Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WHITBY in White's Directory of 1840.


Post Office,

  • Old Market place, Mr. Rd Rodgers Postmaster.
  • London and South letters arrive from York every morning at 7, and are despatched at 40 minutes past 10 morning.
  • The North letters arrive from Northallerton at 10 morning and are despatched at a half-past 1 afternoon.

The contractions for names of streets, &c., are:

  • Byd. For Bagdale; Bgt. Baxter gate; Bst. Bridge street; Btr. Brunswick terrace; Cht. Church street; Cpl. Clarence place; Cln. Cliffe lane; Fgt. Flower gate; Gln. Grape lane; Hgt. Haggersgate; Hst Henrietta street; Mkp. Market place; Nbs. New buildings; Okt. Old Market place; Prw. Plplar row; Sgt. Sandgate; Sln Scate lane; Sst. Silver street; Sth St. Ann's staith; Skt. Skinner street; Sbg. Spittal bridge; Upl. Union place; Wsq. Wellclose square; and Vpl. Victoria place.

Miscellany of trades

  • Akenhead Mrs Dy, Bgd
  • Allison Miss N E, Hunter row
  • Andrew Rev. Jas inct, Baxtergate
  • Appleby Thos solicitor, h Skinner st
  • Appleton Mrs Ann, Bgt
  • Barker Peter, gent, Nbs
  • Barry Mrs, Bagdale
  • Barry Rt Esq, Ship yds
  • Bateman Mrs, Baxtgt
  • Benson Mrs Eza, Cht
  • Black Patrick Esq collector of customs, h Hawsker Hall
  • Boyes Mrs Eliz, Cht
  • Brewster Rd wine &c merchant, h New bgs
  • Brodrick Thomas gent, Esk House
  • Brown Mrs Mary, Nbs
  • Brown Rt Basketmr, Cht
  • Buchannan John, solr and coroner for Whitby Strand Liberty, Fgt
  • Campion Jno Esq, Sln
  • Campion Jn. Esq bnkr and c, h Prospect Hill
  • Campion Rt Esq muriate of potash mnfr & c Esk side, h Bgd
  • Campion Wm Esq, Bgd
  • Carr Mrs Jane, Bagdale
  • Chapman Jno & Wm Esqs & Mrs Martha, New buildings
  • Chilton Harrison Esq, Union place
  • Clark Mrs T, Wsp
  • Clark Miss Hanh, Bgd
  • Clark Michael musical inst Mkr & tuner, Fgt
  • Clark William harbour master, Cliff lane
  • Clarkson William cow keeper, Clarence pl
  • Conaty Rev. Jno (Cath), Bagdale
  • Cleaver Eusebius Esq, High Whitby
  • Cook Mrs My, Church st
  • Corner Edw Draper, Wsp
  • Craig My lodgings, Sth
  • Dale Edward shipping agent, h Skinner st
  • Dale Mrs Martha, Skt
  • Dale Thos G chief constable of Whitby, Strand Liberty
  • Davison Jno Gent, Upl
  • Ellerby Mrs Eliz, Cln
  • Ellerington Mrs N, Sst
  • Fawcett Mrs Cath, Vpl
  • Rearn Miss Eliz, Fgt
  • Fishburn Tho Esq, Nbs
  • Frank Smithson farmer, High Whitby
  • Frankland Mrs, Bgd
  • Garbutt Mrs Mary, Fgt
  • Goulden Mrs, Baxtergt
  • Goulken Mrs S, Btr
  • Hardcastle Ann, Fgt
  • Hardwick Miss My, Wsq
  • Harrison Misses, Nbs
  • Hill Mrs Eliz, Cht
  • Hill Jno Gent, Sandgt
  • Hilton Rd pipe mkr, Bgrt
  • Holt John Esq, Sst
  • Howell Lewis Hy comptroller of customs, h Bagdale
  • Hugo Jno Tide wtr, Cht
  • Hunter Miss Hanh, Nbs
  • Hunter Mrs Mtha, Nbs
  • Hunter Jph sol, h Bgt
  • Hunter Wm gent, Nbs
  • Hunter Jph gent, Fgt
  • Hunter Thos Esq, Wsp
  • Hunter Mrs Mgt, Nbs
  • Hunter Wm. Cowkr, Bgt
  • Hutchinson Mrs My, Cht
  • Jackson Jno gent, Princess place
  • Jefferson Mrs My, Wsp
  • Kildill Mrs Jane, Skt
  • Kirby Rt gent, Skt
  • Knaggs Wm gent, Prw
  • Kneeshaw Rd. Esq, Bgt
  • Knight Mrs Alice, Fgt
  • Langborn Mrs Margaret, West side
  • Langbourne Mrs-, Nbs
  • Langbourne Mrs Ss, Wsq
  • Lawson Jno gent, Gln
  • Mackintosh Mrs My, Fgt
  • Mayo Rev. E J curate
  • Marwook Mrs My, Wsp
  • Marwood Miss Fr, Cpl
  • Marwook Thomas jun Swedish and Norwegian Consul &c, Fgt
  • Maxfield Petr gent, Cht
  • Mercer Wm organst, Bgt
  • Middleton Rt gent, Nbs
  • Miller Peter gent, Cln
  • Morrell John gent, Spring cottage
  • Moss Mrs Eliz, Nbs
  • Muir Mrs Eliz, Cpl
  • Parkinson Miss E, Cht
  • Patton John tide waiter, Sandgate
  • Pickernell Fras civil engineer & c, Pier
  • Pope Rev. Fredk Sherlock, Esk House
  • Potter Rev. John Cass Indt, Silver st
  • Potter Mrs Rachel, Btr
  • Price Mr John, Cht
  • Raw Mrs Hann, Baxtergt
  • Reynolds Mrs ------,Cht
  • Richardson Chpr Esq, Field House
  • Richardson Th. Esq, Upl
  • Richardson John bookseller &c, h Cht
  • Richardson Mrs Mg, Nbs
  • Ripon Thos rigger, Cht
  • Ridley Edw gent, Fgt
  • Robinson Mrs Elln, Wsp
  • Sanderson John gent, Green lane
  • Sawdon John gent, Ings Cottage
  • Scott Mrs Hanh, Fgt
  • Simpson Hy gent, Bgt
  • Simpson Thomas Esq, Meadow Field
  • Simpson Thomas jun solr, h Bagdale
  • Simpson Mrs. Mgt, Sst
  • Smales Mrs Rbca, Cht
  • Smith Miss, Flowergt
  • Stead Mrs Sarah, Cht
  • Steward Edward gent, Flowergate
  • Swales Mrs, Church st
  • Thompson Wm Agent to Railway Co, h Bgt
  • Thompson Geo gent, Fgt
  • Thornton Allan coal owner, New Bldgs
  • Trueman Mrs Eliz, Cht
  • Turner Wm sweep, Cht
  • Turton Edmund Esq, Larpool Hall
  • Usherwood Wm Esq, New builgs
  • Waddington John, Bgt
  • Walker Miss Har, Wsq
  • Walker Jas solr, h Fgt
  • Wardell Mrs Dthy, Fgt
  • Watkin Fras Esq, Bagdale and Aislaby Hall
  • Watson Thos Solr, Nbs
  • Watson Rt draper, Skt
  • Watson Mrs, Spring Hill
  • Watson Geo gent, Vpl
  • Webster John gent, Princess place
  • Wellburn Ann lodgings, Baxter gate
  • Wilkinson James Esq, Wellclose square
  • Wilkinson Wm police officer, Church st
  • Wilson My cowkpr, Cpl
  • Wilson Thos gent, Fgt
  • Wodhams Jph. Lines ship chandler, Cht
  • Yeoman Jno gent, Cht
  • Yeoman Miss My, Prw
  • Young Rev. Geo DD, New bdgs


  • Breckon Thos, Wsq
  • Catholic Ralph Gibson, Baxtergate
  • Hodgson John, Skt
  • Infant My Ann Davis, Church street
  • Johnson Rt, Haggers gt
  • Johnston My, Bagdale
  • Kirby JH & D, Sdt
  • Lancasterian George Young Kirby & Alethea Blackburn, Mnt
  • Lane Wm, Church st
  • Mennell Mary, Sst
  • Moses Eliza, Bagdale
  • Nelson Ann, Flower gt
  • Turpin Mrs My, Fgt


  • Appleby Jno, St Ann's staith
  • Belcher Hy, h Runswarp
  • Breckon Rt (clerk to Board of Guardians and sup. Reg), Cht
  • Stephenson Appleton (clerk to Imp Comrs), Church street
  • Walker Hunter and Simpson, Grape lane
  • Watson & Buchannan (clerks to the Magistrates &c), Flower gt

Auctioneers &c,

  • Dale Laban, Bgt
  • Hartley Dd (bailiff for Whitby Strand Lib), Baxtergate
  • Hugill John, Grape ln

Bacon &c Factors,

  • Corner Edw &Jno, Sth
  • Hallowell Alice, Cht
  • Naggs Eliz, Church st
  • Sawdon Rt, Church st


  • Atkinson Rd, Church st
  • Coates Thos, Church st
  • Corney John, Baxtergt
  • Donkin Joan, Bgt
  • Hamilton Margt, Chr
  • Hayes Thos, Church st
  • Hunter Benj, Baxtergt
  • James Mdk, Scate lane
  • Mutter James, Sth
  • Nettleship T & Son, Church street
  • Readshaw Wm, Cht
  • Scurr Anthy, Cliff ln
  • Speedy Ralph, Sst
  • Tate Rt, Grape lane
  • Thomas John, Church st


  • Campion Robt & John (on Williams Deacon &Co), Church st
  • Frankland and Wilkinson, Bridge street (on Jones Lloyd &Co)
  • Richardson Holt and Co (on Robarts Curtis &Co) , Old Mkp
  • Simpson Chapman & Co ( on Barclay Bevan & Co), Grape ln
  • Yorkshire Agr & Coml Banking Co (on London and Westminster Bank) Stormont Panton manager, Church st
  • Savings Bank (open Monday and Saturday John Buchanan Esq sec), Flowergate


