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BINGLEY: Bingley: SMITH burials 1587-1863

Bingley: SMITH burials 1587-1863

Transcribed by Tana Johnson, 1997

1587May14 wife ofJohnof Morton  
1588Mar25Robert  of Hainworth  
1589Aug2 wife ofJohnof Morton  
1589Aug4 wife ofJohnof Morton  
1589Oct5John  of Morton  
1591Mar20Robert  of Morton  
1592May5Frances  of Morton  
1599Jul6 infant child ofJohnof Morton  
1600Jan17 wife ofJohn   
1604Jun12John  of ....  
1606Dec12Saraan infant    
1608Apr17 wife ofJohnof Hallows  
1613May4John  of Micklethwaite  
1625Sep7infantchild ofRobert Smith &
Jennett Tattersall
of Micklethwaite  
1626May14Aliced.Williamof Micklethwaite  
1629Mar21William  of Woodhouse  
1632Mar9 infant child ofThos. Smith &
Annice Sugden
1632Mar24David  of Micklethwaite  
1634Feb2 infant child ofWilliamof Micklethwaite  
1636Feb1Vertuousd.Thos.of Harden  
1637Mar18AnnwifeRobertof Micklethwaite  
1637May19Aliced.Williamof Micklethwaite  
1637Oct3Christopher  of Hainworth  
1639Jan31William  of West Morton  
1639Mar9 infant child ofThos. Smith &
Annae Sugden
1639Apr8Thomas  of Bingley  
1639Oct25 infant child ofThos.of West Riddlesden Bank  
1640Feb14Isabelwidow of Hainworth  
1641Sep21Johns.Thos.of Hainworth  
1642Jul8Maried.Williamof Morton Banks  
1642Jul15William  of Micklethwaite  
1643Mar9 infant child ofThos.of Beckfoot  
1643Dec1Robert  of Micklethwaite  
1645Jun29Grace  of West Morton  
1646May7Richards.Jamesof Bingley  
1646Sep20Stevens.Johnof Wilsden  
1647Jul22Graced.Williamof West Morton  
1647Sep24Christophers.Christopherof Hainworth  
1648Feb26Thomas  of Harden  
1649May26 infant child ofJacobof Bingley  
1649May27Annwife ofJamesof Bingley  
1650May5Janewid. of West Morton  
1651Oct28infant child ofJohn of Wilsden  
1652Jan14Miles  of Bingley  
1653Nov5infant child ofJohn of Wilsden  
1663Dec25Alexander  of Micklethwaite  
1665Nov15Margaretspinster of Cliffe  
1666Dec5Aliced.Thos.of Hainworth  
1666Dec7Sarahd.Thos.of Hainworth  
1666Dec27Sarahd.Williamof Hainworth  
1667Jan19Edmondbach. of Micklethwaite  
1667May18Jacob  of Bingley  
1667Aug26Hannahd.Williamof Hainworth  
1671Dec4Anna  of Morton Banks  
1672Sep2Susanwid. of Harden Beck  
1673Mar18Mariawid. of Micklethwaite  
1673Nov28Elizabethwid.Christopherof Morton  
1674May17Susan  of West Morton  
1674Jun12Margaretspinster of Hainworth  
1675Feb21Sarahwid.Thos.of Heights  
1675Apr2Lucian  of Bingley  
1675Jul18John  of Hainworth  
1675Dec10Margaretwid. of Micklethwaite  
1676Oct8William  of West Morton  
1677Jan7John  of Cirsty Wood  
1677Aug17Abiline,a child    
1677Nov22Christopher  of Hainworth  
1677Dec1Ann  of Morton  
1680Feb23Maryd.Johnof Morton  
1681May18Henry  of Morton  
1681Jul15Thos.  of Hainworth  
1682Feb1Maryd.Johnof Morton Banks  
1682May23Francis  of Kirsty Wood  
1684Apr11Mary  of Hainworth  
1684Apr18Isabell  of Hainworth  
1684Jul3Isabell  of Morton Banks  
1684Sep7James  of Bingley  
1684Oct30James  of Morton  
1685Jan27Susan  of Symparrocks  
1685Feb25Susan  of Hainworth  
1685Apr1William  of Morton Banks  
1685Apr?child of John  of Hainworth  
1685Jul16Thomas  of Morton Banks  
1685Jul31Marya stranger!    
1685Dec2James  of Bingley  
1688Apr26Elizabeth  of Bingley  
1688May26Katherine  of Morton Banks  
1688Jul?Lawrence  of Morton Banks  
1690Jul4Sara  of Hainworth  
1692Apr?John  of Hainworth  
1692Jul17 infantof Jacobof Bingley  
1693Mar2infant of Williamof Bingley  
1693Jun14James  of Colne  
1693Aug5Elizabeth  of Bingley  
1693Aug7John  of Hellwick  
1693Aug?infant of Jamesof Bingley  
1693Dec17Isabell  of Kirsty Wood  
1694Nov15Marthad.?of Hainworth  
1694Nov21William  of Hellwick  
1696Jan1Elizabeth  of Bingley  
1699Mar7Margaret  of Hainworth  
1701Jan22John  of Rycroft  
1701Jul28Mercy  of Harden  
1701Oct2William  of harden  
1702Jan19Margaret  of Hainworth  
1702Mar5John  of Clayton  
1702May29Elizabeth  of Hainworth  
1703Jan11mary  of Hainworth  
1704Apr8Mercy  of Hainworth  
1708Nov25Jonas or Sarah     
1711Feb26Robert  of Bingley  
1713Feb19Grace  of Bingley  
1713Aug7Sarahd.Williamof Bingley  
1716Jul31ElizabethwifeWilliam,of Bingleya milner 
1717Feb4HannahwifeWilliamof Bingley  
1720Feb16AnnewifeHughof Wilsden  
1720Apr8Williams.Joshuaof Bingley  
1720Oct20William  of Bingley  
1722Jan26Williams.Williamof Bingley  
1722Dec12ElizabethwifeJamesof Bingley  
1725Jan1Elizabethd.Williamof Thwaite  
1725Jan8Maryd.Johnof Hainworth  
1725Jan22William  of Harden  
1725May9George  of East Morton  
1726Jul17Thomas,bach of Kersty Wood  
1726Dec16Jamess.Johnof West Morton  
1727Jan13Susand.Jeremyof Morton Banks  
1727Sep5James  of Bingley  
1728Mar14Thomas  of Symparrocks  
1728Aug16MarywifeJoshuaof Bingley  
1728Dec24Hannah  of Bingley  
1729Apr19Alexander  of Gilstead  
1730Mar20Mr John Smith  of West Morton  
1730Apr5Mathew  of West Morton  
1731Mar5 infantof James   
1731Jun18Hannahd.Williamof Bingley  
1731Oct16Maryd.Johnof Harden  
1732Mar1Davids.Jno.of Priesthope  
1733Apr28 infantof Jamesof Hill End, Harden  
1733Jun30ElizabethwifeJamesof Hill End, Harden  
1733Sep8Maryd.Williamof Castlefields House  
1733Dec13ElizabethwifeWilliamof Castlefields House  
1734Dec10Susand.Davidof Bingley  
1736Feb11Maryd.Edwardof Hainworth Shaw  
1737Apr2William  of Oakworth  
1737Apr14Marywid. of Bingley  
1737May18Jamess.Edwardof Kersty Wood  
1737Jun4Annewid. of Bingley  
1737Jul1Maryd.Williamof Cross Flats  
1738Jan8GracewifeJamesof Thwaites  
1738Jan16Susanwid. of Greengates  
1738Nov5Richards.Williamof Wilsden  
1739Mar5James  of Thwaites  
1739Mar27Sarahd.Jamesof Hill End, Harden  
1739Apr12Edward  of Kersty Wood  
1739Apr24William  of Wilsden  
1739Jul8Mrs Mercy Smithwid. of Bingley  
1739Dec2Hannahd.Davidof Bingley  
1740Apr26Marywid. of Oakworth Road  
1740Nov20Margaret?of Jamesof Hill End, Harden  
1740Nov25Gracewid. of Greenhill Gate  
1740Dec4Hannahd.Richardof Gilstead  
1740Dec9William  of Bingley,plasterer 
1741Jun15Graced.William,late of Bingley  
1742Apr20AlicewifeDavidof Bingley  
1742Aug8Annwid. of Gilstead  
1742Sep9Thomass.Thomasof Bingley  
1742Oct1Christopher  of Thwaites Bank  
1742Oct4Sarah  of Bingley  
1742Oct17Johns.Richardof Gilstead  
1743Jan5Marthad.William,late of Bingley  
1743Apr10JudithwifeJamesof Morton Beck  
1744Apr13ElizabethwifeWilliamof Morton Banks  
1744Jul18MarthawifeJamesof Hill End, Harden  
1746Jun25Joshgua  of Bingley  
1746Sep7Maryd.Thomasof Bingley  
1746Oct9Sarahwid. of Morton  
1746Nov24SarahwifeJno.of Kersty Wood  
1747Jan4SusanwifeWilliamof Morton Banks  
1747Jun3AnnwifeDavidof Back-oth-Hill  
1747Aug31David  of Back-oth-Hill  
1747Oct12David  of Bingley  
1748Feb1Mary  of Bingley  
1748Dec3MarywifeJno. Jnrof Hainsworth  
1748Dec16Marthawid. of Harden  
1749Apr6Maryd.Jno. Jnrof Hainsworth  
1749Nov3Maryd.Williamof Bath-oth-Hill  
1750Jun10William  of Bingley  
1751Mar31infant of Jamesof East Morton  
1751Apr19Samuels.Richardof Gilstead  
1751Sep17MargaretwifeJno. Jnrof Hainworth  
1752May19Jamess.Thos.of Bingley  
1752Nov20Thomas  of Micklethwaite  
1752Nov26Mrs Mercy Smith  of Bingley  
1753Mar14Johns.Jamesof Riddlesden  
1753Mar16 infantof Thos.of Bingley  
1753Mar21Mr James Smith  of Hill End, Harden  
1753Mar23Williams.Jno jnr.of Hainworth  
1753Jun3Thomas  of Bingley  
1753Jun22Rosamundd.Benjaminof Cottingley  
1753Jul14Elizabethwife ofJno.of Bingley  
1753Oct6 infantof Thos.of Kersty Wood  
1757Apr18Maryd.Thomasof Harden Beck  
1757Jul22Annd.Christopherof Hainworth  
1757Sep17Alexanders.Richardof Dowley Gap  
1758Jan19Janed.of Abigailof Cross Gates  
1758Mar19Georges.Georgeof East Morton  
1758Aug1MarywifeWilliamof East Morton  
1758Aug22Annspinster of March Cote  
1758Sep8 infantof Benjaminof Cottingley  
1761Apr18Hannahd.Christopherof Morton Becktailor 
1761Aug25John,  of Bingley  
1761Nov2maryd.Williamof Harden  
1761Nov16Thomass.Williamof Harden  
1762Jun15Maryd.Jno. Jnrof Harden  
1762Aug30John,  of Hardencarpenter 
1762Sep15John  of Harden  
1762Sep30Marthaspinster of Green Hill  
1763Jan6Elizabethd.Williamof Riddlesden  
1764Jan15Hannahd.Georgeof East Morton  
1764Feb6RosanwifeDavidof Bingley  
1764Feb12Susannahd.Johnof Hainworth  
1764Mar22 infantof Jamesof Stockbridge  
1764May16Marywife?of Jos.of Birks  
1764May18Annd.Jos.of Birks  
1764May22Johnsnrof Hainworth[poor]  
1764Dec2MarywifeJosephof Harden  
1765Jun11Isabelld.Jnoof Gargrave  
1765Jun25HannahwifeWilliamof Harden  
1766Oct1Marthad.Williamof Harden  
1767Dec14William  of East Morton  
1767Dec26 infantof Jamesof Stockbridge  
1768Jan1ElizabethwifeJamesof Stockbridge  
1768Jan29Jamess.Joshuaof Beckfoot  
1768Sep29David  of Bingley  
1768Dec7Thomass.Thomasof Kersty Wood  
1769Jan9SarahwifeWilliam,of Hardenbutcher 
1770May22Hannahd.Johnof Stockey Bottom  
1770Nov4Elizabethd.Annof Morton  
1770Nov24William,  of Hardenweaver 
1770Dec5Jeremiah  of Bingley  
1771Mar16infant of Benjaminof Cottingley  
