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BRADFORD: Bradford Grange Road tetley Street Memorial Baptist Church History up to 1912.

Bradford Grange Road tetley Street Memorial Baptist Church History up to 1912.


The Tetley Street Church, also of the General Baptist persuasion, is a product of missionary enterprise on the part of the Church at Queenshead. It was formed in 1832 as a result of some cottage meetings which were conducted by Rev. T. H. Hudson and other Queenshead people. As the cottage where the meetings were held soon became too small for the congregations, a larger room was taken in the King's Arms Yard, Westgate. Much success attended the work there, though it recorded that the meetings were frequently disturbed by "drunken men, horses, and pigs." The need for more suitable premises became very pressing, and eventually a site was given by Mr. W. Tetley, in Tetley Street, and the old Tetley Street Chapel was erected. The Rev. R. Ingham, of Heptonstall Slack, already mentioned in these sketches, became pastor, and during his ministry the membership of the Church increased from 30 to 230.

During the pastorate of Rev. H. Rose, who followed Mr. Ingham, a number of members left to form Bethel Church, Infirmary Street. Mr. Rose died at the early age of thirty-two. The pastorate with which the name of Tetley Street will ever be reverently associated was that of Rev. Benjamin Wood. A cultured, gracious man, he exercised for twenty-eight years a wonderful influence, not only in his own Church but in the city life of Bradford. He died in harness while conducting a week-night service at his Church. After one or two short ministries, the Rev. R. A. Boothman became pastor. It had now become apparent that owing to a great change in the district round Tetley Street, which was now inhabited largely by a Roman Catholic population, it was almost necessary to migrate to other quarters. During Mr. Boothman's ministry, the elegant and convenient Grange Road premises were erected, a venture the wisdom of which has been abundantly proved. After Mr. Boothman left, the Church invited Mr. J. H. Malins Johnson, of Rawdon College, to the pastorate, and it has proved a happy settlement. Both Church and school are prospering.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the "Present Churches" section of
The Baptists of Yorkshire
by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
and Rev. C.E. Shipley