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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for BINGLEY in White's Directory of 1837.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BINGLEY in White's Directory of 1837.


  • The Post Office is at Mr Joseph Richardson's whence letters are received and
  • despatched by the Bradford horse post, which arrives at 7 morning and departs 8
  • evening.

The Contractions used:

  • for the names of streets and hamlets, are,
  • Brd, Bradford road; Cln, Chapel lane, Cly, Cottingley; Clh, Cullingworth; Edk, Eldwick; Hdn, Harden; Mkp, Market place; Mst, Main street; Mht, Micklethwaite; Mpl, Myrtle place; Nst, Nelson street; Qst, Queen street; Rth, Ryshworth; Rst, Regent street and Wst, for Wellington street.

Miscellany of trades

  • Beanlands Mrs Martha
  • Beck Benj. gent, Mst
  • Binns David, woolstapler, Main street
  • Binns John, china dlr
  • Burdett John, gent, Cly
  • Briggs William, shuttle & bobbin mkr, Wst
  • Brocksop Mary, china, dlr, Mkp
  • Brooksbank Thos. hair dresser, Main st
  • Brook Saml. cooper, Mst
  • Busfeild Mrs C, Myrtle grove
  • Carr Thomas, machine maker, Mst
  • Chapman Mr Thomas
  • Cheadle Rev. J. M.A. vicar
  • Clarkson Rev. Abm. (Ind)
  • Clayton David, millwright, Regent street
  • Cork Chas, hair dresser
  • Davie John, vessel owner, Dubb
  • Dawson Jno. land agent
  • Dean Geo. Wharfinger
  • Dean John, auctioneer, Myrtle place
  • Dibb Ann & Sons, cattle dealers, Cly
  • Dunn Jno. druggist, Qst
  • Ferrand Edward, Esq, St Ives
  • Ferrand Walker, Esq. Harden grange
  • Foster John overlooker
  • Garret John, overseer, Eldwick
  • Gill E. straw hat maker
  • Green Thomas, clogger
  • Greenwood Frederick, Esq. Ryshworth hall
  • Greenwood Richard, gent. Leeds
  • Hardy James, agent to Yorkshire Dist Bank
  • Harrison John, printer, bookseller, Mpl
  • Hartley Mrs Mary
  • Hoadley Ths. Shuttlemkr
  • Hodgson Ths. Lime mert
  • Holdsworth Mchl. Mpl
  • Hopkinson Wm coal owner, Cottingley
  • Hulbert Mrs Dorothy, vicarage
  • Jowett My, wharfinger
  • Knowles Jonas, tanner, Cottingley
  • Midgley John, coal owner, Cullingworth
  • Morvill Mrs Hannah
  • Newton John and William, nail makers
  • Newton Rt. nail mkr. Brd
  • Oddy Mr Miles, Mst
  • Park George, agent
  • Prescott Rev. Peter, (Wesleyan)
  • Ratcliffe John, pig dealer, Hainsworth
  • Read John, brass and ironfounder Main st
  • Richardson Joseph postmaster
  • Rushworth Thos. gent. Thwaites
  • Shackleton Jtn, ovrlkr
  • Skirrow Stephen, gent
  • Simpson W. watchmkr
  • Smith Isaac S. cattle dealer, Cottingley
  • Smith Mrs Mary
  • Smith William, wool comb mfr, Main st
  • Sutcliffe Edward, acting overseer, Workhouse
  • Swires Elias, clogger, 22 Queen street
  • Taylor Rev. Dd. (Bap)
  • Thompson John, artist
  • Topham Francis, slay & geer maker, Chapel ln
  • White Jno, currier, Mst
  • Whitley Jph, gent Mkt
  • Whitley Thomas, gent, Gawthorp hall
  • Wilkinson John, parish clerk
  • Wright Joseph, shuttle maker, Main street

Inns and Taverns,

  • Cross Road, Mary Townend
  • Brown Cow, Christopher Edmonsdon, Ireland bridge
  • Fleece, Abm, Grace, Mst
  • Fleece, Richard Waddington, Clh
  • Fleece, John hey, Flapit spring
  • Fleece, Ts. Hudson Edk
  • Gate, John Ogden, Clh
  • King's Head, J Harrison
  • Old Elm Tree, Richard Laycock
  • Queen's Head, Mary Jowett
  • Ring of Bells, Ann Halfpenny, Main st
  • Sun, Ann Foster, Cly
  • White Horse, J Smith


  • Bower Benjamin, Wst
  • Bower Wm. Cullingworth
  • Bradley Thomas, Hdn
  • Lister James, Main st
  • Pearson Alice, Main st
  • Richardson Jph, Main st
  • Rushworth Jph, Main st
  • Wst Eliz. Main street
  • Wilkinson Chas. Cln


  • Barret John, (agent to the United Kingdom Life Office,) Main st
  • Busfeild Walker, (agent to Atlas fire off) Qst
  • Butterfield Frs. Main st

Bank (Savings),

  • Open on the last Saturday in every month from 5 to 6 o'clock, at Mr John Harrison's

Beer Houses,

  • Anderson Ann, Cln
  • Bailey Joseph, Hdn
  • Binns David, Harden
  • Butterworth Jas. Wst
  • Davey John, Dubb
  • Foulds Wm. Main st
  • Green Wm. Queen st
  • Hoadley Thos. Main st
  • Holmes John, Harden
  • Spencer Saml, Main st
  • Walsh James, Chapel ln


  • Ackroyd Joseph, Clh
  • Bradley Jonathan
  • Bradley Thos. Harden
  • Bradley Wm. Queen st
  • Lambert John, Main st
  • Longbottom Rt, Main st
  • Moore Nathan, Cln
  • Moore Nathan, Cln
  • Scott James, Main st

Boot & Shoe makers,

  • Bland John, Clh
  • Bradby Wm. Dover st
  • Greenwood David, Rst
  • Hargreaves John, Mst
  • Metcalf Leonard, Mst
  • Rhodes Matthew, Dubb
  • Smith John, Mst
  • Speight James, Mpl
  • Stephenson John, Mpl
  • Sunderland Thos. Cln
  • Walbank Hugh, Cln
  • Wild John, Main street
  • Wilkinson John, Mst

Braziers & Tinners,

  • Gott Benj. Main street
  • Haggas Dan. Main st
  • Outerside John, (& nail mfr) Main street
  • Butchers,
  • Bailey James, Clh
  • Bailey Joseph Harden
  • Cryer Walker, Main st
  • Dean John, Main street
  • Hainsworth John, Mst
  • Roe Wm. Chapel lane
  • Whitley Edw. Main st
  • Whitley Jas. Chapel ln
  • Whitley John, Mpl
  • Whitley William, Cly
  • Whitley Wm. Main st
  • Wilkinson John, Mst

Corn Millers & dealers,

  • Bates George, Eldwick
  • England Wm, Main st
  • Ratcliffe Thos. Hdn

Cotton Spinners,

  • Craven Edward, Clh
  • Ellis Wm. (& mert) Castlefield
  • Greenwood Frederick, Vale mill


  • Atkinson Wm. Rycroft
  • Blagbrough John, Marley hall
  • Booth Michl. Mht
  • Bower John, Cliff Hdn
  • Bower Jonas
  • Butterfield William
  • Brigg Thos. Harden
  • Collier John, Gilstead
  • Cowgill John, Mht
  • Dawson John, Rth
  • Dean Isaac, Harden
  • Edmondson Jas. Raven royd
  • Foster Jph, Shackleton hs
  • Hartley Isaac, Rycroft
  • Hubbert Dorothy, Mht
  • Leach Caleb, Harden
  • Leach Wm. Cliff Hdn
  • Moulding Wm. Mht
  • Lunn Saml. Harden
  • Murgatroyd Jno. Lees
  • Radcliffe Thos. Harden
  • Raistrick Jph, Eldwick
  • Rhodes Abm. Cross gt
  • Rhodes Thos, Harden
  • Robinson John, Hdn
  • Rycroft John, Hdn
  • Scott Jacob, Manor hs
  • Shackleton Saml. Mht
  • Sawley Thos. Harden
  • Shaw Henry, Mht
  • Skirrow Edw (& vessel owner) Dubb
  • Smith Joseph, Cly
  • Stead Isaac, Eldwick
  • Walker W,. Mht
  • Watmough Wm. Hdn
  • Watmough Wm. Mht
  • Whitley Thos. Mht
  • Wilkinson Mattw. Hdn
  • Wilkinson Wm. Mht


  • Butler John, Mpl
  • Duxbery Rt. Gilstead
  • Thompson Wm. Main st

Grocers & Flour dealers (see shopkeepers),

  • Beanlands John
  • Briggs John, Clh
  • Fearnsides John, Rst
  • Hodgson Thos. Main st
  • Leach John, Chapel ln
  • Maud Elizabeth, Mkp
  • Rushforth Jph, Cln
  • Varley Mrgt. Main st
  • Whitley Edward, Mst
  • Whitley John, Main st


  • Baylis W,. Main st
  • Frankland Jon, Mst
  • Whitaker John, Mst
  • Whitaker Saml. Main st

Joiners & Cabinet makers,

  • Balme Joshua, Mst
  • Barnes Joshua, Mst
  • Cryer John, Chapel ln
  • Dean John, Wharf
  • Dean John, jun. Mst
  • Foulds Thos. (& timber merchant) Mst
  • Foulds William, Mst
  • Hanson Chpr, Main st
  • Spencer Samuel, Mst
  • Waddington John, Clh

Linen Drapers,

  • Dean & Fingan, Mst
  • Ellison William, Clh
  • Foulds Mary, Main st
  • Foulds William, Main st
  • Garnet Jas. Main street
  • Hardy James, Main st
  • Hodgson Thos. Mst
  • Thompson Mary, Main street


  • Bradley John, Main st
  • Horner Abm. Baildon moor
  • Jowett Mary, Main st
  • Scott Jacob, Dubb
  • Sutcliffe Thos. Mst
  • Weatherhead Thos. Cln
  • Whitley Fras, Mht


  • Anderson Joseph Qst
  • Thompson John, Mst
  • Wood James, Main st

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Smith Isaac, Main st
  • Wood James, Main st


  • Carter Edw. Main street
  • Ward Anthony, Main street


  • Atkinson Saml. Main st
  • Binns David, Harden
  • Breary Eliz. Main st
  • Collier Wm. Dubb
  • Emmott John, Chapel ln
  • Foulds Alice, Main st
  • Garnet Thos. Chapel ln
  • Hudson James, Main st
  • Hudson John, Cly
  • Leach Caleb, Harden
  • Leach John, Wst
  • Longbottom Jph, Mst
  • Magson James, Wst
  • Moulden Thomas, Cln
  • Rhodes Wm. Harden
  • Wood Dd. Myrtle place
  • Rycroft Anthony, Mst

Spirit Merchants,

  • Farnell Thos. Chapel ln
  • Laycock Rd. Main st

Stone Masons,

  • Clark John, Main st
  • Foulds John, Main st
  • Lapish John, Main st
  • Rhodes Abm and Thos. Harden grange
  • Wild John, Green hill


  • Dryden Geo, Elm tree
  • Thomas Henry, Mpl
  • Tolson Wm. Keighley rd


  • Bairstow Thos. Mpl
  • Leedam Wm. Chapel ln
  • Penny William, Mst
  • Taylor Jerh. Main st
  • Taylor Rd. Myrtle pl
  • Walbank Richardson
  • Wilkinson John, Mst

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Garmain Thos. Main st
  • Parley margt, Main st
  • Whitley Edw. Main st


  • Atkinson William, Clh
  • Clayton David, Main st
  • Green John, Bradford rd
  • Leach Caleb, harden
  • Lunn Roger, Main st
  • Nicholson W,. Harden

Wool Comb mfr,

  • Smith Wm. Main street

Worsted Spinners and Manufacturers,
marked * are mfrs only,

  • Anderton Jph. Mst *
  • Anderton Wm. Dubb
  • Illingworth John, Mht
  • Maud Wm. 194 Mst
  • Milligan & Jowett, Mst *
  • Moulden Joseph, Dubb
  • Sharp James, Eldwick
  • Sharp John, Main st
  • Sharp Wm. Beckfoot
  • Sharp Wilkinson, Mst
  • Sutcliffe Edw & Co, Mst *
  • Waddington Walker, Main street *
  • Walker M & T, Dowley gap
  • Whaley & Smith, Hdn

Coaches, (Daily except Sun),

  • Invincible to Preston, 1/2 p 9 mg & to Leeds, 4 afternoon
  • Alexander to Leeds, 7 mg & to Skipton, 1/2 p 6 evg
  • Union to Kendal, 12 noon and to Leeds, 3 aft

Water Conveyance,

  • Dean Geo, Wharfinger
  • Jowett Mary, Wharfinger
  • Fly boats pass twice a day to Leeds, Liverpool, &c


  • Rhodes Isaac to Bradford Thursday
  • Ellison Thomas, to Bradford, Thursday
  • Shepherd Rd, from the White Horse to Kendal, Tue, Thur & Sat, To Leeds, Mon, Wed and Friday
  • Barstow Jph, from White Horse to Leeds, Mon and to Keighley, Tues

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000