Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WHITBY in Baines's Directory of 1823.



  • Post Master, Richard Rodger, Office, Old Market-place.

    Places from whence Distance. Postage. Arrival. Departure.
    Letter bags are recvd.
    London 244 12 half past 7 mng. 12 at noon.
    Malton 30 6 ditto. ditto
    Pickering 21 6 ditto. ditto
    York 48 7 ditto. ditto

Gentry &c.:

  • Andrewes Mrs. Ann, Flowergate
  • Andrewes Rev. James Baxtergate
  • Barker Mrs. Ann, gentlewoman, New buildings
  • Barker Thomas, gent. Silver street
  • Bateman Mrs. Sarah, Baxtergate
  • Bedlington Mrs. Elizabeth, Bagdale
  • Blackburn Mary, gentwmn. Baxtergate
  • Blackburn Rev. William, New buildings
  • Boulby Miss Elizabeth, Baxtergate
  • Bridekirk Margaret, gentlewoman, Church street
  • Brown John, Esq. collector of excise, Pier head
  • Buck Ann, gentlewoman, Prospect place, Church street
  • Burbanks Grace, gentlewmn. Bagdale
  • Burn John, gentleman, Well yard, Church street
  • Campion Thomas, gent. Flowergate
  • Carr Walter, gent. Bagdale
  • Clark Hannah, gentlewoman, Bagdale
  • Clark Joseph, gent. Well close square
  • Clark Thos Esq. Well close square
  • Clarkson William, yeoman, Ropery lane
  • Cockerill Mrs. D. gentlewoman 3, New buildings
  • Cooke Mrs. Isabella, Flowergate
  • Cooper Mrs. Ann, gentwmn, Routh buildings
  • Coulson Christopher, Esq. collector of customs, Baxtergate
  • Coverdale Mary, gentwmn. Flowergate
  • Duck Dowson, gent. Bagdale
  • Emlington John, gent. Silver street
  • Emlington Mrs. Mary, Haggersgate
  • Fawcett John, gent. Bagdale
  • Gallilee Mary, gentlewmn. Grape. lane
  • Gibson Wm gent. Bagdale
  • Gowland Mrs. Susannah, Bagdale
  • Graham Jane, gentlewoman, Skinner street
  • Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, Church street
  • Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, Cliffe lane
  • Harrison Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 14, New buildings
  • Harrison Martha, gentlewoman, 12, New buildings
  • Harrison William, gent. 13, New buildings
  • Haydock Rev. George, Catholic pastor, Bagdale
  • Holt John, Esq. Skinner street
  • Holt Mary, gentlewoman, Bagdale
  • Hunter Hannah, gentlewoman, 8, New buildings
  • Hunter Israel, gent. 9, New buildings
  • Hunter Thomas, insurance broker; house, Well close square
  • Hutchinson Robert, gent. Flowergate
  • Jackson Richard, gent. Silver street
  • Jefferson Mrs. Mary, Cliffe lane
  • Jefferson Mary, gentlewoman, New buildings
  • Johnson Mary, gentlewoman, Old Market place
  • Knaggs William, gent. New buildings
  • Lawson Mrs. Mary, Skate lane
  • Marwood Isaac, gent. Well close sqr.
  • Middleton William, gentleman, 15, New buildings
  • Moorsom Isaiah, gent. Skinner sheet
  • Moss Elizabeth, gentlwmn. 2, New bldngs.
  • Palmer Mrs. Mary, Haggersgate
  • Parkinson Mrs. Isabella, Church street
  • Power Captain, 1, New buildings
  • Presswick Miss Margaret, 19, New buildings
  • Preston Robert, gent. Skinner street
  • Price John, gent. Church street
  • Richardson Mrs Dinah, Church street
  • Ripley Mrs. Hannah, Flowergate
  • Robertson Rev. Joseph, incumbent of Sleights, Ugglebarnby & Aislaby, Baxtergate
  • Rudyerd Richd. gent. St. Ann's staith
  • Sanders George, gent. 20, New buildings
  • Sedgwick Rev. John, Baxtergate
  • Simpson Rev. John, Baxtergate
  • Sleightholm Saml. gentleman, Skate lane
  • Smailes Mrs. Rebecca, Church street
  • Smith Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Well close square
  • Smith John, gent. Cliffe lane
  • Stephenson Robert, gentleman, Well close square
  • Steward Mrs. B. Prince's place Bagdale
  • Thompson Mrs. Hannah, Church st.
  • Thompson William, gent. Baxtergate
  • Thrush John, gent. Church street
  • Usherwood William, sen. gent. Bagdale
  • Waite Hannah, gentlewoman, Bagdale
  • Wardale Francis, Esq. Flowergate
  • Watkins Francis, gent. Bagdale
  • Watson John, Esq. Spring hill
  • Watt Mrs. Elizabeth, Cliffe lane
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Mary, Ropery lane
  • Willis William, gent. Bagdale
  • Yeoman Joshua. gent. Church street
  • Yeoman Miss Mary, New buildings
  • Young Rev. George, A.M. Cliffe lane


  • Blackburn Alicia, (Lancasterian) Cliffe lane
  • Groves Rt. (Lancasterian) Cliffe lane
  • Kirkby John, Cliffe lane
  • Lister Mary, Little Angel yard, Flowergate
  • Lockwood Hannah, Flowergate
  • Lund Dorothy, Church street
  • Moffatt Rev. Robert, (classical) Church street
  • Mort Miss Sarah, Flowergate
  • Robinson Alice, Well yard, Church street
  • Robinson Thomas, Linskill square, Baxtergate
  • Routh John, Routh's buildings
  • Rutherford Rev. James, (commercial) Skinner street
  • Seamer Elizabeth & Ann, Baxtergate
  • Smailes Thomas, Bagdale
  • Smith Sarah, Church street
  • Winter Alice, Little Angel yard, Flowergate
  • Winter William, Little Angel yd. Flowergate


