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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ALDBOROUGH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ALDBOROUGH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


Miscellany of trades

  • Allison Peter, blacksmith
  • Atha John, butcher
  • Baines Joseph, butcher
  • Blackburn Richard, victualler, Ship
  • Blackburn Thos. bricklayer & builder
  • Bruce Matthew, tailor
  • Burrell George, farmer
  • Carass Richard, farmer
  • Cope William, bricklayer & builder
  • Duffield Mark, linen & sacking manfr.
  • Gill Charles, gentleman
  • Harrison Rev. John Walker
  • Kettlewell James, shoe maker
  • Paley George, shoemaker
  • Pybus William, farmer
  • Sadler William, gunsmith
  • Scruton Richard, gentleman
  • Sherwin Robert shoemaker
  • Simpson Michael, farmer
  • Somerton John, victualler, Black Swan
  • Somerton William, carpenter
  • Thompson Thomas, blacksmith
  • Topham George, carpenter and victualler, Newcastle Arms
  • Umpleby Francis, tailor
  • Webster Robert, shopkeeper
  • Wirell Rev. Robert, Vicar

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BOROUGHBRIDGE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Master. William Hirst, Office, Main Street.
  • Letters from the North arr. at 8 evg. from the South at 20 min. p. 9 evg.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbey Richard & Son, grocers, linen and woollen drapers
  • Atkinson Mrs. Martha
  • Atkinson Ralph, gentleman
  • Brown Geo. wood turner & chair mkr.
  • Brown Henry, exciseman
  • Brown Matthew, ship carpenter
  • Brown Richard, boot and shoemaker
  • Brown Robert, coal merchant
  • Brown William, boot and shoemaker
  • Burton Thomas, grocer and tea dealer
  • Carass Richard, butcher
  • Catterson Francis, plumber & glazier
  • Daggett John, tailor
  • Darnbrough Thomas, tanner
  • Dawson Silvester, vict. Black Bull
  • Dew Tho. grocer, linen & woollen draper
  • Earle Francis, victualler, Windmill
  • Earle John, millwright
  • Firby John blacksmith
  • Fletcher, Stubbs, Dew, and Stott, bankers on Sir Richard Carr Glynn, Bart. & Co. London
  • Flintoff James, brandy merchant
  • Flintoff Jeremiah, thread manufacturer
  • Fretwell Lieutenant John
  • Fretwell Mrs. Mary
  • Fulton John, saddler & harness maker
  • Gatenby Edw. army baker & flour dlr.
  • Glenton Matthew, gentleman
  • Hardcastle John, boot & shoemaker
  • Hardcastle Thomas, butcher
  • Hardcastle Wm. Joiner & carpenter
  • Hawkridge John flour dealer & grocer
  • Heuthwaite William, flax dresser and linen manufacturer
  • Hind Catharine, vict. (post chaise), Three Grey Hounds
  • Hird Henry, gentleman
  • Hird John, joiner & cabinet maker
  • Hirst William, postmaster, solicitor, and agent to the Norwich Union Fire and Life Office
  • Hogg and Powell, corn merchants
  • Hogg Mrs. iron, coal & timber mercht
  • Horner Charles, bricklayer & builder
  • Iles Thomas, corn miller
  • Irvin James, gardener
  • Jackson John, clock & watch maker
  • Kay Thomas, coal owner
  • King Samuel, heckle maker
  • Kirkby Seth, schoolmaster & printer
  • Lancaster Thomas, bacon factor
  • Lawson Marmaduke, Esq. magistrate
  • Leckenby George, boot & shoemaker
  • Leckenby Robert, boot & shoemaker
  • Lonsdale Charles, tailor
  • Lumley John veterinary surgeon
  • Malim Geo. grocer & tallow chandler
  • Marston Thomas, vict. Black Lion
  • McDowall Charles, watch maker
  • Metcalfe Edward, boot & shoemaker
  • Metcalfe William, boot & shoemaker
  • Middleton Jon. corn & oil merchant
  • Moore Jno. bridle cutter & harness mkr.
  • Morrell John, flour dealer & grocer
  • Morrell Joseph, bacon & butter factor
  • Morrell Saml. vict. Three Horse Shoes
  • Morrell Samuel, jun. victualler, White Horse
  • Mortimer Thomas, sen. currier
  • Mortimer Thomas, jun. painter
  • Naylor John, butcher
  • Oliver Christopher, linen draper
  • Parkinson Thomas, surgeon
  • Pawson John, boot and shoemaker
  • Pearson George, cooper and turner
  • Pinkney George, butcher
  • Powell George, vict. Black Swan
  • Scurrah Christ. glass and china dealer
  • Sedgwick Roger, surgeon
  • Sheppard Francis, whitesmith, &c.
  • Simpson John, carpenter, wheelwright
  • Smith Joseph, auctioneer
  • Stead William, corn factor and corn mission agent
  • Stead William, plumber and glazier
  • Stephenson Thomas, blacksmith
  • Stork John, boot and shoemaker
  • Stott Hush, vict. Crown, (post chaise)
  • Stubbs Thomas, banker
  • Stubbs Thos. wine & spirit merchant
  • Swinbank Edward, vict. Black Horse
  • Tebb Ann, dress maker
  • Tebb William, boot and shoemaker
  • Thorp William, tailor
  • Topham William, boot & shoemaker
  • Umpleby Nicholas, blacksmith
  • Waiting Christopher, coal owner
  • Walker John, schoolmaster
  • Warwick Wm. saddler & harness mkr.
  • Webster William, gentleman
  • Williams Jane, milliner
  • Wilson Joseph, gentleman
  • Wilson Miss Sarah, ladies' bdg. school
  • Wilson William, wheelwright
  • Winteringham Robert, victualler, Malt Shovel
  • Wood Andrew, hair dresser

From the Crown,

  • A regular Conveyance by Water to Ripon, York, & Hull; for particulars Vide Directory of Ripon.
  • HIGH FLYER to Newcastle at 11 morning; to Leeds, 5 in the evening.
  • LORD NELSON to Carlisle every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; to London every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, alternately from the Crown & Three Grey hounds.
  • Mail to the South at 8 at night; to the North at 20 min. p. 9 at night.


From the Black Bull Inn,

  • HARTLEY'S Waggons to Leeming lane and Leeds daily.
  • PICKERSGILL'S Waggons to Leeds & Leeming lane daily.
  • WIDOW WELSH and SONS, to Northallerton every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday; to Leeds every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LOWER DUNSFORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allison William, blacksmith
  • Clemishaw Wm. vict. Ferry Boat
  • Inchbold John, farmer and grazier
  • Topham James, butcher

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MINSKIP in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Fletcher Humphrey, Esq.

Miscellany of trades

  • Chapman George, vict. Bull & Dog
  • Horner Rd. tailor & habit maker
  • Lazenby Mary, vict. Lazenby's Arms
  • Maltus Christopher, gentleman
  • Raper Thomas, bricklayer
  • Rudd Thomas, vict. and carpenter, Rose & Crown
  • Smeaton Richard, gentleman
  • Smith Robert, gentleman


  • Watson Enos
  • Wright Richard

Cattle dealers,

  • Burnard Richard
  • Parker Michael

Corn dealers,

  • Lazenby John
  • Sayer John


  • Hartley Wm.
  • Scruton Wm.


  • Booth James
  • Simpson Wm.


  • North Highflyer from Leeds to Newcastle, arr. p. 10 mg. ret. p½ evg. daily.


  • Thomas Slater's waggon to Knaresborough daily, 8 o'clock mg. to Boroughbridge 3 aft.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ROCLIFFE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Gilbertson John, chief constable
  • Hill Richard, schoolmaster
  • Hudson Wm. grocer & tailor
  • Lonsdale John, tanner
  • Lonsdale Wm. brickmaker & grocer
  • Oliver Robert, tailor & draper
  • Parkinson Wm. carpenter
  • Poulter Wm. vict. Crown
  • Pullan Thos. butcher
  • Slater Geo. blacksmith
  • Slater John, yeoman

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003