Whorlton Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for WHORLTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

  • Postal Address, Swainby, Northallerton. Post, Money Order Office and Savings' Bank at Wm. Barraclough's, Swainby. Letters arrive at 7-15 am., and are despatched at 5-50 p.m. The following reside at Swainby, except otherwise specified
Miscellany of trades
  • Appleton Bros. (Geo. Thompson & William), joiners, cartwrights, and painters, Swainby; h Heathwaite
  • Barraclough William, schoolmaster
  • Bell Joshua, general dealer
  • Boville Miss Ann, vict., Black Lion
  • Boville Math., vict., Black Horse
  • Bradley Thomas, jet merchant
  • Brown Wm. Manleverer, Esq., Trenholme house
  • Dalton Miss, Rose villa
  • Dawson Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Dawson William, beerhouse
  • Ellis Robinson, mail contractor between Northallerton and Guisborough, Kilton house
  • Fairweather Richard, blacksmith
  • Fitz-Herbert Rev. Alleyne, vicar, Whorlton vicarage
  • Groves William, bootmaker, &c.
  • Harker - , joiner, grocer, &c.
  • Hood John, grocer and jet merchant
  • Hunton George, joiner, Heathwaite
  • Hutchinson Mary, general dealer
  • Jobling John & Thomas, masons, &c.
  • Kitching Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Lynas Ralph, general dealer
  • Mitchinson Thos., blacksmith, and beerhouse, Blacksmith's Arms
  • Naisbitt Richard, tailor and grocer
  • Nelson Robert, monumental mason and stone merchant, and farmer
  • Parker Mr. Joseph
  • Pattison Ann, lodgings
  • Potts Thomas, miller
  • Richardson Isaac, grocer and posting
  • Rickatson Miss Sarah
  • Seller Robert, market gardener
  • Smith John, quarry master
  • Snowball Mrs. Jane
  • Sowler Robert, shoemaker
  • Stanger George & Robert, Heathwaite
  • Temple Ann, posting
  • Temple John, joiner
  • Temple Mary, grocer, Heathwaite
  • Temple William, woodman
  • Weighell Annie, dressmaker

  • Appleton David, Heathwaite
  • Appleton Robert, Hollin hill
  • Bell Jacob, Scarth Lees
  • Bell Robert, Trenholme
  • Bowes William, Scngdale
  • Chapman Richard, Bleach mill
  • Clarkson James, Trenholme
  • Ellis Robinson, Kilton house, Ingleby Cross
  • Garbutt Edward, Fog close
  • Garbutt Robert, Harfer
  • Grant William
  • Harker Richard & John, Rakes
  • Harker Robert, Whorlton house
  • Holburn William (& butcher & cattle dealer), Scarth wood
  • Johnson Robert, Ox hill
  • Kitching Benjamin Henry, Church house
  • Kitching John, Whorl hill
  • Kitching Robert, West Lees
  • Lishman William, Scarth nick
  • Lynas Robert Sarbuit, Shepherd hill
  • Raby John, Milifield house
  • Smith George, Heathwaite green
  • Smith Michael, Harfer bank
  • Weighell James, Head house

  • Thompson Mary, to Stockton, Wednesday, and Stokesley, Saturday

  • Postal Address, Swainby, Northallerton. Post and Money Order Office, &c., Swainby. Letters delivered at Potto village about 8-30 a.m.; collections, same time.

Dobbin Mary Ann, lodgings, Station cottage
  • Gibson Thomas, shoemaker
  • Graham William, auctioneer, Windsor house
  • Horsfall Frederick Wilson, Esq., Potto grange
  • King William, lodgings, Potto station
  • Kitching Joseph, Potto Field house
  • Mitchinson John Henry, butcher
  • Mitchinson Joseph, farmer and vict., Dog and Sun Inn
  • Mitchinson William, proprietor of stud horse
  • Nicholson Miss Annie, dressmaker
  • Nicholson John, butter and egg dealer
  • Richardson Joseph, Esq., J.P., Potto hall
  • Walls Thos., station master (North Yorkshire and Cleveland, N.E.R.), goods and coal agent

  • Adamson John, Moor house
  • Garbutt John, Goulton
  • Parker George, Potto Lane house
  • Preston Joseph (yeo.), Woodbine cottage
  • Preston Thomas
  • Pybus James, Soulton house
  • Raby John, Sales house
  • Richardson James, Potto carrs
  • Sayer William, Potto hill
  • Skillbeck Agar, Thorn hill
  • Wood Mark, Brook house

  • Mohun Robert, Potto and Swainby

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.