Birstall parish:


Cleckheaton, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in the White Chapel porch, Cleckheaton.

To the Glory of God
This Porch
was Erected as
a Grateful Tribute
To The Memory of the Soldiers
and Sailors who fell in action or
served in the European War.
1914 1920
The Whitechapel Roll of Honour

Capt. Hirst, Charles1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Lieut. Teflom, L. Malinson1/7 West Rid. Regt.
Capt. Teffom, John L.1/7 West Rid. Regt.
Lieut. Hirst, John H.1/4 West Rid. Regt.
2nd Lt. Hirst, R.E.1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Capt. Yates, W.B.1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Pte. Armytage, H.1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Hinson, H.1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Boyes, Charles1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Burton, Walter1/4 West Rid. Regt.
Beanland, E.3/4 West Rid. Regt.
Murray, Wm. H.3/4 West Rid. Regt.
2nd Lt. Hyde, Chas. S.16th West Yks. Regt.
Capt. Saunders, Basil16th West Yks. Regt.
Lieut. Wilson, Edgar16th West Yks. Regt.
Fitton, Hy. North'd Fuslrs
Peel, Geo.North'd Fuslrs
Ellis, Albt.North'd Fuslrs
Smith, EdgarNorth'd Fuslrs
Armytage, Geo.K. R. Rifles
Briggs, JohnBl. Watch
Gledhill, Geo.R. F. S.
Stead, Geo.R. F. S.
Lieut. Hyde, Eustace E.4th Rl. Irish Fuslrs
2nd Lt. Holdroyd, Percy K.K. O. Y. L. I.
Hargreaves, FredR. H. M. C.
Roberts, H.R. H. M. C.
Law, L. M.R. H. M. C.
Haley, JohnYork Dragoons
Haley, Geo. H.York Dragoons
Baldwin, FrankR. N. Res.
Coates, L.R. N.
Morton, FrankMotor Transport
Parkinson, J.R. H. Art'y
Smith, WillieSeaforth High'ldrs
Tailford, NashA. S. C.
Wooller, S.Leeds Rifles
Newton, F.Lancaster Ter's.
Ellis, M.A.Durham L. I.
2nd Lt. Jowett, T.R. F. C.

Dulce et Decorum est.
pro Patria Mori
Rev. T.D. Hyde, Vicar
W.H. Howarth, Churchwarden
L.R. Hirst, Churchwarden
- killed in action

Two lines hidden by wreath

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson