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BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1840-1859

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeWitnessesNotes
29 03 1840EdwardGOODALLWakefieldBachelorJoinerFull AgeCharles Goodall, CarpenterElizabethDOWNINGBolton upon Dearne Joseph Downing, LabourerFull AgeThomas Downing & Hannah DowningBy Banns
17 08 1840EdmundLOCKWOODGoldthorpeBachelorYeomanFull AgeThomas Lockwood, FarmerMaryGILLOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Gillott, FarmerFull AgeWilliam Needham & Joseph GillottBy Licence
27 12 1840GeorgeDEPLEDGESheffieldBachelorCashier30John Depledge, InnKeeperEmmaWADSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Wadsworth, Farmer21James Wadsworth, Caroline Wadsworth & Ann LaughtonBy Licence
19 12 1842JamesSTUBBINGGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer25William Stubbing, TailorElizabethDUCEBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Duce, Labourer26Francis Crossland & Eliza DowningBy Banns
? 09 1844BenjaminBURTONMexboroughBachelorLabourer20Thomas Gill, LabourerElizabethBURTONGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Burton, Labourer19Joseph Lee, George Kemp & Elizabeth BurtonBy Banns
24 12 1844WilliamSTRONGGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer30George Strong, LabourerElizabethDUCEGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Duce, Labourer28Mark Clarkson & Rebecca StrongBy Banns
19 05 1845GeorgeTAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24John Taylor, LabourerSusannahWALTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Walton, Cordwainer30William Day & Ann NaylorBy Banns
24 03 1846GeorgeKINGSTONWentworthBachelorFarmer25Edward Kingston, InnKeeperSusannahHELLIWELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterEdward Helliwell, Labourer25Robert Marsden Thompson, Hannah Kingston & William PepperBy Banns
08 06 1846RichardAMERYBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmerFull AgeRichard Amery, FarmerAnnPIGOTTGoldthorpeSpinsterMichael Pigott, FarmerFull AgeThomas Pigott, Mary Gillott & Ann AmeryBy Licence
06 07 1846DavidBENNETTBolton upon DearneWidowerMillWrightFull AgeJames Bennett, MillerSarah Ann Agnes ThorningWRIGHTBolton upon DearneSpinsterBenjamin Wright, ManufacturerFull AgeJames Duke & Mary DukeBy Licence
30 07 1846GeorgeCROPPERSheffieldWidowerWhiteSmith28George Cropper, SchoolMasterCarolineWADSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Wadsworth, Farmer21Thomas Wadsworth & Ann LaughtonBy Licence
27 10 1846ThomasFROSTBolton upon DearneBachelorStone MasonFull AgeGeorge Frost, LabourerElizabethHOLLINGSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterLawrence Hollingsworth, FarmerFull AgeEdward Kemp & Ann OliverBy Banns
06 12 1846Samuel WilliamMOORESheffieldBachelorDraperFull AgeWilliam Moore, JoinerAnneDAYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Day, DraperFull AgeSarah Day, L Moore, William Day & G MooreBy Licence
09 02 1847JohnWHITEBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer21John White, LabourerMarthaNICHOLSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Nicholson, Cooper20Joseph Huntington, John Clayton, Mary Nicholson & Gregory WadsworthBy Banns
19 11 1848GeorgeHILLBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22Thomas Hill, LabourerAnn MariaLA??Bolton upon DearneSpinster, ServantWilliam La??, Collier17Joseph Sanderson & Thomas HillBy Banns
27 11 1848FrancisARMITAGEBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmer26Isaac Armitage, LabourerAnnRHODESBolton upon DearneSpinster, ServantJoseph Rhodes, Labourer20Edward Armitage & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
04 12 1848JohnNAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorShoeMaker24Matthew Naylor, JoinerAnnAUTYBolton upon DearneSpinster, ServantRichard Auty, Wood Turner26Godfrey B Badsworth & Sarah LockwoodBy Banns
14 12 1848WilliamGILLAdwick le StreetBachelorFarmer34William Gill, FarmerMaryGILLOTTHighgate House, Bolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Gillott, Farmer25Elizabeth Gillott, Joseph Gill, Susannah Hyde & John BroughtonBy Licence
17 12 1848JosephDOWNINGBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer21George Downing, labourerHarrietSQUIREBolton upon DearneSpinster, ServantRobert Squire, Labourer19Thomas Guest & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
07 01 1850ThomasSMITHSheffieldBachelorClerk21John Smith, JoinerMarySHAWBolton upon DearneSpinster, ServantJohn Shaw, Labourer21Charles Law & Joshua ShawBy Banns
17 11 1850JohnSEAMANAdwick on DearneWidowerLabourerFull AgeWilliam Seaman, LabourerAnnMCWERTBolton upon DearneWidow, SchoolMistressThomas Huntington, WheelWrightFull AgeJoseph Huntington & Ann HuntingtonBy Banns
18 02 1851JohnBEAUMONTHoyland SwaineBachelorFarmer35John Beaumont, FarmerAnnMARSDENBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Marsden, Farmer24Thomas Beaumont & Tabitha MarsdeyBy Licence
22 04 1851ThomasLATHAMCampsallBachelorFarmer26George Latham, FarmerSarahDAYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Day, Linen Draper28Thomas Nicholson & F Herson 
02 12 1851WilliamMARSDENBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22 Mary AnnLOCKWOODBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Lockwood, Farmer23Jane Hammond, Thomas Johnson, Tabitha Marsden & William Lockwood 
11 07 1852ThomasWADSWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorButcherFull Age AnnHOBSONMasboroughWidow Full AgeMr Henson & Joseph SandersonBy Licence
25 11 1852DavidBUTTERFIELDBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23 ElizabethCOOPERBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Cooper, Labourer27Ann Cooper & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
25 11 1852WilliamDEWHIRSTGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer24Richard Dourning, Labourer [Stepfather]SarahJENNINGSGoldthorpeSpinsterSolomon Jennings, Labourer25Mary Ann Jennings & John HellerBy Banns
20 12 1852RichardHALLStaintonBachelorLabourer22Richard Hall, LabourerSarahHILLBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Hill, Labourer19Willoughby Gleadell, Elizabeth White & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
26 09 1853JohnDUKEMansfieldBachelorBlackSmithFull AgeJames Duke, BlackSmithAnnFUDGEBolton upon DearneSpinster Full AgeHenry Heathcote, Eliza Duke & William DukeBy Licence
24 11 1853JohnBROWNGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer21George Brown, LabourerHarrietFRANKGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Frank, Labourer20Charlotte Downing & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
02 05 1854George PNICHOLSONWath on DearneWidowerSolicitorFull Age AnnHAUGHBolton upon DearneSpinster Full AgeL H Nicholson, H E Marsden, S Parker, John B Tester, J M Lingard & M D BeckittBy Licence
28 08 1854ValentineJOINERWorsboroughWidowerMinerFull AgeJohn Joiner, LabourerHannahDUCEGoldthorpeWidow Full AgeHannah Marshall, William Pollard & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
25 11 1854JohnSCOTTWentworthBachelorLabourerFull AgeZaccheus Scott, FarmerChristianaHELLEWELLBolton upon DearneSpinster Full AgeMary Harrison & Thomas HuntingdonBy Banns
03 08 1855LawrenceTRAVISBolton upon DearneWidowerJoinerFull Age SarahMARSDENBolton upon DearneSpinster Full AgeCharlotte Downing & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
13 08 1855WilliamBUTTERFIELDBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourerFull AgeBenjamin Wood, LabourerSophiaNAYLORBolton upon DearneSpinsterMatthew Naylor, JoinerFull AgeGeorge Bansam & Caroline JoellBy Banns
13 08 1855ThomasTROUTMexboroughWidowerLabourerFull AgeGeorge Trout, BlackSmithSarahBROWNBolton upon DearneWidow Full AgeRobert Marsden Thompson & Margaret ThompsonBy Banns
10 09 1855GeorgeSIMPSONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer34 AnnBRAITHWAITEBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Braithwaite, Labourer28Harriet Armitage, John Braithwaite & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
24 12 1855JonathanDICKINSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMason24Thomas Dickinson, MasonJaneAUTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Auty, Wood Turner21Thomas Huntington & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
10 01 1856JohnPARKINGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer John Parkin, JoinerElizabethBATTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Batty, Farmer Martha Clark, John Joell, Eliza Duke & John BattyBy Licence
29 01 1856WilliamCROSSLEYMexboroughBachelorStoker22 MaryHARRISONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Harrison, Mason20Maria Crossley & Robert Marsden ThompsonBy Banns
16 10 1856GeorgeANELAYBolton upon DearneBachelorBlackSmith23Thomas Anelay, BlackSmithMatildaKEMPBolton upon DearneSpinsterEdward Kemp, ShoeMaker22Elizabeth Pa???, Jo? Kitchen, Lydia Kemp & Ed KempBy Licence
02 12 1856GeorgeTRAVISDarfieldBachelorLabourer24Lawrence Travis, WheelWrightElizabethDENTONThurnscoeSpinsterJohn Denton, ShoeMaker19Sarah Travis & John Denton 
12 02 1857JohnJOELLEcclesall BierlowBachelorCooper25John Joell, CooperMarthaCLARKBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Clark, Servant27John William Parkin & Lucy ClarkBy Licence
05 03 1857ThomasHUNTINGTONBolton upon DearneBachelorJoiner22Joseph Huntington, WheelWrightEllenSERGEANTSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Sergeantson, Labourer27John Kemp & Mary Kitchen 
02 04 1857SigsworthSIMPSONBarnsleyWidowerMercer34Benjamin Simpson, Spirit MerchantTabithaMARSDENBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Marsden, Farmer32William Morley & Ellen SmalesBy Licence
13 04 1857GeorgeSTEERWathBachelorBlackSmith24James Steer, BlackSmithCarolineJOELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Joell, Cooper23Martha Joell & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
21 09 1857GeorgeCHAMBERSGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer22George Chambers, Pigburn?SophiaPRENTICEGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Prentice [South Loppe, NFK]22Mary Goodwin & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
06 04 1858CharlesHOLDINGBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer42John Holding, LabourerSarahNEWSOMEBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Newsome, Labourer28Henry Newsome & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
24 05 1858ThomasCHAPPELLMorsborough CommonBachelorEngine Tenter24John Chappell, CollierElizaDUKEBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Duke, BlackSmith20John Batty & William DukeBy Licence
08 03 1859GeorgeWHITEBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer26 SarahHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hollingworth, ShoeMaker23Anne Taylor, Robert Marsden Thompson & William HollingworthBy Banns
22 08 1859SethHINCHCLIFFEBolton upon DearneWidowerCollier31 JaneBAILEYBolton upon DearneSpinster 27James White & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
26 12 1859ThomasBAXENDALEWathBachelorGardener28John Baxendale, VictuallerCatherineMAWSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Mawson, Saddler25John Day & Elizabeth MawsonBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
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