BARWICK IN ELMET: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1834.


"BARWICK IN ELMET, is a village and township, in the parish of its name, in the lower division of the wapentake of Skyrack, two miles north of that village. This place is of considerable antiquity, and was the seat of Edwin, one of the Northumbrian Kings, who is said to have erected the castle here, of which the only vestiges remaining are a portion of the ground work, and a mount, called Hall Tower hill. In this parish is the hamlet of Crossgates, where is Manston colliery, near the line of the railroad forming from Selby to Leeds; it is considered one of the largest collieries in the county, and its produce is of great excellence: Samuel W. Ward, Esq. is the proprietor. The parish of Barwick in Elmett contained, in 1831, 1,922 inhabitants. No separate return was made for the township at that period, but at the preceding census (1821), the population was 593.
Please see Whitkirk Parish for the 1834 trades directory for this parish (included with Whitkirk)."

"ROUNDHAY, is a township and genteel village, in the parish of Barwick in Elmet, wapentake of Skyrack, West Riding ; situate on the main road from Leeds to Wetherby, about two miles and a half n.e. from the former town. The views around here are very pleasing, the land well wooded, and the air remarkable for its salubrity. These local advantages have attracted the notice of the merchants of Leeds, whose elegant villas, walks and plantations, form delightful adjuncts to the general scenery. A chapel of ease, and a large national school, in which one hundred boys and girls receive the benefits of education, are in the village : they were both founded by Stephen Nicholson, esq. the lord of the manor and patron of the living ; the present incumbent is the Rev. John Dodsworth, M.A. The township contained in 1831, 314 inhabitants."

[Transcribed by Steve Garton ©2000 from
Pigot's directory (Yorkshire section) 1834]