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BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1800-1819

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusWitnessesNotes
17 01 1800ThomasRODWELLBolton upon Dearne  ElizabethPALMERBolton upon Dearne George Foster & George KempBy Banns
26 02 1800JosephELLIOTTBolton upon Dearne  RuthSWIFTBolton upon Dearne Thomas Rodwell & Henry BenetBy Banns
22 09 1800WilliamLODGEBolton upon Dearne  MaryWOTTONBolton upon Dearne Deborah Robinson & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
02 10 1800WilliamRHODESThurnscoe  JaneWILCOCKBolton upon Dearne Peter Ellison, Hannah Wilcock & Sarah EarnshawBy Licence
04 12 1800WilliamEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne  AnnHOLLINGSWORTHBolton upon Dearne Joseph Bingley & Thomas WadsworthBy Licence
16 12 1800PhilipROSERotherham  MaryBARBERBolton upon Dearne Joseph Holdsworth & George Aldrid?By Banns
08 06 1802JosephBEAUMONTBolton upon Dearne  AnnHALLBarnborough John Matthewman & William HallBy Licence
03 11 1802ThomasPASHLEYBolton upon Dearne  HannahBOWERThurnscoe Samuel Ibbertson & Thomas Rodwell 
25 11 1802WilliamCLAYTONBolton upon Dearne  LucyHARTLEYBolton upon Dearne Richard Otley & Robert WatsonBy Banns
13 12 1802BenjaminSHELTONDoncaster  HannahELLISBolton upon Dearne Samuel Ellis & Mary EllisonBy Banns
28 12 1802LaurenceHOLLINGSWORTHBolton upon Dearne  SarahEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne James Bingley & Mary BingleyBy Banns
02 05 1803BenjaminSMITHSilkstone  JaneWATSONBolton upon Dearne Timothy Barsforth & Sarah Marsden 
05 05 1803MatthewSAUNDERSONBolton upon Dearne  MaryAUTYBolton upon Dearne Ann Ellis & Lydia SwallowBy Banns
30 05 1803CharlesLEADBEATERSheffield  RachaelHAIGHBolton upon Dearne Thomas Rodwell & Samuel GamblesBy Banns
10 10 1803WilliamSMITHWath  MarySTRINGERBolton upon Dearne Thomas Huntington & Mary RussellBy Banns
27 11 1803JosephGOLDTHORPEBolton upon Dearne  ClementiaPRIESTLEYBolton upon Dearne James Barber, Thomas Ward, Martha Field & Catherine CharlesworthBy Banns
23 02 1804GeorgeKEMPBolton upon Dearne  LydiaSWALLOWBolton upon Dearne Jane Kemp, William Kemp, Ann Ellis, John Joell & Bingley SwallowBy Banns
06 03 1804BenjaminKNOWLESSheffield  AmeliaHAGUEBolton upon Dearne Mary Snow, Edward Swallow & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
02 05 1805ThomasGILLMexborough  HannahRAWLINSONBolton upon Dearne James Dean & John GlasbyBy Banns
12 09 1805EdwardHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne  MaryHARTLEYBolton upon Dearne Joseph Gillott, William Hellewell & Elizabeth HartleyBy Banns
17 12 1805JohnLITTLEWOODCampsall  Mary AnnJOHNSONBolton upon Dearne John Sheppard, Jonas Clarke, Sarah Sheppard, Clark Thomas Wilde * Richard LittlewoodBy Licence
12 05 1807ThomasWADSWORTHBolton upon Dearne  MaryBINGLEYBolton upon Dearne Prudence Bingley, John Wadsworth, Ann Wadsworth, Richard Hewitt & William EarnshawBy Licence
04 08 1807JohnIBBERTSONBolton upon Dearne  AnnELLISBolton upon Dearne E Deykin, William Godward, Elizabeth Parker & William EllisBy Banns
02 11 1807JohnWADSWORTHDarfield  PrudenceBINGLEYBolton upon Dearne Sarah Beeley, William Earnshaw, Richard Hewitt & James ClarksonBy Licence
23 11 1807GeorgeDYSONAdwick on Dearne  ElizabethSHAWBolton upon Dearne John Ibbertson, John Warrington & Mary NaylorBy Banns
26 11 1807Edward HobsonWHARFINGERTinsley, Rotherham  AnnOTLEYBolton upon Dearne Margaret Firth, William Watson, Eli Bashforth & William FirthBy Licence
07 12 1807Daniel StricklandPEECHSheffield  FrancesJOHNSONBolton upon Dearne Samuel Johnson, Mary Ellison, Ann Moore & John EllisonBy Licence
