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BOLTON UPON DEARNE: The Parish Marriage Registers for Bolton upon Dearne, 1880-1899

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom ParishStatusOccupationAgeGroom's FatherBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishStatusBride's FatherAgeWitnessesNotes
15 01 1880ThomasPACYBolton upon DearneWidowerBrick Manufacturer47John Pacy, GateKeeperCatherineLANCASHIREWathWidowJohn Batty, InnKeeper38Thomas Norbron Batty & Joseph SandersonBy Licence
20 04 1880ThomasPEPPERBolton upon DearneWidowerGentleman54Robert Pepper, FarmerAnnLOCKWOODBolton upon DearneWidowJohn Wilson, Farmer54John Marsden & Hannah MarsdenBy Licence
28 07 1880FredTHORPEWathBachelorInnKeeper26James Thorpe, InnKeeperHannah Elizabeth EpworthABSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterLionel Abson, Farmer25John Wilson & Barrett? ThorpeBy Licence
08 08 1880MorrisMAWSONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23Nehemiah Mawson, SaddlerHarrietBAILEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterMaurice Bailey, Labourer19Joseph Mawson & Margaret Ann CookBy Banns
30 08 1880GeorgeTAYLORBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer55John Taylor, LabourerAnneBEANBolton upon DearneWidowJohn Bean, Labourer54Joseph Askew & Mary HarrisonBy Banns
25 12 1880HerbertHANCOCKBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22Thomas Hancock, ForgemanMary ElizabethWHITEBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge White, Labourer19Henry Cutt & Hannah WhiteBy Banns
06 06 1881John ThomasUNTHANKBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24John Thomas Unthank, LabourerKateSANDERSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Sanderson, Parish Clerk22Matthew Sanderson & Kate ElliottBy Banns
08 06 1881Frederick WilliamMARSDENGoldthorpeBachelorFarmer25John Marsden, FarrierEllenSENIORBolton upon DearneSpinster 19Joseph Allen & Ann Elizabeth MarsdenBy Banns
30 01 1882RobertCOOKBolton upon DearneBachelorButcher32Richard Cook, ButcherEvangelineNICHOLSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterBrady Nicholson, Farmer25Joseph Sanderson & Kate UnthinkBy Banns
18 06 1882WilliamBRISTOWEGoldthorpeBachelorMan Servant24Joseph Bristowe, FarmerElizabeth EllenROBERTSGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Roberts, Farmer23Francis Roberts & Louisa ShawBy Banns
10 08 1882JohnBATTYBolton upon DearneBachelorAssistant OverseerFull AgeWilliam Batty, FarmerCatherineEARNSHAWBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Earnshaw, GardenerFull AgeJames Knight, Emma Earnshaw, George Longley & Mary Ellen KnightBy Banns
11 09 1882WilliamHAGUEKimberworthBachelorFurnaceMan24William Hague, Fire T???Mary JaneMELLORDSBolton upon DearneSpinsterEli Mellords, Deputy21Arthur Hague & Maria MellordsBy Banns
25 12 1882AlfredBANNER OR BONNERBolton upon DearneBachelorCollier26Samuel Bonner, JoinerMary ElizabethWINGFIELDBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Wingfield, Collier17Albert Wingfield & Kate GleadenBy Banns
24 07 1883William ThomasBARKERNorton CampsallBachelorBuilder31William Barker, deceased BuilderRebeccaSUNDERLANDBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Peter Sunderland, deceased Farmer23Samuel Sunderland & Mary MorleyBy Banns
22 09 1883WilliamGIBSONMexboroughBachelorGlass Blower24John Gibson, QuarryManHannahSWALLOWBolton upon DearneSpinsterJonathan Swallow, Labourer20Alfred L?? & Mary Elizabeth ParrBy Banns
25 12 1883CharlesHAUGH OR HOUGHHoylandWidowerMiner28George Hough, MinerAnnieSANDERSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Sanderson, Parish Clerk31Matthew Sanderson & Sarah GreenBy Banns
02 02 1884JosephHARRISONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner26John Harrison, MinerAdahCROMMACKSwintonSpinsterGeorge Crommack, deceased Miller19George Eccles & Joseph SandersonBy Banns
29 04 1884JohnHARRISONBolton upon DearneWidowerMinerFull AgeJohn Harrison, LabourerFannyHAIGHBolton upon DearneWidowJoseph Corton, LabourerFull AgeIsaac Batty & Ann TaylorBy Banns
15 09 1884ThomasBATTYBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner25Isaac Batty, MinerElizabethTAYLORBolton upon DearneSpinster 22Henry Swallow & Emma SwallowBy Banns
14 10 1884Joseph LedgerHAWKSWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorAccountant's Clerk22John Hawksworth, deceased FarmerFanny MariaHANKEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterMichael Hankey, deceased PostMaster26George Dickinson & Mary Elizabeth NaylorBy Banns
28 10 1884William HenryLOCKWOODWathBachelorButcher26Joseph Lockwood, ButcherEmilyHAWKSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hawksworth, deceased Farmer26Joseph Ledger Hawksworth & Mary Matilda HawksworthBy Licence
01 01 1885ThomasCOLLINGHAMBolton upon DearneBachelorMinerFull AgeJoseph Collingham, LabourerChristiana TamlinHURSTBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Hurst, Miner19James Hurst & Agnes HurstBy Banns
03 08 1885CharlesFREEMANBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourerFull AgeWilliam Freeman, ShoeMakerPriscillaWRIGHTBolton upon DearneWidowThomas Hudson, LabourerFull AgeMilton Watson & Emma WatsonBy Banns
09 09 1885Walter TophamBOYESBradfordBachelorWarehouseMan27Francis Boyes, UpholstererAda FlorenceEBBLEWHITEBolton upon DearneSpinster 22Ernest William Moss, William Henry Horn & Francis BoyesBy Banns
03 02 1886CorneliusHURRELLBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer27John Hurrell, LabourerSarah AnnGREENBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Green, Labourer20Henry Hurrell & Eleanor ArnallBy Banns
08 02 1886RichardTRICKETTBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer20John Trickett, Boiler SmithCharlotteDYSONSwintonSpinsterCollin Dyson, Carter20William Trickett & Alice DysonBy Banns
12 04 1886TomMARKMANBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22Thomas Markman, LabourerBeatricePETTYBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Petty, deceased21John Petty & Kate GleadenBy Banns
12 02 1887HarryHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer30 Mary JaneLETTALLBolton upon DearneSpinster 22Henry Cutt & Ann NaylorBy Banns
17 03 1887SamuelSUNDERLANDBolton upon DearneBachelorPublican26John Peter Sunderland, FarmerMary ElizabethMORLEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Morley, Lawyer's Clerk27Thomas Morley & Rebecca BarkerBy Banns
20 03 1887JeremiahWIGINSBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner26Charles Wigins, WeaverMaryLIMBBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Limb, Miner20John Earnshaw & Mary Elizabeth TaylorBy Banns
25 04 1887GeorgeECCLESBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner21George Eccles, MinerHarrietHALLBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Hall, Miner19George Unwin & Ann Maria HallBy Banns
24 05 1887GeorgeDICKINSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMason23John Dickinson, MasonMary MatildaHAWKSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hawksworth, deceased Farmer20Joseph Ledger Hawksworth & Sarah Ann DickinsonBy Banns
30 05 1887ArthurUNWINBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner21Joseph Unwin, MinerFlorenceARNALLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Arnall, Gardener21George Taylor & Emma HurstBy Banns
30 05 1887JohnWEBSTERBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24Richard Garland Webster, ChemistLucy AnnUNWINBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Unwin, deceased24George Unwin & Mary WebsterBy Banns
21 06 1887WilliamGILLOTTMexboroughBachelorLabourer25Thomas Gillott, deceased Boat BuilderSarah AnnSMITHBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Smith, Labourer21Henry Westerman & Hannah Maria GuestBy Banns
20 09 1887William MusgroveWILKINSONLeedsBachelorSolicitor28William Wilkinson, GentlemanGeorginaMITCHELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Mitchell, Civil Engineer23Joseph Mitchell, Ellen Josephine May Mitchell, Kate Mitchell & Elijah WilkinsonBy Banns
26 12 1887William HenryTAYLORBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer40George Taylor, LabourerAnnieCOULSONBolton upon DearneWidowJohn Slater, Farmer33William Stables & Mary StablesBy Banns
17 01 1888ArthurCLAPHAMRawmarshBachelorMiner27George Clapham, LabourerMariaNEWBOUNDBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Newbound, Foreman23Arthur Sykes & Sarah ClaphamBy Banns
02 04 1888DanielHARRISONBolton upon DearneWidowerCollier25John Harrison, MinerAnnieSIMPSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Simpson, Mason25Thomas Huntington & Ann Elizabeth HuntingtonBy Banns
03 04 1888JohnPETTYMexboroughBachelorCollier23George Petty, CollierMartha ElizabethAWTY [AUTY]Bolton upon DearneSpinster 25Henry Branham & Margaret Ann CookBy Banns
09 07 1888JoeHUNTINGTONSheffieldBachelorCabinet Maker23Thomas Huntington, CarpenterSarah AnnDICKINSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Dickinson, Mason23Kate Dickinson, John Dickinson & L HuntingtonBy Banns
13 08 1888CharlesWEBSTERBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22Richard Garland Webster, ChemistHannahWHITEBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge White, Labourer21Benjamin Sellars & Ada WhiteBy Banns
