Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BINGLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office.

  • Bingley, Joseph Richardson, Post Master.
  • Letters are despatched by Mail cart to Bradford, Leeds, Skipton, Ottley and Halifax at half-past one every afternoon, and arrive at half-past seven in the morning.
  • Letters arrive from Keighley at half-past one every afternoon.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Beck Benjamin, gent. Bingley
  • Chapman Thomas, esq. Bingley
  • Clarkson Rev. Abraham, Bingley
  • Farrand Edward, esq., St. Ives
  • Greenwood John, gent. Morton
  • Hartley Rev. Richard, Bingley
  • Hodgson Richard, gent. Greenhill hall
  • M'Kaig Rev. John, Bingley
  • Parker Rev. John, Bingley
  • Rushforth Thomas, gent. Morton
  • Walker Farrand, esq. Harding grange
  • Whitley Thomas, esq. Gauthorp hall

Academies & Schools,

  • Bowers Benjamin (boys' & girls' day) Bingley
  • Grammar School, Bingley-Rev. Richard Hartley, master
  • National School (girls') Bingley -Ann Barber, mistress
  • Richardson Joseph (boys' day) Bingley
  • Wreakes the Misses (ladies' boarding and day) Bingley


  • Barret John, Bingley
  • Butterfield Francis, Bingley
  • Whitley Henry, Bingley


  • Bradley William & Brothers, Bingley
  • Jowett Mary, Bingley
  • Lambert John, Bingley
  • Longbottom Robert, Bingley

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Hargreaves John, Bingley
  • Metcalf Leonard, Bingley
  • Speight James, Bingley
  • Stephenson John, Bingley
  • Wild John, Bingley
  • Wilkinson John, Bingley


  • Dean John (& bacon factor) Bingley
  • Waddington Walker, Bingley
  • Whiteley Edward, Bingley
  • Whiteley Joint, Bingley
  • Whiteley William, Bingley
  • Whiteley William, jun. Bingley

Carpenters, Builders, &c,

  • Allan William, (& millwright) Bingley
  • Balme Joshua (joiner) Bingley
  • Dean John, jun. (& auctioneer, &c.) Bingley
  • Dean John, sen. (and timber merchant and wharfinger) Bingley
  • Foulds Thomas, Bingley
  • Green Joseph, (& wheelwright) Bingley
  • Halfpenny Thomas, Bingley
  • Hudson John, Bingley

Corn Millers,

  • Ellis Robert, Bingley
  • England William, Bingley

Grocers and Drapers,

  • Beanlands Jonathan, (grocer only) Bingley
  • Clough Mary (linen draper only) Bingley
  • Dawson Sarah (linen draper) Bingley
  • Fairnside John, Bingley
  • Foulds William, (linen draper) Bingley
  • Hardy James, Bingley
  • Long bottom Joseph, (grocer) Bingley
  • Maud Betty, Bingley
  • Rycroft Henry (grocer) Bingley
  • Sutcliffe Thomas, (grocer only) Bingley
  • Whiteley Samuel, Bingley
  • Whitley John (and flour dealer) Bingley

Ironmongers, Braziers & Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Haggas D. Bingley
  • Outterside John, Bingley


  • Broadbent Benjamin, Bingley
  • Scott Christopher, Bingley
  • Scott James, Bingley
  • Sutcliffe Thomas, Bingley

Milliners, Dress & Straw Hat Makers,

  • Bannister Elizabeth, Bingley
  • England Elizabeth, Bingley

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Lambert Thomas (painter & gilder) Bingley
  • Smith Isaac, Bingley
  • Wood James, Bingley

Paper Manufacturers,

  • Agar John & Son, Morton
  • Clapham William & Thomas, Morton
  • Smith John, Bingley

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Bannister Bannister, Bingley
  • Hodgson Thomas, Bingley


  • Cooper Thomas & Son, Bingley
  • Waiblinger Henry, Bingley
  • Wilson Thomas, Bingley


  • Ralston Thomas, Bingley
  • Taylor Jeremiah, Bingley
  • Taylor Timothy, Bingley
  • Walbank John (& draper) Bingley

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Brown Cow, Christopher Edmondson, Ireland
  • Fleece, Abraham Grace, Bingley
  • Old Elm Tree, Alexander Little, Bingley
  • Old Ring's Head, William Robinson, Bingley
  • Queen's Head, Mary Jowett, Bingley
  • Ring-of-Bells, Thomas Halfpenny, Bingley
  • White Horse, Isabella Smith, Bingley

Worsted Spinners,

  • Maud James Murgatroyd, Bingley
  • Nichols William & Son, Morton
  • Sharp John, Bingley
  • Townend George & Brothers, Cullingworth
  • Walker George, Morton
  • Whaley, Hambley & Co. Harding

Worsted Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Anderton John, Cullingworth
  • Anderton William, Bingley
  • Berwick Edward, Cottingley
  • Berwick James (manufctr.) Gilstead
  • Illingworth John (manufacturer) Bingley
  • Moulding Samuel & Joseph, Bingley
  • Nichols Samuel, (manufactr.) Morton
  • Sharp, Hubbert & Co. Morton
  • Sharp William & Jonas, Bingley
  • Sugden John, Cottingley
  • Walker Matthew & Thomas, Bingley
  • Whitley John (manufactr) Morton
  • Whitley Joseph, Micklethwaite


  • Atkinson Samuel, hat manufactr. Bingley
  • Binns & Green, woolstaplers, Bingley
  • Briggs Thomas, tallow chandler and bacon factor, Bingley
  • Brook Samuel, cooper, Bingley
  • Dunn John, chymist & druggist, Bingley
  • Ellis William, cotton spinner, Bingley
  • Farnell Thomas, spirit merchant, Bingley
  • Hanson Christopher, upholsterer and cabinet maker, Bingley
  • Harrison Jonathan, printer & bookbinder, Bingley
  • Holdsworth William, clock & watch maker, and ironmonger, Bingley
  • Hudson John, wheelwright & coal dealer, Bingley
  • Lapish John, stone mason, Bingley
  • Neale William, machine maker, Bingley
  • Read John, iron founder, Bingley
  • Smith William, wool comb maker, Bingley
  • Sutcliffe Edward, governor of Bingley prison, master of the workhouse, and deputy constable, Bingley
  • Swire Elias, clog & patten maker, Bingley
  • White Jonathan, currier & leather cutter, Bingley


  • To Kendal, the Union (from Leeds) Calls at the Old King's Head, everyday (Sundays excepted) at twelve; goes thro' Keighley, Skipton, Settle, Ingleton and Kirkby Lonsdale.
  • To Leeds, the Union (from Kendal) calls at the 91d King's Head, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half. past four-the Alexander (from Skip. ton) calls at the White Horse, every morning (Sundays excepted) at eight -and the invincible (from Preston) calls at the Old King's Head, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at half-past three.
  • To Preston, the Invincible (from Leeds) calls at the Old King's Head, every morning (Sundays excepted) at nine; goes thro' Keighley, Colne, Burnley and Blackburn.
  • To Skipton, the Alexander (from Leeds) calls at the White Horse, every evening (Sundays excepted) at seven.


  • To Bradford, Isaac Rhodes & Thomas Ellison, from their houses, Bingley, three times a-week.
  • To Kendal, Richard Shephard (from Leeds calls at the White Horse, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Leeds, Richard Shephard (from Kendal) calls at the White Horse, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday-and Wilkinson Lund (from Keighley) calls at the same place, every Monday.

Conveyance By Water - Canal,

  • To Liverpool & all parts of the kingdom, the Union Company's Boats, call at Dean's, and at Jowett's wharfs, daily.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003