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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ARNCLIFFE in The Craven Household Almanack Directory of 1911.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ARNCLIFFE in The Craven Household Almanack Directory of 1911.

Gentry, Trades and Professions:

  • ALLAN Anthony, Arncliffe Cote
  • ALLEN D, Halton Gill
  • ALDERSON John, Hawkswick
  • ARMSTRONG M, Blacksmith
  • BANKS Robert, Arncliffe
  • BATTERSBY AR, Litton
  • BATTERSBY H, Tailor, Litton
  • BATTY Thomas, Hawkswick
  • BERESFORD Mark, Halton Gill
  • BOLLAND Thomas, Halton Gill
  • BOND Denys, The Green, Arncliffe
  • BOWNESS George, Arncliffe
  • BRAMLEY Hugh C, Litton
  • CAMPBELL RH, Cosh, Halton Gill
  • COWEN Jno., Farmer, Halton Gill
  • DINSDALE MW, Old Cotes
  • EASTERBY George, Halton Gill
  • FAWCETT John, Farmer, Foxup Bridge
  • FOSTER R, Arncliffe
  • GILL Henry, Arncliffe
  • GILL William, Hawkswick Cote
  • GREENBANK Anthony, Foxup
  • GREENWOOD J Wright, Farmer
  • HAMMOND James, Arncliffe
  • HANNAM WI, Farmer
  • IBBOTSON Jos., Carrier, Arncliffe
  • INGLEBY Adam, Halton Gill
  • INGLEBY Alf, Farmer, Hesleden, Litton
  • INGLEBY T, Hesleden, Litton
  • INGLEBY J, Hesleden Litton
  • INGLEBY William, Hesleden, Litton
  • JACKSON William, Arncliffe
  • JOWETT Thomas, Arncliffe
  • KNOWLES Henry, Foxup
  • KNOWLES Wilson, Halton Gill
  • LEYLAND Inman, Litton
  • LEYLAND Thomas H, Farmer
  • LODGE Adam, Pennyghent Farm
  • LODGE Robert, Pennyghent Farm
  • LODGE Richard, Pennyghent House
  • METCALFE Jas., Prospect House
  • METCALF Jeremiah, Old Cotes
  • MILLER M, Falcon Inn
  • MITTON Fred, Litton
  • MITTON Adam, Farmer, Litton
  • MOON Samuel, Hawkswick
  • NOWELL Joseph, Ellbeck House, Litton
  • NUTTALL John, Hawkswick
  • PETTY George, Arncliffe
  • PRESTON John, Sawyers Garth, Litton
  • PRESTON T. Myers, Litton
  • RICHARDSON R, Upper Hesleden, Halton Gill
  • ROBINSON CW, Schoolmaster
  • ROBINSON John, Stonelands, Litton
  • ROBINSON George, Hawkswick
  • ROBINSON William, Hawkswick
  • SHUFFREY Rev WA., Arncliffe
  • SIMPSON John, Foxup
  • SLINGER RJM, Litton
  • SPENCER Robert, Litton
  • SPENCER William, Litton
  • TENNANT Jas., Hawkswick
  • TENNANT John, Hawkswick
  • TENNANT Jos., Hawkswick
  • WAGER Harold, Hawkswick
  • WEBSTER Matthew, Hawkswick
  • WHITAKER John, Hawkswick
  • WILSON Ralph, Hill Top Farm, Litton
  • WISEMAN Chris, Arncliffe
  • WISEMAN Jas., Queens Arms, Litton

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BUCKDEN in The Craven Household Almanack Directory of 1911.

Gentry, Trades and Professions:

  • ALDERSON William, Farmer
  • ANDERTON Rev., RFR, B.A.
  • BENTHAM Miss, Schoolmistress
  • BERESFORD John, Raisgill
  • BERESFORD George, Yockenthwaite
  • BERESFORD Robert, Cowside
  • CANN L, Oughtershaw
  • CHETWYND, ------, Schoolmaster, Oughtershaw
  • COCKERILL H, Deepdale
  • DINSDALE John E, Scar House
  • DIXON Edmund, Kirkgill Grange
  • DIXON M, Farmer, Cray
  • FALSHAW Fred, Buckden
  • FOSTER William, Beggarmonds
  • GILL William, Shoemaker
  • HESLETON Mrs. Eleanor
  • HIRD Anthony, Yockenthwaite
  • HIRD Lodge, Yockenthwaite
  • HIRD Ottiwell, Yockenthwaite
  • HIRD Thomas, Yockenthwaite
  • HORN John & Robert, Redmire
  • KENDALL George
  • LAMBERT Robert, Oughtershaw
  • LAMBERT William R, Swarthgill
  • LODGE Adam, Deepdale
  • MITTON Albert
  • MITTON Adam, Cray
  • NICHOLSON James, Smith
  • PARKER William T, Oughtershaw
  • PARKER Rowland, Deepdale
  • PARRINGTON Edmund, Carrier
  • ROBINSON Henry Lupton
  • SIMPSON John, Newhouse
  • SIMPSON William
  • SUNTER R, Beggarmonds
  • THWAITE W, Oughtershaw
  • TURNBULL J, Oughtershaw
  • WISEMAN Henry, Buck Inn
  • WOODD CHB, Oughtershaw Hall
  • WOODD Rev., BT, Oughtershaw Hall
  • WRAY Henry, Kirkgill

Transcribed by Mel Towler. ©2003