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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WHITBY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Old Market place, Richard Rodgers, Post master

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy,

  • Acton John, esq. Carr mount
  • Andrew Rev. James, Baxter gate
  • Barker Mr. Peter, New buildings
  • Barker Mr. Thomas, Skinner st
  • Barnes Miss Mary, Poplar row
  • Barry John, esq. Bagdale
  • Barry Mr. Robert, Ship yards
  • Bateman Mrs. Alice, Baxter gate
  • Bedlington Mrs. Elizabeth, Bagdale terrace
  • Belcher Mrs. Ann, Silver st
  • Benson John, esq. Aislaby
  • Blackburn Rev. William, Cliff cottage
  • Boulby Mrs. John, Aislaby
  • Boulby Rev. John, Aislaby
  • Boyes Mrs. Eliza, Church st
  • Brodrick Mr. Thomas, Esk house
  • Brown Mrs. Richard, New buildings
  • Brown Mrs. William, New buildings
  • Campion John, esq. Scate lane
  • Carr Mrs. Jane, Bagdale
  • Carter Rev. John, Sleights
  • Castley Mrs. Timothy, Stakesby
  • Castley Rev. Timothy, Sneaton
  • Chapman Abel, esq. Stakesby house
  • Chapman Edward, esq. New buildings
  • Chapman John, esq. Stakesby house
  • Chapman Wakefield, esq. Stakesby
  • Chapman William, esq. New buildings
  • Chilton Harrison, esq. Union place
  • Clark the Misses ---, Bagdale
  • Clark Mrs. Thomas, Welclose square
  • Coates John Campion, esq. Sleights
  • Cook Mrs. Mary, Church st
  • Coulson Christopher, esq. Baxter gate
  • Dobson Mr. Thomas, Ings cottage
  • Duck Rev. Joseph, Danby
  • Fawcett Mrs. Catherine, Bagdale terrace
  • Fishburn Thomas, esq. New buildings
  • Frankland John, esq. Bagdale
  • Garbutt Mr. Thomas, Sands end
  • Gowland Mrs. ---, Poplar row
  • Gowland Mrs. Ann, Bagdale
  • Gowland Mr. Benjamin, Church st
  • Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, Church st
  • Hardwick the Misses Mary & Ann, Welclose square
  • Harrison the Misses, Ann & Martha, New buildings
  • Harrison Mr. Thomas, Ruswarp
  • Harrison Rev. Thomas, Fylingdales
  • Havelock Mr. John, Stakesby
  • Holt John, esq. Cliff house
  • Holt Mr. John, jun. Bagdale
  • Hunter Miss Hannah, New buildings
  • Hunter Mrs. Martha, Silver st
  • Hunter Mr. Thomas, Welclose square
  • Hunter Mrs. William, New buildings
  • Hutchinson Mrs. Mary, Church st
  • Jameson Mrs. ---, Bagdale
  • Jones Lieut. Richard, R.N. Flower gate
  • Kains Captain John, R.N. Skinner st
  • Knaggs Mr. William, Poplar row
  • Knight Mrs. Alice, Flower gate
  • Langborne Mrs. George, New buildings
  • Langborne Mrs. Susannah, Welclose square
  • Long Rev. William, Lythe
  • Mackintosh Mrs. ---, Flower gate
  • Marwood Mr. Isaac, Welclose square
  • Marwood Mr. Marmaduke, Welclose square
  • Marwood the Misses, Clarence buildings
  • Middleton Mr. William, New buildings
  • Moorsom Richard, esq. Airey hill
  • Moss Mrs. Elizabeth, New buildings
  • Mulgrave the Right Honourable Earl of, Mulgrave castle
  • Noble Mrs. Ellen, Aislaby
  • Parker Rev. William, Baxter gate
  • Pecket Mr. John, Egton
  • Pennyman Miss Hannah, Sleights
  • Peters George, esq. Larpool
  • Pierson George, esq. Union place
  • Pope Rev. Frederick Sherwood, Esk house
  • Preswick Miss Margaret, New buildings
  • Reynolds Mrs. Dorothy Ann, Mount pleasant
  • Richardson Rev. Benjamin, Glazedale
  • Richardson Rev. Benjamin, jun. Egton
  • Richardson Christopher, esq. Field house
  • Richardson Mrs. John, New buildings
  • Richardson Thomas, esq. Union place
  • Rigby Rev. Nicholas, Egton bridge
  • Scoresby Mrs. Hannah, Bagdale
  • Simpson Thomas, esq. Meadow field house
  • Sleightholm Mr. Samuel, Ruswarp
  • Smales Mrs. Rebecca, Church st
  • Smalpage Captain Francis, E.I.C. New buildings
  • Smith Mr. John, Lythe hall
  • Smith Richard, esq. Egton bridge
  • Smith Rev. William Henry, Hinderwell
  • Sowerby Mr. John M., Lythe
  • Thompson Mr. William, Baxter gate
  • Trattles Mr. Seaton, Bagdale
  • Turton Edmund, esq. Larpool hall
  • Usherwood Miss Jane, Bagdale
  • Usherwood William, esq. New buildings
  • Walker Miss Harriet, Skinner st
  • Wallis Admiral, Raven hill
  • Wardale Francis, Flower gate
  • Watkin Mr. Francis, Bagdale
  • Watson Mrs. Ann, Spring hill
  • Watson Mr. George, Bagdale terrace
  • Webster Mr. John, Bagdale
  • Westgarth Mr. George, Boulby
  • White Mrs. Alice, New buildings
  • Wilkinson James, esq. Welclose square
  • Wilson the Misses, Sneaton castle
  • Yeoman Henry Walker, esq. Woodlands
  • Yeoman Miss Mary, Poplar row
  • Young Rev. George, New buildings

Academies & Schools,

  • Atley Hannah, Flower gate
  • Breckon Richard, Skinner st
  • Chilton Isabella, Flower gate
  • Forth Jane, Flower gate
  • Jackson Lawrence, Cliff lane
  • Johnson Mary, Bagdale
  • Johnson Robert, Silver st
  • Kirby Elizabeth, Jane & Hannah, Welclose square
  • Kirby John, Cliff lane
  • Lund Dorothy, Church st
  • Nelson Ann, Flower gate
  • Putsey William, Campion's gardens
  • Richardson Robert, Hardcastle's yard, Church st
  • Robinson Thomas, Linskill square
  • Scaif Ann, Flower gate
  • Slater Samuel, Church st
  • Sneaton Charity School, Sneaton --- Thomas Varley, master
  • Thompson Francis, Flower gate
  • Whitby Public School, Cliff lane --- George Young Kirby, master ; Alicia Blackburn, mistress
  • Whitehead Mary, Flower gate
  • Winter Alice, Flower gate

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

  • Peacock John (to Lloyd's) Silver st
  • Weighill Mark (lime) Church st

Alum Works,

  • Mulgrave the Right Hon. Earl of, Sands end and at Kettleness --- Daniel
  • Henderson Grose, agent ; John Garthwaite, sub-agent, at Sands end ; and Thomas Watson, sub-agent, at Kettleness


  • Appleby Thomas, Skinner st
  • Belcher Henry (& deputy chief bailiff, steward & coroner of the liberty of Whitby & Whitby Strand) Grape lane
  • Breckon Robert, Church st
  • Hunter Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Langborne William Rymer, Baxter gate
  • Preston & Walker (Robert preston, agent for the commissioners of Whitby streets & turnpike roads) Grape lane
  • Stephenson Appleton, Haggers gate
  • Wardell John, Bagdale
  • Watson Thomas (clerk to the magistrates) Flower gate
  • Yeoman John, Baxter gate


  • Hartley David (& sheriff's officer) Baxter gate
  • Hugill John & Son (John Hugill, sheriff's officer) Grape lane

Bacon & Provision Factors,

  • Corner Edward & John, St. Ann's staith
  • Marwood & Son, Flower gate
  • Weighill Mark, Church st


  • Agar Thomas, Church st
  • Atkinson John, Baxter gate
  • Atkinson Richard, Church st
  • Corney John, Baxter gate
  • Dickson John, Church st
  • Donkin Christopher, Baxter gate
  • Hamilton Margaret, Church st
  • James Marmaduke, Scate lane
  • Mutter James, Haggers gate
  • Nettleship Thomas, Church st
  • Readshaw William, Church st
  • Sayers Margaret, Church st
  • Scurr Anthony, Cliff lane
  • Sleightholm James, Church st
  • Speedy Ralph, Silver st
  • Tate Robert, Grape lane


  • Campion Robert & John, Church street -- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London)
  • Chaytor, Frankland, Wilkinson, Chaytor & Co. Church street -- (draw on Jones, Loyd & Co. London)
  • Richardson, Holt & Co. Old Market place -- (draw on Robarts & Co. London)
  • Simpson, Chapman & Co. Grape lane -- (draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Flower gate -- Thomas Watson, secretary


  • Allen William, Sneaton
  • Jackson John, Lythe
  • Lang George, Ruswarp
  • Lockey George, Church st
  • McClauchlin William, Flower gate
  • Newholm William, Lythe
  • Swale Sarah, Church st

Boat Builders,

  • Copley Joseph, Church st
  • Falkingbridge William, Church st
  • Gale Christopher, Church st
  • Marshall Robert, Church st

Booksellers, Stationers & Printers,

  • Horne & Richardson, Bridge
  • Kirby Robert (& commissioner for taking special bail) corner of Bridge st
  • Rodgers Richard, Old Market pl