  • Day Thomas, Bog hole
  • M'Claughlin Wm, Fgt
  • Peckitt Adam, Cht
  • Smallwood Jonth, Cht
  • Swales Sarah, Cht
  • Wright John, Cht

Boat Builders,

  • Falkingbridge Wm, Cht
  • Gale Chpr, Church st
  • Marshall Robert, Cht

Bookselrs Printers &c,

  • Ferth Wm, Flowergate
  • Horne and Richardson (and paper Hangers), Bridge street
  • Kirby Robt (registrar and stamp distr), Cht
  • Rodgers Rd, Old Mkp

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Adamson John, Bgt
  • Agar Geo, Church st
  • Askwith Wm, Flowergt
  • Coates John, Sth
  • Cockburn Wm, Mkt pl
  • Cussons John, Sth
  • Dawson Jno, Church st
  • Duck Newbeggin, Cht
  • Elder James, Bridge st
  • Elder John, Church st
  • Fortune John, Hagrsgt
  • Harding Jas, Scate ln
  • Headlam John, Flowrgt
  • Headlam Thomas, Sth
  • Knaggs Zachariah, Cht
  • Lattimore Rd, Bdg st
  • Leng John, Flowergate
  • Leng Wm, Baxtergate
  • Phybus Wm, Hunter rw
  • Pickering Dd, Flowergt
  • Robinson Thos, Scate ln
  • Snaith Rph, Church st

Braziers and Tinners (*are also Ship Chandlers & Ironmongers),

  • *Buck Gideon, Grape ln
  • *Collier Anthony, Bgt
  • *Nicholson Wm, Bst
  • Steward Hy, Flowergt
  • *Taylor and Chapman, Church street
  • Wear John, Sth

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Simpson Thos, Bagdale
  • Stephenson Appleton, Church street
  • White Chpr, Cliff lane


  • Alderson Rt, Sandgate
  • Auston Wm, Sandgate
  • Breckon Thomas, Fgt
  • Corner Edw, Baxtergate
  • Corner Wm Elgie, Sgt
  • Cowart Peter, Sth
  • Hunter Eliz, Mkt pl
  • Lincoln Rd, Bridge st
  • Thompson Thomas, Fgt
  • Turner John, Church st
  • Weighill Mark, Sandgt
  • Wilkinson John, Mkp

Cabinet Makers & c,

  • Burn Wm, Flowergate
  • Cavallier Wm (& undertaker), Flowergate
  • Estill Thos, Church st
  • Hezelwood Moses, Bgt
  • Iley Wm, Church st
  • Turner Edward, Cht
  • Weatherill Wm, Low st
  • Weatherill Wm, Skt

Chemists & Drugists,

  • Hayes & Atkinson, Mkp
  • Holtby Geo Hawson, Flowergate
  • Ripley Richd & John, Baxtergate
  • Robinson Fras K, Bst
  • Taylor John, Flowergt
  • Watt James, Church st
  • Williamson Wm, Bgt
  • Yeoman Thos (& silversmith), Bridge st

Clog and Patten Mkrs,

  • Summerson Wm, Cht
  • Underwood Thos, Cht

Coal Merchants,

  • Barker Jph, Dock end
  • Belcher Thomas Wm, Boghole h Bagdale
  • Corney and Co, Cht
  • Flintoft and Lister, Cht
  • Miller James, Cliff ln
  • Sawdon Rt, Church st
  • Selby John, Cliff lane


  • Craven Richard, Sth
  • Garminsway Mary, Cht
  • Mackay Hy, Flowergt
  • Simpson Stephen John, Church street
  • Sutherland James, Bgt


  • Corner Robert, Bagdale
  • Dixon John, Church st
  • Donki Robert, Sth
  • Hopes John, Church st
  • Storme John, Church st
  • Walker Luke, Baxtergt

Corn Millers & Factors,

  • Anderson Thomas and John, Low Stakesby Union Mill Isaac Newton manager
  • Wren George, Grape ln

Curriers & c,

  • Cail Rd, Church street
  • Speedy Ralph, Cht
  • Stephenson Hannah, Church street
  • Wilson Rt, Baxtergate and Scarboro

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,
(Marked * are marine)

  • Atlas Hayes & Atkinson, Market place
  • County Fire and Provident Life Thomas Marwook jun, Fgt
  • Crown Hy Belcher, Gln
  • Globe Rt Kirby, Skt
  • Gaurdian Edward and John Nettleship, Fgt
  • Manchester John Lawson jun, Bridge st
  • *Marine and Neptune Ins Associations T Marwood jun, Fgt
  • Newcastle, George Impey, Skinner street
  • Norwich Union Ann Gibson, Flowergate
  • Phoenix Fire George Thompson, Flowergt
  • Phoenix and Pelican Thos Johnson, Hgt
  • Protestant Dissenters Jno Buchannan, Fgt
  • Royal Exchange Robt Kirby, Church st
  • *Star John Storer, Bgt
  • Sun, Wm Hanson, Gln
  • Yorkshire Rt Breckon, Church st

