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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for YARM in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for YARM in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


Places of Worship.

  • Catholic, St. Mary's - Very Rev. Canon Thos. Holland, priest
  • Methodist Free Church
  • Primitive Methodist
  • St. Mary's - Rev. John Winpenny, rector, and Rev. H. 0. Crow, M.A., curate
  • Wesleyan Methodist

Public Institutions, Offices, &c.

  • Band of Hope Hall - Hird, Reed, & Clapham, proprietors
  • Burial Board - Dr. Young, chairman; W. R. Fawcett, clerk
  • Cemetery - George Danby, superintendent
  • Gas Company - Fras. Hills, secretary; Henry Wilson, gas manager
  • Mechanics' Institute and Library, Town Hall
  • Overseer (Assistant) - Henry Wright
  • Overseers - John Holt and Thomas Atkinson
  • Police Station - Simpson Harnby, sergeant
  • Primrose League - Held at the Victoria hall
  • Railway Station - G. Collishaw, stationmaster
  • Recreation Room, Bridge street
  • Salvation Army Barracks - Meetings at Band of Hope Hall
  • Victoria Room - Thomas Galloway, proprietor
  • Yarm Petty Sessions - Held weekly at South Stockton
  • Yorkshire Penny Savings Bank, Town Hall - John W. Chaytor, actuary
  • Young Men's Christian Association, Bridge st


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; J. T. Foggitt, postmaster. Letters arrive from London and all parts at 6-20 a.m.; from Middlesbrough, Stockton, London, and the South, at 4-30 p.m.; from Middlesbrough and Stockton at 8-6 p.m.; and are despatched to York and the South at 9-25 a.m.; to Darlington and the North at 12-20 p.m.; to Stockton and Middlesbrough at 3-50 p.m.; to London and all parts at 7-0 p.m., except Stockton and Middlesbrough, 10-0 p.m. Letters are delivered at 7-20 a.m. and 4-30 p.m. on week-days, and at 8-30 a.m. on Sundays.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adams Henry, baker, confectioner, and mineral water manufacturer
  • Archer Charles John, Esq.
  • Atkinson Benjamin Coulson, Esq.
  • Bell John, cartowner and wood merchant, High Church street
  • Best Robert, blacksmith
  • Bonehill James, roller
  • Bradley George, hairdresser
  • Bradley Wm. & Son (Henry), tailors & drapers
  • Bulmer Mr. William
  • Burn Mrs. Hannah
  • Casson Mr. John
  • Chaytor Miss Mary Ann
  • Chaytor William, cowkeeper
  • Clapham Mr. Robert
  • Coates Miss Annie
  • Crosby Mr. Nicholas, West row
  • Crow Rev. Henry Oswald, curate, and perpetual curate of High Worsall
  • Danby George, billposter, and caretaker of Town Hall, &c.
  • Dinsdale Robert Hardy, shoemaker
  • Dod Mrs. Phillis
  • Doughty Henry, mason and builder
  • Doughty Mrs. Margaret
  • Duncan Robert, traveller
  • Eliff William Ed., miller
  • Fawcett Thomas Gisborne, land agent
  • Fenney Miss Frances Amelia, confectioner
  • Foggitt Jas. Thompson, printer, stationer, &c.
  • Foster Mary, dressmaker
  • Gardiner Mr. Thomas, High street
  • Gardner Miss Ann, Bridge street
  • Goldsborough R. & Sons, chimney sweepers
  • Harbron Miss Anne, baker
  • Harrison Miss Jane
  • Harrison Matthew, brewer
  • Haswell Miss, earthenware dealer, &c.
  • Hauxwell John & Son (Thomas), millwrights
  • Hedley Wm., auctioneer & seedsman, Rose hill
  • Hills Miss Elizabeth, Bentley wynd
  • Hills F. & Sons (Francis & Richard), timber merchants and brick and tile makers
  • Hird David Henry, fellmonger
  • Hodgson Mrs. Jane
  • Holland Very Rev. Canon Thomas (Catholic), The Presbytery
  • Holt John, merchant, &c. (Strickland & Holt)
  • Houfe Thomas H., draper
  • Hudson Chas., skin rug maker
  • Hugill John, carter
  • Iley Henry, tailor
  • Jackson Misses Annie, Maria, and Jane
  • Jackson Mrs. Isab., High street
  • Jobling Abraham, painter, &c.
  • Johnson Messrs. Robt. & Wm., builders and monumental masons
  • Johnson Thos. Atkinson Chevill, greengrocer
  • Lamb John, watchmaker
  • Langdale Robt., joiner and cabinet maker
  • Martin James, brewers' agent
  • Martin Richard, cowkeeper
  • Meek John, roper, &c., and marine store dealer
  • Merryweather Miss F.
  • Metcalfe John, shopkeeper
  • Meynell Willam, cowkeeper
  • Middleton Mr. John
  • Muir Mr. William
  • Parrington Leonard Harker, Bentley house
  • Plews Thomas Edward, clerk
  • Prince Richard, market gardener
  • Ralph Miss Emma, dressmaker
  • Ramsey Miss Annie
  • Ramsey Joseph Gilchrist, brewer
  • Raper John, livery stables
  • Raper William, painter
  • Richmond Mrs. Sarah Jane
  • Ridley Mrs. Sarah
  • Rigg Robert, cowkeeper
  • Robson Alfred & Wm. Henry, wine and spirit merchants
  • Rowell Thos., boat owner and salmon fisher
  • Rowlands Jonathan, plumber, painter, ironmonger, &c.
  • Rudd Mrs. Ann
  • Rymer William, platelayer
  • Scott Chas., gardener and seedsman
  • Selby Thomas, blacksmith
  • Seymour Thomas, mason
  • Sherwood Thomas, watchmaker
  • Smith Alex. Hy., Esq., M.B., surgeon, &c.
  • Smith Mrs. Henrietta, High street
  • Smith Mrs. Mary, High street
  • Smith Mr. Robert
  • Smith William, tailor's cutter
  • Stainsby Miss Elizabeth, lodgings
  • Stainsby Margaret, lodgings
  • Strange Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings
  • Strickland & Holt, wine & spirit merchants, &c.
  • Strickland Eliza Jane (Strickland & Holt)
  • Suggett John, insurance agent
  • Taylor Bros. (William & Benjamin), joiners
  • Tebbs Wm. Reed, plumber, &c.
  • Thompson Mrs. Frances Jane
  • Thompson Humphrey, commercial traveller
  • Verity Mrs. Margaret Ann
  • Wade George, market gardener
  • Walton John, cab proprietor
  • Watson (John Wm.) & Vasey, general drapers
  • Watson Thos. Morgan, The Mount
  • Wilde Miss Ann
  • Wilford Robt. L., clerk
  • Wilkinson Eliz. Ann, dressmaker
  • Wilkinson Robert, cowkeeper
  • Williamson Miss Minnie, stocking maker
  • Wilson Henry, gas manager
  • Wilson John, lecturer
  • Winpenny Rev. John, rector
  • Wooler Mr. John, Bentley wynd
  • Wright Mrs. Margaret
  • Young Christopher, Esq., M.D., and Tees Conservancy commissioner


  • To Stockton - William Danby


Academies & Schools.

  • Catholic; Miss Mary Teresa Murphy
  • Grammar; Jas. Burton, B.A. Marrs Miss Gertrude
  • National; boys', John Adamson; girls', Miss Jane Eliz. Postgate; infants', Miss Eliz. Jane Bradley
  • Warwick Misses Evelyn and Henrietta

Boot and Shoe Dealers, &c.

  • Gibbons Isaac
  • Harbron Robert
  • Mann Robert
  • Reed William
  • Tees Boot Co. (and mnfctrs.)


  • Cross Thomas
  • Dobby Joseph
  • Harrison George William
  • Honeyman Geo. (and tanner)
  • Lodge Jane
  • Swales Thomas


  • Clapham John Robt. (& roper)
  • Dunning Miss Dorothy
  • Eliff Hanh. (and pork butcher)
  • Lynn Jane
  • Punshon Miss
  • Reed George (and miller)
  • Smelt Christopher (and news agent and general dealer)
  • Strickland & Holt (& chemists)
  • Taylor William
  • Wright Henry (and insur. agt.)

Hotels, Inns, &c.

  • Black Bull; John Hedley
  • Cross Keys; John Martin Ayre
  • Crown Inn; Mary Scoby
  • Fleece; Alfred Robson
  • George and Dragon; George Coltman (and joiner)
  • Green Tree; James Dodds
  • Ketton Ox; Jane Thompson Fidler
  • Lord Nelson; Charles Horne
  • Red Lion; Elizabeth Smith
  • Three Tuns; Matthew Reed
  • Tom Brown; Wm. Neasham
  • Union; John Weatherell (and blacksmith)


  • Atkinson Thomas, Spital flatt
  • Dobson Matthew, Lowlands
  • Farrow John (yeo.), Mt. Leven
  • Hills Robert, Spital
  • Hopper William. Far end
  • Innes Joseph & Joseph, junr., Field house
  • Moon John Robt., Morley carr
  • Smith Francis, Black hills
  • Thompson Jas., Clock house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.