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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1853, BRADFORD, surnames S-Z.


BRADFORD, 1853, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1359 Sadler JamesWestgatehouse & shop63, Westgate
1360 Salt TitusHipperholme-cum-BrighousemillUnion street
1361 Sallitt Joseph WilliamHanover squarehouse35, Hanover square
1362 Saunders EdwinThomas streethouse1, Thomas street, Prospect row
1363 Saville JohnVictoria streethouse37, Victoria street, North parade
1364 Saville JonasBrick lanehouse & shop28, Brick lane
1365 Scaife WilliamYork streetstablesMill bank
1366 Scarf Thomas WilkinsonHortonwarehouse2, Peel place
1367 Schlesinger JuliusHortonwarehouseTyrrel street
1368 Schofield JohnHortonshops88, Thornton road
1369 Schofield WilliamHorsforthwarehouse27, Well street
successivewarehouseSwaine street
1370 Scholefield JosephBowlingmillJoseph street
1371 Scholefield Richard MortimerHanover squarehouse61, Hanover square
1372 Scholefield WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop5, Wakefield road
1373 Scholefield William FreerBurley Woodwarehouse20, Bermondsey
1374 Scholey StephenThornton roadhouse & shop45, Thornton road
1375 Schonfield MichaelEldon placehouse1, Eldon place
1376 Scott JohnGomersalwarehouse11, Hall Ings
1377 Scott SilasAiredale CollegewarehouseWestgate
1378 Scully AmbroseEast paradeshop7, Ivegate
1379 Seed EdwardNorth paradewarehousePiccadilly
1380 Seed JonathanWestgatehouse & shop94, Westgate
1381 Selby SamuelManninghamwarehouse35, Cheapside
1382 Semon CharlesManninghamwarehouseUnion street
1383 Senior JohnManninghamshop14, Barley street
1384 Sewell ChristopherWestgatehouse & shop37, Westgate
1385 Shackleton JamesVictoria streethouse51, Victoria street, North parade
1386 Shackleton JosephNorth winghouse & shop51, North wing
1387 Shackleton RobertBank streethouse27, Bank street
1388 Shackleton WilliamPiece hall yardhouse8, Piece hall yard
1389 Sharp AbrahamWhite Abbeyhouse & shop20, White Abbey
1390 Sharp AlfredBingleywarehouse21, Booth street
1391 Sharp David WilkinsonBingleywarehouse24, Piccadilly
1392 Sharp EdwardMicklethwaitewarehouse21, Booth street
1393 Sharp JacobWestgatehouse & shop76, Westgate
1394 Sharp JamesDarley streethouse & shop6, Darley street
1395 Sharp JohnWakefield roadhouse8, Wakefield road
1396 Sharp JohnBirksland streethouse39, Birksland street
1397 Sharp JohnWestgatehouse & shop79, Westgate
1398 Sharp JonasBingleywarehouse21, Booth street
1399 Sharp WilliamBolton roadhouse & shop16, Bolton road
1400 Sharp WilliamLeeming streethouse & shop2, Leeming street
1401 Sharp WilliamBingleywarehouse21, Brook street
1402 Shaw MesheckThornton roadhouse, shop, & yardThornton road
1403 Shaw WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
successivehouse & shopWakefield road
1404 Shaw WilliamBridge streethouse & shop47, Bridge street
1405 Shepherd WilliamUndercliffe lanewarehouse18, Hall Ings
1406 Shepherd WilliamPudseywarehouse28, Swaine street
1407 Shuttleworth WilliamCroft streetwarehouse15, Charles street
1408 Sichel Silvester EmilHortonwarehouse37, Well street
1409 Silverwood RichardProvidence streethouse & shop109, Providence street, White Abbey
1410 Silson JosephManninghamwarehouseReform street
1411 Sim DavidPeel squarehouse9, Peel square
1412 Simonett JohnChapel streethouse20, Chapel street