Flax Dressers,

  • Andrew James, Cht
  • Andrew Wm, Church st
  • Smith Wm, Church st

Furniture Brokers,

  • Lockey Geo, Church st
  • Tate David, Grape ln
  • Turner Wm, Church st

Gardeners & c,

  • Atkinson George, Fgt
  • Buck, Anthony (fruiterer), Church st
  • Forth Robt, Baxengate
  • Harrison Thomas, Fgt
  • Willison Alex, Sandgt

Glass, China, & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Argument Thomas, Cht
  • Bulmer Hanh, Grape ln
  • Coverdale Wm, Cht
  • Hartley Thomas, Cht
  • Stephenson Fras, Fgt

Grocers & c,

  • Anderson Joseph, Hgt
  • Boannas Jas, Baxtergt
  • Brown John (ship chandler & paper dir), Cht
  • Craven Geo, Church st
  • Estill Geo, Church st
  • Fisher Chas, Church st
  • Hall John, Sandgate
  • Hayes & Atkinson, Mkp
  • Knaggs Hy, Old Mkp
  • Lynass Geo, Flowergt
  • Medd Geo Clarke, Fgt
  • Morely Wm (and ship chandler), Church st
  • Nettleship Edward and John, Flowergate
  • Outhard John, Grape ln
  • Pennock Isaac, Cht
  • Prudom & Wilson, Bst
  • Rickinson John, Bst
  • Robson Jph, Baxtergt
  • Sanders Jph, Church st
  • Sanderson Joseph, Cht
  • Stamp Honour, Bgt
  • Storer John, Baxtergt
  • Suggitt James M, Old Market Place
  • Woodwark Thos H ( & seed mert), Sandgate

Hair Dressers &c,

  • Christon Edward, Sth
  • Hugill Joseph, Sandgt
  • Kilvington John, Cht
  • Mason Nathl, Flowerft
  • Pannett Wm, Sth
  • Pearson Wm, Baxtergt
  • Rayne Rd, Baxtergate
  • Stockton Jon, Sth


  • Kinnersley Thos, Bst
  • Simpson Wm, Flowergt
  • Terry James, Mkt pl


  • Leng Wm (tea dlr), Bst
  • Limb Charles, Sandgt

Hotels Inns & Tavs,

  • Anchor Benj Miller, Grape lane
  • Angel and Coml Inn (& posting) Mark and John Weighill, Bgt
  • Bird in Hand John Jackson market pl
  • BlackHorse Mrs Frankland, Church street
  • Blacksmiths Arms Adam Peckitt, Cht
  • Black Swan Frs Trueman, Church street
  • Board Jth Todd, Gln
  • Bridge Inn Jn Frank, Old Market Place
  • Britannia Mary Hammond, Grape lane
  • Buck Rd Sweeting, Sth
  • Buoy John Smith, Bgt
  • Crown G Atkinson Fgt
  • Crown & Anchor John Younghusband, Cht
  • Custom House Coffee House Hy Atley, Gln
  • Duke of York Isaac Hugill, Church st
  • Elephant and Castle Thomas Wilson, Hgt
  • Esk Inn Geo Wilson, Bog Hole
  • Fleece Sampson Storm, Church street
  • Fox Geo Frank, Cht
  • Globe Geo Pyman, Sgt
  • Golden Lion John Cooper, Old Mkt pl
  • Greenland Fishery Elizabeth Potts, Cht
  • Hope & Anchor Wm Tyerman, Sth
  • Jolly Butchers Ralph Coulson, Church st
  • Jolly Sailors John Carter, St Anne's staith
  • King's Head John Stainsby (&farrier), Church street
  • Little Angel William Corney, Flowergate
  • Life Boat Jth Cooper, Haggersgate
  • Lord Nelson John Barrett, Pier
  • Neptune John Walker, Haggersgate
  • Old Buoy Fras Addison, Church street
  • Plough Rd Hilton, Bgt
  • Prince of Wales Charlotte Wilson, Henrietta street
  • Red Lion Rt Harrison, St Ann's staith
  • Schooner Jph Bovill, Church street
  • Seven Stars Geo Hugill, Church street
  • Ship Rt Harrison, Cht
  • Ship and Lighthouse Jane Atkinson, Bgt
  • Ship Launch Ann Clark, Baxtergate
  • Smack Rd Strainthorp, St Anne's staith
  • Star Rt Anderson, Hgt
  • Swan Jonth Featherstone, Baxtergate
  • Theatre Tavern Mattw Creaser, Baxtergate
  • Unicorn Ann Jackson, St Anne's staith
  • Victoria Matthew Marsay, Sandgate
  • Whitby Abbey Joseph Hugill, Flowergate
  • Whitby Arms James Hutchinson, Ght
  • White Horse & Griffin (posting) John Wilkinson, Church street

Iron & Brass Foundrs,

  • Chapman George and Son (and engineers), Baxtergate
  • Vipond Rd and John, Dock end

Ironmongers (See also Braziers &c),

  • Buck Gideon, Low st
  • Clarkson Matthew Robinson, Grape lane
  • Langdale Wm & Son, Baxtergate
  • Nicholson Wm, Bdg st
  • Taylor & Chapman (& agents for Tyzack & Co's Patent windlass), Church street
  • Wear Jn, St Anne's staith

Jet Ornament & c Mfrs,

  • Andrew Thomas, Hgt
  • Brown Chas, Church st
  • Flintoft and Lister, Cht
  • Greenbury Isaac, Sth
  • Leng Wm, Church st
  • Turnbull Thomas, Cht
  • Yeoman Thos, Bdg st


  • Bovill Jph, Church st
  • Coulson John, Baxtergt
  • Doughty Wm, Cliff In
  • Falkingbridge Rippon, Church street
  • Hall Edmd, Church st
  • Harrison Robert, Sth
  • Harrison Wm, Dock end
  • Langdale Wm & Son, Baxtergate
  • Lindsay John, Skt
  • Lyth John, Baxtergate
  • Smales Gideon, Cht
  • Stratford John, Hgt
  • Terry John, Baxtergt
  • Vasey Geo, Church st
  • Weatherill Wm, Low st

Lapidiaries (See also Jet Manfrs),

  • Andrew Thomas, Hgt
  • Greenbury Isaac, Sth
  • Ripley Rd & Jno. Bgt

Linen & Woollen Dprs,

  • Cassap John, Baxtergt
  • Clarkson Wm, Cht
  • Hugill & Busfield, Bst
  • Lawson John, Bridge st
  • Maston Geo, Baxtergt
  • Parke Geo & Rd, Fgt
  • Shaw Joseph, Church st
  • Simpson Mark L, Cht
  • Summerson George, Bst
  • Watson and Frankland, Old Market place
  • Wilkinson and Corner, Church street
  • Wilson Chas, Bridge st

Linen (See Sail Cloth) Marine Store Dealers,

  • Boanson Jph, Baxtergt
  • Brown John (agent for Northmbd Tobacco Pipes), Church st
  • Harforth John, Cht

Mast Block & Pump Makers,

  • Bovill John, Baxtergt
  • Smales Gideon, Cht
  • Turnbull Thomas, Cht

Master Mariners,

  • Adamson Simpson, Skt
  • Armstrong John, Cht
  • Barker Chas, Church st
  • Beecroft Jno, Princes pl
  • Blenkhorn Thomas, Fgt
  • Brown Chpr, Poplar rw
  • Brown Ths, Clarence pl
  • Brown Jph, Hunter row
  • Carling John, Hgt
  • Clark Robert, Cliff In
  • Clarkson John, Pier
  • Cockburn Hy, Scate In
  • Day Thos, Haggersgate
  • Duck Geo, Church st
  • Foggs Geo, Clarence pl
  • Foster Rd, Church st
  • Foster Wm, Haggersgt
  • Hill Joseph, Flowergt
  • Larains Wm, Hagrsgt
  • Muir Thomas, Cliff In
  • Page Thos, Church st
  • Peirson Francis, Sth
  • Peirson John, Baxtergt
  • Robinson Wm, Henrietta street
  • Roe Cooper, Pier
  • Rose Thos,. Skinner st
  • Sanderson John, Cht
  • Smith Robt, Church st
  • Smith Wm, Church st
  • Storm Sampson, Cht
  • Storme John, Church st
  • Summerson John, Prw
  • Walker John, Flowergt
  • Wilson Wm, Poplar row
  • Wood Edw, Flowergate

Milliners &c,

  • Cassap Eliz, Baxtergt
  • Coupland Jane & Ann, Church street
  • Kirk Eliza, Church st
  • Marshall Esther, Cht
  • Medd Hanh, Flowergt
  • Newzam Mary, Baxtergt

Painters (House Ship & Sign),

  • Boanson John, Cht
  • Boanson Jph, Baxtergt
  • Croft George, Baxtergt
  • Hastings & Hart, Pier
  • Ratcliff John, Flowergt
  • Storr Eliz, Flowergate
  • Trueman Geo, Church st
  • Wright Charles, Staith
  • Younghusband Jno, Cht


  • Appleby Jas, Church st
  • Hartley David, Baxtergt


  • Campbell Wm, Flowergt
  • Loy John Glover, Nbs
  • Merryweather Geo, Nbs
  • Yeoman Thos Harrison, Bridge street

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Andrew Thos, Haggrsgt
  • Brown Jph, Grape lane
  • Dale Jno, St A Staith
  • Jackson Wm, Baxtergt
  • Smith John, Baxtergt
  • Wilkinson Wm, Grape In


  • Gibson Geo & Son, Sbg
  • Goodwill Thos, Sbg
  • Thompson Wm, Boulby
  • Simpson Hy, Bog hole


  • Hall James, Church st
  • Jackson Rt, Baxtergate
  • Wilson Wm. Baxtergt

Sail Cloth Manufactrs,

  • Campion Robt & John (linen manufacturers), Campion villa
  • Chapman John & Wm, Spittle Bridge
  • Impey Geo (and flax spinner), Hope Mill
  • Marwood Thos & John, Flowergate


  • Addison Wm, Church st
  • Andrew Saml, Church st
  • Chapman John, Sbg
  • Spenceleigh John, Sbg

Ship & Insur Brokers,

  • Whitby Shipping Co (Edw. Dale agent)
  • Whitby and Pickering Shipping Co (John Cassap agent)
  • Marwood Thos & John, Flowergate
  • Storer John, Baxtergate

Ship Builders,

  • Barrick Hy, Westside
  • Barrick Hy & George, Cht; Geo h Bagdale
  • Campion John & Wm, White Horse yard
  • Hobkirk Wm,. Westside

Ship Chandlers (See Brazrs & Grocers) Ship Owners,

  • Adamson Anthy, Bgt
  • Addison Wm, Paddock
  • Anderson Thos & John, Low Stakesby
  • Anderson Jph, Haggrsgt
  • Barnett John, Baxtergt
  • Barrick Hy, Westside hs
  • Barrick Hy and Geo (& dock owners), Cht
  • Barrick Hy, Westside
  • Barry Rt Esq, Westside
  • Bedlington Jno, Tate hl
  • Bovill John, Baxtergate
  • Braithwaite Rt, Btr
  • Brodrick Geo and And, Silver street
  • Brown Wm, Skinner st
  • Campion Rt and Sons, Bagdale
  • Cavalier Wm, Fgt
  • Chapman Abel, Stakesby
  • Chapman John, Nbdgs
  • Chilton Harrison, Upl
  • Clark Geo, Haggersgt
  • Clark Robt, Skinner st
  • Clark Wm, Cliff lane
  • Dodson Isaac, Bagdale
  • Douglas Andrew, Cht
  • Fenwick John, Cht
  • Flintoft & Lister, Cht
  • Foster Wm, Church st
  • Gale Chphr, Church st
  • Gale Wm & John, Cht
  • Gibson Wm, Scate lane
  • Goodwill Rt, Baxtergt
  • Harrison Rt, Church st
  • Harrison Rt, Staith
  • Hill Robert, Staith
  • Holt John, Silver st
  • Jackson Thos, Church st
  • Jameson Wm, Bagdale
  • Jones Wm, Pier
  • Kirby Geo, Y Mount
  • Knaggs S, Church st
  • Lawson John jun, Bst
  • Marwood Thos, Skt
  • Marwood Thos, Cliff In
  • Moss Wm, Bog hole
  • Ord Matthew, Bog hole
  • Pierson Jas, Baxtergate
  • Pennock Wm, Church st
  • Pickernell Fras, Pier
  • Raw Wm, Bridge end
  • Rickinson Thos, Pier
  • Roberts Fras, Henrita st
  • Robinson Alex, Cliff In
  • Robinson Rd, Cliff In
  • Scorra Chphr, Silver st
  • Scorsby Mrs, Bagdale
  • Simpson Henry, Bgd
  • Simpson Thos, Bagdale
  • Smales Gideon, Cht
  • Smith Geo, Brunsk ter
  • Stewart Wm, Westside
  • Stokill Pl, Skinner st
  • Swales ----, Scate In
  • Taylor Wm, Church st
  • Thompson Chpr, Cht
  • Thompson Wm Boulby, Bank
  • Tindale Jph, Prospt pl
  • Todd Wm, Cliff lane
  • Trattles Seaton, Bgd
  • Turnbull Thomas, Cht
  • Usherwood Robert, Bgd
  • Wakefield Robnson, Bgd
  • Walker Chpr, Cht
  • Weatherill Wm, Low st
  • Wilkinson Wm, Pier
  • Willis Geo, Victoria pl
  • Wilson Rd, Baxtergate
  • Wood Geo, Cliff lane
  • Wood James, Cliff lane
  • Wright John, Baxtergt
  • Wright Thos, Skinner st


  • Ayre Eliz, Church st
  • Ayre Wm, Church st
  • Barkham Robt, Pier
  • Clifford John, Staith
  • Clifford Thos, Church st
  • Coulson Jph, Skinner st
  • Estill Geo, Church st
  • Forster Mary, Sandgate
  • Hall Eliza, Church st
  • Kelvington Robert, Hst
  • Ord Mary, Church st
  • Potter John, Church st
  • Rippon Mary, Cht
  • Robinson Charlotte, Fgt
  • Thompson Thos, Fgt

Stone Masons,

  • Bolton John, Flowergt
  • Burrow _____, Church st
  • Clifford John, Staith
  • Clifford Thos, Church st
  • Readman Mtn & Mattw, Skinner street
  • Robinson Rt & Thos, Newbuildings
  • Tyreman Wm, Hagrsgt

Stone Merchants,

  • Whitby Stone Compy Stone Quay John Waddington, agt BBgt

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Brown Ann, Church st
  • Cassap Eliz, Baxtergate
  • Kirby Elizabeth, Staith
  • Peacock Isabella, Cht
  • Sample Ann, Baxtergt


  • Holtby Geo Hawson, Skit
  • Ripley Rd & John, Bgt
  • Robinson John, Baxgt
  • Taylerson John, Cht
  • Wilson John, Flowergt

Tailors (*are Drapers also),

  • Banks Fras, Church st
  • *Dotchon Wm, Baxgt
  • Forth Thos, Old Mkt pl
  • *Frank Jas, Flowergate
  • Gardiner Thos, Baxgt
  • Harrison Luke, Gln
  • *Hesp John, Haggersgt
  • *Jordan Lnd, Grape In
  • *Kiersta Lars, Flowergt
  • *Lawson John, Bst
  • Leng John, Baxtergate
  • *Lewis Wm, Flowergt
  • *Parke Geo & Rd, Fst
  • Sleightholm Thos, Bgt
  • *Stewart Thomas, Fgt
  • *Swales Wm, Flowergt
  • Thompson Miles, Cht
  • Wilson John, Church st
  • *Wilson John, Cht
  • *Wilson Thos, Cht

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Alderson Robt, Sandgt
  • Corner Wm Elgie, Sgt
  • Hall John, Sandgate
  • Sanderson John, Cht
  • Wilkinson John, Cht


  • Weighill Mark & Wm, Bog hole

Toy &c Dealer,

  • Cariole Andrew, Sgt

Timber Merchants,

  • Barker Jph (and iron), Baxtergate
  • Cavallier Wm (mahogany), Flowergate
  • Featherstone Jonth, Bgt
  • Smales Gideon, Cht
  • Vasey George, Cht

Turners (Wood & c),

  • Foster Wm, Church st
  • Stratford John, Hgt

Watch Makers & c,

  • Hill John, Baxtergate
  • Raw Wm, Old Mkt pl
  • Trotter Thos, Mkt pl
  • Turnbull Thomas, Cht
  • Turnbull Wm, Bridge st


  • Hall Edmd (and thrashing machine mkr), Cht
  • Harrison Robt, Staith
  • Weatherill Wm, Cht


  • Frankland Rd (& nail maker) Church st
  • Lee Wm, Staith
  • Lockey Geo, Church st
  • Rose John, Church st
  • Vipond Rd & Jno, Dock

Wine & Spirit Merchts *Spirit dealers only,

  • Brewster & Belcher, Bgt
  • Cooper John, Old Mkp
  • *Corner Edwd & John, St Ann's Staith
  • *Cowart Eliz, Mkp
  • *Craven Geo, Church st
  • *Fatkin Jane, Fgt
  • *Fisher Charles, Cht
  • *Foster Wm, Church st
  • Frankland & Richardson, White Horse yard Cht
  • Hugill John, Grape In
  • Johnson Thos, Staith
  • Johnson Jacob (porter only), Church street
  • Marwood Ths & Co, Fgt
  • *Pennock Isaac, Cht
  • *Stephenson Aplton, Cht


  • From the Angel Inn Union to Scarbro' 1/2p 4aft & to Stockton 8 morning
  • Victoria to Middlesbro' via Lythe Hinderwell Staiths Lofthouse Guisbro &c at 1/2p 7mg (Sun except)
  • By Railway to Pickering, The Premier at 6mg and the Transit 3aft in winter and 5aft in summer William Thompson, agent

Carriers (From the Inns & c),

  • To Guisbro' and Stockton (Swan), Margt Johnson
  • (Buck) Ths Wiley, Tue and Fri mornings
  • Egton (Red Lion) Geo, Raw Sat
  • Hull, Scarbro' &c Wm Cooper & John Coulson, Church st Wed and Friday
  • Lofthouse (Buck), Jas Buck
  • (White Horse), Wm Maun Saturday
  • Pickering by Railway twice a day
  • Runswick (White Horse), Thos Nesbit Friday and Sat
  • Robin Hood's Bay (Jolly Butchers), John Pearson
  • (White Horse), John Thompson Sat
  • Scarbro' (See Hull)
  • Staiths (Jolly Butchers), John Carling Mond Wed Frid and Sat
  • York &c by Railway to Pickering daily

Steam Packets,

  • The Emerald Isle to London Wed and Stockton Mon agt, John Barritt, Pier
  • The Streanshalh to Hull Thurs & Newcastle Monday agt, Ed Dale

Trading Vessels,

  • From the Whitby Shipping Co's Wharf to London &c once a fortnight agent, Ed Dale
  • From the Whitby and Pickering Shipping Co's Wharf to London once a fortnight, agent, John Cassap

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for AISLABY in White's Directory of 1840.

