Arksey parish:


New Village, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-18 and 1939-45 War Memorial in St. Philip and St. James' Churchyard, New Village.

1939 - 1945
J. Allen      
V.M.C. Austin T. Cockburn R. Guyler J.A. Jones
E. Barcock O. Cook E. Havenhand W. Lawton
S. Beeby L. Cubbage F. Heath K. Lloyd
E. Brazier J. Cusworth J.P. Hickman S.C. Marsden
L. Brazier F.V. Dexter W.E. Higson T.R. Martin
C. Brown J. Franks J.L.T. Hinchliffe E. McKenaie
N.A. Burrows J. Grain L. Hornsby H.E. Mottishaw
H. Cartlidge J. Griffiths J.L. Jamfrey J.J. Nicholson
H. Clark W. Gordon G. Jones  

The central column (names go round the column from left to right):



Great War
1914 - 1918
In Loving
Memory of

J.W. Andrews W. Dobson H. Allen R. Markman K. Don
S. Burgin E. Dunstan J. W. Anderson M.R. Marshall A. Foster
L. Elsey C. Ellis W. Ashford A.A. Martin A. Huckaby
A. Hardy E. Evison G. Barker C. Mason H. Kirkham
W. Parrot W. Fletcher H. Brown E. Moore W. Marshall
L. Peace H. Foster J.W. Brown I. Norris S. Morton
C. Sheldon B. Geary C. Chambers A. Parker P. Priest
  F. Grant R. Clifton E. Platts T. Rowland
  F. Gregory S.H. Connell J. Portman  
  A. Hall T.J. Connell L. Price  
  J. Hatfield C. Cooke J.E. Rooke  
  E. Havenhand T. Cooke J.H. Rose  
  J. Havenhand W. Cope J. Rowland  
  T.E. Harrison H. Cox A. Screen  
  H. Hicking A. Crich G.F. Shin  
  W. Hunt J. Crich M. Spencer  
  B. Jackson J. Crowcroft G. Stevenson  
  J. Jackson F. Deacon A. Trickett  
  D. James T.H. Deakin G. Warman  
  D. Jinks   A. Woolley  
  D.L. Lane   W. Woolley  
  D. Machin   S. Wright  
  J. Maddison   J. Yates  
Make them to be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting

The right-hand side of the memorial:

1939 - 1945
A.B. Nicklin D. Ramsay R. Sellors A.J. Taylor
L. Oakland E. Ray J.L. Sharpe F.D. Towle
S. Osborne A. Rayner F.H. Shaw H. Ward
K. Potter G.W. Rayworth C. Smeaton J. Ward
W. Price G. Rodwell J. Smith S.L. Westfield
H. Radford J.K. Rogers A.O. Stapleton L.J. Woolven
J.T. Radford A.M. Rooth K.C. Swaby N. Worboys
W.E. Rains G.W. Rowley C.A. Tasker B. Yates

Data transcribed by
Karen Cook.
from photography by Colin Hinson