Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WYKEHAM in White's Directory of 1840.


Gentry &c.:

  • Hon Mamaduke Langley is Lord of the Manor
  • * are in Ruston
  • Marmaduke Langley, Wykeham Abbey
  • Richard Sharp vict Langley Arms Inn and Post Office
  • Geo Bell and Fras Fox, been houses
  • *Hy Dowsland shoemaker
  • *Jas Hardy, smith
  • Rt Nendick Hodgson, schoolmaster
  • John Jowsey, wheelwright
  • Prt Marshall butcher
  • John Raine, mason
  • Mattw Rivis Esq, Land agent to Hon M Langley
  • Wm Troutsdale, tailor
  • Geo Wallis * gent


  • Robt Botham
  • Wm Darrel
  • Thos Dickenson*
  • John Hall*
  • Megginson Hall*
  • John Hopper
  • Peter Marshall sen
  • Jonth Marshall*
  • John Riby
  • Richd Wallas*

Transcribed by Caroline Gaden.