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Bradford Churches, 1927

A list of the Churches in the Bradford area of all denominations,
from the Bradford Year Book 1927-28


  • The Cathedral Church of St Peter, Church Bank
  • All Saints, Little Horton Green
  • All Saints, Mission Room, Bramley Street
  • Bierley (St John's), Rooley Lane
  • Christ Church, Manningham Lane
  • Holy Trinity, Thackley Road, Idle
  • Holy Trinity, Leeds Road
  • Holy Trinity, St Alban's Mission Church, Bowling Back Lane
  • Holy Trinity, Mission Room, Mount Street
  • Holy Trinity, Low Moor
  • St Aidan's, Cornwall Road
  • St Andrew's, Oakenshaw
  • St Andrew's, Listerhills Road
  • St Andrew's, Mission Room, Longside Lane
  • St Andrew's, Mission Room, Princeville
  • St Augustine's, Otley Road
  • St Barnabas', Heaton
  • St Batholomew's, Ripleyville
  • St Chad's, Toller Lane
  • St Chrystostom's, Bolton Road
  • St Clement's, Barkerend Road
  • St Columba's, Horton Grange Road
  • St Hilda's, Carlton Street
  • St James's, St James's Square
  • St James's, Bolton
  • St James's, Thornton
  • St James's,Tong
  • St John's, Great Horton
  • St John's, Greengates
  • St John's, Bradford Road, Idle
  • St John's, Little Horton Lane
  • St John's, Mission Room, Portland Street
  • St John's, Rooley Lane
  • St John's, Tong Street
  • St John's, Wakefield Road
  • St Jude's, Lumb Lane
  • St Luke's, Chandos Street
  • St Luke's, Eccleshill
  • St Luke's, Victor Road
  • St Luke's, St Silas's Mission Church, Farfield Street
  • St Margaret's, Thornbury
  • St Mark's, Grosvenor Road
  • St Mark's, Low Moor
  • St Mary's, Laisterdyke
  • St Mary's, Wyke
  • St Mary Magdalene's, Back Wood Street
  • St Matthew's, Wibsey Bank Foot
  • St Michael's, City Road
  • St Oswald's, Little Horton Lane, near Southfield Lane
  • St Paul's, Buttershaw
  • St Paul's, Church Street
  • St Peter's, Allerton
  • St Philip's, Girlington Road
  • St Philip's, Mission Room, Brownroyd
  • St Saviour's, Crossley Hall
  • St Stephen's, St Stephen's Road
  • St Thomas's, Wigan Street
  • St Wilfred's, Lidget Green


  • St Ann's, Guy Street
  • St Clare's, Leeds Road, Eccleshill
  • St Cuthbert's, Wilmer Road
  • St Joseph's, Pakington Street
  • St Mary's, East Parade
  • St Patrick's, Westgate
  • St Peter's, Leeds Road
  • St William's, Bingley Street


  • Baptist Chapel, Heaton
  • Baptist Chapel, Leeds Road
  • Baptist Chapel, Idle
  • Baptist Chapel, Undercliffe Road, Eccleshill
  • Baptist Chapel, Caledonia Street
  • Bethel Chapel, Sandy Lane Bottom
  • Bowling Mission Chapel, Rhine Street
  • Central Baptist Church, Allerton
  • Dovesdale Baptist Church, Dovesdale Road
  • Girlington Chapel, Birch Street
  • Hallfield Chapel, Manningham Lane
  • Sion Jubilee Chapel, Harris Street
  • Tetley Street Memorial Chapel, Horton Grange Road
  • Trinity Chapel, Little Horton Lane
  • Westgate Chapel, Carlisle Road
  • Zoar Chapel, Darfield Street


  • Bolton Villas Congregational Chapel, Corner of Bolton Hall Road and Wrose Road
  • Bradford City Mission, Mechanics Institute and Borough West School
  • Brownroyd Chapel, Girlington
  • College Chapel, Barkerend Road
  • Congregational Chapel, Allerton
  • Mission Room, Crossley Hall
  • Congregational Church, Buttershaw, North Bierley
  • Congregational Church, Fagley Road
  • Congregational Chapel, Ryan Street
  • Eccleshill, Victoria Road
  • Essex Street Chapel, Bowling
  • Frizinghall, Aireville Road
  • Girlington Chapel, Little Lane
  • Grange Congregational Chapel, Great Horton Road
  • Greenfield Chapel, Carlisle Road
  • Holme Lane Chapel, Tong Street,Tong
  • Horton Bank Top Chapel, Jer Lane
  • Horton Lane Chapel, Little Horton Lane
  • Idle Upper Chapel, Idle
  • Independent Chapel, Westfield, Wyke
  • Laisterdyke, Killinghall Road
  • Lidget Green, Necropolis Road
  • Listerhills Chapel, Listerhills Road
  • Little Horton Congregational Chapel, Thornton Lane
  • Salem Congregational Chapel, Oak Lane
  • Queen's Road Branch, Queen's Road
  • Thornton, New Road
  • Thornton (Kipping), Thornton
  • United College Settlement, Wapping Road
  • Wesley Place Chapel, Bakes Street, Great Horton
  • Westfield Congregational Chapel, Wyke
  • Zion Independent Chapel, Wibsey, North Bierley


  • Presbyterian Church of England, Infirmary Street


  • Bethel Chapel, Great Horton
  • Brownroyd Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ingleby Road
  • Central Hall, Manchester Road
  • Dirkhill Primitive Methodist Chapel, All Saints' Road
  • Ebenezer Chapel, Rooley Lane, Dudley Hill
  • Eccleshill Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norman Drive
  • Idle Primitive Methodist Chapel, Town Lane
  • Laisterdyke Primitive Methodist Chapel, Maltby Street
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bury Street, Tyersal
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Daisy Hill
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Greengates
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Heaton Road
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Horton Bank
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Idle
  • Primitive Methodist School Chapel, Livingstone Road
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Low Moor, North Bierley
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Tennyson Place
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Woodlands Street
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, New Hey Road
  • Rehoboth Chapel, Baird Street


  • Friends' Meeting House, Fountain Street
  • Friends' Adult School, 198 Harris Street
  • Grange Hall, 2 Turner Place


  • English Presbyterian Chapel, Chapel Lane
  • Unitarian Chapel, Broadway Avenue, West Bowling


  • Bethel, Ryan Street
  • Mission, Wibsey
  • Mount of Olives Chapel, Free Street, Otley Road
  • Park Chapel, New Cross Street
  • Providence Chapel, Laisterdyke
  • Salem, Sticker Lane
  • United Methodist Chapel, East Bierley, Hunsworth
  • United Methodist Chapel, Shearbridge Road
  • United Methodist Chapel, Eccleshill
  • United Methodist Chapel, Egypt, Thornton
  • United Methodist Chapel, New Road, Thornton
  • United Methodist Chapel, Wallis Street
  • Westgate-Toller Lane U.M.C., Toller Lane


  • Annesley Chapel, Little Horton Lane
  • Bethesda Chapel, Maperton Road
  • Bethesda Chapel, Thornton
  • Dudley Hill Chapel, Dudley Hill
  • Eastbrook Hall, Leeds Road
  • Farfield Jubilee Hall, Farfield Street
  • Greengates Wesleyan Chapel, Greengates
  • Greenhill Chapel, Bradford Moor
  • Kirkgate Chapel, Kirkgate
  • Lidget Green Wesleyan Chapel, Cemetery Road
  • Mission Chapel, Clayton Lane
  • Mission Chapel, Tong Street
  • Otley Road Chapel, St Augustine's Terrace
  • Oxley Place Chapel, Low Moor
  • Princeville Wesleyan Chapel, Legrams Lane
  • Prospect Chapel, Allerton
  • Prospect Hall, Wakefield Road
  • Richmond Terrace Chapel, Richmond Road
  • St John's Chapel, Park View Road
  • Southend Mission Hall, Southend Street
  • Victoria Mission Hall, Corner of Bolton Road and Cliffe Road
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Carlisle Road
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Great Horton
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Idle
  • Wesleyan Chapel, New Road Side, Wyke
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Southfield Lane
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Stanley Street, Bolton Woods
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Thackley, Idle
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bolton
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Frizinghall
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Girlington
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Low Moor, North Bierley
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High Street, Wibsey
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Sandy Lane Bottom
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Stony Lane, Eccleshill
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Undercliffe
  • Wesleyan Methodist Mission Hall, Sunbridge Road and Gaynor Street
  • West Bowling Wesleyan Chapel, Rydal Street
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Westgate Hill, Tong
  • White Abbey Chapel, White Abbey
  • Wyke Wesleyan Chapel, Wyke


  • Central Avenue Wesleyan Reform Church, Little Horton
  • Muff Field Chapel, Bowling Old Lane
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Haycliffe Hill
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Wibsey
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Slack Side, Wibsey
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Mountain, Thornton
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Hill Top, Low Moor
  • Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Bierley Lane


  • Ebenezer Chapel, Back Lane


  • Gospel Hall, Odsal Top
  • Mount Carmel Mission Room, 339 Bowling Hall Road


  • Christian Mission, 344 Wakefield Road
  • Girlington Christian Mission Chapel, Brownroyd
  • Rooms, Fountain Street
  • Mission Room, 22 Crowther Street


  • First Church of Christ Scientist, Eldon House, Eldon Place
  • Second Church of Christ Scientist, 15a Westgate


  • Barracks, Sefton Place
  • Salvation Army Barracks, Louisa Street, Idle
  • Salvation Army Barracks, Loft Street, Girlington
  • Salvation Army Barracks, Prince Street, Dudley Hill, Tong
  • Salvation Army Barracks, Westgate
  • The Castle, Southfield Lane
  • Salvation Army Hall, 5 Peel Street
  • Salvation Army Hall, Bradford Lane


  • Bankfoot Spiritual Hall, 813 Manchester Road
  • Meeting Room,165 Otley Road
  • West Bowling Spiritual Church, Boynton Street
  • Spiritualist Church, 2a Charlotte Street
  • The Spiritualist Meeting Room, 80a Harewood Street
  • Spiritualist Church, 4 Denby Street
  • Spiritual Meeting Room, 134a Listerhills Road
  • East Bowling Spiritualist Church, Harker Street
  • The Spiritualist Church, 5 Laisterdyke
  • Spiritualist Church, 346a Leeds Road
  • Spiritualist Church, 69 Great Russell Street
  • Belle Vue Spiritualist Church, 1 Belle Vue
  • Spiritualist Mission Room, 76 City Road
  • Spiritualist Mission Room, 55 Crowther Street
  • Spiritualist Mission Room, 19 Newall Street
  • West Bowling Spiritualist Church, 2 Emsley Street
  • Spiritual Church, 2a Heap Lane
  • Oak Lane Spiritualist Church, 171 Oak Lane
  • Spiritualist Rooms, 103 Sydenham Place
  • Spiritualist Hall, 74 Great Horton Road
  • Spiritualist Church, 47 Lyndhurst Street


  • Moravian Chapel, Lower Wyke, Wyke
  • Moravian Chapel, Holme Top, Little Horton
  • Hebrew Congregation, Spring Gardens
  • Synagogue of British and Foreign Jews, Bowland Street


  • Adult Deaf and Dumb Institute, 25 Hallfield Road


  • Christian Pioneer Mission, Allerton


  • Catholic Apostolic Church, Lansdowne Place
  • Apostolic Church, 355 Great Horton Road
  • German Evangelical Church, Great Horton Road
  • Kensington Hall, Girlington
  • Railway Mission, 8 Maperton Road
  • Railway Mission, 26 Hammerton Street
  • The Tabernacle, Whitby Road
  • Otley Road Mission Room, First Floor, 15 Fearnley Street
  • White Ribbon Mission, 25 Acre Street
  • The People's Mission Hall, 584 Great Horton Road
  • Plymouth Brethren, The Hall, Woodhead Road
  • Plymouth Brethren, 21 Morley Street
  • Poor Children'sMission, North Wing
  • Manningham Sunday School, 428a Thornton Road
  • Holiness Mission Hall, 12 Heap Lane
  • The Star Room, 6 Osborne Buildings
  • International Holiness Mission Hall, Caledonia Street
  • Latter Day Saints, 29 Sackville Street
  • The Liberal Catholic Church, 29 Grove Terrace
  • Thornbury Meeting Room, 1a Woodhall Avenue

"The Bradford Year Book, 1927-8"
Transcribed by
Joan Gaskin ©2001