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Adamson John, Baxter gate
  • Adamson Joseph, Sands end
  • Agar George, Church st
  • Allen Newrick, Grape lane
  • Askwith William, Church st
  • Bollow Edward, Ruswarp
  • Cockburn William, Market place
  • Copsey Samuel, Church st
  • Cowling James Render, Flower gate
  • Cussons John, Church st
  • Duck Newby, Church st
  • Elder James, Bridge st
  • Grant James, Church st
  • Hardinge James, Baxter gate
  • Harrison George, Sands end
  • Headlam Thomas, St. Ann's staith
  • Hodgson Ralph, Scate lane
  • Hogarth Francis, Church st
  • Hunter Joseph, Flower gate
  • Knaggs Zacariah, Church st
  • Lattimore Richard, Bridge st
  • Leng John, Baxter gate
  • Mattison Stephen, Church st
  • Moody John, Church st
  • Oates Joseph, Church st
  • Robinson Thomas, Flower gate
  • Robinson William, Church st
  • Rowe George, Lythe
  • Rowntree John, Lythe
  • Sample Ann, Baxter gate
  • Snaith Ralph, Church st
  • Waller Harrison, Lythe

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Buck Gideon, Grape lane
  • Collier Anthony (& ship chandler) Baxter gate
  • Lowrie John (& brass founder) St. Ann's gate
  • Nicholson William, Bridge st
  • Steward Henry, Flower gate
  • Wear John, St. Ann's staith

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Ellerby Elizabeth, Cliff lane
  • Linton Henry, East row
  • Simpson Thomas, Bagdale
  • Stonehouse Elizabeth, Church st


  • Bolton John (& stone merchant) Flower gate


  • Alderson Robert, Sandgate
  • Bosomwood Thomas, Market place
  • Breckon Thomas, foot of Flower gate
  • Cowart James, Sandgate
  • Cowart Peter, St. Ann's staith
  • Easton William, Market place
  • Harland Dickinson, Market place
  • Lincoln Richard, Bridge end
  • Thomas George, Baxter gate
  • Thompson Thomas, Flower gate
  • Wales Mark, Market place
  • Weighill Mark, Church st
  • Wilkinson Isaac, Lythe
  • Wilkinson John, Market place

Cabinet Makers,
Marked # are also Upholsterers

  • Agar Robert, Church st
  • # Burn William, Flower gate
  • # Cavallier William, Bridge end
  • Estill Thomas, Church st
  • Hezelwood Moses, Baxter gate
  • # Hirst Robert, Church st
  • # Lord William, Church st
  • Medd William, Skinner st
  • Turner Edward, Church st
  • Weatherill Joseph, Skinner st
  • Weatherill William, Haggers gate


  • Clemmet Taylor, Lythe
  • Hall Edmund (& machine maker) Church st
  • Smith John, Sneaton
  • Thompson John, Lythe
  • Williamson James, Ruswarp

Carvers & Gilders,

  • Dale John (gilder) St. Ann's staith
  • Smith Thomas (ship) Church st

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Argument Thomas, Church st
  • Hartley Thomas, Church st
  • Hutchinson Elizabeth, Church st

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Hayes & Atkinson, Market place
  • Ripley Richard & John, Baxter gate
  • Taylor John (& tea dealer) Baxter gate
  • Watt James (& tea dealer) Church st
  • Williamson William (& tea dealer) Baxter gate
  • Yeoman Thomas, Bridge st

Clog & Patten Makers,

  • Elder James, Bridge st
  • Summerson William, Sandgate
  • Underwood Thomas, Church st

Clothes Dealers,

  • Coupland Ann & Jane, Church st
  • Lockey George, Church st
  • Wilson Thomas, Bridge st


  • Atley Sarah, Flower gate
  • Craven Richard, St. Ann's staith
  • Mackay Henry, Golden Lion bank
  • Muir Ann, Flower gate
  • Simpson Stephen John, Church st


  • Corner Robert, Bagdale bridge
  • Donkin Robert, St. Ann's staith
  • Jackson William, Church st
  • Storme John, Church st

Curriers & Leather Cutters,

  • Cail Richard, White Horse & Griffin yard, Church st
  • Harrison George, Baxter gate
  • Potts Joseph, Hardcastle's entry, Church st
  • Wardale Henry, Haggers gate
  • Wilson Robert, Baxter gate


  • Lyth Mary, Scate lane
  • Milestone John, Silver st
  • Robinson Alexander, Church st
  • Snowdon Mary, Baxter gate

Engineer -- Civil,

  • Pickernell Francis (& to Whitby pier) Pier

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Alliance, Richard Rodgers, Old Market place
  • Atlas, Ralph Hayes, Market place
  • County, Thomas Marwood, jun. Flower gate
  • Globe, Robert Kirby, Welclose square
  • Guardian, Edward Nettleship, Flower gate
  • Manchester, John Lawson, Bridge st
  • Newcastle, George Impey, Flower gate
  • Norwich Union, Thomas Gibson, Flower gate
  • Phoenix (fire) & Pelican (life) Thomas Johnson, Haggers gate
  • Protector, George Thompson, Flower gate
  • Royal Exchange, Robert Kirby, Bridge st
  • Sun, John Webster, Bagdale
  • Yorkshire, Robert Breekon, Church st

Flax Dressers,

  • Campion Robert & John, Church st
  • Smith William, Church st

Flour Dealers,

  • Lockwood Martha & Co. Flower gate & Grape lane
  • Wren George, Grape lane

Furniture Brokers,

  • Coupland Jane & Ann, Church st
  • Hurst Edward, Church st
  • Lockey George, Church st
  • Tate Thomas, Sandgate
  • Turner Edward, Church st

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Bell Edward & Son, Church st
  • Forth Robert, Baxter gate
  • Main William, Ruswarp
  • Wilson Alexander, New gardens (this is in fact Alexander Willison [Jim Middleton 2012])

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c. & also Tea Dealers)

  • Anderson John, Bridge st
  • Anderson Joseph, Haggers gate
  • Brown John, Church st
  • Buck Gideon (& ship chandler) Grape lane
  • Craven John, Church st
  • Davison Christopher, Baxter gate
  • Fatkin Jane, Flower gate
  • Green James, Church st
  • Hall John, Sandgate
  • Hayes & Atkinson, Market place
  • Heselton George, Church st
  • Impey George, Flower gate
  • Lynass George, Flower gate
  • Morley William (& ship chandler) Church st
  • Nettleship Edward & John, Flower gate
  • Outhard John, Grape lane
  • Pennock Isaac, Church st
  • Rickinson John, Bridge st
  • Robson Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Sanders Joseph, Church st
  • Sanderson Joseph, Church st
  • Stamp Honour, Baxter gate
  • Storer John, Baxter gate
  • Suggit James Mosey, Bridge st
  • Wellburn Samuel, Sandgate

Hair Dressers & Perfumers,

  • Christon Robert, St. Ann's staith
  • Coner Miles, Old Market place
  • Drew John, Grape lane
  • Eskdale Jonathan, Haggers gate
  • Hanson William, Grape lane
  • Kilvington John, Church st
  • Mason Nathaniel, Flower gate
  • Pannett William, St. Ann's staith
  • Rayne Richard, St. Ann's staith
  • Readshaw Thomas (& lapidary) Baxter gate
  • Stockton John, Bridge end
  • Wilson Anthony, Bridge st

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Hardcastle Peter, Church st
  • Kinnersley Thomas (& furrier) Bridge st
  • Terry James (& dealer in game) Market place


  • Leng William, Bridge st
  • Limb Charles, Sandgate


  • Angel (commercial & posting) Margaret Yeoman, Baxter gate
  • Old White Horse, John Stratford, Church st
  • White Horse & Griffin, Mark Weighill, Church st

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Chapman George, Baxter gate
  • Lowrie John (brass) St. Ann's staith
  • Vipond Richard, Dock end


  • Buck Gideon, Grape lane
  • Clarkson Matthew Robinson (& iron and rag merchant, and dealer in oils and colours) Grape lane
  • Langdale William (joiners') Baxter gate
  • Nicholson William, Bridge st
  • Wear John, St. Ann's staith

Jet Ornament Manufacturers,

  • Andrew Thomas (& jeweller) Flower gate
  • Bingant Robert, Church st
  • Brackon William, St. Ann's staith
  • Flintoft & Lister (& cutters) Church st
  • Hill William, St. Ann's staith
  • Nicholson Thomas, Bagdale bridge
  • Nicholson William, Bridge st
  • Turnbull Thomas, Church st
  • Yeoman Thomas, Bridge st

Jewellers & Silversmiths,

  • Price George (working) Cliff lane
  • Yeoman Thomas, Bridge st


  • Bovill John, Baxter gate
  • Carter John, St. Ann's staith
  • Coulson John, Linskill square
  • Doughty William, Cliff lane
  • Greenbury Ralph, Church st
  • Hall Edmund, Church st
  • Harrison John, Pier
  • Hill Thomas, Scate lane
  • Langdale William, Baxter gate
  • Lyth John, Baxter gate
  • Robson Christopher, Fish pier
  • Smales Gideon, Church st
  • Terry Richard, Church st
  • Vasey George, Haggers gate

Leather Sellers,

  • Smith Craven, Church st
  • Stevenson John, Church st

Lime Burners,

  • Ommerson Edward, Upgang
  • Mulgrave the Right Hon. Earl of, East row -- John Smith, agent, Lythe hall

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Bolton William, Church st
  • Burnett Susannah, Baxter gate
  • Cassap John, Baxter gate
  • Clarkson William, Church st
  • Frankland, Wilkinson & Co. Church st
  • Lawson John, Bridge st
  • Maston George, Old Market place
  • Shaw Joseph (woollen only) Church st
  • Simpson Mark Leybourn, Flower gate
  • Watsons' & Summerson, Old Market place

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Campion Robert & John, (& bleachers) Campion ville
  • Hardcastle Peter, Church st

Marine Stores -- Dealers In,

  • Brown John, Church st
  • Harforth Joseph, Henrietta st
  • Wodhams Joseph Lines, Churdch st

Mast & Block Makers,

  • Bovill John, Baxter gate
  • Smales Gideon, Church st
  • Turnbull Thomas, Baxter gate


  • Anderson John, Stakesby mill
  • Appleton John, Newholm
  • Coulson John, Cock mill
  • Elgie William, Ruswarp mill
  • Henderson William, Hawsker
  • Nicol James, Foss mill, Lythe
  • Union Mill, Union place
  • Wren George, Factory field

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Cassap Elizabeth, Baxter gate
  • Medd Hannah, Flower gate
  • Newzam Mary, Baxter gate
  • Ridsdale Mary & Deborah, Scate lane
  • Scaif Jane, Flower gate


  • Copley Joseph, Church st
  • Croft George, Baxter gate
  • Hastings & Gibson, Pier
  • Hicks James, St. Ann's staith
  • Humphrey John, Church st
  • Ratcliff Thomas, Flower gate
  • Trueman George, Church st
  • Wright Charles, Haggers gate
  • Younghusband John, Church st


  • Appleby James, Church st
  • Hartley David, Baxter gate
  • Smith George, Sandgate


  • Campbell William, Flower gate
  • Loy John Glover, New buildings

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Anderson George, Baxter gate
  • Andrew Thomas, Flower gate
  • Brown Joseph, Grape lane
  • Dale John, St. Ann's staith
  • Jackson William, Baxter gate
  • Wilkinson William, Bridge st

Roman Cement Manufacturers,

  • Mulgrave Right Honourable Earl, East row -- John Smith, agent, Lythe hall

Rope Makers,

  • Garbutt & Thompson, Skinner st
  • Goodwill Henry, Stakesby lane
  • Holt John, Spittle bridge
  • Simpson Henry, Ship yards


  • Hall James, Church st
  • Morley Robert, Bridge end
  • Watson Adamson, Lythe
  • Wilson Richard, Baxter gate

Sail Cloth Manufacturers,

  • Campion Robert & John, Campion ville
  • Chapman John & William, Spittle bridge

Sail Makers,

  • Addison Joseph & Son, Church st
  • Chapman William & Edward, Baxter gate
  • Spenceleigh John, Spittle bridge

Ship & Insurance Brokers,

  • Gibson Thomas (& agent for the Neptune Insurance association) Flower gate
  • Marwood Thomas, jun. (& agent to the Marine Insurance association) Flower gate

Ship Builders,

  • Barrick Henry & George, Church st
  • Barrick Henry, Ship yards, Ruswarp
  • Campion Robert & Co. White hall
  • Langborne John & Co. Ship yards, Ruswarp

Ship Owners,

  • Addison Joseph & Sons, Church st
  • Anderson Joseph, Haggers gate
  • Baker Thomas, Church st
  • Barker Barker William Bank, Church st
  • Barnett John, Church st
  • Barrick George, Bagdale
  • Barrick Henry, Ship yards
  • Barrick Henry, jun. Ship yards
  • Barry John, Boghall
  • Barry John, Ship yards
  • Barry Robert, Bagdale
  • Bedlington Isaac, Crag
  • Benson William, Church st
  • Bovill John, Baxter gate
  • Boys Henry, Church st
  • Braithwaite Robert, Ruswarp
  • Brodrick George, Silver st
  • Brown Addison, Staiths
  • Brown Thomas, Staiths
  • Brown William, Welclose square
  • Campion John, Bagdale
  • Campion Robert, Bagdale
  • Campion William, Sleights
  • Cavillier William, Old Market place
  • Chapman Abel, Stakesby house
  • Chapman Edward, New buildings
  • Chapman John, Stakesby house
  • Chapman William, New buildings
  • Chilton Harrison, Union place
  • Chilton Harrison, jun. Flower gate
  • Clark Cornelius, Barnby
  • Clark George, Welclose square
  • Clark Robert, Skinner st
  • Clark Thomas, Skinner st
  • Clark Thomas, Runswick
  • Clark William, Runswick
  • Clark William, Church st
  • Clarkson William, Church st
  • Clarkson William, jun. Church st
  • Collier William, Baxter gate
  • Craven John, Church st
  • Crosby Stephen, Fylingdales
  • Dobson Francis, Mickleby
  • Farndale John C. Church st
  • Fenwick John, Church st
  • Galilee Thomas, Grape lane
  • Gibson William, Bagdale
  • Harland Thomas, Church st
  • Harrison Benjamin, New buildings
  • Harrison Robert, Church st
  • Harrison William, New buildings
  • Heselton George, Church st
  • Holt John, jun. Bagdale
  • Jackson Thomas, Church st
  • Jameson John, Bagdale
  • Kirby John, Cliff lane
  • Kneeshaw Richard, Baxter gate
  • Langborne John, Ship yards
  • Lawson John, Bagdale
  • Lawson John, jun. Bridge st
  • Ligo Moses, Skinner st
  • Marwood Isaac, Welclose square
  • Marwood Thomas & Son, Flower gate
  • Mead William, Church st
  • Miller John, Church st
  • Naylor James, Church st
  • Nettleship Edward & Co. Flower gate
  • Parkin Thomas, Bagdale
  • Peacock John, Silver st
  • Peacock Matthew & Co. Church st
  • Pennock Isaac, Church st
  • Potter Robert Jones, Bagdale bridge
  • Raw William, Bridge st
  • Roberts Francis, Church st
  • Roberts James, Church st
  • Robson William, Church st
  • Robinson Alexander, Cliff lane
  • Robinson Richard, Runswick
  • Robinson Richard, Cliff lane
  • Sanderson William, Haggers gate
  • Simpson Henry, Bagdale
  • Simpson Thomas, Meadow field house
  • Smales Gideon, Church st
  • Smith George, Church st
  • Stokill Paul, Skinner st
  • Swales William, Bridge end
  • Taylor William, White hall
  • Teasdale Michael, Cliff lane
  • Tindale Joseph, Sandgate
  • Tose John, Runswick
  • Trattles Seaton, Bagdale
  • Turnbull John, Cliff lane
  • Turnbull Thomas, Church st
  • Usherwood Robert, Bagdale
  • Wakefield Robinson, Bagdale
  • Walker Thomas, Church st
  • Willis George, Pier
  • Wilson Thomas, Flower gate
  • Wood George, Baxter gate
  • Wood James, Sneaton
  • Wood Richard, Church st
  • Wright William, Cliff lane

Ship Riggers,

  • Daniel John, Church st
  • Rippon Thomas, Church st

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Adamson Joseph, Sands end
  • Ayre Elizabeth, Church st
  • Ayre William, Church st
  • Bowman Ann, Lythe
  • Clifford Thomas, Church st
  • Cooper John, Church st
  • Copley Mary, Church st
  • Coulthirst John, Church st
  • Dalton Mary, Baxter gate
  • Dring Jane, Silver st
  • Estill George, Church st
  • Fenwick Ann, Church st
  • Forster Mary, Sandgate
  • Frank Elizabeth, Flower gate
  • Garminsway Mary, Church st
  • Goodill Robert, Church st
  • Green Matthew, Haggers gate
  • Hall Elizabeth, Church st
  • Harland William, Grape lane
  • Hawxwell Sarah, Church st
  • Hunter Thomas, Church st
  • Jackson Jane, Baxter gate
  • Jackson Joseph, Church st
  • Jackson Thomas, Church st
  • Kilvington Ralph, Henrietta st
  • Nicholson Mary, St. Ann's staith
  • Nicholson Mary, Church st
  • Postgate Robert, Grape lane
  • Pyman James, Sands end
  • Rippon William, Church st
  • Robinson Charlotte, Flower gate
  • Smith William, Church st
  • Stonehouse Sarah, Lythe
  • Taylor Henry, Haggers gate
  • Thompson Hannah, Ruswarp
  • Vickers John, Church st
  • Waring John, Haggers gate
  • Watson George, Ruswarp
  • Watson William, Lythe
  • Webster Margaret, St. Ann's staith
  • Welford Alice, Church st

Spirit Merchants & Dealers,
(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants)

  • Adamson John, Baxter gate
  • Corner Edward & John, St. Ann's staith
  • Cowart James, Sandgate
  • Craven John, Church st
  • Foster William, Church st
  • Green James, Church st
  • Hugill John & Son, Grape lane
  • Pennock Isaac, Church st
  • Robinson Ann, Flower gate
  • Storer John, Baxter gate

Stone Masons,

  • Appleton Peter, Church st
  • Bolton John, Flower gate
  • Clifford John, St. Ann's staith
  • Close George, Skinner st
  • Elliott George, Ruswarp
  • Hugill Isaiah, Flower gate
  • Kirk Stephen, Skinner st
  • Lakin Peter, Church st
  • Robinson John, Ruswarp
  • Stainthorp Richard, Haggers gate
  • Tyerman William, Haggers gate

Straw & Leghorn Hat Makers,

  • Ainsworth Hannah, Church st
  • Cassap Elizabeth, Baxter gate
  • Croft Margaret, Baxter gate
  • Foxton Mary, foot of Flower gate
  • Kilvington Catherine, Church st
  • Kirby Elizabeth, St. Ann's staith
  • Richardson Mary, Haggers gate


  • Crowe John, Lythe
  • Holtby George, Skinner st
  • Ripley Richard & John, Baxter gate
  • Robinson John, Baxter gate
  • Wilson John, Flower gate

Marked # are also Drapers

  • Bigcroft Adam, Ruswarp
  • Crawford Archibald, Church st
  • Dotchon William, Baxter gate
  • Duck Robert, Church st
  • Featherstone William, Ruswarp
  • # Frank James, Flower gate
  • Gardiner Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Harrison John, Fish court
  • Harrison Luke, Grape lane
  • Hesp William, Church st
  • Huntries William, Lythe
  • Jefferson Francis, Sands end
  • # Jordan Leonard, Grape lane
  • # Lawson John, Bridge st
  • # Lewis William, Flower gate
  • # Lyth William, Cliff lane
  • # Martin & Hesp, Bridge end
  • Stewart Thomas, Scate lane
  • # Swales William, Golden Lion bank
  • Wilson John, Lythe
  • Wilson Thomas (& clothes dealer) Bridge st
  • # Wilson Thomas, Flower gate

Tallow Chandler,

  • Hall John, Sandgate
  • Rickinson John, Bridge st
  • Wellburn Samuel, Sandgate
  • Wilkinson John, Market place


  • Weighill William & Mark, New tannery

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Admiral Rodney, Jane Main, Ruswarp
  • Anchor, Benjamin Miller, Grape lane
  • Bay Horse, Robert Boyes, Ruswarp
  • Bird in Hand, Joseph Booth, Market place
  • Black Bull, George Hugill, Market place
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, Adam Peckett, Church st
  • Board, James Bell, Lythe road
  • Board, William Clark, Church st
  • Board, Thomas Coates, Church st
  • Board, John Newton, Lythe road
  • Britannia, Henry Hammond, Grape lane
  • Brown Cow, William Ripley, St. Ann's staith
  • Buck, Richard Sweeting, St. Ann's staith
  • Buoy, William Smith, Baxter gate
  • Butcher's Arms, Thomas Breckon, foot of Flower gate
  • Crown, John Frankland, Flower gate
  • Cross Guns, Sarah Lamb, Baxter gate
  • Custom House Coffee House, Richard Ball, Grape lane
  • Duke of York, Isaac Hugill, Church st
  • Earl Grey, William Mackey, Church st
  • Elephant & Castle, William Weatherill, Haggers gate
  • Fleece, Frances Myers, Green lane
  • Fleece, Sampson Storm, Church st
  • Fox, George Frank, Church st
  • George & Dragon, Thomas Patterson, Sands end
  • Globe, William Bradley, Sandgate
  • Greenland Fishery, Elizabeth Potts, Church st
  • Half Moon, Mary Storm, Sands end
  • Hare & Hounds, Joseph Jackson, St. Ann's staith
  • Hope & Anchor, William Tyerman, Haggers gate
  • Jolly Butchers, Sarah Coulson, Brewster lane
  • Jolly Sailors, John Carter, St. Ann's staith
  • King's Head, William Noble, Baxter gate
  • Little Angel, William Corney, Flower gate
  • Lord Nelson, Esther Wilson, Pier
  • Mason's Arms, George Pyman, Sands end
  • Neptune, John Walker, Haggers gate
  • New Inn, John Robinson, Ruswarp
  • Old Buoy at Nore, Joseph Lines Wodhams, Church st
  • Prince of Wales, William Wilson, Henrietta st
  • Red Lion, Robert Harrison, St. Ann's staith
  • Red Lion, John White, Lythe
  • Schooner, Henry Atley, Church st
  • Seven Stars, Thomas Marshall, Brewster lane
  • Ship, Robert & George Atkinson, Baxter gate
  • Ship, Jacob Johnson, Church st
  • Ship, Matthew Knaggs, Lythe
  • Ship Launch, Ann Clark, Baxter gate
  • Ship Launch, George Estill, Church st
  • Smack, Richard Stainthrope, Haggers gate
  • Speed the Plough, Thomas Foster, Baxter gate
  • Star, Peirson & Dobson, Haggers gate
  • Swan, Jonathan Featherston, Baxter gate
  • Theatre Tavern, Matthew Creaser, Baxter gate
  • Three Horse Shoes, William Allen, Sneaton
  • Three Tuns, Edward Knaggs, Sands end
  • Whitby Abbey, Joseph Hugill, Flower gate
  • Whitby Arms, William Wormald, Haggers gate
  • Wilson's Arms, Thomas Shimmins, Sneaton

Tea Dealers,

  • Agar Ann, Cliff lane
  • Brough Jane, Church st
  • Carlill Ann, Marfit's buildings, Baxter gate
  • Hartley David, Baxter gate
  • Price John, Church st
  • Reid William, Flower gate
  • Wardill Elizabeth, Scate lane
  • Wood Thomas, Flower gate

Timber & Raft Merchants,

  • Barker Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Smales Gideon, Church st
  • Vasey George, Spittle bridge


  • Hill William, St. Ann's staith
  • Wormald William, Haggers gate

Umbrella Makers,

  • Harrison William, Baxter gate
  • Robinson John, Church st

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Morrell John (& jeweller) Baxter gate
  • Raw William (& jeweller) Bridge end
  • Trotter Thomas, Market place
  • Turnbull Thomas (& jeweller) Church st
  • Turnbull William, Bridge st


