Whitby parish:


Whitby, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. John's Church, Whitby.

Your Prayers Are Asked
For Those Who Have Gone
To Serve Our King and Country
By Land and Sea and Air

Our Roll of Honour

Richard Barry Andrew William Stein Walter Trueman
Reginald Kidd James Jameson Eyre Phoebe Gertrude Haley
Cyril Martindale Eric Keighley Thomas Henry Blenkiron
William Hope Frankland John Kirby Joseph Pearson
Andrew Lyth White Kenneth Snushall George Francis Willison
Laurence John Rowell Harold Wray Arthur Winspear
Charles Henry Rowell Maurice Richmond Ernest William Blenkiron
William George Atkinson Hermann Calcutt Percival Guy Ketchley
Harold Chapman Charles Calcutt George Freeman
Harry Siddall George Liddall William Freeman
Jim Entrican Stuart Monteith Graham Ernest Albert Atkinson
James Lowther Regus Stuart Graham Harry Wallhead
George Lowther David Langley Robert Tyreman Hugill
John William Marks Charles Langley Christopher Webster
William Hill Kelcey Fry William John Brown
Sidney Birbeck Arthur Louther Albert Edward Gibbin
Herbert Birbeck David Megginson Vernon Taylor
Leonard Birbeck Mark Purvis Jack Stoven
Frank Box Thomas Brewster Robert Gray
Reginald Harmston Robert Burn John Henry Wilson
Sydney Coulson William Burn Henry Skilbeck
John Lockhead Thomas Robert Burn John Hudson
George Walker John Henry Wood John Winspear Elder
William Walker Gordon Walker William Grantham Robinson
Henry Pelham Eric Milburn Herbert Laverick
John Seville Alexander William Richardson Alexander Wood Hammond
Charles Bernard Alexander Ivan Smith Sydney Jonathan Short
Lionel Clemens Harry Jobling Thomas John Short
John Page Lorains John Barnett Harry Lacon Coble
Lawrence Kitching Thomas Webster Richardson Clifford John Coble
Arthur Norman Atkinson William Stanley Ramsdale Ernest Wilfred Taylor
Harold Errington Kidd Fred Spink Richard Kilham
Herbert William McNeil Sydney Sayer Arthur Douthwaite
John Percy Blades Harry Middleton Thomas Taylor
    Wilfred Chapman

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson