Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.




Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: ADDINGHAM.     Church dedication: SAINT PETER.     Church type: Discharged Rectory.

Area, 4,310 acres. Staincliffe wapentake *2, E.D. -Population, 2,251 *3 ; Church-room, 360 *4; Net value, £124. -This Church is an ancient Rectory, anciently belonging to the patronage of the Vavasours and Rythers, and now of Mrs. Mary Cunliffe.

Valued in Pope Nicholas's second taxation at £5; in the King's books at £1. 7s. 8d.; in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 190, at £50; and in 1818, at £122. 18s. 10d. per annum.

The Rectory was augmented in 1812 from the Parliamentary grant, by lot, with £200; in 1813, with £300, to meet benefaction of £200 from the Rev. John Coates, the Rector ; in 1815, with £300, to meet benefactions of £100 from the Rev. J. Coates, the Rector, and £100 from Mrs. Pyncombe's trustees ; and in 1816, with £300, to meet benefaction of lands worth £200 from Mrs. Mary Cunliffe, widow.

" The Rector is entitled to tithes of Gatecroft Farm, of Beachcroft Farm, and of the Reddings, in kind; but query whether there be a modus of 1s. 4d. in lieu of tithe grass. -Thompson v. Emmot." 4 Wood, pages 307-8.

The Church, one of the neatest in Craven, was completely repaired in 1757. A brief was granted for that purpose in 1754, and the faculty to .rebuild is dated 1st September 1756.

Mr. Torre gives a close catalogue of the Rectors, which is continued by Dr. Whitaker.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

It was rebuilt under a faculty granted 21st April 1808.

The Register Books commence in 1612.

John Crossley's gift, by deed, dated 24th March 1685. Rent of three acres of land for the poor.

John Dawson's charity, by deed, dated 18th March 1686. Rent of one acre of land for the poor.

Ellen Boocock's charity, by will, dated 23rd December 1712. Interest of £40 in the hands of the parish. One moiety thereof is distributed among poor widows, and the other among industrious poor of the township.

John Cunliffe's charity, by will, dated 3rd July 1812. Interest of £64. 8s. 6d. on turnpike tolls, among poor families not receiving parochial relief. -Vide 3rd Report, page 505.

Post town: Skipton.

Torre's MS. page 399. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. page 121. Bawdwen's Domesday Book, pages 37. 39. 194. Whitaker's Craven, page 221.

*1 " Addingham," says Dr. Whitaker, " rejecting two redundant letters, not unfrequent in the composition of local names in Craven and else- where, is the Home, or habitation of Addi, a personal appellative found in Bede."

*2 The parish of Addingham is partly in Upper Claro wapentake.

*3 Viz. Addingham, 2,179 ; and part of Beamsley (the principal part being in Skipton parish), 72.

*4 In 1818, a return was made of 800 sittings.

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