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BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1780-1799

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusWitnessesNotes
14 02 1780JonathanBARTHOLOMEWWath AnnTAYLORBolton upon Dearne John Brameld & Joshua Charles WhiteBy Licence
13 04 1780RichardCROSSLEYPontefract RachelRAYNERBolton upon Dearne John Clarkson & John CrossleyBy Banns
20 04 1780RichardDEPLEDGEBolton upon Dearne HannahSTAINTONBolton upon Dearne William Wright & David PeaceBy Banns
04 10 1780ThomasWHITTAKERBolton upon Dearne AnnCAMPSELLBolton upon Dearne William Brownhill & John HallBy Banns
13 10 1780GeorgeHARRISONBolton upon Dearne MariaDEARDENBolton upon Dearne William Wood, David PeaceBy Banns
11 04 1782JohnGOFS ?Bolton upon Dearne SarahBOWERBolton upon Dearne John Duke & David PeaceBy Banns
28 07 1782RichardOLIVERBolton upon Dearne MaryWALTONBolton upon Dearne W B William Burkinshaw & David PeaceBy Banns
18 11 1782JosephOTLEYThurnscoe HelenHICKBolton upon Dearne Robert Clayton & John DentonBy Banns
26 11 1782JamesHALMSHIREHooton Pagnel FrancesHALMSHIREBolton upon Dearne John Needham & Thomas AdamsBy Banns
31 12 1783ThomasHEPWORTHBolton upon Dearne MaryGILLOTBolton upon Dearne George Otley & Richard PalmerBy Licence
29 01 1784JohnADAMSWath HannahSWIFTBolton upon Dearne George Robinson & Edward HawkeBy Banns
13 07 1784PeterELLISONBolton upon Dearne ElizabethRAYNERBolton upon Dearne John Clarkson & Walter ReikieBy Licence
23 11 1784JoshuaHOBSONBolton upon Dearne SarahJOHNSONBolton upon Dearne George Crapper & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
31 03 1785ThomasODGSON [HODGSON?]Bolton upon Dearne ElizabethWRIGHTBolton upon Dearne Robert Beaumont & John BeaumontBy Licence
08 04 1785JamesPOPPLEWELLScrooby, NTT AnnEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne Mathew Packfoth & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
08 08 1785JohnDEYKINWickersley MaryHEPWORTHBolton upon Dearne Robert Beaumont & James ArdronBy Licence
11 08 1785WalterREIKIEBolton upon Dearne MaryTYASBolton upon Dearne George Pigott & John TyasBy Licence
05 09 1785GeorgeBELLAMYBolton upon Dearne ElizabethWILSONBolton upon Dearne John Duke & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
13 10 1785GeorgeTRAVISBolton upon Dearne HannahSAVILEBolton upon Dearne Ann Smith & Henry BingleyBy Banns
19 01 1786ThomasROEBUCKWickersley MarthaSWIFTBolton upon Dearne Edward Hawke & John HawkeBy Banns
14 02 1786JamesBINGLEYBolton upon Dearne MaryEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne Peter Ellison & William EarnshawBy Licence
29 08 1786JohnTRAVIS[S]Bolton upon Dearne MaryHUMPLEBYBolton upon Dearne Henry Bingley & John HumplebyBy Banns
10 10 1786JosephROYSTONBolton upon Dearne MaryCHALLENGERBolton upon Dearne Samuel Guest & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
15 02 1787JohnOTLEYWath SarahHOLDSWORTHBolton upon Dearne William Otley & Henry OtleyBy Banns
23 09 1787ThomasCLIFFFinningley AnnDAYBolton upon Dearne John Elvidge & Sarah OtleyBy Banns
07 10 1787JosephWHITAKERBolton upon Dearne FrancesLEADBEATERBolton upon Dearne Edward Hawke & William SlaterBy Banns
25 10 1787WilliamLINDLEYEcclesfield MaryIBBERSONBolton upon Dearne Joseph Gillot & Peter EllisonBy Licence
17 12 1787ThomasDUKEHinsworth MaryTRAVISBolton upon Dearne Henry Bingley & George TravisBy Banns
27 01 1788JohnLONGChapel Anston HannahSHAWBolton upon Dearne John Ellis & William CowardBy Licence
27 01 1788BenjaminWOODBolton upon Dearne Melscent [Millicent]HEPWORTHBolton upon Dearne Nathaniel Rodwell & George ArdronBy Banns
29 07 1788JonathanWHITEBolton upon Dearne MarthaCLARKSONBolton upon Dearne Thomas Newsham & Thomas PeaceBy Licence
09 10 1788JamesTATTERSALLRotherham SarahLEADBEATERBolton upon Dearne Benjamin Wood & Thomas PeaceBy Licence
30 10 1788JohnBEAUMONTBolton upon Dearne ElizabethGUESTBolton upon Dearne John Humplebee & Joseph GillotBy Banns
25 12 1788JamesCRABTREEMarr ? HannahCOOPERBolton upon Dearne  By Banns
16 02 1789WilliamSHAWBolton upon Dearne AnnCHERRYHOLMBolton upon Dearne Richard Palmer & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
19 02 1789FrancisHAGUEBolton upon Dearne ElizabethBINGLEYBolton upon Dearne John Sheppard & Godfrey PigottBy Licence
13 04 1789WilliamSHAWSouth Kirkby JaneJELLETBolton upon Dearne George Shaw & Thomas ParkinsonBy Licence
07 05 1789TimothyBASHFORTHBolton upon Dearne CatherineOTLEYBolton upon Dearne William Watson & Andrew OtleyBy Banns
19 08 1789JohnBISBYMexborough SarahPLATTSBolton upon Dearne Edward Laycock & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
26 11 1789JoshuaRICHMONDBrodsworth DinahAUTYBolton upon Dearne John Vickers & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
24 11 1790ThomasTYEMissen ? MarthaHUDSONBolton upon Dearne Joseph Gardom? & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
16 01 1791JohnPARKERRotherham ElizabethMARSDENBolton upon Dearne William Earnshaw & Sarah EarnshawBy Licence
15 09 1791JohnBISBYBarnborough PhebeENGLISHBolton upon Dearne Jeremiah Gillot & Thomas PeaceBy Licence
23 11 1791BenjaminWHITTAKERHemingfield, Darfield ElizabethMORTONBolton upon Dearne Thomas Lockwood & Thomas PeaceBy Licence [also recorded as 24 11 1791]
04 03 1792RobertTOUNSEEBolton upon Dearne RachelHAGUEBolton upon Dearne Godfrey Pigott & Thomas LockwoodBy Banns
29 05 1792ThomasWALKERBolton upon Dearne MaryROBERTSBolton upon Dearne James Asman & James VeyBy Banns
20 12 1792JosephGILLOTTBolton upon Dearne EstherOTLEYBolton upon Dearne John Firth & Andrew OtleyBy Licence
29 01 1793JohnDYSONRoyston MargaretSTRINGERBolton upon Dearne William Turner & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
21 05 1793GeorgeHAWKEBolton upon Dearne ElizabethEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne George Hawke & Thomas LockwoodBy Banns
21 04 1794JohnWALTONBolton upon Dearne ElizabethSTRINGERBolton upon Dearne Joseph Wrigley & Jenny WoodroffeBy Banns
09 06 1794JohnJENNINGSArksey AnnCOXBolton upon Dearne Thomas Huntington & Hannah HuntingtonBy Licence
03 07 1794ThomasRODWELLBolton upon Dearne HannahBARRACLOUGHBolton upon Dearne John Duke & Ann WillsonBy Banns
25 11 1794WilliamDOWNENDBolton upon Dearne ElizabethSHAWBolton upon Dearne Jane Blackburn & John DownendBy Banns
08 12 1794ThomasPIPERHooton Pagnel MarthaWHITAKERBolton upon Dearne John Duke & Elizabeth LeadbeaterBy Banns
10 02 1795JohnRHODESBolton upon Dearne NancyGUESTBolton upon Dearne John Humplebee & William RhodesBy Licence
23 06 1795ThomasCOLLINSCawthorne MaryWATSONBolton upon Dearne Anne Watson & Andrew OtleyBy Licence
21 12 1795JosephBATTYEBolton upon Dearne FaithABSONBolton upon Dearne Peter Ellison & Ann JonesBy Banns
14 03 1796JohnHAMMERTONDewsbury AnnWILSONBolton upon Dearne Richard Hawcroft & Abraham BiltonBy Banns
15 03 1796WilliamWHITEHEADBadsworth AnnLOCKWOODBolton upon Dearne Richard ? & Elizabeth BrookBy Banns
18 08 1796MichaelPIGOTTBolton upon Dearne SarahHODSKINBolton upon Dearne George Otley & Jonathan Stevenson WoodBy Licence
15 09 1796GeorgeTRAVISBolton upon Dearne ElizabethBIRKSMansfield George Harvey & Sarah WatsonBy Licence
17 11 1796JohnGARLANDDarfield SarahWHITEBolton upon Dearne Thomas Peace, Charles White, Sarah Humplebee, John Stroffard & Thomas MilnesBy Licence
02 03 1797GeorgePIGOTTBolton upon Dearne MaryCOTTONBolton upon Dearne Godfrey Pigott & George OtleyBy Licence
06 04 1797GeorgeNEWBUNDBolton upon Dearne ElizabethMIDDLETONBolton upon Dearne James Middleton & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
17 04 1797BarnabasHOLTONBolton upon Dearne AliceHUDSONBolton upon Dearne Joseph Humplebee & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
25 06 1797JohnBULLASBolton upon Dearne AnnTOWNENDBolton upon Dearne Thomas Peace & Thomas PeaceBy Banns
04 07 1797JohnSMEATONHigh Melton ElizabethATKINBolton upon Dearne Thomas Watson & Hannah VickersBy Banns
31 07 1797MartinPASHLEYBolton upon Dearne HannahWADEBolton upon Dearne Henry Wade & Robert WadsworthBy Banns
16 08 1797JohnMATHUMAN [MATTHEWMAN]Barnborough MarthaWHITEBolton upon Dearne Jonathan White & Thomas PeaceBy Licence
13 01 1798JohnNAYLORBolton upon Dearne SarahIBBERTSONBolton upon Dearne Samuel Ibbertson & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
22 01 1798JohnSHEPPARDBolton upon Dearne ElizabethBELLAMYBolton upon Dearne Hannah Lockwood & Joseph Ellis 
18 02 1798WilliamBATTYBolton upon Dearne MaryLEADBEATERBolton upon Dearne Thomas Rodwell & Samuel IbbertsonBy Licence
25 03 1798WilliamHARGITTDarfield AnnKEMPBolton upon Dearne George Kemp & Jane ThickettBy Banns
16 12 1798WilliamPLUMMERBolton upon Dearne ElizabethMOUNTBolton upon Dearne Joseph Ellis & Benjamin MountBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
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