Nether Thong, War Memorial transcription


Almondbury parish:

Nether Thong, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial opposite the Church at Nether Thong.

The 1914-1919 section of the memorial (see also Photo)


In grateful remembrance

of the men

of this parish who made

the supreme sacrifice in

The Great War

L. Barrowclough
L. Beaumont
G.H. Booth
C. Brackenbury
H. Brackenbury
G. H. Bradley
G. Bray
W. B. Bray
L. Buckley
H. Charlesworth
G. Child
G. F. Durrant
N. Fisher
C. P. Floyd
R. Froggatt
S. Gill
G.R. Gledhill
A. Greenwood
W. Haigh
L. Hellawell
F. Hill
H. Hobson
J. H. Hoyle
G. Kaye
M. Lockwood
A. Quarmby
N. P. Ricketts
B. Roebuck
B. Sanderson
A. H. Schofield
B. Senior
C. Shaw
F. Shaw
E. Smith
F. Swallow
E. Taylor
J. Webster
A. Whiteley
D. Wilkinson
C. Woodhead
J. Worsley
The 1939-1945 section (the left hand panel)

European War
1939 - 1945

M. Froggatt
L. H. Horn
B. Wilson

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson