Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BINGLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.



  • Post Mistress - Mary Askew, Office, Market-place.
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  • Postal information


Gentry &c.:

  • Edward Ferrand, Esq. magistrate; house St. Ives
  • Lieutenant General Twiss, magistrate, Myrtle grove
  • Walker Ferrand Esq. magistrate, Harden Grange

Miscellany of trades

  • Aked J., bookseller
  • Atkinson Saml. hatter & flour dealer
  • Bairstow Thomas, tailor
  • Bale Joshua, Joiner & Cabinet maker
  • Barber James, maltster
  • Barber Moses, victualler & maltster Brown Cow
  • Barrett John, attorney at law
  • Beanland John, grocer & tea dealer
  • Binns & Green, woolstaplers
  • Bottomley Rev. W. Baptist minister
  • Bradley Jonathan, blacksmith and seedsman
  • Brigg Thomas, tallow chandler
  • Brook Samuel cooper
  • Butterfield John, boot & shoe maker
  • Carr Thomas, machine maker and worsted spinner
  • Clarkson Rev. Abraham, Independent Minister
  • Cooper Thomas, surgeon and man midwife
  • Dade John, yeoman
  • Dawson Isaac, grocer, &c.
  • Dean John butcher
  • Dean John, sen. cabinet maker and house carpenter
  • Dean John, jun. joiner & cabinet mkr.
  • Dobson John shuttle maker
  • Eagland Sarah, milliner & dress maker
  • Ellison Job, wheelwright and house carpenter
  • England William, corn factor
  • Farnell Thomas victualler and spirit merchant, King's Head
  • Foulds Wm. linen & woollen draper
  • Gott John, sen. worsted spinner and manufacturer
  • Gott John, jun. worsted spinner and manufacturer
  • Green Joseph, wheelwright and house carpenter
  • Haggas Daniel, tinner, brazier and ironmonger
  • Halfpenny Thomas, victualler, cabinet maker and house carpenter, Ring of Bells
  • Hanson Christopher, cabinet maker & upholsterer
  • Hargreaves John, boot & shoe maker, & clogger
  • Hartley Rev. Dr. Vicar, and Chief Master of Free grammar school
  • Hartley William, tea dealer
  • Hepworth William, schoolmaster
  • Hodgson R. Esq. Greenhill hall
  • Hodgson Thomas, saddler and lime merchant
  • Holdsworth William, clock & watch maker, ironmonger & druggist
  • Huddleston Martha, draper & grocer
  • Hudson Jph. wheelwright & coal dlr.
  • Hulbert Mrs. gentlewoman, Vicarage
  • Illingworth John & Co. worsted spinners & manufacturers
  • Jowett Mary, victualler, Queen's Head
  • Kitching and Smith, plumbers and glaziers
  • Knowles & Read, iron founders
  • Lambert John, blacksmith
  • Lambert Thomas, house & sign painter & gilder
  • Laycock Richard, victualler, Old Elm Tree
  • Longbottom John, blacksmith
  • Maud James Murgatroyd, woolstapler
  • Maud Timothy & Son, worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Maud William, worsted manufacturer
  • Moulding J. and S. worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Neil William, machine maker
  • Nicholson William, worsted manuf.
  • Reid John, grocer and flour dealer
  • Reid William, victualler, Pack Horse
  • Scott Christopher maltster
  • Scott James, blacksmith
  • Sedgwick John Butler, schoolmaster
  • Selby William, Justice Clerk & Chief Constable
  • Sharp James & Son, worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Sharp John, worsted spinner and manufacturer
  • Sharp William & Co. worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Smith Isabella, victualler, White Horse
  • Smith William, wool comb maker
  • Stephenson Isaac, flour dealer
  • Stephenson John boot & shoe maker
  • Sutcliffe Edward, Governor of the workhouse, standing overseer, & gaol keeper
  • Sutcliffe Thomas, grocer, linen draper, and maltster
  • Taylor Hannah, flour & earthenware dealer
  • Taylor Jeremiah, tailor
  • Taylor Timothy, tailor
  • Tolson Richard, attorney at law
  • Waiblinger Henry, surgeon
  • Walbank John, tailor and draper
  • West Robert, woolcomber
  • Wharton Rev. Charles, curate
  • White Thomas, currier
  • Whitley Edward, butcher
  • Whitley John, grocer and corn dealer
  • Whitley John, spirit merchant
  • Whitley Samuel, grocer and draper
  • Whitley Thomas, Esq. Gawthorp hall
  • Whitley Thos. corn miller, Bingley mills
  • Whitley William, butcher
  • Wild John, boot and shoemaker
  • Wilkinson John, boot and shoemaker
  • Wilson Thomas, surgeon


