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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for LOCKWOOD in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LOCKWOOD in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


  • Letters for all parts are despatched to and received from Huddersfield daily.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Armitage Thomas, gent. Honley
  • Aston Rev. James, Lockwood
  • Batty Daniel, gent. Lockwood
  • Chapel Abraham, gent. Honley
  • Crowther Charles, gent. Lockwood
  • Fenton James, gent. (atty.) Lockwood
  • Horsfall John, esq. Lockwood
  • Needham George, gent. Lockwood
  • North Miss Margaret, Lockwood
  • Pearson John, esq. Crosland hall
  • Potter Rev. James, Honley
  • Shaw Henry, esq. Wood nook, Honley
  • Smith Rev. Richard, Honley


  • Armitage Joseph, Lockwood
  • Hepworth Joseph, Lockwood
  • Quarmley Thomas, Lockwood

Carpenters & Joiners,

  • Crowther Hatfield, Lockwood
  • Kingston John, Lockwood
  • Rushworth Jonathan, (& cabinet maker) Lockwood
  • Rushworth William, Lockwood


  • Robinson John, Hoole
  • Robinson Joshua, Honey
  • Woodhead Richard, Honley
  • Wright John, Honley

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries,

  • Cusworth John, Lockwood
  • France Joseph, Honley
  • Hadway John, Lockwood
  • Hanson Abraham, Honley
  • Hemingway William, Lockwood
  • Hill Samuel, Lockwood
  • Hobson Elisha, Honley
  • Midwood Abraham, Honley
  • Midwood George, Honley
  • Schofield John, Honley
  • Shaw John, Lockwood
  • Slater Thomas, Honley
  • Theaker Joseph, Honley
  • Whalley Joseph, (& draper) Lockwood
  • Whitworth William, Honley

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods At Honley,

  • Armstrong Joseph, at Lockwood
  • Boothroyd George
  • Burhouse John
  • Donkersley Benj
  • Donkersley Jonathan
  • Donkersley Wm
  • France Benjamin
  • Hawkyard ---
  • Hinchliffe John
  • Hirst John
  • Roebuck Jonathan
  • Sanderson Thomas
  • Sanderson William
  • Sanderson William, (& cloth)
  • Taylor Francis
  • Taylor James
  • Taylor John

Merchants & Manufacturers. At Lockwood,

  • Avison William
  • Batley William
  • Burrans Joshua
  • Butterworth John
  • Crowther James
  • Crowther Richard
  • Eastwood James
  • Fisher John
  • Hirst Joshua
  • Horsfall John
  • Shaw James, jun.
  • Shaw James, sen
  • Taylor Daniel
  • Wood John

Painters & Plumbers,

  • France Charles, Honley
  • Hanson Thomas, Lockwood
  • Tyas John, Lockwood

Stone Merchants,

  • Kay John, Lockwood
  • Taylor Joseph, Honley


  • Dyson John, Honley
  • Lees Edward, Honley
  • Summerfield William, Lockwood
  • Taylor James, Lockwood
  • Wright George, Lockwood


  • Abbey John (road) Lockwood
  • Abbey William (road) Lockwood


  • Hartley Charles, Lockwood
  • Lodge Charles, Lockwood
  • Paishley Jonas, Lockwood
  • Priestley Jonathan, Lockwood
  • Priestley Joseph, Lockwood
  • Saxton Joseph & Son, Lockwood
  • Tyas William, Lockwood

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, William Armitage, Honley
  • Coach & Horses, Joseph Price Osborn, Honley
  • George Dragon, Jun. Haigh, Honley
  • Red Lion, George Brook, Lockwood
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Joshua Dyson, Lockwood
  • Wagon and Horses, William Marsh, Honley
  • Wheat Sheaf, Judith Theaker, Honley
  • Woolpack, William Sanderson, Honley

Woollen Cloth Dressers,

  • Charlesworth William, Lockwood
  • Rogers William, Lockwood

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers,

  • Ainley & Son, Honley
  • Armitage George, Lockwood
  • Beaumont John, Honley
  • Beaumont Thomas, Steps Mill, Honley
  • Berry Godfrey (& fancy) Lockwood
  • Berry Joseph, Lockwood
  • Berry Matthew, Lockwood
  • Brooke John & Son, Armitage bridge
  • Crosland Jonathan George & James, Lockwood
  • Crosland Joseph, Lockwood
  • Crowther Richard, Lockwood
  • Drake Joseph, Henley
  • Ellis Charles, Horley
  • France Benjamin, Lockwood
  • France John, Honley
  • Haigh John, Honley
  • Haigh Joseph, Honley
  • Haigh Richard, Honley
  • Haigh Thomas, Homey
  • Heap John, Honley
  • Heap Joseph, Honley
  • Heap Joseph, Lockwood
  • Heap Matthew, Lockwood
  • Hinchliffe George, Honley
  • Hobson Joseph, Honley
  • Leigh William & Son, Honley
  • Littlewood David, Honley
  • Littlewood John, Honley
  • Littlewood William, Honley
  • Mellor Benjamin, Henley
  • Milns William, Lockwood
  • Platts Walter, Honley
  • Robinson John, Honley
  • Roebuck John, Honley
  • Schofield William, Honley
  • Shaw David, Crosley Mill
  • Shaw John, Lockwood
  • Swift Benjamin & Thomas, Honley
  • Thornton John, Lockwood
  • Walker Robert, Lockwood


  • Crow Francis, Lockwood
  • Eastwood Samuel, Lockwood
  • Ridgway James, Lockwood
  • Shaw William, Lockwood
  • Wiley Thomas & Son, Honley


  • Bentley Timothy, brewer, Lockwood
  • Crowther George, shoe maker, Lockwood
  • Currie Samuel, gardener, Lockwood
  • Elliott Miss, ladies, boarding school, Honley
  • Greenwood John, timber merchant, Lockwood
  • Haigh Joseph, coal master, Honley
  • Hurtley John, clogger, Lockwood
  • Jessop George, drysalter, Honley
  • Jessop Thomas, apothecary, Honley
  • Robinson Robert, druggist, Lockwood
  • Thornton Widow, miller, Honley
  • Walker Samuel, saddler, Lockwood
  • Wood Wade, tanner, Honley


  • To Huddersfield, Richard Bingley, John Forth, Miles Oldfield and Joseph Sanderson, from their houses, Honley, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003