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Appleton, corn miller
  • John Benson, gent
  • Mrs Rebecca and Rev. John Boulby

Miscellany of trades

  • James Braim, leather dresser and fell monger, Briggswarth
  • Rt Corney, smith and vict New Inn
  • Wm Parkinson, schoolr
  • Henry Walker, land agent
  • Fras Watkin, Aislaby Hall


  • John Bennison, Groves
  • John Breckon
  • John Harrison
  • Jph Sneaton
  • Matthew Thistle
  • Wm Thompson

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ESKDALESIDE in White's Directory of 1840.

The Lord of the Manor:

  • HW Yeoman Esq.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abm Allan, blacksmith
  • Mrs Sarah Bateman, Sleights Hall
  • John Buttery, vict Railway Tunnel Inn
  • Samuel Campion Esq
  • Rev. John Carter, officiating curate
  • Wm Chapman, joiner
  • John Hutchinson, joiner
  • John Campion Coates Esq, Esk Hall
  • Thos Cooper, vict Fox
  • Wm Hill, vict Whaet Sheaf
  • James Hogarth, shoemaker
  • Hannah Noble, vict Board
  • John Swales, smith and vict Plough

Farmers and yeomen,

  • Thos Bird
  • John Boyes
  • Thos Hayes
  • Martin Lawson
  • Geo Lowther
  • Wm Robinson
  • Thos Sawdon
  • Geo Swales
  • Wm Thompson
  • Geo Todd
  • Wm Wilson
  • John Wilson
  • Rd Wood

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HAWSKER in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the Manor:

  • George Chomley

* means at Hawsker:

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Anderson, miller
  • Patrick Black Esq, Hawsker Hall
  • John Coulson, miller
  • Geo Estill* schoolr
  • Henry Linton Esq Stainsacre Hall
  • Edm Turton and Geo Augustus Peters Esq, Larpool Hall
  • John Puckrin, vict Blacksmith's Arms
  • Wm Renwick* blacksmith
  • Jas Rayne* vict Hare and Hounds
  • Miss Doroty Reynolds, The Mount
  • Thos Shimmins, vict Grapes
  • Mrs Hannah Stevenson, Broomfiled
  • William Stonehouse vict Windmill
  • Mre Eliz Wakefield, Dalehouse
  • William White, cartwright

Farmers and yeomen,

  • John Arnell
  • Mdk Breckon
  • Wm Frank
  • John Harland
  • John Herbert
  • Mdk Herbert*
  • Eliz Harrison
  • Jas Horsbrough
  • Wm Laverock*
  • Thos Lincoln
  • John Middleton*
  • Christopher Noble
  • Wm Puckrin*
  • John Stevenson
  • Wm Thompson
  • Jph Thompson*
  • Isaac Wood

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NEWHOLME in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the Manor:

  • George Cholmley Esq

Marked * are at Dunsley + at East Row and others at Newholme or where specified:

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Appleton, miller
  • John Booth, dyer+
  • Wm Galloway, smith
  • Wm Hutchinson, cartwright
  • John Linton, brewer, maltster and spirit merchant+
  • John Lynass vict Red Hart+
  • John Newton vict Board
  • Hy Roper Esq, Fern Hill
  • John Muschamp Sowerby Esq, Raithwaite
  • William Spence vict

Farmers and Yeoman,

  • Fras Breckon, Raven Hill
  • Wm Corner, Straggleton
  • THos English
  • Rd Hill
  • Jas Horsbrough jun
  • James Jobson*
  • Robt Lincoln
  • Edw and Rd Ormston*, Straggleton
  • Matthw Robinson
  • John Robinson*
  • Margt Sayer*
  • Thos Stephenson*
  • Ann Walker*
  • John Walker*
  • Edw Smith Wormald, Banniel Flat
  • Wm Weighell

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RUSWARP in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the Manor:

  • Geo Cholmley Esq

Gentry &c.:

  • John Acton, gent Carr Mount
  • Joseph Barker, merchant
  • C Belcher, merchant
  • Hy Belcher, solicitor
  • Mrs Isabella Blackburn
  • John Havelock, gent
  • WS Chapman Esq High Stakesby
  • Abel and John Chapman Esqs, Low Stakesby
  • Jph Campion Esq ,Ruswarp House
  • Rt Braithwaite, ship owner
  • Thos Clough, vict New Inn
  • Mrs Cholmley, Airyholme
  • Mrs Earnshaw
  • John Elgie, miller
  • George Leng, smith
  • Jenny Main, vict
  • Wm Main, gardener
  • Richard Rogers, vict Rodney
  • Rev. TA Roper, Carr Hall
  • Mr Samuel Sleightholm
  • Jas Williamson, joiner
  • Alex Willison, gardener

Farmers and Yeomen,

  • Jas Anderson
  • John Benson
  • Wm Boanas
  • Rd Feaster
  • Wm Harland
  • John Mead
  • Fras Norman
  • Jph Waller

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for UGGLEBARNBY in White's Directory of 1840.

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Hill, corn miller
  • Mrs Margaret Sellers
  • Wm Wray vict Royal Oak, Suspension Bridge


  • Wm Buttery
  • John Dobson
  • John Ellery
  • John Harland
  • Rd Mead
  • John Wood
  • James Wood

Transcribed by Caroline Gaden.