04 02 1808JosephHUMPLEBEEBolton upon Dearne  MaryHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne Ann Willcock, William Hellewell, Ann Gillott, John Barber, John Ellison & Andrew OtleyBy Licence
17 05 1808WilliamHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne  AnnWILLCOCKBolton upon Dearne Mary Willcock, Benjamin Lockwood, Hannah Lockwood & Benjamin HellewellBy Licence
08 08 1808JosephWARRINGTONAdwick on Dearne  MaryNAYLORBolton upon Dearne Harriot Naylor, John Naylor, Thomas Naylor & Elizabeth AutyBy Banns
31 07 1809WilliamMARSDENBolton upon Dearne  AnnJOHNSONBolton upon Dearne Mary Moore, William Tyas, Mary Willcock, Joseph Scholey & Richard TyasBy Licence
07 11 1809JosephHARRISONBolton upon Dearne  AnnWRIGHTBolton upon Dearne Robert Day, Thomas Rodwell & Elizabeth AutyBy Banns
23 11 1809JohnCASSONBolton upon Dearne  ElizabethOLIVERBolton upon Dearne Joseph Wood, Ann Cudworth & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
05 03 1810RichardBIRKSPenistone  HannahLOCKWOODBolton upon Dearne R Watson, Sarah Smith, Mary Haigh, Benjamin Lockwood, John Armitage & William BirksBy Licence
19 03 1810ThomasHAIGHBolton upon Dearne  MarthaTAYLORBolton upon Dearne Jonathan Swallow & Martha CherryholmeBy Banns
19 03 1810JohnDEPLIDGEBolton upon Dearne  MarthaHARTLEYBolton upon Dearne John Matthewman, Elizabeth Deplidge, Ann Gillott & Richard HaighBy Banns
15 08 1810DavidPARRISHUnnamed  ElizabethWINTERBolton upon Dearne John Winter & Martha FieldingBy Banns
04 11 1810RichardAMERYFishlake  SarahWHITEBolton upon Dearne Michael Pigott, George Watson, Mary White & Mary PigottBy Licence
15 04 1811MatthewSANDERSONBolton upon Dearne  SarahKEMPBolton upon Dearne Ann Swallow, Mary Gill, Bingley Swallow & George DixonBy Banns
29 07 1811GeorgeBEAUMONTBolton upon Dearne  HannahOLIVERBolton upon Dearne William Barraclough, Elizabeth Crowder & George OliverBy Banns
25 11 1811JosephDOWNENDBolton upon Dearne  HannahPECKITTBolton upon Dearne George Truelove, Mary Day, William Downend & Mary BrookeBy Banns
16 12 1811JohnWHITEThurnscoe  RebeccaWATSONBolton upon Dearne Catherine Watson, John Bashforth, Elizabeth Bashforth & George WatsonBy Licence
02 06 1812WilliamLOCKWOODBolton upon Dearne  JaneKEMPBolton upon Dearne Sarah Lockwood, George Kemp, Ann Swallow & John KempBy Licence
26 09 1812ThomasLOCKWOODBolton upon Dearne  MarthaPARKINDarfield W C Mena? & Martha MitchnerBy Licence
10 06 1813JohnPARKINDoncaster CarpenterGraceBURLANDBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Palfreyman & Mary BurlandBy Banns
02 07 1813WilliamJACKSONBolton upon Dearne Servant in HusbandryMarthaSIDNEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Ellis & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
13 07 1813JosephHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne ButcherAnnGILLOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterBenjamin Hellewell, Elizabeth Bashforth, Ann Swallow, Joseph Humplebee & William DeykinBy Banns
02 08 1813JosephCOCKSHAWDarfield Labourer in HusbandryFrancesELLISBolton upon DearneSpinsterMary Ellis, Mark Sudbury, Ann Batty, William Raley & Lawson CockshawBy Banns
02 08 1813RobertOXLEYBolton upon Dearne Labourer in HusbandrySarahDYSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Walton, Mary Oxley & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
06 12 1813GeorgeOGLEYWorsborough HusbandmanMaryCOOKEBolton upon DearneSpinsterCharlotte Duke, David Ogley & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
30 12 1813ThomasDOWNENDBolton upon Dearne HusbandmanElizabethDEYKINBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Deykin & Ann DeykinBy Banns
17 01 1814JohnOATESBolton upon Dearne Labourer in HusbandryElizabethTAYLORBolton upon DearneSpinsterSarah Beckett, Mary Palmer & John JessopBy Banns
24 01 1814JosephMORLEYDarfield Labourer in HusbandryElizabethAUTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterMartin Fieldsend, George Sheppard & James MorleyBy Banns
26 06 1814ThomasCOOPERBolton upon Dearne HusbandmanAnnSWALLOWBolton upon DearneSpinsterJonathan Swallow, Frances Cooper & William CooperBy Licence
22 11 1814JohnCALLISBolton upon Dearne Labourer in HusbandryAnnFLINTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Hague, Elizabeth Flint, John Day & Sarah FlintBy Banns
24 11 1814GeorgeSHEPPARDBolton upon Dearne Labourer in HusbandryMarthaFIELDSENDBolton upon DearneSpinsterMary Sheppard, John Warrington & William SheppardBy Banns
06 08 1815BenjaminHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne Servant in HusbandryCatherineWATSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Watson, William Hellewell & Ellin DoddBy Licence
27 09 1815JohnHAIGHBolton upon Dearne HusbandmanMaryDAYBolton upon DearneSpinsterElizabeth Day, Amelia Haigh, Ann Clayton & John DayBy Banns
23 10 1815JohnSMITHBarnborough BlackSmithMaryOLIVERBolton upon DearneSpinsterMary Sattan, Anne Oliver & George OliverBy Banns
28 04 1816GeorgeHAMMONDSheffield GrinderMary MatthewmanAUSTINBolton upon Dearne Mary White, John White & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
09 12 1816WilliamBARKERLaughton en le Morthen HusbandmanMaryPALMERBolton upon DearneSpinsterAnn Frails?, Martha Rodwell & William ThorpeBy Banns
24 12 1816JohnRAWLINSONMexborough MasonThirzaDUKEBolton upon DearneSpinsterRuth Hinchcliffe & William LacockBy Banns
23 01 1817JohnDAYBolton upon Dearne BlackSmithMaryMAWSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterElizabeth Day, William Matthews, Elizabeth Mawson & George MawsonBy Banns
27 11 1817ThomasDOWNINGBolton upon DearneWidower MaryWILCOCKBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Waring, John Wilcock, Elizabeth Ellison & Sarah LawBy Banns
22 03 1818JosephGILLOTTBolton upon Dearne ButcherMaryPIGOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Otley, Eliza Pigott, Michael Pigott & Eliza PigottBy Licence
09 04 1818JohnBASHFORTHThurnscoe FarmerAnnHAIGHBolton upon Dearne Jane Caroline Bashforth, William Bashforth, Sarah Haigh & Francis HaighBy Licence
01 06 1818JohnWILCOCKBolton upon Dearne FarmerHannahROGERSBolton upon DearneSpinsterFrances Hudson, Richard Hudson & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
08 06 1818GeorgeELLISBolton upon Dearne LabourerElizabethFLINTBolton upon DearneSpinsterSarah Flint & George DinnisBy Banns
10 08 1818MatthewNAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelor MaryWALTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJeremiah Gillott, George Walton & Elizabeth EllisBy Banns
10 08 1818JosephROEBUCKMexboroughBachelor ElizabethJOELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hall, William Joell & Ann RoebuckBy Banns
13 10 1818ThomasNICHOLSONHooton Pagnell CooperMaryJOELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Kemp, William Knowles & Mary WhitakerBy Banns
24 11 1818SamuelTHAYBolton upon DearneBachelor MaryOXLEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterAaron Ibbertson & Elizabeth RodwellBy Banns
07 02 1819ThomasBRAITHWAITEBolton upon DearneBachelor MaryWHITAKERBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Braithwaite, Ann Francis & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
27 04 1819JosephWADSWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelor MarySTEELBolton upon DearneSpinsterLaurence Hollingworth, James Wadsworth & Mary WhiteBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
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