1771Nov18infant of Maryof Bingley[poor] 
1771Nov21Mary  of Bingley[poor] 
1771Dec24Hannahd.Williamof Harden  
1772Jul13Mayd.William,of Hardenbutcher 
1773Mar14Christopher  of Harden  
1773Apr11Maryd.Joshuaof Grange  
1773Apr29Lawzentes?Jamesof Stockbridge  
1773Jun8David  of East Morton  
1773Nov29Susanna  of Kersty Wood  
1778Apr27Jamess.William,of Hardenbutcher 
1778Jun15Hannahd.William,of Hardenbutcher 
1778Oct7Lukes.William,of Hardenbutcher 
1779Oct21William,  of Faweatherweaver 
1780Jan10Jno.  of Hainworthfarmer 
1780Mar26Josephs.Joseph,of Grange, Hardenweaver 
1780Jul30Mrs Elizabeth Smithwid. of Bingley  
1780Dec2MarthawifeJno,late of Hardenweaver 
1781Aug30Thomass.Jno,of Wilsdenyeoman 
1782Jul3Sarahd.Jno.of Harden[poor] 
1782Jul9infantof John of Wilsden Hill  
1782Dec8Josephs.Christopherof Hainworth  
1783mar30Henrys.Williamof Cuckoo Nest  
1783Apr18Johns.Josephof Harden Grange  
1783May13Sarahwid. of Hainworth  
1783Jul29Maryd.Williamof Greenhill Gate  
1784Sep7Elizabethd.Jamesof Bingley  
1785Apr17infant of William,of Hardenbutcher 
1786Jun18Isaacs.Christopherof Hainworth  
1786Aug26Davids.William,of Hardenbutcher 
1787Sep7infant of Johnof Harden Beck  
1787Nov12MarthawifeJno.of Wilsden Hill  
1788Feb3Janewid.Joshua,died at the workhouse  
1788May12Isaacs.Christopherof Hainworth  
1789May20Judithwid of Wilsden  
1789Jun23Thomass.Williamof Cuckoo Nest  
1789Nov28Jamess.Christopherof Hainworth  
1790Oct16Marywid.Christopherof Harden  
1791Dec2Annd.Josephof Grange, Harden  
1792Nov30Edward  of Hainworth  
1793Aug24Josephs.Christopherof Hainworth  
1794Jan4Thomas  of Bingley  
1795Jan18Marthawid. late of Harden  
1796Jan31SarahwifeJamesof East Morton  
1796Jul12Anned.Williamof Hainworth  
1796Aug2Mary  of Wilsden  
1796Aug31PhebewifeJohnof Bingley  
1796Sep6James  of East Morton  
1796Oct20Elizabethd.Williamof Wilsden  
1797Jan1Maryd.Davidof Bingley  
1797Dec8Benjamin  of CottingleyInnkeeper 
1798Apr1Josephs.Williamof Hainworth  
1798May5Jonass.Josephof Harden  
1798Dec23Sarahd.Williamof Bingley  
1799Jan3Johns.Reubenof Bingley  
1799Feb12infant of Rebeccaof Harden  
1799Feb15Maryd.Dorothyof Laythorpe  
1799Apr2AnneWifeReubenof Bingley  
1800Jan24Thomas  of Kersty Wood  
1800Jun10Benjamins.Johnof Bingley  
1800Aug3Maryd.Charlesof Lees  
1801Mar14William,  of Laythorpefarmer 
1801May27Eleanord.Charlesof Lees  
1801May27Joshuas.Charlesof Lees  
1802Feb12Thomass.Johnof Bingley  
1802Dec25Sarahd.Williamof Wilsden  
1803Mar13 infantof Johnof Bingley  
1803Apr5Anned.Johnof Bingley  
1803Aug22Sarahwid. of Bingley  
1804Feb23Zillahd.William snrof Harden  
1804May9Johntheelderof Bingley  
1804Oct21Sarahd.Johnof Hall House, Bradford  
1805Sep1ElizabethwifeIsaacof Allerton  
1805Nov27MarywifeGeorgeof West Morton  
1806Feb11infant of Williamof Hainworth  
1806Mar25Josephs.John,of Bradfordcordwainer 