  • Belcher Henry (and coroner for the wapentake of Whitby Strand) Sandgate
  • Preston and Boulby, Grape lane
  • Stephenson Thomas, Flowergate
  • Walker James, Baxtergate
  • Wardell John, St. Ann's staith; house, Bagdale
  • Watson Thomas, Haggersgate

Auctioneers and Appraisers,

  • Beaumont Edward, Church street
  • Hartley David, Baxtergate
  • Harwood John, West end of the Bridge
  • Hugill John, Grape lane
  • Lord William, (appraiser) Church street

Bacon and Ham Factors,

  • Corner Edward and John, St. Ann's staith
  • Cowart James, Sandgate
  • Marwood Thomas, (and butter) Flowergate

Bakers, Bread, and Ship Biscuit, &c.,

  • Amos James, Church street
  • Atkinson John, Baxtergate
  • Atkinson Richard, Church street
  • Attley Mary, Cliffe lane
  • Cooke James, Cragg
  • Dixon John, Church street
  • Hamilton Joseph, Church street
  • Mutter James, Haggersgate
  • Nettleship Thomas, Church street
  • Readshaw William, Church street
  • Robson Rebecca, Skate lane
  • Scurr William, Baxtergate
  • Sleightholm Hannah, Church street.
  • Speedy Ralph, Silver street
  • Stonehouse Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Tate Robert, Grape lane


  • Campion Robert and John, (on Sir William Curtis and Co.) Church street
  • Frankland John & James Wilkinson (on Robarts, Curtis, and Co.) Church street
  • Richardson, Holt, and Co. (on Sir William Curtis & Co.) Flowergate
  • Sanders Jonathan and Joseph, (on Masterman & Co) Church street
  • Simpson, Chapman, & Co.(on Barclay, Tritton, and Co.) Grape lane

Basket Makers,

  • Harrison George, St Ann's staith
  • Tate Sarah, Sandgate

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Corney Edward, Church street
  • M'CLachlin James, Flowergate

Block, Mast, and Pump Makers,

  • Bovill John, Baxtergate
  • Hick and Turnbull, Baxtergate
  • Smales Gideon, Church street

Boat Builders,

  • Falkingbridge William, Church street
  • Gale Christopher, Church street
  • Marshall and Copley, Church street

Booksellers, Binders, and Stationers,

  • Those with a * are also Printers.
  • Bean Benjamin, Church street
  • Clark George, (& stamp office) Church street *
  • Laybourn Joshua, (binder) Baxter gate
  • Rodgers Richard, Old Market place *

Boot and Shoemakers,

  • Askwith William, St. Ann's staith
  • Cockburn William, New Market place
  • Cousins John, Church street
  • Dale Ann, Flowergate
  • Dalton Thomas, Flowergate
  • Dinsdale John, St. Ann's staith
  • Dixon John, Baxtergate
  • Elder James, Grape lane.
  • Elder Peter, Bridge street
  • Gibson Henry, Flowergate
  • Hunter Joseph, Flowergate
  • Isbister John, Cliffe lane
  • Jackson James, Cliffe lane
  • Knaggs Zechariah, Church street
  • Meadows Henry, Cragg
  • Newrick Allen, Grape lane
  • Oates Joseph, Church street
  • Philips John, Baxtergate
  • Robinson Joseph, Church street
  • Robson Thomas, Church street
  • Ruddock John, Church street
  • Summerson Ann, Flowergate
  • Thompson Christopher, Cliff
  • Wright John, Church street
  • Younger Thomas, Church street

Brass and Iron Founders,

  • Chapman George, (and engineer) Baxtergate
  • Lowrie John, St. Ann's staith
  • Vipond Richard, Baxtergate

Braziers and Tinsmiths,

  • Those with a * are also Ship Chandlers, and with a # Ironmongers.
  • Buck Gideon, Grape lane #*
  • Collier William, Baxtergate #*
  • Greenwell John, Flowergate
  • Lowrie John, St. Ann's staith *
  • Nicholson Thomas and Son, Bridge street
  • Skelton Richard, Grape lane #*
  • Wear John, St. Ann's staith #*

Brewers and Maltsters,

  • Akenhead and Simpson, Bagdale
  • Ellerby John, Cliffe lane
  • Stonehouse George, Church street


  • See Stone Masons.


  • Alderson George, Baxtergate
  • Alderson William, New Marketplace
  • Brecon Thomas Flowergate
  • Cooper Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Coulson Richard, Church street
  • Cowart James, Sandgate
  • Duck George, West end of the Bridge
  • Harwood John, West end of the Bridge
  • Peacock John, New Market place
  • Robinson John, Old Market place
  • Robinson William, St. Ann's staith
  • Thompson Thomas, Flowergate
  • Trenholm Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Weatherill William, New Market place

Cabinet Makers,
Those marked with a * are also Upholsterers.

  • Bennison William, Baxtergate
  • Burn William, Church street *
  • Cavillier William, West end of the Bridge *
  • Dobson Thomas, Church street
  • Hezlewood Moses, Flowergate *
  • Hill Thomas, Skate lane
  • Hubbock William, Cragg
  • Lord William, Church street *
  • Lund Thomas Church street
  • Medd William, Skinner street
  • Sedman John, Cliffe lane
  • Simpson David, Flowergate
  • Turner Edward, Church street
  • Weatherill George, Flowergate
  • Weatherill Joseph, Skinner street
  • Weatherill William, Cliffe lane

Carpenters, -House and Ship,

  • Andrew Edward, Baxtergate
  • Beaumont and Bovill, Baxtergate
  • Doughty William, Cliffe lane
  • Greenbury Ralph, Church street
  • Hick and Turnbull, Baxtergate
  • Hill Henry, Paradise Row, Haggersgate
  • Langdale William, Baxtergate
  • Lyth John, (& machine maker) Linskill's square, Baxtergate
  • Robinson Daniel, Sandgate
  • Simpson Thomas, Silver street
  • Smales Gideon, Church street
  • Terry Richard, Skate lane
  • Vasey Christopher, Baxtergate
  • Vasey George, Flowergate
  • Wright Matthew, Cliffe lane

Carvers and Gilders,

  • Bell John, Haggersgate
  • Hodgson John, St. Ann's staith

Cheesemongers, See Grocers &c.,

Chemists and Druggists,
(see also Grocers, &c.)

  • Ripley Richard and John, Baxtergate
  • Yeoman Thomas, Bridge street

Clog and Patten Makers,

  • Coward Robert, Church street
  • Elder James, Grape lane
  • Summerson William, Sandgate
  • Welch Thomas, Baxtergate

Clothes Brokers and Dealers,

  • Lincoln Ann, Haggersgate
  • Weir Elizabeth Cragg
  • Wherritt Ann, Bridge street

Confectioners, &c.,

  • Attley Sarah, Flowergate
  • Craven John, Church street
  • Muir Ann, Flowergate
  • Seaton Ann, Haggersgate
  • Williams Dorothy, Church street
  • Young Margaret, Bridge street


  • Anderson Charles (and dealer in marine stores} church street
  • Corner Robert, Bagdale
  • Donkin Robert, St. Ann's staith
  • Storme John, Church street; house, Paradise row, Haggersgate

Corn Millers and Factors,

  • Anderson Thomas and Son, Low Stakesby
  • Burnard Francis, Low Stakesby
  • Marwood Thomas, Flowergate
  • Union Mill, New buildings

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Cail Richard, Church street
  • Harrison George Baxtergate
  • Potts John, Sandgate

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Miller John, Church street
  • Turner William, Church street
  • Wilson Isabella, Church street

Fire & Life Insurance Office Agts.,

  • Atlas, Charles Belcher, Baxtergate
  • County, Richard Willis, Flowergate
  • Eagle, Robert Kirby, sen. Cliffe
  • Globe, Robert Kirby, jun. Cliffe
  • Guardian, Thomas, Lempriere, St. Ann's staith
  • Newcastle, George Impey, Flowergate
  • Norwich Union, Thomas Gibson, Flowergate
  • Phoenix, Thomas, Johnson, Baxtergate
  • Royal Exchange, George Clark, Church street
  • Sun, John Webster, Church street

Flax Dressers,

  • Those with a * are also Flax Spinners.
  • Campion Robert, Church street *
  • Chapman J. and W. Church street
  • Holt John, Jun. and Co. Church street
  • Marshall Salton Church street
  • Pennock John, Skate lane
  • Sanders Jonathan and Joseph, Church street
  • Smith William, Sandgate
  • Weatherald Henry & Thomas, Baxtergate

Furniture Brokers,

  • Dobson Thomas, Church street
  • Lincoln Ann, Haggersgate
  • Lord William, Church street
  • Tate Thomas, Sandgate


  • Bell Edward, Church street
  • Dawson William, at the Abbey
  • Firth Robert, Baxtergate
  • Pinder Jonathan, Bagdale
  • Willison Alexander, (and nurseryman) Bridge street

Glass and China Dealers,

  • Argment Thomas, Sandgate
  • Gardiner Alexander, Sandgate
  • Hartley Thomas, Church street

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Adams Margaret, (tea) Cliffe lane
  • Anderson John, Bridge street
  • Anderson Joseph, Haggersgate
  • Ayre Mary, Church street
  • Buck Gideon, (tea) Grape lane
  • Clark John, Sandgate
  • Close John, St Ann's staith
  • Collier Dorothy, Baxtergate
  • Craven John, Church street
  • Dale Thomas Gallilee, Bridge street
  • Dickinson Robert, Baxtergate
  • Easterby M. and A. (tea) Flowergate
  • Forster William, Sandgate
  • Foster Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Green and Pennock, Church street
  • Havelock John, Baxtergate
  • Heselton George, Church street
  • Hutton H. and Co. New Market place
  • Impey George, Flowergate
  • Johnson Robert, Baxtergate
  • Kirk Stephen, Church street
  • Lawson Samuel, Church street
  • Lindsley Ann, Church street
  • Lynass George, Flowergate
  • Morley William, Church street
  • Nettleship John, Flowergate
  • Parkinson Emanuel, Baxtergate
  • Robinson Dickinson, Flowergate
  • Sanders Jonathan and Jph. Church street
  • Sanderson John, Church street
  • Tate Thomas, Sandgate
  • Taylor Dorothy, (tea) Church street
  • Watson George, Sandgate
  • Watt James, Church street
  • Weatherald Henry & Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Willis Mary, (tea) Pier head
  • Yeoman Knaggs, Flowergate

Hardware Dealers,

  • Bingant Robert, Church street
  • Langdale William, Baxtergate

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers,

  • Those with a * are also Furriers.
  • Hall William, (mfr.) Baxtergate
  • Hardcastle Peter, (dlr.) Church street.
  • Keirsta Lars, (dlr.) Flowergate
  • Kinnersley James, (mfr.) Bridge st. *
  • Lynass George, (dlr.) Flowergate
  • Terry James, (mfr.) New Market place *


  • See also Linen and Woollen Drapers.
  • Hebron Thomas, Old Market place
  • Limb Charles, Sandgate
  • Storer John, Bridge street

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns,

  • Angel Inn, William Yeoman, (posting & commercial house) Baxtergate
  • Bird-in-Hand, Daniel Robinson, Sandgate
  • Black Bull, James Sly, New Market place
  • Board, Alex. Robinson, Church street
  • Board, Margery Hill, Baxtergate
  • Brown Cow, William Boult, St. Ann's staith
  • Buck, Jph. Jackson, St. Ann's staith
  • Buoy, Joshua Layburn, Baxtergate
  • Coffee House, Margaret Harrison, Grape lane
  • Cross Keys, Thomas Lund; Church street
  • Crown and Thistle, Peter Cowart, Baxtergate
  • Duke of York, John Holmes, Church street
  • Fishing Smack, Michael Milner, Haggersgate
  • Fleece, George Myers, Church street
  • Fleece, James Whorlton Church street
  • Fox, Mark Weighill, Church street
  • Globe, George Hugill, Sandgate
  • Golden Lion, John Cooper, Old Market place
  • Green Tree, Elizabeth Blackburn, Baxtergate
  • Greenland Fishery, John Potts, Church street
  • Griffin, Thomas Horsman, Church street
  • Hare and Hounds, Rebecca Appleton, St. Ann's staith
  • Hope and Anchor, William Tyerman, Pier head
  • Joiners' Arms, William Hunter, Baxtergate
  • Jolly Butchers, Ralph Coulson, Church street
  • Jolly Sailors, John Carter, St. Ann's staith
  • King's Head, William Noble, Baxtergate
  • Little Angel, William Surridge, Flowergate
  • Lord Nelson, John Marshall, Pierhead
  • Masons Tavern, M. Creaser, Baxtergate
  • Neptune, Rt. Peacock, Haggersgate
  • Old Buoy, Rt. Marshall, Church street
  • Plough Thomas, Foster, Baxtergate
  • Raffled Anchor, Irvin Anderson, Grape lane
  • Red Lion, J. Harrison, St. Ann's staith
  • Rose and Crown, William Edwards, Flowergate
  • Ship Launch, John Clark, Baxtergate
  • Ship Launch, Peter Cato, Church street
  • Ship, Jacob Johnson, Church street
  • Ship, Joseph Wardale, Church street
  • Ship, William Rippon, Church street
  • Star, Thomas Pierson, Haggersgate
  • Steam Packet, Widow Erston, Henrietta street
  • Swan, William Swan, Baxtergate
  • Wellington, V. Austin, Henrietta street
  • Whitby Abbey, Ann Lane, Flowergate
  • White Horse, Rd. Lowrie, Church street
  • White Horse, Thomas Horsman, Church street
  • York Minster, John Dalton, Grape lane

Iron Merchants,

  • Barker Joseph, Baxtergate
  • Clarkson M. Grape lane; h. Skinner street
  • Nicholson Thomas and Son, Bridge street


  • See also Braziers and Tinsmiths,
  • Clarkson M. Grape lane

Leather Dresser,

  • Swales William, fellmonger, glover, and breeches maker, W. end, of Bridge


  • Bovill John, Baxtergate
  • Cato Peter, Church street.
  • Lyons Joseph, Church street
  • Sawdon Thomas, Church street

Linen Drapers,

  • Campion Robert, Church street
  • Elgie Hannah, Church street
  • Hardcastle Peter, Church street
  • Hebron Thomas, Old Market place

Linen and Woollen Drapers,
Those marked thus * are also Hosiers.

  • Burnett William, & silk mercer, Bridge st. *
  • Clarkson William, Church street *
  • Frankland, Wilkinson & Co. Church street *
  • Hugill John, Grape lane
  • Lawson John, Bridge street *
  • Mellanby Joseph, Flowergate
  • Thornhill and Cooper, Church street *
  • Watson, Woodwark, and Co. West end of the Bridge *

Linen Manufacturers,
Those marked thus * are Sacking Manfrs.

  • Campion Robert, Church street
  • Hardcastle Peter, Church street
  • Kidd John, Flowergate
  • Pennock John, Skate lane *
  • Raine Charles, Baxtergate
  • Stonehouse Thomas, Flowergate
  • Weatherald Henry & Thomas, Baxtergt. *

Linen Weavers,

  • Coverdale George, Haggersgate
  • Jefferson Isaac, Bagdale
  • Thoresby Ann, Silver street

Master Mariners,

  • Agar Francis, jun. White hall
  • Ainsley James, Cliffe lane
  • Clark George, St. Ann's staith
  • Consitt Robert, Routh's buildings
  • Coupley Jacob, Cragg
  • Craig Joseph, Haggersgate
  • Dunbar John, Flowergate
  • Dunning Constable, Flowergate
  • Ellerington Thomas, Silver street
  • Gales William, Baxtergate
  • Gowland Benjamin, New building.
  • Harrison F. Paradise row, Haggersgate
  • Hay Thomas, Church street
  • Hunter Thomas, Grape lane
  • Hutton William, Baxtergate
  • Jackson Thomas, Church street
  • Johnson John, Stakesby
  • Kearsley William, St. Ann's staith
  • Mead William, Prospect place, Church street
  • Middleton John, Prospect place Church street
  • Miller John, Church street
  • Mills George, Cragg
  • Naylor Jas. Prospect row, Church street
  • Nicholson John, Haggersgate
  • Nicholson Thomas, Prince's place Bagdale
  • Read James, Prospect place Church street
  • Richardson John, Haggersgate
  • Robinson Alexander, Church street
  • Scholey Edward, Well yard, Church st,
  • Spence George, Baxtergate
  • Stockhill Paul, Skinner street
  • Thompson James, Cragg
  • Tindall Joseph, Prospect place Church street
  • Willis George, Church street
  • Womfrey John, Pier head
  • Wood William, Baxtergate
  • Wray George, Ropery lane

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Bedlington Jane, Baxtergate
  • Clark Mary, Flowergate
  • Coupland Jane & Ann, Church street
  • Coupland Mary, Church street
  • Dunning Elizabeth, Church street
  • Harrison Isabella, Flowergate
  • Plowman Mary, Grape lane
  • Skelton Hannah, Baxtergate
  • Smith Margaret, Cliffe lane
  • Taylor Christiana, Skate lane
  • Vasey Margaret, Flowergate
  • Wilson Ann, Grape lane

Musical Instrument Dealers,

  • Clark Michael, and paper hanger, Flowergate
  • Mercer William, Baxtergate

Painters, House, Sign, and Ship,

  • Copley Joseph, Church street
  • Croft George, Baxtergate
  • Ervin Christiana, Church street
  • Hastings and Gibson, Pier head
  • Hick James St Ann's staith
  • Humphrey John, Church street
  • Jefferson Robert and Joseph, Bennison's yard, Baxtergate
  • Mead Hannah Church street
  • Ripley William, Well yard, Church street
  • Sanderson Francis, Church street
  • Trueman George, Bridge street
  • Williamson Robert, Grape lane


  • Ainsley Jane Isabella, Cliffe lane
  • Brown Richard, Flowergate
  • Cockburn Robert, Church street
  • Hartley David, Baxtergate
  • Hugill John, Grape lane

Perfumer, and Hair Dresser,

  • Bulmer John, Church street
  • Castle James, Bridge street
  • Christie Robert, St Ann's staith
  • Hansen William, Sandgate
  • Jefferson John, Baxtergate
  • Laverack Henry, Church street
  • Mason Nathaniel, Flowergate
  • Pannett W. T. St. Ann's staith
  • Rayne Richard, Old Market place
  • Redshaw Thomas Baxtergate
  • Robinson John, Church street
  • Souddick Richard, Church street


  • Borton Francis, Skinner street
  • Campbell William, Flowergate

Pilots.(Pilot Office near the Battery),

  • Atkinson Joseph, Cragg
  • Brown Thomas, Haggersgate
  • Burton Jacob, Cragg
  • Coulson Edward, Cragg
  • Douglass William, jun. Cragg
  • Douglass William, sen. Cragg
  • Hodgson William, Baxtergate
  • Marshall John, Pier head
  • Robinson Richard, Haggersgate
  • Turnbull Robert, master, Cragg
  • Wilson Francis, Cragg
  • Wilson James, Cragg

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Anderson George, Baxtergate
  • Andrews ----, Old Market place
  • Brown Joseph, Grape lane
  • Dale John, St. Ann's staith
  • Wilson Edward, Bridge street

Porter Merchants,

  • Cooper John, Old Market place
  • Corner Edward and John, St. Ann's staith
  • Gill and Brown, Flowergate
  • Gowland Michael, Church street
  • Heselton George, Church street
  • Hugill John, Grape lane
  • Johnson Jacob, Church street
  • Johnson Thomas, Haggersgate
  • Pearson Thomas, Haggersgate


  • Daniel William, Church street
  • Rippon Thomas, Grape lane

Rope and Twine Manufacturers,

  • Fishburn and Brodrick, Boghall.
  • Gale John, Church street
  • Gibson George, Spital Bridge
  • Holt John, jun. and Co. Church street
  • Weatherald Henry & Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Wray John, Ropery lane

Saddlers, &c.

  • Hall Jonathan, Church street
  • Morley Robert, West end of the Bridge
  • Wilson Richard, Baxtergate

Sail Cloth Manufacturers,

  • Campion Robert. Church street
  • Chapman J. and William, Church street
  • Sanders Jonathan & Joseph, Church street

Sail Makers,

  • Addison Joseph, Church street
  • Chapman William, Baxtergate
  • Chilton Thomas, Church street
  • Holt John, Jun & Co. Church street

Savings Bank,

  • Open every Monday night from 7 to 8 o'clock, Haggersgate, Thomas Watson, attorney, Secretary


  • Anderson John, Bridge street
  • Corner Edward & John, St. Ann's staith
  • Green and Pennock, Church street
  • Hutton H. & Co. New Market place
  • Marwood Thomas, Flowergate
  • Willison Alexander, Bridge street
  • Yeoman Knaggs, Flowergate

Ship Builders,

  • Barrick Henry, Ship yards, Bagdale
  • Barrick Thomas, (dock) Ship yds. Bagdale
  • Bary Robert, ship yards, Bagdale
  • Broderick Thomas, Bagdale, (dock) Ship yards,
  • Campion Robert, (dock) Church street
  • Jackson & Cato, (dock) Church street
  • Langborne J. & Co. (dock) Ship yds. Bagdale

Ship Chandlers,
(See also Braziers and Tinsmiths)

  • Clarkson M. and dealer in oils, paints, &c. Grape lane
  • Morley William, Church street

Ship Insurance Brokers,

  • Ayre J. M. West end of the Bridge
  • Benson and Hunter, Church street
  • Chilton and Hunter, Church street
  • Gibson Thomas, Flowergate
  • Johnson Thomas, Haggersgate

Ship Owners,
The names of a considerable number of Ship Owners will be found under other heads of trades.