  • Frankland Richard, Church st
  • Lee William, Baxter gate
  • Lockey George, Church st
  • Rose John, Church st
  • Tyson William (& gun) Church st
  • Vipond Richard, Dock end

Wine & Spirit Merchants,
(See also Spirit Merchants)

  • Brewster & Belcher, Baxter gate
  • Cooper John, Old Market place
  • Frankland John & Co. Church st
  • Johnson Thomas, Haggers gate
  • Marwood & Son, Flower gate


  • Ainsworth William, copper plate printer, Church st
  • Banks Thomas, pilot master, Pier
  • Bingant Robert, toy dealer, Church st
  • Blackstone William, working jeweller, St. Ann's staith
  • Bradley William, teacher of music, Sandgate
  • Clark Michael, piano forte manufacturer & music seller, Flower gate
  • Clement Taylor, beer retailer, Lythe
  • Creaser Matthew, coach maker, Baxter gate
  • Crusher James, governor of workhouse, near Field house
  • Greathead Francis, supervisor of excise, Flower gate
  • Hall James, porter agent, Church st
  • Hilton Richard, tobacco pipe maker, Baxter gate
  • Layburn Joshua, book binder, St. Ann's staith
  • Mercer William, professor of music, Baxter gate
  • Smith John, cutler, Haggers gate
  • Turner George, nail maker, Church st
  • Willis George, harbour master, Pier

Miscellany of trades

  • Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
  • Custom House, Sandgate
  • Collector -- Christopher Coulson, esq.
  • Comptroller -- Patrick Black
  • Collector's clerk -- Thomas Beaumont
  • Tide waiters & boatmen -- John Patten & John Hugo
  • Acting coast waiters -- at Staiths, Thomas Spink ; at Sands end, John Thirwell ; at Robin Hood's Bay, Tyson Coverdale

Gentry &c.:

  • Dispensary, Church st -- William Campbell, physician ; John Robinson, surgeon
  • Gas Works, Church st -- Gideon Buck, manager
  • Museum, at the Public baths, Pier
  • News Rooms -- Albion, Grape lane -- John Lawson, secretary ; Commercial, Hagger gate
  • Stamp Office, corner of Bridge st -- Robert Kirby, sub-distributer
  • Subscription Baths, Pier -- Joseph Hunter, secretary
  • Subscription Library, Pier -- Richard Moorsom, esq. treasurer ; Robert Kirby, librarian & secretary
  • Whitby & Pickering Railway Office, Ship yards -- George Barrick, treasurer & superintendant ; Henry Belcher & James Walker, solicitors ; John Harding, sub-engineer


  • To Castleton, Robert Groves, from the King's Head, and Robert Anderson, from the Swan, every Saturday
  • To Guisborough & Stockton, John Wyley, from the Buck, and Thomas Johnson, from the King's Head, every Monday & Thursday
  • To Heighton, George Roe, from the Red Lion, St. Ann's staith, every Saturday
  • To Hull, Scarborough, Beverley, & Driffield, George Frank & William Cooper, from Church st, Wednesday & Friday
  • To Lofthouse, Jonathan Wilkinson, from the Jolly Butcher, and William Mann, from the White Horse & Griffin, Saturday
  • To Pickering, Thomas Warringer, from the White Horse & Griffin, every Saturday
  • To Robin Hood's Bay, Tabitha Pearson, from the Jolly Butcher, every Thursday -- and John Thompson, from the White Horse & Griffin, every Saturday
  • To Scarborough, William Cooper, from Church st, every Wednesday & Friday
  • To Staiths, Thomas Hopper, from the Old White Horse, and John Carling, from the King's Head, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
  • To York, and all parts of the South, Thomas Newcombe, from Church st, every Wednesday & Saturday -- and Tabitha Pearson (to York only), from the Jolly Butcher, every Tuesday

Conveyance by Water,

  • Steam Packets
  • To London, the Majestic (from Stockton) every Wednesday, and the James Watt, every Sunday
  • To Stockton, the Majestic (from London) every Monday, and the James Watt, every Friday -- Application to be made to John Barrett, pilot Trading Vessels
  • To London, the Lark, William Foster, master, and the Sneaton, William Chambers, rom the New Company's wharf, sail occasionally -- William Jackson, agent. The Albion, John Hudson, master ; the Despatch, John Pearson ; and the Loda, John Webster, from the Old Company's wharf, every ten days -- Matthew Peacock, agent
  • To Hull, the Alert, John Monalt, master, from the Old Company's wharf, occasionally -- M. Peacock, agent
  • To Newcastle on Tyne, the Blyth, John Ness, master, and the Prince of Wales, John Terry, from the Old Company's wharf, occasionally -- M. Peacock, agent

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000