1413 Simonett JosephLeeds roadhouse66, Leeds road
1414 Simpson JamesLeeds roadshop4, York street
1415 Simpson JeremiahSilsbridge lanehouse79, Silsbridge lane
1416 Simpson JohnChurch streethouseChurch street
1417 Simpson JohnBarkerendhouse12, Barkerend
1418 Simpson ThomasChapel streethouse25, Chapel street
1419 Simpson WilliamCommercial streetshopBridge street
1420 Simpson WilliamChapel streethouse, shop, & yard29, Chapel street
1421 Singleton Joseph RobertManor rowland & buildingsCanal road
1422 Singleton WilliamLeedsland & buildingsCanal road
1423 Skirrow JohnJohn streethouse & shop2, John street, Westgate
1424 Skirrow Wilfred RhodesJohn streetshop2, John street, Westgate
1425 Smith AquilaVictoria streethouse4, Regent place
successivehouse66, Victoria street, North parade
1426 Smith CharlesStone streethouseStone street
1427 Smith David HarrisHortonshop34, Bridge street
1428 Smith DawsonNorth winghouse & shop44, North wing
1429 Smith EdwardGeorge streethouse51, George street
1430 Smith EliNorthgatehouse & shop12, Northgate
1431 Smith GeorgeHortonshop62, Tyrrel street
1432 Smith GeorgeHortonshops & yardThornton road
1433 Smith George BelkHortonoffices1, Leeds road
1434 Smith HenryBaildonwarehouse6, Court street
1435 Smith IsaacWestgatehouse & shop64, Westgate
1436 Smith JamesCollier rowmillMulgrave street
1437 Smith JohnPudseyshopsMill holme
1438 Smith JohnHigh streethouse14, High street
1439 Smith JohnManninghammillMawson street
1440 Smith JohnUnion streethouse3, Union street
1441 Smith JohnHigh streethouse47, High street
1442 Smith JohnBarley streethouse & shop27, Barley street
1443 Smith John ChristopherIvegateshop9, Ivegate
1444 Smith JosephTyrrel squarehouse33, Tyrrel square
1445 Smith JosephHortonofficeLeeds road
1446 Smith JosephManninghammillThornton road
1447 Smith JosephManninghamofficesAlbion court
1448 Smith RobertBedford streethouse94, Bedford street
1449 Smith Robert DixonDrewton streethouse42, Drewton street
1450 Smith WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse & shop35, Silsbridge lane
1451 Smith WilliamManninghamshop48 Westgate
1452 Smith WilliamBrunswick placehouse4, Brunswick place
1453 Smith WilliamGarnett streethouse & shopGarnett street
1454 Smith William RamsdenHanover squarehouse20, Hanover square
1455 Smithson MilesSnow hillhouse & shop56, Westgate
1456 Snow Nicholas MasonBroad streetshopPiece hall yard
1457 Snow ThomasSnow hillwarehouseLeeds road
1458 Snow William HargreavesWestgatehouse11, Brunswick place
successivehouse & shop146, Westgate
1459 Snowdon GeorgeHanover squarehouse17, Hanover square
1460 Snowden JohnHortonwarehouse17, Leeds road
1461 Southwell JohnJohn streetshop3, John street, Westgate
1462 Sowden BenjaminBolton roadhouse & shop168, Bolton road
1463 Sowden JosephBoltonshop63, Market street
successiveshop25, Bank street
1464 Sowden RichardUndercliffehouse & gardenUndercliffe
1465 Sowden WilliamBridge streethouse & shop99, Bridge street
1466 Spawforth ThomasHoughton placehouse3, Houghton place
1467 Speak PaulClaytonwarehouse1, Brook street
1468 Speight WilliamGreat cross streethouse14, Great cross street
1469 Spence GeorgeBolton roadhouse & shop18, Bolton road
1470 Spence SamuelVictoria streethouse29, Victoria street, North parade
1471 Spencer JohnVictoria streethouse56, Victoria street, North parade
1472 Spencer JohnBradford moorhouseBradford moor