13 11 1888Lycurgust ?HALLLongwoodBachelorJoiner21Joe Hall, FettlerKateDYSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Dyson, ShoeMaker22George Dyson & Harriet DysonBy Banns
21 11 1888George RichardHAWKSWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorMiller23John Hawksworth, deceased FarmerMary AnnADAMSBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Adams, Grocer21James Duke Adams & Mary Duke ChappellBy Banns
23 12 1888JohnEARNSHAWBolton upon DearneBachelorCollier20Elijah Earnshaw, MinerMary ElizabethTAYLORBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Henry Taylor, Labourer16 or 18William Henry Taylor & Susannah TaylorBy Banns
18 02 1890RobertELLIOTTDarfieldBachelorButcher29Edward Elliott, FarmerMaryGILLOTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Gillott, Farmer24John Gillott & Shale Octavia Lister Kidgall ?By Banns
19 03 1890JohnWALTONLeedsBachelorPublican28William Walton, LabourerFrances AnnRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Ratcliffe, Labourer24William Walton & Annie RatcliffeBy Banns
06 05 1890CharlesGREENMexboroughBachelorBanksman22Henry Green, LabourerElizaMARSDENBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Marsden, Farmer29Ann Elizabeth Marsden & Frederick William MarsdenBy Banns
22 05 1890Arthur HenryPIERCYAckworthBachelorSignalMan27Henry Piercy, deceased TailorMarthaLUNNBolton upon DearneSpinsterLevi Lunn, deceased Labourer21George Lunn & Annie LunnBy Banns
10 09 1890AlfredYARNOLDMexboroughBachelorFurnaceMan24Matthew Yarnold, ForgemanFlorence ElizaHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterAlfred Hollingworth, Inspector20William Bishead Yarnold & Ada YarnoldBy Banns
01 10 1890HarryBURBOROUGHArthingtonBachelorGardener25James Burborough, GardenerAnnieWORDSWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Wordsworth, Labourer30John Edmund Wordsworth & Edith Mary WordsworthBy Banns
11 11 1890BlakeleyDOUGLASLong PrestonBachelorPlumber24Cain Douglas, Glass Bottle MakerElizabeth Margaret MaryDUKEBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Duke, BlackSmith23William Duke & Mary DukeBy Banns
12 11 1890JohnSIMPSONBolton upon DearneBachelorJoiner26George Simpson, MasonLucyADAMSBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Adams, Labourer18William Frederick Adams & Kate ChappellBy Banns
10 12 1890JohnHURRELLBolton upon DearneBachelorFireman22John Hurrell, deceased LabourerEsther HannahBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Beaumont, Labourer20Henry Hurrell & Ada Mary BeaumontBy Banns
05 01 1891HenryCLARKERotherhamBachelorMiner26George Clarke, deceased MinerMary ElizabethWHITEBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoshua White, deceased Publican21Charles Micklethwaite & Kate BeanBy Banns
30 03 1891GeorgeCOOKWathBachelorMiner26Samuel Cook, MinerRose MaryEMMERSONBolton upon DearneSpinster 20John Cook & Allen MorrittBy Licence
19 05 1891George MiltonWATSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22Milton Watson, MinerMary ElizabethLUNNBolton upon DearneSpinsterLevi Lunn, deceased Labourer20Levi Lunn & Annie LunnBy Banns
21 07 1891MarkMONKSBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner27Richard Monks, deceased MinerSarah EllenHORSFIELDBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Horsfield, Labourer18Tom Monks & Annie MonksBy Banns
30 07 1891GeorgePRESLEYAdwick on DearneBachelorJoiner31John Presley, BuilderMaria EllenSAVAGEBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam James Savage, deceased Cashier26James Thomas Wilfred Savage & Myra Allwood SavageBy Banns
09 08 1891JohnBURLEYBolton upon DearneWidowerMiner31John Burley, deceased LabourerMariaBROWNBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Brown, deceased Labourer28George Wright & Sarah Ann WrightBy Banns
14 09 1891FredTRICKETTBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23John Trickett, Boiler SmithAnnie ElizabethSTANSFIELDBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Stansfield, deceased Grinder19Tom Stansfield & Mary Ann TrickettBy Banns
15 09 1891JohnSMITHBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer28Thomas Smith, LabourerAda MaryBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Beaumont, Labourer23John Hurrell & Henrietta BeaumontBy Banns
28 09 1891TomMONKSBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23Richard Monks, deceased CollierMary JaneWHITECudworthSpinsterJoseph White, deceased Plate Layer20Jack Monks & Edingal MonksBy Banns
24 12 1891Arthur ThomasSHARPEDarfieldBachelorMiner21William Sharpe, MinerAnnieCLAYTONGoldthorpeSpinsterArthur Clayton, Joiner22Charles Clayton & Annie MoorhouseBy Banns
24 12 1891EliCHAPMANGawberBachelorPlumber24George Chapman, MinerAnnieLUNNBolton upon DearneSpinsterLevi Lunn, deceased Labourer26George Lunn & Julia Annie HardyBy Banns
25 12 1891HenryBARBERWathBachelorCoke Burner21George Barber, CarpenterElizabethMORRISBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Morris, Farm Labourer21James Redhead & Mary Ann BeaumontBy Banns
15 02 1892JamesPYATTBolton upon DearneBachelorCollier23John Pyatt, deceased LabourerAdaDUNSTANBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Dunstan, Collier18Charles Dobbs & Rosa OwenBy Banns
17 02 1892HerbertSMITHBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22Thomas Smith, LabourerAdaLEECHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Leech, Miner20John William Limb & Flora WestermanBy Banns
24 02 1892SamuelCOOPERBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner21Marcus Cooper, CollierSarahPLATTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Platt, deceased Joiner20Alfred Stevenson & Mary StevensonBy Banns
16 08 1892Herbert HarrisonROGERSStanningleyBachelorFoundry Labourer21Joshua Rogers, CarpenterRose HannahGREENBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Green, Labourer21Charles Green & Annie Elizabeth GreenBy Banns
21 11 1892RobertDUNHILLBolton upon DearneBachelorBrick Layer21John Dunhill, Brick LayerEllenLAWBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Law, Mason21William Harrison & Ruth SmithBy Banns
22 05 1893RobertROCKBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner25Thomas Rock, deceased QuarryManAliceCOOKBolton upon DearneSpinsterSamuel Cook, deceased Miner22George Cook & Rose Mary CookBy Banns
05 06 1893FredCHAPPELLWathBachelorLabourer23George Chappell, LabourerMary AnnTRICKETTBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Trickett, Boiler Smith22William Trickett & Lily TrickettBy Banns
07 06 1893GeorgeTAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22Alfred Taylor, MasonAnn ElizabethHUNTINGTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Huntington, Carpenter19Thomas Huntington, Arthur Glover Frickley & Annie SmithBy Banns
10 06 1893Francis WilliamECCLESSandal MagnaBachelorClerk33William Eccles, MasonEmilyELLISONBolton upon DearneSpinsterPeter Ellison, deceased Clerk27John Ellison & Alice EllisonBy Banns
13 06 1893ThomasCOXONSt.Peter's, LEIBachelorClerk27Peter Coxon, VergerMyraALLWOODBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam James Savage, deceased Cashier26James Heath Savage & Elizabeth Ann SavageBy Banns
08 08 1893ArthurBROWNBarnsleyBachelorColliery Clerk24James Brown, WarehouseManSarah EmmaCARTWRIGHTBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Hughes Cartwright, Commercial Jeweller26William Hughes Cartwright & Mary Elizabeth CartwrightBy Banns
25 12 1893ArthurPICKARDDewsburyBachelorTenterer19John Pickard, LabourerLouisa NicholesDYSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Dyson, ShoeMaker19John Dyson & Harriet DysonBy Banns
16 05 1894MichaelFIRTHManninghamBachelorMilk Dealer27Michael Jackson, deceased Milk DealerEmilyWORBYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Worby, Farmer24John Worby & Annie JacksonBy Banns
25 06 1894JamesJOW [JOWETT?]MexboroughBachelorMiner26George Jow, Plate LayerLizzieCOOKBolton upon DearneSpinsterSamuel Cook, deceased Miner21George Cook & Rose Mary CookBy Banns
15 07 1894James EllisBOTTOMLEYBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner27Joseph Bottomley, MinerRoseUNWINBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Unwin, deceased Miner25Arthur Unwin & Sarah BottomleyBy Banns
13 08 1894AlbertSTANSFIELDBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner23George Stansfield, deceased GrinderHarrietDYSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Dyson, ShoeMaker23John Dyson & Martha StansfieldBy Banns
15 08 1894Edgar WilliamADDYMANLeedsBachelorEngine DriverFull AgeSamuel Addyman, deceased Plate LayerMaryMOTLEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterParker Motley, FarmerFull AgeArthur Edward Goodman & Annie KingBy Banns
25 08 1894Francis CharlesDOBBSBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner22 RosaOWENBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Owen, Miner18Frederick Owen & Annette OwenBy Banns
16 09 1894JosephLUDLAMBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer22Charles Ludlam, LabourerEdingalMONKSBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Monks, deceased Collier21Thomas Ludlam & Elizabeth MonksBy Banns
26 09 1894JohnHUNTINGTONBolton upon DearneBachelorBlackSmith21Thomas Huntington, CarpenterAnnieSMITHBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Smith, Collier22Samuel Smith & Eleanor SmithBy Banns
11 11 1894William JamesBAREHAMBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer27Joseph Bareham, White EnamellerGeogiana EllenBUSHBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Bush, Labourer21James Corrigan & Jane BushBy Banns
11 18 1894George HodgsonHAYWOODBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner25Charles Haywood, FishMongerLeah NorahHAWKINSBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Hawkins, ShoeMaker21Thomas Curtis & Alice Agnes MartinBy Banns
09 12 1894HarryMONKSBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer26Richard Monks, deceased CollierKateMYCOCKBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Mycock, Miner24Hannah Cree & John CreeBy Banns
25 12 1894William JohnDYSONBolton upon DearneWidowerCarpenter40John Dyson, ShoeMakerMaryGREAVESBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Greaves, deceased Sawyer26John Greaves & Sarah Ann AskewBy Banns
26 12 1894JohnWADEWathWidowerCarpenterFull AgeEdwin Wade, deceased CarpenterRoseJACKSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Jackson, FarmerFull AgeFred Jackson & Ada JacksonBy Banns
10 03 1895George HenryHOBSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner27Henry Hobson, deceased MinerMary JanePHILLIPSBolton upon DearneSpinsterSamuel Phillips, Miner18Ralph Bainbridge & Lavinia BainbridgeBy Banns
01 04 1895EnochPURSELLGoldthorpeBachelorMiner28Edward Pursell, MinerMary Elizabeth KilroyBURNSGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Kilroy Burns, Miner21Robert Kilroy Burns & Catherine Kilroy BurnsBy Banns
16 06 1895FrederickMARSHALLBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer29Samuel Marshall, LabourerElizabethBROWNBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Brown, Miner34Samuel Brown & Alfreada CoxBy Banns
23 06 1895AlfredDUNNBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer27Emmanuel Dunn, LabourerEvaWEBBBolton upon DearneSpinsterRichard Webb, deceased Labourer31Sidney Cross & Elizabeth CrossBy Banns
29 07 1895George WilliamCHAPMANShipleyBachelorDyer29John Garlic Chapman, CarterAnnieRATCLIFFEBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Ratcliffe, Labourer24William Ratcliffe & Mary BurrellBy Banns
04 08 1895WilliamCOPLEYWosborough CommonBachelorSawyer21Joe Copley, Lime BurnerEmilyMORRISBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Morris, Labourer22Ann Copley & Elizabeth CopleyBy Banns
10 08 1895HenryPORTERBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner29John Porter, deceased MinerRebeccaGALLIMOREBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Gallimore, Miner21George Probert & Edith WykeBy Banns
12 09 1895FrederickASKINWathBachelorGrocer21John Frederick Askin, GrocerAdaWORBYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Worby, Farmer21Michael Firth Jackson & Ada CookBy Banns
23 09 1895WillieLANEBatleyBachelorStationer26Samuel Lane, deceased StationerMary EmmaMEDLOCKBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Medlock, Labourer25Thomas Medlock & Catherine Elizabeth DickinsonBy Banns
26 12 1895SamuelBROWNBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer23John Brown, MinerAlfreadaCOXBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Cox, Miner25George Unwin & Margaret Ann UnwinBy Banns
04 05 1896WilliamASHTONBolton upon DearneWidowerCollier54John Ashton, LabourerEmilyADAMSBolton upon DearneWidowJohn Tidmarsh, Labourer52Samuel Philips & Mary SwallowBy Banns
01 06 1896JohnBROWNBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer25James Brown, deceased Plate LayerElizabeth AnnALLENBolton upon DearneSpinsterCharles William Allen, Pit Sinker19Joseph Arthur & Eliza Gertrude AllenBy Banns
05 06 1896John ThomasTHORNTONGoldthorpeBachelorMiner24John Thornton, MinerElizabethJONESGoldthorpeSpinsterJames Jones, deceased Engineer21Thomas Shelding & Elizabeth RoundBy Banns
22 06 1896George FrederickSMARTHigh Street, WombwellBachelorButcher19Edwin Smart, BrickLayerMartha Anne LenthallWOODCollingwood Terrace, Bolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Wood, Miner21Blanche Nellie Wood & James MooreBy Banns
23 06 1896ErnestDIBBWathBachelorBanksman21Blyth Dibb, CarterHenriettaBEAUMONTBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Beaumont, Labourer23John Beaumont & Eleanor Sarah BeaumontBy Banns
11 07 1896John WilliamDENNISGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22William Dennis, FarmerLucyHOLEGoldthorpeSpinsterCornelius Hole, Chemist21Annie Hole & John Henry SharpBy Banns
10 08 1896John ThomasASHTONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer25William Ashton, MinerFlorenceCREASERBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Creaser, Miner21Albert Whenlock Creaser & Annie LintonBy Banns
