Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: BINGLEY.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 13,180 acres. Skyrack wapentake, U.D. -Population, 9,256 *1; Church-room, 500 *2 Net value, £233. -This Church was given to the Priory of Drax, with one carucate of land, being the whole town of Pres-thorpe, by William Pagenell.

Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

Impropriator, Rev. W. Penny.

Valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation at £30; in his new taxation, at £14. 13s. 11d.; in the King's books, at £7. 6s. 8d.; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 343, it is stated : " Vicarage, £26 per annum. A thousand communicants."

Torre is silent as to the endowment of this Vicarage. His catalogue of Vicars commences in 1275. Dr. Whitaker says the endowment was examined and ratified by Archbishop Grenfield in 1315 (Registr., pars. 2, folio 85). In Monast. Eborac., page 101, is an account of this Vicarage, and of a composition made in 1312 between the Abbey of Rievalx and the Priory of Drax about some tithes in this parish. -Samuel Sunderland, Esq., by will, gave £22 to the Vicar of this parish and his successors for ever.

The Vicarage was augmented in 1730, with £200, to meet benefaction of £200 from William Busfield, Esq., Benjamin Ferrard, Esq., and T. Dobson, gent.; and in 1818, with £300 from the Parliamentary grant, to meet benefaction of £200 from the Rev. Dr. R. Hartley and Mrs. Pyncombe's trustees.

Archbishop Sharp mentions an augmentation to this Vicarage of a house and lands to the value of £16 per annum. -Vol. i. page 120.

" The Church is endowed with the small tithes, together with a small modus, which is paid throughout the parish. About forty-five years ago, John Kynns, Esq., of Rushworth, charged his whole estate with the payment of £2 yearly to the Vicar. Also, Samuel Sunderland, of this parish, about thirty years ago left houses and lands to the Church of Bingley, which amount to £22. His charity to the Church, to the poor, and to the schools, amount to £400. Yearly value, above £30 per annum." Signed, " Gervas Neville, Vic." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 783.

A decree in the Exchequer, in Michaelmas Term, 34th Eliz., is unreported.

Inclosure Acts were passed 28th Geo. III. (Riddlesden-with-Morton), and 49th Geo. III. (Cullingworth.)

An additional burial-ground was consecrated 2nd July 1781.

No glebe house, but there is a good house attached to the school.

The Register Books commence in 1577. Deficient 1653-1663.

MANOR COURT OF PROBATE. - This Court is called " the Court of the Manors of Crossley, Bingley, and Pudsey, late parcel of the dissolved Priory or Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, in England." The wills are kept in Mr. Ferrand's evidence closet at St. Ives. The earliest will proved is dated in 1623.

The Grammar School, founded in 1529, augmented by William Wooller, by will, dated 25th March 1597, and with £40 by Michael Broadley's will, dated in 1613. There are about ten free scholars, who are taught reading, writing, and accounts, at a moderate charge, and they are instructed in English and the principles of religion. The income of the school arises from the rent of 70a. 0r. 39p. (exclusive of Wooller's and Sunderland's devises, the quantity of which is not stated), and rent-charges of £11. 6s. 10d. The Commissioners point out alterations as to Wooller's gift, whenever there is a new master.

Cullingworth's School. Rent (number of acres not mentioned), £10. Thirty-five scholars taught.

Mercy Smith's gift. Interest of £100 to the poor.

Rev. Mr. Nevill's gift. 15s. per annum in bread.

Mrs. Sarah Rhodes's charity. Five cottages and £15 per annum among five widows.

Thomas Busfield, Esq.'s charity, by will, dated 1767. Interest of £800 for clothes for poor people. -Vide 17th Report, page 735.

Post town: Keighley.

Torre's MS., page 627. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. i. page 120. Bodleian MS., No. 5,101. Mon. Angl., vol. vi. pages 195. 197. Burton's Monasticon, page 101. Whitaker's Craven. Page 152.

*1 Viz. Bingley and Micklethwaite, 8,036; and East and West Morton, 1,219. The increase of Population (1,861 persona) in the townships of Bingley and Micklethwaite is attributed to increasing worsted and stuff manufacture.

*2 In 1818, the Church-room was returned at 1,000.

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