  • Addison Joseph, Church street
  • Agar Francis, Bagdale
  • Akenhead Matthew, Bagdale
  • Appleton Robert, Baxtergate
  • Ayre John Martin, Well close square
  • Barker John, Flowergate
  • Barker Thomas, Skinner street
  • Barrick Thomas, Ship yards, Bagdale
  • Barry John, Bagdale
  • Barry Robert, Bagdale
  • Barry Thomas, Bagdale
  • Benson William, Church street
  • Boyes John, Church street
  • Brodrick George, jun. Silver street
  • Campion John, Skate lane
  • Campion Robert, Bagdale
  • Campion Thomas, Skinner street
  • Chapman Abel, Stakesby
  • Chapman Edward, New buildings
  • Chapman Thomas, Church street
  • Chapman W. S. New buildings
  • Chapman William, Skinner street
  • Chilton Harrison, jun. 5, New buildings
  • Chilton Harrison, sen, Union place
  • Chilton Thomas, Church street
  • Clark George, Pier head
  • Clark Robert, Skinner street
  • Dale Edward, Skinner street
  • Darley William, Baxtergate
  • Davison Christopher, Skinner street
  • Dixon James, Silver street
  • Fishburn and Brodrick, Ship yards, Bagdale
  • Gowland Benjamin, Church street
  • Harrison Benjamin, New buildings
  • Hill William, Church street
  • Hill William, Sandgate
  • Holt John, silver street
  • Holt Mary, Bagdale
  • Hunter Benjamin, Silver street
  • Hunter Thomas, Grape lane
  • Jameson William, Baxtergate
  • Johnson John, Baxtergate
  • Knaggs John, Well close square
  • Knaggs Zechariah, Church street
  • Kneeshaw Richard, Baxtergate
  • Langborne George, 11, New buildings.
  • Langborne Nathaniel, Skinner street
  • Langborne William, Baxtergate
  • Lawson George, Church street
  • Martin Jane, Haggersgate
  • Marwood Thomas, New buildings
  • Miller Benjamin, Church street
  • Miller George, Cragg
  • Moorsom Richard, jun. New buildings
  • Moorsom Richard, sen, Airy hill
  • Nettleship Edward, Church street
  • Potter Robert Jones, Bagdale
  • Richardson Christopher, Field house
  • Richardson Margt. 16, New buildings
  • Simpson Thomas, Bagdale
  • Skinner William, New Buildings
  • Smith George, Church street
  • Steward John, Flowergate
  • Storr John, Pier Head
  • Teasdale Michael Bagdale
  • Trattles Seaton, Bagdale
  • Usherwood Robert, Bagdale
  • Usherwood William, Bagdale
  • Ward John, Ropery lane
  • Willis George, Church street
  • Willis Richard, Flowergate

Shopkeepers, Flour, Provision, &c. Dealers,

  • Blades Jacob, Church street
  • Carter Elizabeth, Skinner street
  • Dixon Mary, Church street
  • Dring Henry, St. Ann's staith
  • Feaster Thomas, Church street,
  • Fenwick Ann, Church street
  • Forster William, Sand gate
  • Frank Elizabeth, Flowergate
  • Garmison Mary, Church street
  • Goodill Thomas, Church street
  • Gordon Elizabeth, Church street
  • Harland William, St. Ann's staith
  • Hartley Thomas, Church street
  • Jackson Elizabeth, Pier head
  • Jackson Thomas, Church street
  • Knaggs John, Church street
  • Martin Robert St. Ann's staith
  • Neesham Jane, Church street
  • Nightingale Hannah, Church street
  • Plues Ann, West end of the Bridge
  • Poskitt Robert, Church street
  • Potts John, Church street
  • Robinson Richard, Cliffe lane
  • Robson Thomas, Church street
  • Selby John, Cliffe lane
  • Stephenson Matthew, Haggersgate
  • Stockton Alice, Church street
  • Taylor Henry, Baxtergate
  • Turner Edward, Church street
  • Walmsley William, Baxtergate
  • Waring John, Haggersgate
  • Wilson Ann, Church street
  • Wilson Isabella, Church street
  • Wren Andrew, Church street
  • Wren Elizabeth, Church street

Silk, &c. Dyers,

  • Hall J. and clothes cleaner, Haggersgate
  • Hunton Thomas Haggersgate
  • Ripley William, Well yard, Church street

Spirit and Wine Merchants,

  • Brewster and Belcher, Baxtergate
  • Brown and Gill, Flowergate
  • Corner Edward and John, St. Ann's staith
  • Frankland John & Co. Church street
  • Hugill John, Grape lane
  • Hutton Henry, (British wine) New Market place
  • Marwood Thomas, Flowergate
  • Stonehouse George, Church street
  • Watson G. (British wines) Sandgate

Spirit Dealers, Wholesale and Retail,
(See also Grocers, &c.)

  • Allinson Ann, Church street
  • Buck Gideon, (British wines) Grape lane
  • Cooper John, Old Market place
  • Cowart James, Sandgate
  • Harrison John, St. Ann's staith
  • Jackson Joseph, St. Ann's staith

Stone & Marble Masons, & Statuaries,

  • Appleton Peter, Church street
  • Bolton John, Bagdale; h. Flowergate
  • Close Jane, Skinner street
  • Fewster William, Skate lane
  • Fortune Thomas, Haggersgate
  • Overand Thomas, (slate) Church street
  • Robinson Henry, Church street
  • Stainthorp Richard, Flowergate
  • Tyerman. William, Pier head

Straw Hat Manufacturers,

  • Elgie Hannah, Church street
  • Flintoft Elizabeth, Baxtergate
  • Foxton Mary, Flowergate
  • Harrison Isabella, Flowergate
  • Hayes Ann, Cragg
  • Lawson Susannah, Bridge street
  • Maffin Ann, Church street
  • Plowman Mary, Grape lane
  • Richardson Mary, Haggersgate
  • Vasey Margaret, Flowergate
  • Webster Margaret, St. Ann's staith


  • Allen Robert, R. N. Flowergate
  • Boulby Mark, Baxtergate.
  • Brecon John, New Market place.
  • Grenside Win 10 New buildings
  • Loy John Glover, MD. 4, New buildgs.
  • Mewburn John, Skinner street
  • Ripley Richard and John, Baxtergate
  • Ripley Richard, Grape lane
  • Robinson John, Bartergate


  • Crawford Archibald & John, Church street
  • Davidson James, Church street
  • Dotchon Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Frank James, Flowergate
  • Gardiner John, Church street
  • Gardiner Thomas, Baxtergate
  • Harrison John, Ellerby lane
  • Havelock Thomas, and mattrass maker, Baxtergate
  • Heselton John, Baxtergate
  • Hornsby Nicholas, Church street
  • Jefferson William, Baxtergate
  • Johnson Robert, Baxtergate
  • Jordan Leonard, Grape lane
  • Keirsta Lars, Flowergate
  • Lawson John, Bridge street
  • Martin William, Cliffe lane
  • Stewart Thomas, Skate lane
  • Wilson Thomas, Flowergate

Tallow Chandlers,
(See also Grocers and Tea Dealers)

  • Frankland and Wilkinson, Church street
  • Gallilee Thomas, Ruswarp
  • Robinson William, St. Ann's staith


  • Frankland John and Co. Church street
  • Gallilee Thomas, Ruswarp

Thread Manufacturers Patent and Shoe,

  • Weatherald Henry & Thomas, Baxtergate

Tile Merchants,

  • Beaumont Edward, (& brick) Church street
  • Bolton John, (& brick, &c.) Flowergate
  • Smales Gideon, Church street

Timber and Raff Merchants,

  • Barker Joseph, Baxtergate
  • Beaumont and Bovill, Baxtergate
  • Chapman and Simpson, Church street
  • Moorsom Richard, Batts
  • Smales Gideon, Church street

Tobacco Manufacturers, &c.,

  • Chapman Wakefield Simpson, Grape lane
  • Cockburn William, (dlr.) Grape lane

Turners in Wood, &c.,

  • Foster William, Wheelwright's yard, Church street
  • Hill Matthew, (& jeweller) Haggersgate
  • Wormald William, (jet ornaments) Ruswarp

Watch and Clock Makers, Silversmiths and Jewellers,

  • Morrell John, Baxtergate
  • Raw William, West end of the Bridge
  • Turnbull Thomas, (& lapidary) Bridge street
  • Turnbull William, Bridge street
  • Webster John, Church street


  • Beaumont Thomas, Church street
  • Dale and Backhouse, Church street
  • Jackson Joseph, St. Ann's staith
  • Marwood and Co. Church street


  • Boanson John, Church street
  • Chapman George, Baxtergate
  • Lee William, Haggersgate
  • Rose John Church street
  • Vipond Rd. & ship smith, Baxtergate

Woollen Draper,

  • Milnes George Lund's yard, Church street

Miscellany of trades

  • Appleby Thomas, clerk, Skinner street
  • Barker William, harbour master, Silver street
  • Baxter Thomas, worsted manfr. & dealer, Church street
  • Cartner George supervisor, Prince's street, Bagdale
  • Dale Thomas, Gallilee, chief constable for the wapentake of Whitby Strand, inspector of corn returns & assize of bread, Bridge street
  • Day Mary, news room, Haggersgate
  • England Jas. umbrella mfr. Baxtergate
  • Fewster John, clerk, Cliffe lane
  • Greenbury Ralph, parish clerk, Church street
  • Harrison and Hall, wheelwrights and machine makers, Church street
  • Hilton Richard, tobacco pipe maker, Baxtergate
  • Jackson Thomas, tide waiter, Prince's place, Bagdale
  • King Anthony, overlooker, Haggersgate
  • Kirby Robert, cashier, Cliff
  • Lamb Charles, gunsmith, Baxtergate
  • Lempriere Thomas, accountant, St. Ann's staith
  • Maxwell Peter, custom warehouse keeper and collector's clerk, Flowergate
  • Patten William, landing waiter, Routh's buildings
  • Pickernell Francis, engineer, Piers
  • Piercy John, clerk, Flowergate
  • Richardson Robert, landing waiter, Grape lane
  • Smith C. leather seller, Church street
  • Swallwell Robert, overlooker, Bagdale
  • Wilson John, Church street


  • From William Yeoman's, Angel Inn,
  • The DILIGENCE to Scarbro' every Sun, & Wed. at half past 8 morning.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to York every Sunday, Tu. and Thu. at 12 noon.
  • The UNION, to Guisborough Stockton, Castle Eden, and Sunderland every Tu. and Sat, at 6 morning.


  • From T. Marwood and Co.'s wharf,
  • Vessels to Newcastle every week, and to London & Hull every fortnight.
  • From Dale and Backhouse's wharf,
  • Vessels to London every week, during the Summer and once a fortnight during the Winter.

Steam Packet,

  • J. Leimpriere, agent, St. Ann's staith
  • The TOURIST, from London to Edinbro' every Thursday. To London every Sunday.

Land Carriage,

  • Guisborough, John Johnson, from the White Horse, Church street, arr. daily Sat. 9 mg. ret. 4 aft.
  • Guisborough, Robert Knaggs from the Jolly Butchers, Church st. every Fri. morn, at 9, ret. Thu. night.
  • Guisborough, Thomas Johnson, from the King's Head, Baxtergate, arr. every Mon. and Thu. aft. ret. 9 morn. Tu. and Fri.
  • Lofthouse, William Boyes, from the White Horse and Griffin, Church street, every Sat. mg. at 10, ret. Fri. aft. at 2.
  • Pickering, Andrew Allen, from Campion's wharf, Church street, every Tu. at a mg. ret. Thu. at 10 ngt.
  • Pickering, George Pearson, from the Jolly Butchers, Church st, every Tu. at 8 morn., ret. Thu. 8 evg.
  • Pickering, Thomas Keddy, from the White Horse and Griffin, Church street, every Sat. at 10 morn. ret. Fri. 2 afternoon.
  • Robin Hood's Bay, John Thompson, from the White Horse & Griffin, Church street, every Sat. aft, at 3 ret. at night.
  • Scarbro', George Franks, Church st. on Wed. and Sat. st. 10 morn, ret. 4 afternoon.
  • Scarbro', Joseph Wardale, Church st. on Thu. and Sun. at half past 9 morn. ret. same days, 7 evening.
  • Staithes, Thomas Nisbett, from the White Horse and Griffin, every day 3 aft, ret. 10 morn.
  • Thornton, William Humphrey, from the White Horse and Griffin, Church street every Sat. morn. at 10, ret. Fri. aft. at 2.
  • York, Andrew Allen, from Campion's wharf, Church street, every Tu. 8 morn, ret. Thu. night at 10.
  • York, George Pearson, from the Jolly Butchers, Church street, every Tu. 8 morn, ret. 8 Thu. night.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EAST ROW in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Miscellany of trades

  • Greathead Francis, exciseman
  • Lair Christopher, victualler: Red Hart
  • Linton John, common brewer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HIGH STAKESBY in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:

  • Blackburn John, Esq.
  • Chapman, Abel, Esq. banker
  • Ridley Edward, yeoman

Miscellany of trades

  • Anderson Thomas and Son, corn factors and millers
  • Featherstone Adeline, farmer
  • Foster Joseph, governor of the Workhouse
  • Goodwill Henry, roper
  • Johnson John, master mariner
  • Waller Joseph, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NEWHOLM in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:

  • Mead John, yeoman


  • Bennison Thomas
  • Corner William
  • Emerson Robert
  • Hart George
  • Hasbrough James
  • Robinson Matthew
  • Robinson William
  • Weighill Mark

Miscellany of trades

  • Chapman Mary, victualler: Board
  • Peacock Robert, mason

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RUSWARP in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:

  • Boulby Jane, gentlewoman
  • Earnshaw Mary, gentlewoman
  • Major Howden, gentleman
  • Miller Margaret, gentlewoman
  • Moorsom Richard, Esq. sen. Airey hill
  • Pennyman Miss Hannah, Ruswarp hall
  • Simpson H. Esq. banker, Meadow field

Corn Millers,

  • Burnard Francis
  • Elgie William, & merchant


  • Beeforth Thomas
  • Dobson John
  • Elgie John
  • Feaster Robert
  • Mead John, jun.
  • Norman Francis
  • Robson William
  • Scott Richard

Stone Masons,

  • Robinson John
  • Robinson Robert

Miscellany of trades

  • Bennison David, victualler: Bay Horse
  • Booth William, millwright
  • Corner Edward, butcher & grazier
  • Frankland William, wheelmaker, &c.
  • Gallilee Thomas, tanner
  • Harrison T. collector of assessed taxes
  • Main Barbara, gardener
  • Main John victualler: Admiral Rodney
  • Robinson John, victualler: New Inn
  • Weatherill Christopher, glover
  • Williamson James, joiner and wheelwright

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SLEIGHTS in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:

  • Bateman Mrs. Sarah, Hall
  • Boulby John, gentleman
  • Boyes Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Boyes John, gentleman
  • Coates John Campion, Esq. Esk hall
  • Newball George, gentleman
  • Wilson Mrs. Mary


  • Harden Rev. John
  • Marshall Thomas


  • Featherstone Peter
  • Noble George
  • Petty Thomas


  • Hoggarth James
  • Speddill Jacob

Miscellany of trades

  • Burt Robert, cooper
  • Chapman William, joiner & wheelwright
  • Harrison Nathaniel, blacksmith
  • Hick William, butcher
  • Hill William, victualler: Royal Oak
  • Noble John, victualler: Board
  • Smith Matthew, victualler: Fox