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Bradford nonagenarians

A list of people who died in Bradford between 1841 and 1865,
having achieved the age of 90 or greater.

THIS table originally appeared in a book "Continuation & Additions to the History of Bradford and its Parish" by John James F.S.A., first published in 1866 and republished in facsimile in 1973 by E.J. Morten (Publishers).
The author obtained the data from John Darlington Esq, then Superintendent Registrar of the Bradford District.

MaryATKINSON91Widow Bradford19 Dec 1841
JamesATKINSON100WeaverMoor HeadShipley4 Feb 1849
JohnATKINSON92WeaverCock RoydsNorth Bierley9 Dec 1850
IsabellaBAINBRIDGE90WidowBarrack YardBowling27 Nov 1853
NancyBARNING99 Banner StreetBradford22 Feb 1861
MaryBARTON91WidowMount StreetBradford25 Sep 1856
MargaretBAXTER99WidowGeorge StreetBradford5 Mar 1854
TimothyBINNS91WeaverClayton HeightsThornton & Clayton4 Dec 1843
SarahBLAND90WidowQueen StreetBradford14 July 1847
JohnBOWLER93BlacksmithButtershawNorth Bierley15 Jan 1857
MaryBREWER90WidowMiddleton FieldBradford14 Mar 1847
JonathanBRIGGS90FarmerLow GreenHorton16 Apr 1853
IsaacBROADLEY90Stuff weaverHeatonHeaton6 Sep 1848
AbrahamBROOKSBANK90YeomanMain StreetThornton & Clayton21 Apr 1854
MaryBROWN93WidowBradford MoorBradford30 Jan 1848
JohnBURNETT94WoolcomberReform StreetBradford20 Aug 1843
MaryCLOSE94ServantNew YorkShipley11 Feb 1855
MichaelCRAIGHTON *95*Had children under 12 when he diedGrafton StreetHorton17 June 1859
JoshuaCRAVEN91WoolcomberMain StreetThornton & Clayton27 Nov 1855
HannahDEWHIRST90Widow of delverBeck Side RoadHorton19 Sep 1863
WilliamDIBB90ButcherMount PleasantShipley27 Apr 1850
JohnDRIVER92LabourerNew RoadThornton & Clayton3 Aug 1850
MaryDUGDALE91WidowThreadneedle StBradford14 Sept 1847
ElizabethEMSLEY95WeaverMill LaneHorton26 May 1855
HannahEMSLEY90 Harrington StreetHorton13 May 1862
EmmaFLETCHER90WidowOdsallNorth Bierley5 June 1853
JohnFOLEY94TinnerLeysBradford10 Jan 1863
JamesFOSTER95Farm servantWakefield YardBowling18 Feb 1863
JohnGALLAGHER90HawkerDuncan StreetHorton4 Feb 1863
JonathanGARSIDE94WeaverLongcroft PlaceBradford9 Aug 1865
JohnGILL92LabourerSlackNorth Bierley6 June 1843
Mary AnnGODWIN90 Hardcastle LaneBradford18 Dec 1860
AnnGORNALL93WidowClub StreetBradford18 Sept 1865
MarthaGREAVES95WeaverLittle Horton RoadHorton3 Jan 1858
JohnHALEY90YeomanParadiseHorton28 Apr 1846
JosephHANSON97ComberLow MoorNorth Bierley13 Jan 1843
HannahHANSON93 Dog LaneHorton22 Nov 1861
EllenHARDAKER90MarriedApperleyEccleshill22 Jan 1853
HannahHARE90WidowGreengatesEccleshill27 June 1852
AnnHARGREAVES90 Clayton LaneHorton19 Jan 1860
MaryHARRISON90 Cannan StreetBradford31 Mar 1865
HannahHARTLEY90 Villiers StreetHorton18 Nov 1862
JosephHEATON91 Church StreetManningham1 Feb 1861
JonathanHEY93Yeoman Thornton & Clayton13 Jan 1843
SarahHILLAS96WidowSwaine GreenBowling19 Apr 1842
JohnHIRST90WeaverClaytonThornton & Clayton9 Apr 1850
MaryHUDSON91WidowWell StreetBradford14 Dec 1842
JohnILLINGWORTH95WeaverLanesAllerton & Wilsden23 Feb 1857
EmmaJACKSON90WidowWoodlandsNorth Bierley22 Nov 1859
HannahJOWETT90WeaverOld RoadHorton14 May 1857
JosephJOWETT90Retired stuff manufacturerNorth ParadeManningham23 Aug 1862
EdwardKAY94CordwainerVicar LaneBradford7 Apr 1845
MargaretKELLY90 Abbey StreetBradford18 July 1862
NicholasKITCHEN97ComberLeeds RoadBradford20 Apr 1857
MaryLAMBERT91WidowLow FoldHeaton21 Nov 1856
MaryLIGHTOWLER91WidowLow MoorNorth Bierley13 Apr 1846
JamesLISTER91Retired schoolmasterCobden StreetHorton19 Jan 1857
HannahLOFTHOUSE91WidowGreat Horton RoadHorton2 Dec 1847
JohnMILNER93LabourerCousen's MillHorton14 July 1845
ElizabethMOORE98HousekeeperPrune ParkAllerton & Wilsden28 Aug 1852
ElizabethMOORE90 Skinner LaneManningham5 Nov 1861
AliceMORTON97 WilsdenAllerton & Wilsden17 Feb 1845
ElizabethMURRAY93 Longlands StreetBradford10 Jan 1865
EllenMYERS90WidowShipleyShipley12 July 1842
ElizabethMYERS101WidowLow MoorNorth Bierley6 May 1847
DanielNELSON90Out pensioner, Chelsea HospitalCross LaneHorton7 June 1844
AnnNEWTON92WidowChapel LaneBradford20 Apr 1855
BenjaminODDY94WeaverPoor HouseBradford25 Apr 1846
MarthaOGDEN91WidowDenholmeThornton & Clayton20 Feb 1846
TimothyOVEREND90WoolsorterWappingBradford14 Mar 1847
JohnPATCHETT93Agricultural labourerUndercliffeBradford27 Sept 1857
BeatrixPOLLARD91WidowScarr HillBradford6 Sept 1847
BettyREID95WidowBridge StreetBradford29 Sept 1852
CatherineREILEY94WidowLingards StreetBradford26 Apr 1855
JohnRICHARDSON95ShoemakerNorth ParadeBradford4 Dec 1859
JohnRILEY92WeaverPaternoster LaneHorton11 Mar 1852
BettyROOKES91WidowEccleshillEccleshill2 Dec 1847
DennisRYAN92WeaverCross Wellesley StBradford2 Jan 1864
JamesSEED90Gentleman's servantSticker LaneBowling20 Aug 1841
AnnSETTLE90 Round ThornManningham19 Dec 1857
FrancisSIMPSON90LabourerPiccadillyShipley4 Dec 1849
ThomasSMITH92WoolcomberChapel LaneShipley23 Dec 1843
SarahSOWDEN92WidowProvidence StBradford22 May 1844
ElizabethSTEAD90WidowClayton LaneHorton4 Jan 1845
SusannahSTOW99WidowDenholme CloughThornton & Clayton15 Oct 1855
RoseTAYLOR93 Jowett StreetBradford22 Feb 1860
NancyTHEWLES90 Town EndHorton3 Jan 1862
JonathanTOMMIS90WeaverSouthfield LaneHorton3 Jan 1858
JaneTORDOFF92WidowNewall HallBowling1 Oct 1844
JosephWADDINGTON90FarmerAllertonAllerton & Wilsden20 Sep 1846
ThomasWALTON90Retired farmerJoseph StreetBradford17 July 1852
JosephWATSON91JoinerJury StreetBradford18 July 1863
HannahWHETLEY90WidowMortimer RowBradford25 Mar 1856
MaryWHITAKER93WidowCordingley FoldHorton9 Dec 1853
BenjaminWHITEHEAD93Corn millerPaper Hall SquareBradford3 May 1855
GraceWILKINSON99WidowDenholmeThornton & Clayton11 Aug 1849
MaryWILLIAMS90 Great Church StBradford19 Feb 1860
WilliamWILSON90LabourerUndercliffeBradford10 Oct 1843
StephenWILSON98Retired Wesleyan ministerSt. Jude's PlaceBradford12 Jan 1856
JohnWOOD97TailorWorkhouseHorton25 Feb 1863
RuthWOOLER99WidowWhite AbbeyBradford6 Sept 1849

"Continuation & Additions to the History of Bradford and its Parish"
by John James F.S.A.
Transcribed by
Roy Stockdill ©2001