  • Alexander from Skipton to Leeds at 7 morning, ret. 7 evening.
  • Royal Union arr. from Leeds at 12 noon, ret. at 4 in the aft.


  • Isaac Rhodes, to Bradford, Thursdays, at 6 mg. ret. 8 evening. James Hutton, to Bradford, Leeds & Keighley, Mon. Wed., Fri.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for COTTINGLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Burdett John, gentleman
  • Busfield F. Esq.
  • Farrand Edwards, Esq. St. Ives
  • Farrand Major, Grange
  • Farrand Mrs. Sarah, gentlewoman,
  • Knowles Jonas, gentleman
  • Smith Mrs. Jane, gentlewoman
  • Smith Joseph, yeoman

Miscellany of trades

  • Barrett Edw. worsted manufacturer
  • Firth John, grocer
  • Foster Joseph, maltster & vict. Sun
  • Horner Michael, fellmonger
  • Hudson John, shopkpr. & cotton mfr.
  • Whiteley John, butcher


  • Booth John
  • Petty George
  • Potterton James

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CROSS ROADS in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bancroft Jabez, shuttle maker
  • Bancroft James, shuttle maker
  • Bancroft Timothy, shuttle maker
  • Ellinthorp Mary, vict. Cross Roads Inn.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CULLINGWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ackroyd Joseph, blacksmith, Gate
  • Anderton W. & T. worsted manfrs.
  • Bowers William, schoolmaster
  • England Stephen, wheelwright
  • Radcliffe Mary, vict. Redgate
  • Sugden Jonas, victualler, Fleece, Flapit spring
  • Townend G. & W. heald yarn mfrs.
  • Waddington John, cabinet maker
  • Waddington Rd. vict. Sheep Gate

Grocers, &c.

  • Briggs John
  • Firth John
  • Haselby J. Gate
  • Wadsworth Wm.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HELWICK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Clark Jph. corn miller, Beck bottom
  • Collier Thos. lime dealer, Greenhill
  • Denby Jacob, gentleman, Fawther
  • Hodgson Rd. Esq. Greenhill hall
  • Horner Abraham, maltster
  • Hudson Thos. victualler, Fleece
  • Lister Wm. flour dealer, Micklewood
  • Naylor Robert, gent. Maple Ing
  • Raistrick Joseph, gent. Manor house
  • Walker Wm. maltster, Micklewood
  • Whitley Jph. worsted mfr. Micklewood
  • Wildman John, wood dealer
  • Wilds John, stone mason, Greenhill

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MORTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Greenwood John, Esq. Wright Joseph, gentleman

Miscellany of trades

  • Davie Thomas, millwright
  • Driver Jeremiah, shopkeeper
  • Garforth Richard, butcher
  • Garrett Wm. wheelwright
  • Knight John & Co. cotton mfrs.
  • Lister Timothy, maltster
  • Townsend Thos. vict. Hare & Hounds

Grocers, &c.

  • Mellor Benjamin
  • Peckover James

Paper makers,

  • Clapham Henry
  • Hagar J. and Co.

Worsted mfrs.

  • Walker George (& spinner)
  • Whiteley Joseph (& spinner)

Morton (West.)

  • Busfield William, Esq.
  • Dawson John, lime dealer
  • Driver Edward, worsted mfr.
  • Rushworth Thomas, Esq.
  • Slingsby Wm. lime & cattle dealer
  • Smith Joseph, corn dealer

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003