1473 Spencer RichardChurch streethouse7, Church street
1474 Sproat JamesVictoria streethouseInfirmary street
successivehouse42, Victoria street, North parade
1475 Stanley Samuel HagueKirkgateshop38, Kirkgate
1476 Stead JohnNorth paradehouse69, North parade
1477 Stead JosephThornton roadhouse38, Thornton road
1478 Stead WilliamBowlingshop56, Market street
1479 Steel GeorgeWellington streethouse11, Wellington street
1480 Steel JohnManor rowhouse35, Manor row
1481 Stell WilliamApple hallhouse8, Apple hall
1482 Stelling ThomasKirkgatehouse & shop62, Kirkgate
1483 Stephenson EdwardHoughton placewarehouse9, Tyrrels
1484 Stephenson FrederickHanover squarehouse32, Hanover square
1485 Stephenson IsaacHortonmill24, Thornton road
1486 Stephenson JohnLaisterdykehouse38, Laisterdyke
1487 Stephenson JohnBarkerendhouse21, Barkerend
1488 Stephenson ThomasHortonshop24, Charles street
1489 Stephenson WilliamQueen streethouse1, Queen street
1490 Stephenson WilliamManninghamshopTyrrel square
successiveshop24, Charles street
1491 Stocks HenryHortonshop40, Kirkgate
1492 Stocks Thomas WilliamVictoria streethouse6, Victoria street, North parade
1493 Stoner WilliamCropper laneshop154, Westgate
1494 Stowe WilliamCanal terracehouse11, Canal terrace
1495 Suddards JeremiahBowlingwarehousePiccadilly
1496 Sugden BenjaminPeel squareshop56, Westgate
1497 Sugden JamesKirkgatehouse & shop77, Kirkgate
1498 Sugden JohnHigh streethouse & shop35, High street
1499 Sugden JohnBridge streethouse126, Bridge street
1500 Sugden JohnTyrrel squarehouse30, Tyrrel square
1501 Sugden JohnWell streethouse3, Well street
1502 Sugden JosephWestgatehouse11, Westgate
1503 Sugden MosesBolton roadhouse26, Bolton road
1504 Sugden SamuelSpring gardenshouse23, Spring gardens
1505 Sugden SamuelVicar lanehouse & shop4, Vicar lane
1506 Sugden WilliamSpring gardenshouse22, Spring gardens
1507 Sugden WilliamBroadstoneshouse & shop6, Broadstones
1508 Sugden ZaccheusPeel streethouse & shop9, Peel street
1509 Sutcliffe BenjaminJohn streethouse45, John street, Northgate
1510 Sutcliffe JamesWestgatehouse & shop26, Westgate
1511 Sutcliffe JohnLeeds roadhouse136, Leeds road
1512 Sutcliffe JonasShipleywarehouse5, Bank street
1513 Sutcliffe Robert, junr.Leeds roadhouse & shop182, Leeds road
1514 Sutcliffe SamuelBrunswick placehouse10, Brunswick place
1515 Sutcliffe WilliamBrunswick placewarehouseBermondsey
1516 Swaine JohnBolton roadhouse & shop158, Bolton road
1517 Swaine Simeon HardyKirkgatehouse & shop7, Kirkgate
1518 Swaine ThomasWood streethouse17, Wood street
1519 Swaine WilliamThornton roadhouse83, Thornton road
1520 Swales WilliamJames streethouse24, James street
1521 Swallow DavidManor streethouse6, Manor street
1522 Swallow JohnGarnett streethouse3, Garnett street
1523 Swift GoodwinBrunswick placehouse14, Brunswick place
1524 Swithenbank JohnHill sidehouse18, Hill side
1525 Swithenbank JohnStott hillhouse19, Stott hill
1526 Sykes JohnHortonshopPit lane
1527 Sykes WalterLeeds roadhouse & shop2, Well street

BRADFORD, 1853, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1528 Tankard John BoyesWharfe streethouse39, Wharfe street
1529 Tate RichardWilliam streethouse1, William street
1530 Tattersall William PrattBolton, near Bradfordbuildings & landLeeds road
1531 Taylor Christian HenryManor rowhouse12, Darley street
successivehouse18, Manor row
1532 Taylor ClementBrunswick placehouse18, Brunswick place
1533 Taylor FredericShipleywarehouse25, Brook street, Hall Ings
1534 Taylor GeorgeShipleywarehouse25, Brook street, Hall Ings
1535 Taylor GideonBrick lanehouse & shop94, Brick Lane
1536 Taylor James SomervilleHortonwarehouse11, Peel Place
1537 Taylor JohnSpring gardenshouse6, Spring gardens
1538 Taylor JohnEldon placehouse9, Eldon Place
1539 Taylor JohnHortonmillThornton road
1540 Taylor JoshuaHanover squarehouse56, Hanover square
1541 Taylor RichardHustlergatehouse & shop23, Hustlergate
1542 Taylor RobertSpring gardenswarehouse3, Booth street
1543 Taylor ThomasThornton streethouse & shop36, Thornton street
1544 Taylor ThomasSalem streetshops27, Salem street
1545 Taylor ThomasVictoria streethouse27, Victoria street, North parade
successivehouse17, Victoria street, North parade
1546 Taylor WilliamPark gatehouse40, Park gate
1547 Taylor William, M.D.Eldon placehouse8, Eldon Place
1548 Taylor William WomersleyHortonwarehouseHall Ings
1549 Teale CharlesManninghamwarehouseMill Bank
1550 Teasdale WilliamCanal terracehouse7, Canal Terrace
1551 Terry BenjaminIdleofficesMarket street
1552 Tetley BenjaminLeeds roadhouse58, Leeds road
1553 Tetley Edward TheophilusHortonwarehouse4, Leeds road
1554 Tetley George GreenwoodManninghamwarehouse4, Leeds road
1555 Tetley JonasBroad streethouse1, Broad street
1556 Tetley RobertTongwarehouse58, Bridge street
1557 Tetley SamuelManninghamwarehouse14, Leeds road
1558 Tetley SamuelVictoria streethouse54, Victoria street, North parade
1559 Tetley WilliamBolton placehouse5, Bolton place
1560 Tetley WilliamWestgatehouse71, Westgate
1561 Thistlewaite JohnManninghamwarehouse42, Cheapside
1562 Thomas SamuelBrick rowhouse10, Brick row
1563 Thomason WilliamBoltonwarehouseManor row
1564 Thompson JamesVictoria streethouse26, Victoria street
1565 Thompson JohnStone streethouse4, Stone street
1566 Thompson JosephShipleyofficesBridge street
1567 Thompson RobertWestgatehouse & shop87, Westgate
1568 Thompson RobertSpring gardenswarehouseLeeds road
1569 Thompson ThomasAdolphus streethouseFrederick street
successivehouseAdolphus street
1570 Thompson WilliamThornton roadhouse80, Thornton road
1571 Thornton EzraBrick rowhouse & shop13, Brick row
1572 Thornton GeorgeHortonoffices16, Kirkgate
1573 Thornton HenryHortonofficesKirkgate
1574 Thornton IsaacUndercliffehouseUndercliffe
1575 Thornton JamesBarkerendhouse93, Barkerend
1576 Thornton John HirstWestgatehouse21, Westgate
1577 Thornton JohnUndercliffehouseUndercliffe
1578 Thornton JohnVicar lanehouse18, Vicar lane
1579 Thornton WilliamBarkerendhouse93, Barkerend
1580 Thorp JohnJoseph streetmillJoseph street
1581 Thresh ThomasLeeds roadhouse152, Leeds road
1582 Thwaites RobinsonHortonwarehouse37, Tyrrel street
1583 Thwaites ThomasHortonwarehouse37, Tyrrel street
1584 Tillotson JosephMulgrave streetshopMulgrave street
1585 Tillotson MilesManninghamwarehouse12, Bermondsey
1586 Tillotson SamuelHigh Bolton roadhouse & shop97, High Bolton road
1587 Titterington EliMidgleywarehouseOld market
1588 Toomey JohnHortonwarehouseRoebuck yard
1589 Toomey ThomasHortonwarehouseRoebuck yard
1590 Topham EdwardHortonmillThornton road
1591 Topham JohnBlack Abbeyhouse39, Black Abbey
successivehouseBlack Abbey
1592 Topham WilliamHoughton placehouseSimes street
successivehouse8, Houghton place
1593 Tordoff JohnBoltonshop46, Kirkgate
1594 Tordoff JosephWibseymillLaisterdyke
1595 Tordoff Thomas DenbighHanover squarehouse44, Hanover square
1596 Tordoff WilliamBolton roadhouse140, Bolton road
1597 Town Edward Henry JohnIvegatehouse21, Ivegate
1598 Town FrancisIvegateshop21, Ivegate
1599 Townend George EdwardHortonwarehouse24, Cheapside
1600 Townend JohnHill sidehouse9, School street
successivehouse19, Hill side
1601 Townend SimeonThorntonwarehouse20, Swaine street
1602 Townend SimeonHortonwarehouse24, Cheapside
1603 Townend WilliamBarkerendhouse & shop39, Barkerend
1604 Townson RichardBolton roadhouse & shop43, Bolton road
1605 True WilliamBradford moorhouseBradford moor
1606 Tuke DanielManninghamshop34, Bridge street
1607 Tuke EdwardSalem streethouse4, Salem street
1608 Turner BenjaminSchool streethouse17, School street
1609 Turner JohnHortonwarehouse10, Booth street
1610 Turner JohnHanover squarehouse45, Hanover square
1611 Turner RobertHortonwarehouse10, Booth street
1612 Turner William ClaughtonBrunswick placehouse7, Brunswick place
1613 Turton LukeBlack Abbeyhouse & shop23, Black Abbey
1614 Twedale JamesDewsburyquarry, land & buildingsBolton road
1615 Tyas JohnWestgatehouse & shop115, Westgate

BRADFORD, 1853, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1616 Underwood IsaacMarket streethouse & shop66, Market street
1617 Unna Jacob ArnoldManor rowhouse37, Manor row

BRADFORD, 1853, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1618 Varley JohnStanningleywarehouse2, Piece hall yard
1619 Varley JosephRawson placehouse10, Rawson place
1620 Virr WilliamGarnett streethouse69, Garnett street
1621 Vitty GeorgeSilsbridge lanehouse94, Silsbridge lane

BRADFORD, 1853, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1622 Waddington JosephSilsbridge lanehouse14, Silsbridge lane
1623 Waddington JosephWestgatehouse & shop73, Westgate
1624 Waddington JoshuaWell streethouse & shop12, Well street
1625 Wade Charles DucketHortonmillMill street
1626 Wade JohnBroad streetmillMill street
1627 Wade JosephChapel streetmillMill street
1628 Wade SamuelWakefield roadhouse & shop99, Wakefield road
1629 Wadsworth JamesMount streethouse3, Mount street
1630 Wainwright John WilsonBridge streethouse72, Bridge street
1631 Walker BenjaminGarnett streetshop8, Market street
1632 Walker CharlesNorth parademill62, Bridge street
1633 Walker JamesOtley roadhouse43, Otley road
1634 Walker JamesNorthgatehouse54, Northgate
1635 Walker JamesHarris streethouseHill side
successivehouseHarris street
1636 Walker JamesMiddle streethouse10, Middle street
1637 Walker James GoodhallWakefield roadhouse & shop97, Wakefield road
1638 Walker JohnManor streethouse3, Manor street
1639 Walker JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop95, Wakefield road
1640 Walker JohnWhite Abbeyhouse & shopWhite Abbey
1641 Walker RichardVictoria streetshops17, Darley street
1642 Walker RobertFrederick streethouse & shop24, Frederick street
1643 Walker WilliamBolling Hallmill62, Bridge street
1644 Walker WilliamBowlingwarehouse45, Bermondsey
1645 Waller CharlesSpring gardensshop3, Bermondsey
1646 Walls WilliamHarris streethouseHarris street
1647 Walmsley John ClaytonHortonshop60, Kirkgate
1648 Walmsley RobertThornton roadhouse & shop92, Thornton road
1649 Walmsley Samuel BairstowHortonshopsThornton road
