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Bracewell parish:

Bracewell, Cremations transcription:

The list of Cremations from 1971 onwards for the parish. (Against the church wall).

Blackburn HOLDEN1908-1971.      
Rose CLAYTON1908-1972.      
John LORD1904-1972.      
Charles H.R. MORRIS1897-1973. Fred I. NEVISON1896-1979. Harry N. ROBERTS1907-1985. Joan KELLETT1933-1993.
Alma HIDES1915-1973. Olivia NEVISON1898-1979. Violet M. ANDERSON1908-1986. Maud TOWN1912-1993.
E. Alice PILKINGTON1899-1973. Norman HARRISON1907-1979. Bernard McMAHON, S.T.D.1924-1986. Hilary PICKLES1952-1993.
Esther WALLING1907-1972. Emily HARRISON1911-1979. Buttery ROWLAY1904-1987. Weber HIDES1921-1994.
Clara TATTERSALL1896-1974. Gertrude CLAMP1900-1979. Florence L. ATKINSON1909-1987. Evelyn M. MORRIS1901-1994.
Leslie DANBY1901-1974. Ronald AKRIGG1926-1980. Stephen CLARK1912-1988. Ann AYRTON1902-1994.
Thomas Harry THWAITE1923-1975. Edwin TOWN1911-1981. Fred BAILEY1899-1988. Patricia RANGELEY1939-1995.
Harry EMSLEY1906-1975. John L. METCALFE1918-1981. Brian W. KELLETT1934-1989. Edward COLLINGE1924-1995.
Eric WESTALL1954-1975. Margery RANGELEY1939-1982. Jonathan C. PETTY1907-1989. J. Graham WATSON1942-1995.
James Henry TATTERSALL1896-1975. Harold REDFEARN1900-1984. Kenneth WESTALL1927-1989. Norma WHEADON1939-1995.
Louisa WESTALL1883-1976. Nellie WALL1903-1984. Doris A. WHIPP1900-1990. Sam ATKINSON1908.1989.
Harold OLIVER1912-1977. Harold WALL1906-1984. Mary WATSON1911-1992. Donald J. ANDERSON1938-1996.
Leonard WALLING1906-1977. Stephen HUMPHREY1946-1984. Robert CLAYTON1907-1990. Evelyn M. PETTY1913-1998.
Richard CLAMP1899-1977. Harry RAWLINSON1904-1985. Linda HAMES1957-1992. Irene I.M. ROBERTS1904-1998.
Nancy DANDY1898-1977. Iris D. POLLARD1901-1985. Marion R. GREEN1898-1993. Joseph E. WINDLE1903-1998.
Marion LUPTON1896-1978. Stephen WHIPP1900-1985. Harry GREEN1905-1993. Alan MIDGLEY1923-1999.

The rear of the memorial (see also Photo)

Maud McNAMARA 1908-2001.

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson