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BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1860-1879

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeWitnessesNotes
14 04 1861James TaylorWHITEBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmer25Charles White, FarmerSarah AnnHAWKSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Hawksworth, Miller27John Hawksworth & Matilda Jane HawksworthBy Banns
30 06 1861JohnBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer17John Beaumont, MillerElizabethCASSBolton upon DearneSpinsterDavid Cass, Labourer20Robert Beaumont & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
25 11 1862WilliamWHITEBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23William White, CarpenterAnnSERGEANTSONRotherhamSpinsterJoseph Sergeantson, Labourer22Thomas Beaumont & Emma SergeantsonBy Banns
14 01 1863CharlesFREEMANBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer20William Freeman, ShoeMakerMaryDOWNINGBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Downing, Labourer20Thomas Heppenstall & Dinah FreemanBy Banns
27 07 1863JohnGAMBLEFelkirkBachelorLabourer20Thomas Gamble, LabourerSavillaLANCASTERBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Lancaster, WeightMan19Joseph Sanderson & Mary FreemanBy Banns
07 03 1864RobertTEALParkgateBachelorForgeman23Robert Teal, GardenerAnnDAYBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Day, BlackSmith20Frederick Day & Elizabeth HellewellBy Banns
04 06 1864ChristianCHAPMANMexboroughWidowerTailorFull AgeChristian Chapman, TailorHannahLOCKWOODGoldthorpeSpinsterBenjamin Lockwood, FarmerFull AgeGeorge Bland & Margaret Mand?By Banns
26 12 1864JohnHAIGHBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmerFull AgeFrancis Haigh, FarmerSarahHOLDENBolton upon DearneWidow Full AgeJohn Senior & Harriet KempBy Banns
10 06 1865JohnBRAITHWAITEBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer35Thomas Braithwaite, Corn MillerChristian[a]AUTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Auty, Wood Turner33John Gibson & Jane DickinsonBy Banns
15 06 1865JosephBENTLEYBirkenshawBachelorWool Sorter35John Bentley, Cloth WeaverElizabethSENIORBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Senior, Farmer25John Senior & Ann SeniorBy Banns
14 09 1865WilliamADAMSSwintonBachelorPotter30Matthew Adams, PotterMary BennettDUKEBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Duke, BlackSmith23James Duke & Jane PigottBy Banns
25 12 1865George HallBEAUMONTGreasboroughBachelorLabourer24John Beaumont, MillerMary AnnHELLEWELLGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Hellewell, Labourer23Frederick Day & Elizabeth HellewellBy Banns
22 01 1866JosephPARKSMexboroughBachelorBlackSmith21Richard Parks, LabourerMarySWALLOWBolton upon DearneSpinsterEdward Swallow, Labourer20William Finney & Harriet ParksBy Banns
13 08 1866WilliamBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer25Thomas Beaumont, WheelWrightElizabethSWALLOWBolton upon DearneSpinsterEdward Swallow, Labourer23William Finney & Alice BomanBy Banns
04 12 1866RichardFRETWELLBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24Richard Fretwell, LabourerMary AnnMOOREBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Moore, Coachman26Isaac Scholey & Mary FretwellBy Banns
28 03 1867GeorgeSCHOLY [SCHOLEY]BadsworthBachelorButcher24John Scholy, ShoeMakerFannySTONEBolton upon DearneSpinsterFrancis Stone30Richard Depledge & Elizabeth DepledgeBy Licence
04 11 1867EdwardSWALLOWBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmer62Jonathan Swallow, FarmerAnnOLIVERBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Oliver, Labourer42Richard Amery, Ann Pigott, Mary Amery & William PigottBy Banns
25 11 1867EnochBINKSRawmarshBachelorLabourer21John Binks, LabourerMaryMILLSGoldthorpeSpinsterCharles Mills, Labourer20Charles Birks & Clara Ann ThickittBy Banns
27 11 1867JohnTAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer39Matthias Taylor, LabourerElizabethBAILEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Bailey, Labourer23William Hollingworth & Susannah HollingworthBy Banns
25 12 1867William HenryTAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer20George Taylor, LabourerElizabethGODLYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Godly, ShoeMaker19George Dawson & Mary StablesBy Banns
11 08 1868WilliamDUKEBolton upon DearneWidowerBlackSmith33James DukeMaryMAWSONHuddersfieldSpinsterThomas Mawson, Saddler35William Adams & Mary Emma AtkinsonBy Banns
08 04 1869GeorgeLONGLEYWathBachelorMason22Charles Longley, ShoeMakerMaryBATTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Batty, Farmer27John Batty & Mary GibsonBy Banns
19 07 1869WilliamRANDESONDoncasterBachelorLabourer20 HarrietDOWNINGBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Downing, Labourer21Thomas Hallam & Emma WalkerBy Banns
07 12 1869RobertBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer25John Beaumont, MillerFannyKEMPBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Kemp, Labourer16John Kemp & Harriet HartleyBy Banns
20 01 1870JamesAMERYBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmer40Richard Amery, FarmerAnnPIGOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterGodfrey Pigott, Butcher21William Rhodes, Sarah Pigott, T R ??? & B AmeryBy Licence
10 03 1870JohnCLARKGoldthorpeBachelorLabourer31Thomas Clark, LabourerElizaGARWOODGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Garwood, Labourer33Daniel Garwood & Ann HarrisonBy Banns
27 07 1870WilliamWHITEBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer29William White, TradesmanJanePARKINBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Parkin, Labourer23John Hill & Mary LockwoodBy Banns
09 08 1870CharlesBRIERSClaytonBachelorGame Keeper26Charles Briers, LabourerMarthaRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Ratcliffe, Farmer22George Ratcliffe & Elizabeth BriersBy Banns
29 08 1870ThomasNAYLORGoldthorpeWidowerCarpenter50Matthew Naylor, CarpenterHannahRHODESGoldthorpeWidowChristopher Wood, Farmer60Thomas Lockwood & Betty LockwoodBy Banns
23 10 1870JosephBOWERBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer19Joseph Bower, LabourerMaryFREEMANBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Freeman, Labourer17George Senior & Jane PigottBy Banns
29 11 1870JohnBISBYBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23George Bisby, LabourerHarrietSCHOLEYBolton upon DearneWidowJohn Moore, Coachman26Richard Fretwell & Eliza MooreBy Banns
07 01 1871SolomonWHITLEYShelf, HalifaxBachelorOverLooker24 JanePIGOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Pigott, Labourer24Henry Saul & Catherine PigottBy Banns
13 08 1871FrederickHEPWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorMiller22John Hepworth, PainterFrancesJONGLINBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Jonglin, Miller29John Rickson ? & Margaret Ann RobsonBy Licence
16 10 1871ThomasWARDGoldthorpeBachelorMason20Thomas Ward, TailorEmmaHELLEWELLGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Hellewell, Labourer22George Atkinson & Harriet HellewellBy Banns
27 11 1871JohnHEPPENSTALLBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24Jonathan Heppenstall, LabourerHannahROBINSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Robinson, Collier22Jonathan Heppenstall & Fanny HeppenstallBy Banns
27 11 1871JohnHUTCHINSONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22Abraham Hutchinson, FarmerMary AnnSTRAWBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Straw, Collier20George Straw & Emma StrawBy Banns
01 01 1872GeorgeSMITHBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner21Cornelius Smith, MinerElisabethELLIOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Elliott, Labourer18William Barlow & Emma ElliottBy Banns
22 02 1872ThomasLITHERLANDWathBachelorPointsman25Thomas Litherland, FarmerMarySTORYBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Story, Farmer22Thomas Humphreys & Alice Ann StoryBy Banns
28 10 1872StephenHICKLINGEggintonBachelorJoiner26George Hickling, FarmerCatherinePIGOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Pigott, Butcher22Solomon Whitley & Mary Ann HutchinsonBy Banns
17 02 1873SamuelCOOKBolton upon DearneBachelorCollier22Richard Cook, LabourerJuliaMAWSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterNehemiah Mawson, Saddler17John Cook & Arabella HennesseyBy Banns
12 03 1873GeorgeMOSLEYNormantonBachelorJoiner22Joseph Mosley, ButcherEmilyMOOREBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Moore, Draper21Thomas Latham & Annie MooreBy Banns
27 03 1873JohnRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner20William Ratcliffe, FarmerAbigailHOWLETTBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Howlett, Labourer19George Ratcliffe & Martha BriersBy Banns
28 03 1873JamesHERRINGHandsworth, WoodhouseBachelorDraper28James Herring, DraperClaraSTORYBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Story, Farmer22S F Graves & Eleanor Ann HarrisonBy Banns
23 06 1873HerbertLAWBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer21Charles Law, MasonJaneSMITHThurnscoeSpinsterThomas Smith, Labourer20Alfred Law & Mary SwallowBy Banns
22 07 1873HenryBUTCHERSwintonBachelorDruggist25Joseph Butcher, Musis MasterAnnJOHNSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterRobert Johnson, Farmer28Charles E D Butcher & Mary JohnsonBy Banns
05 08 1873GeorgeATKINSONSt.John's, BarnsleyBachelorPattern Maker24Joseph Atkinson, WatchmanHarrietHELLEWELLGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Hellewell, Green Grocer26William Atkinson & Ann Emily HellewellBy Banns
11 08 1873JohnHOPESBlackernill, WorsboroughWidowerMiner22James Hopes, MinerAnnisNEWSOMEBolton upon DearneSpinster 21John Haigh & Mary SwallowBy Banns
10 09 1873ThomasSHAWBolton upon DearneWidowerEngine Tenter32William Shaw, LabourerElizabethGALLEMOREMilnhurst, DarfieldSpinsterThomas Gallemore, Stone Getter Valentine Fish & Eliza FishBy Registrar's Certificate
21 05 1874ThomasWOODBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner21George Wood, MinerElizaMOOREBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Moore, Coachman25J? Moore & Cornelia Sarah LawBy Banns