17 08 1896AlbertJENKINSONMexboroughBachelorGlass Blower23John Jenkinson, JoinerSusannahSMITHSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Smithson, Miner24George Jenkinson & Rose SmithsonBy Banns
08 09 1896Samuel WarnerPLATTBolton upon DearneBachelorLamp Cleaner28Samuel Platt, Linen WeaverMary AllenMORRITTBolton upon DearneSpinsterCalvert Morritt, Banksman24Calvert Morritt & Sarah MorrittBy Banns
28 09 1896ErnestSMITHGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21Alfred Smith, MinerAda FannySMITHGoldthorpeSpinsterFrank Smith, Miner19Frank Smith & Mary Jane SmithBy Banns
03 10 1896AlfredWALKERGoldthorpeBachelorMiner24Joseph Walker, MinerMariaBROWNGoldthorpeSpinsterSamuel Brown, Labourer19Joseph Booth & Annie BoothBy Banns
19 10 1896JohnCLOKEBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner20George Cloke, MinerMargaret ElizabethBIRKSBolton upon DearneSpinsterMartin Birks, deceased Miner18Tom Ellison Yettall & Ann Higgins 
24 12 1896William CharlesBUTLERGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22Charles Butler, LabourerHarrietPALFREYMANGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Palfreyman, Miner21Richard Palfreyman & Ann DukeBy Banns
24 12 1896John HenrySHARPGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21George Sharp, LabourerAnnieHOLEGoldthorpeSpinsterCornelius Hole, Chemist20John William Dennis & Lucy DennisBy Banns
25 12 1896NoahLUNNGoldthorpeBachelorMiner29James Lunn, deceased MinerEllenKINGSTONGoldthorpeSpinsterIsaac Kingston, Miner18George Williams & Emily Alice GreenBy Banns
25 12 1896JamesSCOTTGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21John Scott, MinerMary JaneSMITHGoldthorpeSpinsterFrank Smith, Miner22Frank Smith & Ada Fanny SmithBy Banns
31 12 1896EdwinDOWNINGWathBachelorFarmer25Joseph Downing, FarmerEleanorARNALLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Arnall, Grocer28Jesse Arnall & Annis DowningBy Banns
11 05 1897BenjaminWILKINSONGoldthorpeWidowerEngineer56Benjamin Wilkinson, deceased CollierRhoda AnnGARDINERGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Gardiner, Gardener36James Dennis & Ruth Wilkinson DennisBy Banns
07 06 1897Robert LatlyDUNBARThurnscoeBachelorMiner24Cuthbert Dunbar, MinerMary EllenCARRINGTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Carrington, Miner24P P Brammer & Minnie CarringtonBy Banns
08 06 1897Francis RowlandBROWNBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer27John Brown, deceased LabourerEmmaWEBSTERBolton upon DearneSpinsterMichael Garland Webster, Chemist19John Webster & Mary WebsterBy Banns
19 06 1897Thomas MawsonDUKEBolton upon DearneBachelorBlackSmith27William Duke, BlackSmithSarahRUSHWORTHBolton upon DearneSpinsterRobert Rushworth, Joiner25James Duke & Mary DukeBy Banns
10 07 1897ThomasSPIBEYGoldthorpeBachelorMiner24Thomas Spibey, MinerElizabethSTABLESGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Stables, Miner22Charles Limb & Rachel Annie StablesBy Banns
02 08 1897TomBEDFORDGoldthorpeBachelorBlackSmith25Joseph Bedford, BanksmanElizabethWRIGLEYGoldthorpeSpinsterReuben Wrigley, Miner20George Lockwood & Annie Griffiths 
04 08 1897CharlesGLADWINHope SheffieldBachelorSignalMan29Charles Gladwin, LabourerMaryCHARITYBolton upon DearneSpinsterEdis Eades Charity, Labourer27Henry Gladwin & Matilda CharityBy Banns
27 09 1897William EmmersonKIRKBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner20William Kirk, Colliery DeputyAnnieDEWELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterCharles Dewell, Brickmaker21Arthur Kirk & Lucy DewellBy Banns
28 09 1897JosephLIMBBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner24John Limb, MinerMarthaSTANSFIELDBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Stansfield, deceased Grinder22Thomas Stansfield & Millicent LimbBy Banns
25 12 1897Joseph HenryGALLIMOREGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22Joseph Gallimore, MinerFlorenceBAMFORDGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Bamford, deceased Miner19Frank Spiby & Lillian BallBy Banns
25 12 1897John GeorgeHAZLEHURSTBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner35Thomas Hazlehurst, deceased MinerLouisaTOWNENDBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Townend, deceased Miller23James Cronkshaw & Martha CronkshawBy Banns
25 12 1897GeorgeWILLIAMSGoldthorpeBachelorMiner25Thomas Williams, MinerEmily AliceGREENGoldthorpeSpinsterGeorge Green, Miner21William Probert & Ann GreenBy Banns
27 12 1897WilliamASHTONBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24William Ashton, MinerCharlotte MariaGARBUTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterRobert George Garbutt, Miner23Robert George Garbutt & Theresa GarbuttBy Banns
08 01 1898GeorgeATHERTONGoldthorpeBachelorCollier22John Atherton, CollierElizabethWILDMANGoldthorpeSpinsterHenry Wildman, deceased Collier20William Murray & Elizabeth HartshornBy Banns
27 04 1898William HerbertKNIGHTCudsworthBachelorSurgeon32Edmund Hinds Knight, deceased Clerk in Holy OrderEllen Josephine MayMITCHELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterJoseph Mitchell, deceased Engineer28Thomas Wilfred Horrs Mitchell, Kate Mitchell & Kathleen Maud KnightBy Banns
01 05 1898CharlesBRETTGoldthorpeBachelorMiner28Charles Brett, Table Knife ForgerKateJACKSONGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Jackson, Miner23George Elwell & Florence WaltonBy Banns
29 05 1898WilliamJORDANGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21Thomas Jordan, LabourerFannyFUDGEGoldthorpeSpinsterSamuel Fudge, Miner21Joseph Parkes & Jane WassellBy Banns
30 05 1898Robert RichardsonGARDNERWathBachelorMiner25Thomas Gardner, MinerMartha JaneNEEDHAMBolton upon DearneSpinsterDavid Needham, Miner24Thomas Needham & Emily NeedhamBy Banns
30 05 1898ThomasNEEDHAMBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner26David Needham, MinerSusannahJENKINSONBolton upon DearneWidowGeorge Smithson, Miner26Robert Richardson Gardner & Charlotte NeedhamBy Banns
11 07 1898WilliamBAINESGoldthorpeBachelorBrick Layer22George Baines, ConfectionerEmmaWARDGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Ward, Brick Layer19John Wilkinson & Mary Alice GrovesBy Banns
25 07 1898JohnBARFIELDGoldthorpeBachelorMiner32John Barfield, LabourerMary JanePEARSEGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Pearse, ShoeMaker25Joseph Morris & Edith DavisBy Banns
08 08 1898JosephLEECHBolton upon DearneWidowerMinerFull AgeJohn Leech, ButcherRosettaSMITHBolton upon DearneWidowCharles Vernon, Cab DriverFull AgeJohn Hill & Maria HillBy Banns
21 08 1898WilliamPROBERTThurnscoeBachelorMiner21Joseph Probert, MinerAnnGREENGoldthorpeSpinsterGeorge Green, Miner18George Williams & Laura GreenBy Banns
24 08 1898SamuelSMITHBolton upon DearneWidowerLabourer24George Smith, MinerFlorenceBENTLEYBolton upon DearneSpinsterSamuel Bentley, Joiner20John Huntington & Annie HuntingtonBy Banns
05 10 1898Thomas AlfredHOLLINGWORTHBolton upon DearneBachelorEngineer24Alfred Hollingworth, LabourerPhyllisMITCHELLBolton upon DearneSpinsterWalter Mitchell, Joiner21G H Wainwright & E E WainwrightBy Banns
20 10 1898HarryASHTONBolton CommonBachelorBanksman21William Ashton, MinerEleanorBEAUMONTHigh Street, Bolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Beaumont, Labourer21John Beaumont & Alice BeaumontBy Banns
07 11 1898AbrahamHALEGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22Joseph Hale, MinerElizabeth AnnWEBSTERGoldthorpeSpinsterFrederick Webster, Miner21Samuel Liddall Illingworth & Martha HaleBy Banns
16 11 1898ThomasHAMMONDGoldthorpeBachelorMiner26John Hammond, MinerAnnBAMFORDGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Bamford, deceased Miner21Charles Duke & Florence GallimoreBy Banns
28 11 1898John JosephMORRISGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21John Thomas Morris, BlackSmithEdithDAVISGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Davis, Miner21Charles Hotchins & Ellen LewisBy Banns
25 12 1898JohnROBINSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner27John Robinson, MinerHannah ElizaGRIFFITHSBolton upon DearneSpinsterDavid Griffiths, Miner19Ernest Griffiths & Harriet GriffithsBy Banns
26 12 1898John JosephBALLGoldthorpeBachelorMiner23John Ball, JoinerEmilyHOYLANDGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Hoyland, Miner23R H Lewis & Maria JonesBy Banns
27 12 1898John ThomasCOULSONBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner20Thomas Coulson, deceased FarmerTheresaGARBUTTBolton upon DearneSpinsterRobert George Garbutt, Miner23Robert George Garbutt & Martha CoulsonBy Banns
07 01 1899William HenryRIGGGoldthorpeBachelorMiner26John Rigg, MinerLillianTHOMASGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Denton Thomas, Miner22George Brookes & Edith BrookesBy Banns
29 01 1899GeorgeSYKESGoldthorpeBachelorBook Repairer35Henry Sykes, Pileman?HarrietGRUNDYGoldthorpeWidowGeorge Heathcott, deceased Miner45Charles Duke & Rose SykesBy Banns
03 04 1899ThomasOAKLEYGoldthorpeBachelorMiner28William Oakley, deceased MinerAdaDALEGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Dale, Miner20Emanuel Eades & Annie E EadesBy Banns
