rainforth Christopher, Rainton
  • Rainforth William, Rainton
  • Snowden Christopher, The Grange, Rainton
  • Wells John, Rainton

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.