29 06 1874WilliamSARGESONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner24William Sargeson, LabourerFannyHEPPENSTALLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJonathan Heppenstall, Labourer23Fred Heppenstall & Harriet CuttsBy Banns
10 07 1874Walter EdwardFOWKESWorsborough DaleBachelorClerk28Benjamin Fowkes, ManufacturerJane GraceMITCHELL?Bolton HallSpinsterJoseph Mitchell, Colliery Proprietor31John William Fowkes, Sarah Maria Parsonson, William Batty & William EnglishBy Licence
14 09 1874GeorgeRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner23William Ratcliffe, FarmerHarrietCUTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Cutt, Miner22James Haigh & Ann CuttBy Banns
25 03 1875GeorgePOWELLThurnscoeBachelorGroom21George Powell, LabourerAnn EmilyHELLEWELLGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Hellewell, Green Grocer24George Hall Beaumont & Emma HellewellBy Banns
04 07 1875ThomasBURDINMexboroughWidowerLabourerFull AgeThomas Burdin, LabourerSarahHAIGHBolton upon DearneWidow Full AgeJoseph Holding & Ann HoldingBy Banns
14 08 1875MatthewSWALLOWArmthorpeBachelorBrickmaker21Thomas Swallow, BrickmakerMarySANDERSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Sanderson, Parish Clerk20Matthew Sanderson & Annie SandersonBy Banns
28 09 1875HenryHIGGINSBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer32John Higgins, LabourerAnnHELLEWELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Hellewell, Labourer33Henry Swallow & Emma BattyBy Banns
01 11 1875John HarwoodPARKINGoldthorpeBachelorFarmer20George Parkin, FarmerMary AnnFINDLOWWathSpinsterWilliam Findlow, StationMaster23Joseph SandersonBy Licence
25 12 1875JohnJOHNSONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer20James Johnson, MasonMariaHANNAFORDBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hannaford, Labourer17James Summee? & Mary Ann HannafordBy Banns
01 03 1877RichardWOODBolton upon DearneBachelorFarmer29Richard Wood, FarmerEdithHORNEBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Horne, ShoeMaker27William Henry Horne & Martha Ann HellewellBy Licence
07 04 1877ThomasHODGESBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22John Hodges, LabourerSarah AnnWHITINGBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Whiting, Labourer21Nelson Hodges & Sarah Ann DysonBy Banns
17 06 1877WilliamLOCKWOODGoldthorpeBachelorFarmer21Thomas Lockwood, InnKeeperLucyWRIGHTGoldthorpeSpinsterJonathan Wright, Joiner17Joseph AllenBy Licence
07 10 1877TomKNOXBolton upon DearneBachelorShunter18John Knox, Engine DriverMary JaneWESTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn West, Labourer17Henry Hollowday & Sarah Ann BeareBy Banns
11 12 1877HarryHURRELLBolton upon DearneBachelorQuarryMan25John Hurrell, LabourerAliceBEAUMONTThurnscoeSpinsterThomas Beaumont, Labourer29George Beaumont & Annie LawBy Banns
13 01 1878ThomasBARRASSBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer21Thomas Barrass, TailorElizaWRIGHTWarmsworthSpinsterJoseph Wright, Labourer20W Thickett & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
17 01 1878JohnCROSSBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer55John Cross, CarpenterMaryWESTBolton upon DearneWidowGeorge Morley, Labourer49Thomas Poulson Birks & Kate DickinsonBy Banns
04 04 1878WilliamMARSHALLEastwoodBachelorGrocer27Edward Marshall, Stone MasonCarolineROBERTSGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Roberts, Farmer27Francis Roberts & Ellen RobertsBy Licence
07 04 1878JohnRILEYBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23John Riley, LabourerElizabethJAMESBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn James, Labourer17John James & Elizabeth ParishBy Banns
21 04 1878JohnSHEPPARDBolton upon DearneBachelorExcavator32James Sheppard, LabourerRosannaSTONEBolton upon DearneSpinsterRobert Stone, Labourer30Joseph Sanderson & Sarah CookBy Banns
15 09 1878MatthewROSEHunsletBachelorMechanic23John Rose, Engine DriverMartha AmeliaJAMESBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn James, Brickmaker16John Turton & Sarah CookBy Banns
23 12 1878WilliamGALLUPBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23William Gallup, ShoeMakerSarahCOOKBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Cook, Labourer18John Cook & Kate ElliotBy Banns
24 12 1878JosephALLENLeedsBachelorEngine Tenter24John Allen, CordwainerAlice AnnieJOELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Joell, Cooper19Thomas Joell & Lucy Ellen JoellBy Banns
30 12 1878JohnLOWEBolton upon DearneBachelorBrickLayer21Richard Lowe, LabourerMaria McLeanLOWEBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Wigglesworth, Labourer21George Wigglesworth & Mary Ann LoweBy Banns
13 05 1879Henry HerbertWOODCarlton RoystonBachelorFarmer22Matthias Wood, PlumberMaryMARSDENGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Marsden, Farmer21Frederick Marsden & Ann Elizabeth MarsdenBy Licence
28 09 1879HenrySWALLOWBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner24Joseph Swallow, LabourerEmmaBATTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterIsaac Batty, Labourer19Joseph Sanderson & Jane SandersonBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
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