03 04 1899George BarkerJOHNSONGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22George Johnson, deceased MasonMinnieCARRINGTONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJames Carrington, Miner24James Murray Carrington, Theresa Dunbar & P P BrammerBy Banns
03 04 1899TomBRADBURYBolton upon DearneBachelorLabourer24George Bradbury, LabourerEllenNAYLORBolton upon DearneSpinsterWilliam Naylor, Labourer19William Naylor & Charlotte NorthBy Banns
04 04 1899John HowardHORSLEYSt.Mary Magdelene, ManninghamBachelorClerk24Howard Horsley, EngineerAnnie ElizabethGREENBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Green, Labourer24Charles Green & Ada GreenBy Banns
11 04 1899CharlesWALTONBolton upon DearneBachelorShunter27William Walton, deceased LabourerMaria LouisaTOMLINSONBolton upon DearneSpinsterGeorge Joseph Tomlinson, Coach Builder24G H Walton & F A WaltonBy Banns
17 04 1899JosephFREEMANBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner25Charles Freeman, LabourerElizabeth AnnFOLLOWSBolton upon DearneSpinsterBenjamin Follows, Miner18Jonathan Freeman & Minnie HainesBy Banns
06 05 1899SamuelHARRISGoldthorpeBachelorMiner23John Harris, MinerEliza AnnJERVISGoldthorpeSpinster 19Samuel Cartlidge & Tamar HarrisBy Banns
22 05 1899JosephNAYLORBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner24William Naylor, LabourerLilianSLATERBolton upon DearneSpinsterThomas Slater, Labourer22Sam North & Nellie SlaterBy Banns
22 05 1899Richard HenryLEWISBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner23James Lewis, ShoeMakerMariaJONESGoldthorpeSpinsterThomas Jones, deceased ShoeMaker27Albert Unwin & Ellen Maria LewisBy Banns
18 06 1899Thomas WilliamLEECHBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner28Joseph Leech, MinerClaraPATTISONBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Pattison, Miner20Jane Unthank & Willoughby LeechBy Banns
19 06 1899HarrySCHOLESSwintonBachelorMiner24Thomas Scholes, MinerAdaGREENBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Green, Labourer21Annie Senior & Wilfred VernonBy Banns
13 07 1899John AshmorePLANTKimberworthBachelorCommercial Clerk24Edward Plant, WarehouseManMary JaneMILNESBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Milnes, Manager25George Whitlam & Nellie MilnesBy Banns
23 07 1899SidneyHAMILTONGoldthorpeBachelorJoiner28Joseph Hamilton, PainterTheodosia AnnieELEYGoldthorpeSpinster 31Charles Duke & Annie Elizabeth EleyBy Banns
05 09 1899James ThomasFAWCETTGoldthorpeBachelorMiner28John Fawcett, MinerSusan McCarthyFROGGATTGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Froggatt, Miner25John McCarthy Froggatt & Alice SmeatonBy Banns
06 09 1899John WilliamHOUGHTONThorpe HesleyBachelorBootMaker22Samuel Houghton, Boot ManufacturerSarah AnnWORBYBolton upon DearneSpinsterJohn Worby, Farmer22William Ward Mearus Raspass & Annie WorbyBy Banns
28 09 1899Thomas ThurmanFARMERGoldthorpeBachelorMiner22Thomas Farmer, MinerSarah EllenPAPEGoldthorpeSpinsterGeorge Pape, deceased Miner18Daniel Tucker & Ada OakleyBy Banns
01 10 1899Thomas StevenADKINSGoldthorpeBachelorMiner20Samuel Adkins, MinerSylviaFOSTERGoldthorpeSpinsterJonathan Foster, Miner24Thomas Bowen Grainger & Betsy GraingerBy Banns
09 10 1899EdwardSAGERGoldthorpeBachelorMiner23Joseph Sager, deceased MinerEstherBAMFORDGoldthorpeSpinsterJoseph Bamford, deceased Miner19Charles Duke & Sarah DukeBy Banns
15 10 1899John WilliamROBINSONGoldthorpeBachelorMiner21William Robinson, MinerHannahCLARKEGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Clarke, Miner20William Clarke & Mary HolfordBy Banns
31 10 1899WilfredTHORPEGoldthorpeBachelorBlackSmith18Henry Thorpe, BlackSmithAliceMILLINGTONGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Millington, Fruiterer19Samuel Millington & Edith MillingtonBy Banns
06 11 1899ThomasBAINESPark GateBachelorMiner21George Baines, ShopKeeperMary EllenHOLLINGWORTHGoldthorpeSpinsterWilliam Hollingworth, Miner20George Baines & Ellen BainesBy Banns
25 12 1899HerbertCREEBolton upon DearneBachelorMiner27John Cree, LampmanAnnie AgnesRUDGEGoldthorpeSpinsterJames Rudge, Miner23William Alfred Rudge & Harriet CreeBy Banns
25 12 1899WilliamROEPark GateBachelorMiner23Richard Roe, MinerElizabethWESTERMANBolton upon DearneSpinsterHenry Westerman, Miner21Henry Westerman & Henrietta WestermanBy Banns
25 12 1899WilliamGREENGoldthorpeBachelorMiner28George Green, deceased QuarryManEdnaCLAYTONGoldthorpeSpinsterArthur Clayton, Joiner19John Clayton & Laura GreenBy Banns
25 12 1899George HenryMORKINGoldthorpeBachelorMiner24Alfred Morkin, MinerTamarHARRISGoldthorpeSpinsterJohn Harris, deceased Miner19Walter Carter & Elizabeth MorkinBy Banns

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2009
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