1806Jun5Jamess.Johnof Ellar Carr  
1806Sep26SusannahwifeWilliamof Dowley  
1806Nov4ElizabethwifeJamesof Bingley  
1807Mar10thomass.Johnof Bingley  
1807Mar13Sarahwid. of Laythorpe  
1807Mar31Thomass.Henryof East Morton  
1807Jun6MarywifeHenryof East Morton  
1807Jun14Marthad.Charlesof Greenwood Vale  
1807Aug7Marthawid. of Fields, Harden  
1808Jan31Hannahd.Stephanof Crossflats  
1808Feb21Sarahd.Johnof Wilsden  
1808May13Thomass.Charlesof Greenwood Vale  
1808Sep18Sarahd.Georgelate of Greenhill Gate  
1809Jan22George  of West Morton  
1809Mar15John,  of Cottingleyfarmer 
1809Jul7Anned.Johnof Cuckoo Nest  
1809Sep2SusannahwifeJohnof Cuckoo Nest  
1809Nov18Christophers.Williamof Hainworth  
1810Mar20Susannahwid. of Harden  
1810Jul11HannahwifeJohnof Chellow, Bradford  
1810Jul31William, lateof Crow Nestmanfr 
1810Aug17Bettywid.William,late of Crow Nestmnfr 
1810Oct31John,stuffmakerof Bingley  
1811Aug29Fosters.Maryof Bingleyspinster10
1812Jan2infant of David,of Bingleyweaver 
1812Jun29William  of Bingleyinnkeeper51,
1812Oct1William  of Gilsteadmanfr50,
1813Jan22Joshua,  of Cottingley 46
1813Jun18Maryd.Davidof Bingley  
1813Oct26Sarah  of Laythorpespinster79,
1814Mar17Annwid.Johnof Bingley 54,
1814May17 infantof Johnof Wilsden  
1814Aug28Williams.Johnof Harden 8,
1814Oct14 infantof Davidof Bingley  
1816Jan26JanewifeJoshuaof Cottingley 52,
1817Apr26John  of Cuckoo Nest 32
1817Oct15William  of Dowley Gap 56
1817Dec8William  of Harden Hill 41
1818Jan14Thomass.Stephanof Crossflats 14,
1818Jan16SarahwifeJohnof Bingley 41
1818Oct11Martha  of Harden Beck 78
1818Dec11John  of Wilsden Hill 68
1820Jan14John  of Chellow Heights 86
1820Mar?Ellend.Williamof Dubb 1
1820Oct31Jamess.Davidof Bingley 11
1821Apr18Johns.Williamof Harden  
1821Jun6Charles  of Hermit Hole 71
1821Jul10Jonass.Johnof Harden 11
1821Oct3 infantof Jamesof Moorside  
1821Nov12Elizabethwife ofJohn  33
1821Dec14William  of Harden 83
1822Feb8William  of Bradford 38
1822Feb20Elizabethwife ofJohnof Bradford 39
1822Jun9Annwid.Johnof Harden 75
1823Jan31James  of Bingley 70
1823Jun17Josephs.Johnof Bingley 46
1824Mar3David  of Bingley 50
1824Mar28Jamess.Edmundof Bingley 1
1824May30Elizabethd.Williamof Cottingley 11mos.
1824Jun10Maryd.Williamof Dubb 18
1824Jul23Deans.Isaacof Bingley 1month
1824Nov27John  of East Wood Row 48
1825Apr8Annd.Johnof Dubb 23wks
1825Apr15John  of Harden 58
1825Jun21Williams.Josephof Cottingley 1
1825Aug17 infantof Isaacof Bingley  
1826Jan11Sarah  of Cullingworthspinster68
1826Apr7Jamess.Edwardof Bingley 1
1826Jun25Susannahd.Johnof Keighley 17
1826Jun28Davids.Edwardof Bingley 15mos.
1826Nov24HannahwidIsaacof Bingley 25
1826Dec14Annd.Jonasof Kersty Wood 21
1827May7Georges.Benjaminof Harden 1
1827May13Benjamin  of Cottingley 76
1827Jul3 infantof Williamof Bingley  
1827Jul27MarthawidJohnof Cuckoo Nest 36
1827Aug27Maryd.Johnof Bradford 12mos.
1830Jul30Joseph  of Wilsden 46
1830Aug29Marthad.Williamof Dubb 21
1831Mar31Fannyd.Williamof Harden 10mos.
1831May8Rebeccad.Williamof Dubb 20
1831May31William  of Bingley 38
1831Jul18MarywifeWilliamof Harden 20
1832May18ElizabethwifeWilliamof Wilsden 75
1832Jul15Susannahwife ofWilliam  47
1833May10IsabellawifeWilliamof Bingley 77
1833Jun20infantd.of Richardof Wilsden  
1833Jul19SarahwifeWilliamof Bingley  
1833Dec1Timothys.Enoch  7wks
1834Mar15 infantof William   
1834Dec12Frances?of Williamof Cottingley  
1835Jan25FranceswifeWilliamof Dubb  
1835Apr21Benjamin  of Hainworth 40
1836Dec7Marywidof Benjaminof Cottingley  
1839Jan22Mary  of Hainworth 65
1839May17Hannah  of Harden 37
1840Nov20William  of Gilstead 61
1841Jun11Rebeccad.Jonas & Hannahof Harden 9mos.
1842Jul6William  of Harden 73
1842Jul15William  of Bingley 69
1842Jul17Robert  of Bingley 30
1842Dec18Paulina  of Harden 8mos.
1844Feb28Sara  of West House 79
1844Apr21John    7
1845Jan9William  of Harden 28
1845Jun9John  of Dubb 80
1845Jul6Susannah  of Bingley 16
1845Aug25Joe  of Harden 3
1845Nov30Elizabeth  of Bingley 6mos.
1845Dec20William  of Marlow Hall, Bingley 26
1846Feb26Martha  of Harden 15
1846Mar26Martha  of Marlow 47
1846Apr9Robert  of Bingley 62
1846Apr15John  of East Morton 49
1846May17John  of Harden 1
1846May20Sarah  of West Morton 66
1846Jun8Robert  of Bingley 24
1846Sep5Brook  of Stockbridge 1
1846Sep28Anninfant of Bingley  
1846Oct9Margaret  of Bingley 10
1846Oct12Elizabeth  of Skipton 61
1846Dec30Sarah  of Castlefields 60
1847Jan8John  of Gilstead 64
1847Mar3Margaret  of Morton 41
1847Mar7Edwin  of Upper Mill, Morton 18mos
1847May25Edwininfant of Bingley  
1847May25William  of Low Laithe 37
1847May28Sarah  of Keighley 31
1847Jun30Nancy  of Harden 34
1847Aug6Maryinfant of Harden  
1847Aug15Mary  of Gilstead 56
1847Oct28Joseph  of the workhouse 14
1847Dec30Margaretd.Enochof Cottingley Bar 17
1848Feb1William  of Wilsden 54
1848Feb9Ellen  of Micklethwaite 3
1848Apr18John  of the workhouse 3
1848Aug13John  of Burnley 4
1848Oct24Mayin infancy of Harden  
1848Dec3William  of Harden 21
1849Jan26Tom Wilkinson Smithinfant of Bingley  
1849May11Stephan  of Castlefields 66
1849May27James  of Micklethwaite 29
1849Jun22Susannah  of Bingley 1
1849Jul7Samuelinfant of Bingley  
1849Sep18Hannah  of Primrose Hill 29
1849Nov11Hannahinfant of Cottingley Bridge  
1850Jan20Edwin Morton Smith  of Keighley 18mos
1850Mar12John  of Bingley 28
1850Apr7William  of Bingley 1
1850May19Elizabeth  of Bingley 6
1850May23George  of Bingley 82
1850Jun13Samuel  of Bingley 17
1850Jun21Mary  of Bradford 11
1850Oct6William  of Harden 30mos.
1850Nov7Emily  of Harden 7
1850Nov16Elizabeth  of Fearncliffe 58
1850?? John Grimshaw Smith  of Bingley 16
1855Mar24Thomas  of Hainworth 75
1855Aug25Jane  of Harden 81
1856May13Joseph  of West Morton 70
1856Aug6John  of Harden 42
1857Jun17James  of Micklethwaite 83
1858May15Mary  of Wilsden 42
1858Sep12Janeinfant of Harden  
1863Sep21William  of Fearncliffe 81

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