Hubberholme, History transcription


Arncliffe parish:

Hubberholme, History transcription:

The translation of a Charter on the church wall inside St. Michael's church.

Let all men know that I William de Percy, son of Henry de Percy,
have for the salvation of my soul and those of my father Henry and
my late wife Joan have granted to God and St. Mary of Coverham and the
Canons of the Premonstratensian Order there serving God the Chapel of Saint
Oswald of Hubberholme (Huburham), saving the payments of me and my
family to my chaplain and my heirs' chaplains, and one piece of ground on
which to build a chamber for him and a piece on which to make a garden and
common of pasture in my forest of Langstroth for up to ten cows and their
followers of three years and up to four horses and their followers of three years and
licence to keep his horses on my field, saving for me (and my heirs) the right to
put up buildings and make meadows and assarts wherever we wish.
I have granted also firewood, to be provided by my foresters for making food for
that celebrant canon there, and a piece of ground for a cowshed for ten cows to
maintain that same one canonical chaplain saying masses there in perpetuity for
the deceased faithful and to provide fully the service for the dead, which the Abbot
and Convent are obliged to provide by the terms of the tenure of their lands of my
fee....saving for me (and my heirs) the right to put up buildings and make
meadows and assarts wherever we wish.
The Abott and Canons aforesaid shall promise truly that they shall fulfil
completely the aforesaid service and that their successors shall do so also, knowing
that if they fail in this it will be lawful for me to distrain upon the aforesaid lands
without appeal. If it should happen that my own and my heirs' will be changed,
so that we wish the aforesaid cows and horses removed from my forest, it shall be
fully lawful for us to provide 50 shillings rent in the region of York for the
maintainance of the said canonical chaplain and a sure place for the Abbot and
Canons before the livestock be moved from the forest and thereafter whenever they
shall be moved.
6 Charter CCXIX
(Not dated presumably before 1241)
The early record of St. Oswald's 'Forest Chapel', Hubberholme.
A copy of the Latin text was found in the loft of Kettlewell Vicarage 1997

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson