BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1820-1839


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeWitnessesNotes
26 11 1821WilliamHINCHCLIFFEHigh HoylandBachelor   HannahROADHOUSEBolton upon DearneSpinster  James Morley, George Hinchcliffe & Matthew FaulstonBy Banns
29 11 1821WilliamELLISONBolton upon DearneBachelor   SusannahHARTLEYBolton upon DearneSpinster  Peter Ellison, John Clayton & Mary EllisonBy Banns
12 12 1822JamesLEEBolton upon DearneBachelor   SarahFLINTBolton upon DearneSpinster  Mary Flint, Mary Sailes & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
23 12 1822JohnTRAVISBolton upon DearneWidower   SarahSIMPSONBolton upon DearneWidow  Thomas Humplebee, Mary Swallow & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
20 01 1823WilliamMOORBolton upon DearneBachelor   SarahJOELLBolton upon DearneSpinster  Matthew Joell, George Storrs, Mary Rose & Matthew JoellBy Banns
27 01 1823WilliamSTONESDoncasterBachelor   MarthaRODWELLBolton upon DearneSpinster  Joshua Ramsden, George Skitton? & Lydia SwallowBy Banns
10 03 1823GeorgeOXLEYBolton upon DearneBachelor   RebeccaBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneWidow  David James, John Forton & Maria JamesBy Banns
11 03 1823WilliamPLUMMERBolton upon DearneWidower   AnneFIRTHBolton upon DearneSpinster  Thomas Cooper, Susannah Deplidge & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
26 05 1823ThomasROEBUCKWadsworth Farmer  ElizabethPIGOTTBolton upon DearneSpinster  John Snowden, Jane Styan & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
15 12 1823LawrenceTRAVISBolton upon DearneBachelor   JaneHOGLEYBolton upon DearneSpinster  John Clayton, William Batty, Mary Hollingworth & Mary RoseBy Banns
03 02 1824RichardOLIVERBolton upon DearneBachelor   AnnRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneWidow  John Smith, William Pigott, Jane White & Ann ThickettBy Banns
26 04 1824JosephHARGREAVESBarnboroughBachelor   MaryFIRTHBolton upon DearneSpinster  Joe Kennedy? George Gray, Hamlet Firth & Mary DownendBy Banns
04 05 1824HenryWOODThornhill    AnneHAWKEBolton upon Dearne   Mary Potts, Mary Humplebee & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
26 07 1824MatthiasTAYLORBolton upon Dearne    JaneBEETHAMBolton upon Dearne   Elizabeth Walton, Thomas Rodwell & John AllottBy Banns
23 08 1824WilliamMARCROFTSprotsborough    SusannaADDYBolton upon Dearne   John Bingley, Thomas Marcroft & Ann Addy Eliza ButlerBy Licence
15 11 1824EdwardWRIGHTHatfield    JaneWHITEBolton upon Dearne   Richard Oliver, Ann Day & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
16 01 1826SamuelSCOLEYMexborough    MaryFLINTBolton upon Dearne   Thomas Woffinden, Mary Sailes & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
10 04 1826AndrewDEPLEDGESandal Magna    OliveELLISBolton upon Dearne   James Booker, Hannah Sharpley & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
26 05 1826JohnBATTYRawmarshBachelor   ElizabethNICHOLSONBolton upon DearneSpinster  Matthew Naylor, John Joell & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
06 07 1826JohnCORDENASilkstone    MaryPIGOTTBolton upon Dearne   J B Pigott, B Birks & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
27 08 1826WilliamHAIGHSilkstone    ElizabethGILLOTTBolton upon Dearne   Joseph Gillott, Harry Gillott & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
08 02 1827BenjaminCROSSBYRotherham    ElizabethDAYBolton upon Dearne   John Hutchinson Wilkinson, Ann Day & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
19 02 1827WilliamHUNTINGTONBolton upon Dearne    HannahRODWELLBolton upon Dearne   Thomas Huntington, Ann Travis & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
19 02 1827LawsonCOCKSHAWSheffield    MaryELLISBolton upon Dearne   Joseph Cockshaw, Susannah Smith & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
19 03 1827RichardMATTHEWMANBolton upon Dearne    AnneDAYBolton upon Dearne   John Day, William Day, Sarah Day & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
14 05 1827PeterELLISONBolton upon Dearne    AnneTRUELOVEBolton upon Dearne   George Kemp, William Batty & Mabel MawsonBy Banns
21 05 1827BenjaminWATSONDarfield    RebeccaMARSDENBolton upon Dearne   George Burland, Elizabeth Dawson, Joseph Oxley & Ann GarnerBy Banns
31 07 1827WilliamPEPPERWentworth, WathBachelor   MaryWHITEBolton upon DearneSpinster  John Pepper, Catherine Otley & Thomas RodwellBy Licence
13 08 1827JamesKITCHINGMANBolton upon Dearne    ElizabethEARNSHAWBolton upon Dearne   John Kitchingham & Elizabeth KitchingmanBy Banns
23 10 1827JohnJOELLBolton upon Dearne    ElizabethACKROYDBolton upon Dearne   William Ackroyd, John Wilcock, Mary Beal & Mary RoseBy Banns
05 11 1827GeorgeOTLEYBolton upon Dearne    AnneSIMPSONBolton upon Dearne   Thomas Waring, Joseph Bee & Mary IbbertsonBy Banns
20 12 1827JohnWILCOCKBolton upon Dearne    SarahHUMPLEBEEBolton upon Dearne   William Hellewell, Joseph Bee, Mary Hellewell & Mary HumplebeeBy Banns
24 12 1827ThomasTURNERBolton upon Dearne    CharlotteWOODBolton upon Dearne   William Day, Elizabeth Rose & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
31 01 1828JohnBROUGHTONHooton Pagnell    AnnePIGOTTBolton upon Dearne   Thomas Pigott, Joshua Gillott & Eliza PigottBy Licence
29 04 1828AmorRICKLaughton en le Morthen    PrudenceHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon Dearne   Richard Taylor & Elizabeth WaltonBy Licence
31 07 1828JosephWORMALDFrickley cum Clayton    MaryHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon Dearne   Joseph Wadsworth, John Craven & Anne HandleyBy Licence
27 08 1829Henry OtleyCOPELANDHigh Hoyland    ElizaOTLEYBolton upon Dearne   John Haywood, George Otley, Sarah Otley & John OtleyBy Licence
21 07 1830JosephHEWITTGoldthorpe    ElizabethWHITTINGTONFarnley   John Johnson & Sarah HaighBy Licence
09 09 1830GeorgeKEMPBolton upon Dearne    AnnBEAUMONTBolton upon Dearne   John Banks, Lydia Swallow & Edward KempBy Licence
03 03 1831JohnDICKINSONBolton upon Dearne    ElizabethSWIFTBolton upon Dearne   John Casson & Elizabeth MatthewmanBy Banns
06 06 1831GeorgePIGOTTBolton upon Dearne    CatherineOTLEYBolton upon Dearne   Benjamin Lockwood & Sarah PigottBy Licence
08 08 1831JosephHUNTINGTONBolton upon Dearne    AnneJOELLBolton upon Dearne   John Joell, Sarah Huntington & Joseph SandersonBy Licence
24 10 1831WilliamPOLLARDDarfield    MarthaDEWHIRSTBolton upon Dearne   William Fox & Mary Coe 
27 10 1831JosephBEEBolton upon Dearne    LuciaIBBERTSONBolton upon Dearne   Joseph Swallow & Lydia SwallowBy Banns
18 01 1832WilliamBATTYBolton upon Dearne    MaryHUDSONBolton upon Dearne   Bunley Wilson & Mary StonesBy Licence
23 01 1832GeorgeOTLEYBolton upon Dearne Yeoman  JemimaHEWITTBolton upon Dearne   F W Tyas & H HewittBy Licence
05 06 1832JosephWILSONAberford    MarySMITHBolton upon Dearne   Benjamin Wilson & William BradshawBy Licence
18 09 1832SamuelHANSONOwston    MarySTONESBolton upon Dearne   William Child & Hannah StonesBy Banns
04 03 1833EdwardSWIFTAdwick upon Dearne    JaneOLIVERBolton upon Dearne   Mary Shepherd & Thomas RodwellBy Banns
08 04 1833WilliamLODGEDarfield    Mary AnnEYREBolton upon Dearne   John Naylor & Elizabeth ElliotBy Banns
27 01 1834JosephMORLEYBolton upon Dearne    AnneHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne   Joseph Humplebee & Sarah DayBy Banns
17 02 1835JohnHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon Dearne    MaryIBBERTSONBolton upon Dearne   John Beaumont, Harriet Seanley & Sarah DayBy Banns
26 11 1835ThomasTROUTBolton upon Dearne    FannySHEPHERDBolton upon Dearne   Matthew Simisson & Mary ShepherdBy Banns
01 03 1836JamesHELLEWELLBolton upon Dearne    SarahMORLEYBolton upon Dearne   Matthew Walton & Mary RobshawBy Banns
03 12 1839JohnTINGLEBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer21Joseph Tingle, LabourerAnneWINDLEBolton upon Dearne John Windle, Labourer26Thomas Watson & Hannah ArmitageBy Banns
17 12 1839JamesFIELDSENDBarnsleyBachelorLabourer27Thomas Fieldsend, LabourerMaryCOCKSHAWGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Cockshaw, Labourer24Thomas Waring & Martha JubbBy Banns
28 01 1839JohnTROUTGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer20George Trout, BlackSmithAnneBOCOCKGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Bocock, Labourer19Joseph Trout & Harriet WheatlyBy Banns
29 04 1839WilliamWHITEBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmerFull AgeJohn White, FarmerMarthaCLAYTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Clayton, GardenerFull AgeWilliam Batty, Margaret Truelove & John TrueloveBy Banns
04 06 1839ThomasBISBYHigh MeltonBachelorLabourerFull AgeGeorge Bisby, LabourerMaryTHORNLEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Thornley, LabourerFull AgeJohn Matteus & Sarah NaylorBy Banns
24 06 1839CharlesCOOPERBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourerFull AgeThomas Cooper, LabourerEllenMULLINSBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Mullins, LabourerFull AgeJohn Green & Mary Ann DobsonBy Banns
29 07 1839CharlesMILLSMexboroughBachelorLabourer21Charles Mills, LabourerMaryPARKINGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Parkin, Joiner18Frederick Bagshaw & Mary BirkinshawBy Banns
10 09 1839ThomasJOELLBolton upon DearneBachelorCooper28John Joell, deceased CooperMarthaMASONBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Mason, Tailor28Edward Mason, Sarah Mason & Mark JoellBy Banns
24 12 1839CharlesLAWBolton upon DearneBachelorMason23John Law, MasonEllenSHAWBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Shaw, Labourer22George Law & Sarah HagueBy Banns

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