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TONG: Tong marriages: 1782-1801

1782 07 08SamuelWARDCalverley  AnnHALAY  Robert ClarkBy Banns
1782 09 15RobertSTEAD   RuthHARRISON   By Banns
1782 11 24JohnMARSDEN   JudithCORDINGLEY  John Pawson; Timothy HalayBy Banns
1783 02 17JamesHILL   AnnPEEL  Ned Marsden; Jonathan TordoffBy Banns
1783 04 27JohnREDFEARN   CatherineBELHOUSE  C Benjamin Brooks; Abram JowitBy Banns
1783 08 10JohnMUFF   MarthaCLAYTON  John Midoff?; Jonathan Akeroyd; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1783 08 10IsaacMOORE   BettyRHODES  Jonathan Akeroyd; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1783 12 19ThomasWIREN   SarahWEBSTER  John Dean; John WebsterBy Banns
1783 12 *JohnRHODES   NancyWOOLER  David Wilson; Matthew RhodesBy Banns
1784 03 07JoshuaLISTERLeeds  MarthaCOPLEY  John Langstaff; John WilsonBy Licence
1784 03 10IsaacBROOKBirstall  BettyBIRKBY  John Langstaff; Jonathan AkeroydBy Banns
1784 06 04JohnELLIS   RebeccaBYWATER  Abraham CollinsonBy Banns
1784 08 16JohnMIDGELEYCalverley  NancyCARTER  John Midoff?; Thomas WaterhouseBy Banns
1784 12 26RichardROBINSON   BettyNAYLOR  Robet Firth; Joseph RaynerBy Banns
1785 02 22JohnWESSON   ElizabethSOWDEN  John Langstaff; William HansonBy Licence
1785 03 21JamesWHITEHEAD   HannahODDY  Elizabeth Healey; Thomas WebsterBy Banns
1785 04 18JamesPHILLIPS   MaryFOX  James Carter; William Fassard [Fossard]?By Banns
1785 06 17JonasFOX   GraceSTEAD  Dobey? Lockwood; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1785 06 20WilliamCROMACKBirstallCollierWidowerMarySCHOLEFIELD WidowAbraham Nicholson; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1785 10 17AbrahamHOPKINSON Woolcomber MarthaWOOD  Lewis Walker; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1785 10 17SamuelWARD WeaverWidowerSusannahHILL  Lewis Walker; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1786 01 22GeorgeGIBSON   HannahWEBSTER  Benjamin Langley; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1786 02 06AaronWRIGHT   MaryRICHARDSON  Isaac Holdsworth; John SpeightBy Banns
1786 04 23JeremyHODGSON   HannahBROADBENT  Jervas Fletcher; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1786 07 26JosephLANGCASTER   SarahCORDINGLEY  James Binns; John FirthBy Banns
1786 08 07LawranceHARGREAVE   SarahSYKES  Thomas Woodcock; Thomas Sykes; James RatcliffeBy Banns
1787 01 16SamuelPICKLES Stuff Weaver AnnRHODES  James Rhodes; Benjamin ...rth?By Banns
1787 03 25JohnELLIS   SarahSCHOLFIELD  Benjamin LangleyBy Banns
1787 03 26William BollandTHOMPSONBirstall  EllenHARGREAVE  Thomas Woodcock; Lawrance HargraveBy Banns
1787 08 26JosephHARGREAVE   SarahHUNTCalverley Joseph Hunt; Thomas WoodcockBy Licence
1787 10 19WilliamBLAGBROUGH   MaryBOLLAND  William Sykes; Isaac TetlowBy Banns
1787 12 31JohnHOLDSWORTHBirstall  JennetGREEN  John Hudson; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1788 02 11JohnNEWBY   MaryBATTLAY  James Carter; Richard CarterBy Banns
1788 02 14RichardSTEAD   JaneTURNER  Benjamin Langley; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1788 03 02WilliamSMITH   ElizabethHEALEY  James Binns; Joseph RhodesBy Banns
1788 09 28JohnWITHER   HopeHUDSONCalverley Robert Dinnison; John CartmanBy Banns
1788 10 12JosephCOOK   AnnSOWDEN  Robert Stead; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1788 11 09WilliamGARSIDE   MaryHILLAS  William Webster; Richard OddyBy Banns
1788 12 07JosephWEBSTER   MaryBROGDEN  George Oddy; Benjamin LangleyBy Banns
1789 01 04JohnWOOLER   HannahBUTLER  George Oddy; Benjamin LangleyBy Banns
1789 01 08JamesNICHOLSON   ElizabethMARSDEN  Benjamin Langley; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1789 01 19GeorgeWEBSTER   HannahCROSLEY  James Carter; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1789 02 22WilliamPROCTER   MaryNAILOR  Matthew Stead; Joseph SteadBy Banns
1789 04 19JamesHILLAS   SarahPARKER  Edward Pitts; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1789 08 23ReubenMITCHELL   SarahBINNS  Joseph Binns; Joseph MitchellBy Banns
1789 10 18WilliamCROSLEY   MaryCOWBURN  Joshua Lobley; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1789 10 19BenjaminPROCTER Clothier BettyBROWN  Richard Wood; John Petty?By Banns
1789 10 28JohnBRIGS Woolcomber SarahWALLER  Dobey? Lockwood; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1789 11 09SamuelFEARNLEY Weaver HannahMOORE  Jeremiah Sowden; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1790 03 14JohnGREENOUGH   JudithTETLOW  Joseph Clark; Edward PittsBy Banns
1790 08 29EdwardPETYTHalifax  ElizabethWHITELEY  Richard Stead; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1790 09 26JosephSAKLEY   SarahWEBSTER  John Webster; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1790 10 24WilliamSELLERS   HannahCROSLEY  George Oddy; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1790 12 26JamesHAILEY   MarthaBARRAT  John Hudson; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1791 03 21SamuelCARTER   LydiaLYLEY  Richard Carter; John NewbyBy Banns
1791 05 24ThomasPAGETT   MaryHAYLEY  John Cawood; John HudsonBy Banns
1791 06 27PharaohHUDSON   AliceHOLDSWORTH  John Teasdale; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1791 07 24BenjaminWADE   MaryATKINSON  Robert Webster; Joseph WebsterBy Banns
1791 07 31JohnLANDWakefield  SarahBURLS  John Robinson; Christopher WhiteheadBy Licence
1791 08 14BenjaminSTABLES   MaryRHODES  William JaggerBy Banns
1791 10 24ThomasDENTONBatley  SarahWEBSTER  Jno Howden; Robert WebsterBy Banns
1791 11 06JohnSANDERSON   AnnBOLLAN  Matthew Stead; Jonas BroadbentBy Banns
1791 12 12JoshuaPARKER   ElizabethJACKSON  Joseph Langley; Richard CarterBy Banns
1792 01 24JamesBATTYEDewsbury GentlemanJaneBATTYE  Robert Batty; Christopher ScottBy Licence
1792 03 25BakesBROOKSBANK   GraceWYRIL  Michael Newton; George Webster; George Webster Jr., By Banns - Entered into the Register in York
1792 05 28DavidBASTOW   HannahMARSDEN  J. Oates; John TomlinsonBy Banns
1792 06 04JohnWEBSTER SchoolMaster Mary SalomeBARKER   By Banns
1793 01 06JohnMIDGLEY Weaver MarySPEIGHT  Joseph Waterhouse; Benjamin LangleyBy Banns
1793 03 24JosephRHODES   SarahBOND  Joseph Rhodes; Joseph StephensonBy Banns
1793 03 31ThomasBROOK   BettyHEALEY  John Stead; James HaleyBy Banns
1793 05 23JosephWEST   GraceGREENOUGH  Sophia GreenoughBy Banns
1793 06 25RichardCARTER   ElizabethWEBSTER  James Hargreave; Anthony KnowlesBy Banns
1793 09 23AnthonyKNOWLES   ElizabethASH  James Gilpin; Thomas KnowlesBy Banns
1793 12 23JamesWATTEARWORTH   SarahSCHOLFIELD  George Gibson; Joseph WebsterBy Banns - Entered into the Register in York
1793 12 26IsaacBEANLAND   SarahWATSON  John Webster; Mary WebsterBy Banns
1794 03 25JoshuaWILLANSBatley  SarahWHITEHEAD  Henrietta Wood; Frances RentonBy Banns - Entered into the Register in York
1794 04 28HenryDIXONLiverpool, LAN  Catharina TownleyPLUMBE  Elizabeth Plumbe; Thomas Plumbe; John Plumbe; N.J. HainesBy Licence
1794 10 26JohnHOWDEN   JaneHARGRAVE  Samuel Hargrave; William WebsterBy Banns
1795 03 01JohnWILSONHunsworth  ChristianaODDY  Joseph Langley; John Berrey?By Banns
1795 05 31IsaacLEEMEN   HannahROBINSON  Thomas Wilkinson; William Webster 
1795 08 10JosephSMITH   MaryWEBSTER  George Webster; Samuel CarterBy Banns
1795 11 12JamesSTEADLeeds  AnnCROSLEY  Henry Stead; Jno HowdenBy Licence
1796 02 07CharlesLORDBradford  ChristianahCARTER  William Webster; Joseph Langley; Henrietta WoodBy Banns
1796 05 23JonathanDINNISON   MaryBROOKE  Sam Slater; John WebsterBy Banns
1796 06 12WilliamHOLLINGSWORTH   HannahHIRST  William Webster; Bengie? LangleyBy Banns
1796 08 14CharlesGREEN   HannahHARRISON  William Logon?; William WebsterBy Banns
1796 11 28JamesSWAINE Butcher ZillahGIBSON  John Booth; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1797 01 16JohnODDY Blacksmith MarthaCROSSLEY  Joseph Langley; George WebsterBy Banns
1797 01 16JosephSTEPHENSON Rope Maker SarahMOUNTAINE  Joseph Rhodes; Michael NewtonBy Banns
1797 02 01JonasBOOTH   HannahBOLLAND  William Webster; Samuel CarterBy Banns
1797 04 16RobertBATTY  WidowerIsabellaWRIGHT  William Webster; John Hudson; Henrietta WoodBy Licence
1797 04 23WilliamSOWDEN Butcher FrancesCHILDCalverleyWidowBenjamin Langley; Trisn? SmithBy Banns
1797 08 13JohnHAYLEY   SusannahHODGSON  John Padget; George? HaleyBy Banns
1797 10 15WilliamBARKER   MaryODDY  John Oddy; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1797 10 29RobertSMITH   MaryDALBY  Joseph Langley; James DalbyBy Banns
1797 12 24JohnSTEAD   RebeccaWEST  Isaac West; William WebsterBy Banns
1798 01 21JosephOATES   BathiahMIDGLEY  Richard Oddy; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1798 02 19RobertWHEELHOUSE   ElizabethHILLAM  John Butler; James SteadBy Banns
1798 02 19HenryHARGREAVES   MaryBOND  Caleb Walker?; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1798 06 18AbrahamBEANLAND   HannahWALKER  Joshua Pitts; William WebsterBy Banns
1798 07 16JohnWORSMAN   NancyRAPER  Dineas? Jardeen; James Siks? [Sykes]By Banns
1798 10 22SamuelNEEDHAMBirstall  HannahCAWTHRAYBirstall John Hudson; James WilliamsBy Banns
1798 12 09ThomasTERREYBradford  JaneCORDINGLEY  John Booth; Charles Stead; Benjamin LangleyBy Banns
1799 01 13JohnFLETCHER   MaryHINCHCLIFFE  James Whitehead; Robert SmithBy Banns
1799 02 27AbrahamMYERS   ElizabethMOORE  John Hudson; Joseph Thr..son?By Banns
1799 03 10JohnWATSON   SarahMITCHEL  Joseph Langley; George WebsterBy Banns
1799 04 07JohnDOBSON   MaryCOULTHIRST  Joseph Langley; Thomas WebsterBy Banns
1799 05 12BenjaminPARKIN   AnnCROSSLEY  William Rushforth; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1799 05 12JonasBINNS   SarahROBINSON  Thomas Webster; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1799 09 07ThomasHARTLEY   HannahSHARP  William WebsterBy Banns
1799 12 25JohnNEWTON   HannahNEWBYE  Robert Newton; George WebsterBy Banns
1800 02 02GeorgeWHITEHEAD   MaryBARKER  William Barker; Hannah HallBy Banns
1800 02 02EdwardOTLEY   AmeliaHARRISON  William Webster; William SugdenBy Banns
1800 02 19DavidHALLCalverley  MaryHAINSWORTH  Mary Cheadle; James Hainsworth; Robert HallBy Banns
1800 04 15JamesHAINSWORTH   AliceHALL  Thomas Sykes; Timothy KnowlesBy Licence
1800 07 20JohnBUTLERCalverley  SarahBROOKE  John Rhodes; George Brogden; John WilsonBy Licence
1800 08 18EmanuelHALEY   RebeckahSHELTON  Robert Parkinson; Lawrence HargraveBy Banns
1800 09 22JosephFIRTH   JaneELLIS  Abram Walker; William WebsterBy Banns
1801 04 06EdwardJENNINGS   MarthaANDERSON  David Spurr?By Banns
1801 05 27StephenWAINWRIGHT   AliceMILNER  Thomas Hammerton; William WebsterBy Banns
1801 09 13JosephHARDAKER   LydiahTHORNTON  John Thornton; Joseph LangleyBy Banns
1801 09 16WilliamHATTON   HannahSWITHENBANK  James Stead; William WebsterBy Banns
1801 09 21ThomasHEDDEN   MarySTOOT? [STOTT]  John ..neng?; James WebsterBy Banns
1801 10 26WilliamDOBSON   AnnGREENWOOD  William Webster; John Wilson; John BinnsBy Banns
1801 12 13LawranceHARGRAVE   MaryKITCHEN  Mark Tetley; William WebsterBy Licence
1801 12 13JohnSWITHENBANK   EleanorMIDGELEY  William Mortimer; John WebsterBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2008
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