1650 Walmsley WilliamWestgatehouse47, Victoria street, North parade
successivehouse & shop45, Westgate
1651 Walsh JohnLongcroft placeshop132, Westgate
1652 Walton James GeorgeChurch streethouse3, Richard street
successivehouse13, Church street
1653 Walton JeremiahPudseymillThornton road
1654 Ward JohnChapel streethouse9, Chapel street
1655 Ward JohnHigh streethouse39, High street
1656 Ward JosephPollard lanehouse & landPollard lane
1657 Ward William MannKirkgateofficesKirkgate
1658 Wardle ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shopIvegate
1659 Wardle WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
1660 Wardman PaulUnion streethouse & shop5, Union street
1661 Waterhouse RichardMarket placehouse68, Market Place
1662 Waterhouse RobertSpring Gardenshouse74, Victoria street, North parade
successivehouse2, Spring gardens
1663 Waterhouse ThomasNorthgatehouse52, Northgate
1664 Watkins ThomasBridge streetshop53, Bridge street
1665 Watkins WilliamWestgrove streetworkshopWestgate
1666 Watkinson HenryTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
1667 Watson EdwardSilsbridge lanehouse & shop43, Silsbridge lane
1668 Watson JohnHortonofficesMarket street
1669 Watson JohnHanover squarehouse26, Hanover square
successivehouse40, Hanover square
1670 Watson JonasBrunswick placehouse11, Brunswick place
1671 Watson MatthewManor rowhouse21, Manor row
1672 Watson PeterSnow hillhouse8, Snow hill
1673 Watson StephenKirkgateshop6, Kirkgate
1674 Watson WilliamBrunswick placeshop6, Kirkgate
1675 Waud ChristopherNorth paradewarehouse6, Brook street
1676 Waud EdwardHortonwarehouse6, Brook street
1677 Waud WilliamManor rowshop1, Darley street
1678 Weatherill JosephCross streethouse54, Cross street, George street
1679 Webster GeorgeVictoria streethouse32, Victoria street, North parade
1680 Webster IsaacWakefield roadhouseLaisterdyke
successivehouseWakefield road
1681 Webster John William42, Vicar lanehouseVicar lane
successivehouseYork street
successivehouseVicar lane
1682 Webster RichardDrewton streethouseNorth parade
successivehouse24, Drewton street
1683 Webster RobertHortonwarehouseButterworth's Buildings
1684 Webster WilliamWestgatehouse & shop126, Westgate
1685 Webster WilliamLaisterdykehouse & shop314, Laisterdyke
1686 Webster WilliamBarkerendhouse19, Barkerend
1687 Wellock BenjaminCliffe Laithehouse & landCliffe Laithe
1688 Wells WilliamEldon placehouse14, Eldon place
1689 West JamesUndercliffehouse & landUndercliffe
1690 West ThomasOtley roadhouse1, Otley road
1691 West WardRichard streethouse2, Richard street
1692 Westwood HenryWestgatehouse & shop54, Westgate
1693 Wharton WilliamWestgatehouse29, Westgate
1694 Wheater ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shop125, Silsbridge lane
1695 Wheater WilliamNorth winghouse & shop94, North wing
1696 Wheater WilliamManninghammillThornton road
1697 Whewall JosephKirkgatehouse & shop44, Kirkgate
1698 Whitaker CharlesLightcliffewarehouse18, Brook street, Hall ings
1699 Whitaker JohnWharfe streethouse17, Wharfe street
1700 Whitaker JonasBridge streethouse & shop74, Bridge street
1701 Whitaker WilliamHarris streethouse13, Harris street
1702 White AbrahamEast paradehouse12, East parade
1703 White IsaacManninghamwarehouseRoebuck yard
1704 White JonasWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
1705 White SamuelAllertonwarehouse5, Court street
1706 White WalterWestgatehouse2, Spring gardens
successivehouse & shop158, Westgate
1707 Whitehead JosephHanover squaremillMill street
1708 Whitehead JosephBarkerendhouse & shopBarkerend
1709 Whitehead PaulQueensgateshop30, Queensgate
1710 Whitehead RichardBridge streethouse & shop16, Bridge street
1711 Whitehead WilliamManninghammillMill street
1712 Whitley IsaacHortonmillThornton road
1713 Whitley JosephVictoria streethouse73, Victoria street
1714 Whitley JosephSimes streethouse2, Simes street
1715 Whitley SquireWestgatehouseInfirmary street
successivehouse & shop69, Westgate
1716 Whitley WilliamGeorge streethouse23, George street
1717 Whittam WilliamVictoria streethouse57, Victoria street, North parade
1718 Whitworth JohnOvendenwarehouse23, Booth street
1719 Whitworth RobertHalifaxwarehouse23, Booth street
1720 Whitworth WilliamHalifaxwarehouse23, Booth street
1721 Wigglesworth AbrahamBedford streethouse & shop44, Bedford street
1722 Wignall JamesBrunswick placehouse & shop18, Fawcett row
successivehouse & shopBrunswick place
1723 Wilcock IsaacIdlewarehouseBolton place
1724 Wilcock William ButterfieldNorth paradehouse26, North parade
1725 Wild AlexanderSilsbridge lanehouse155, Silsbridge lane
1726 Wilkinson ChristopherTyrrel streethouse & shop17, Tyrrel street
1727 Wilkinson JamesIvegateshop25, Ivegate
1728 Wilkinson JohnMulgrave streethouse & shop49, Mulgrave street
1729 Wilkinson JosephIvegatehouseWestgrove street
successivehouse23, Ivegate
1730 Wilkinson JosephHoughton placehouse10, Houghton place
1731 Wilkinson MarkLumb lanehouse45, Lumb lane
1732 Wilkinson RichardWellington streethouse & shop94, Wellington street
1733 Wilkinson RobertHanover squarehouse53, Hanover square
1734 Wilkinson SamuelHortonmillProspect row
1735 Wilkinson ThomasOtley roadhouse24, Otley road
1736 Wilkinson ThomasKirkgateshop71, Kirkgate
1737 Wilkinson ThomasAlbion courtshop1, Ivegate
1738 Wilkinson WilliamBowlingmillPortland street
1739 Willett ThomasPark placehouse7, Park place
1740 Williamson JamesNorth paradehouse63, North parade
1741 Williamson ThomasTrafalgar streethouse8, Trafalgar street
1742 Williamson William HarrisonDrewton streethouse7, Drewton street
1743 Wilman IsaacCross Wellington streethouse7, Cross Wellington street
1744 Wilman JamesSilsbridge lanehouse147, Silsbridge lane
1745 Wilman JamesSunbridgehouseSunbridge
1746 Wilman JohnAlbion courtshop73, Kirkgate
1747 Wilman PeterLongcroft placehouse15, Longcroft place
1748 Wilson EdwardVictoria streethouse39, Victoria street, North parade
1749 Wilson FrancisNorthgatehouse & shop31, Northgate
1750 Wilson GeorgeBroad streethouse9, Broad street
1751 Wilson GeorgeRegent placehouse7, Regent place
1752 Wilson JamesEast paradehouse10, East parade
1753 Wilson JamesHortonwarehouse10, Hall ings
1754 Wilson JamesNorth paradehouse & shop17, North parade
1755 Wilson JohnHortonwarehouseSunbridge
1756 Wilson JohnFountain streetshops2, Market
1757 Wilson JoshuaKirkgatehouse & shop47, Kirkgate
1758 Wilson SamuelHanover squarehouse28, Hanover square
1759 Wilson Samuel ThomasIvegateshop3, Ivegate
1760 Winn WilliamHortonshop4, Cheapside
1761 Wiseman HenryRoebuck yardhouse11, Roebuck yard
1762 Wittom JohnIvegatehouse26, Ivegate
1763 Womersley JohnBradford moorhouse368, Bradford moor
1764 Wood AbrahamHortonshopCanal road
1765 Wood BenjaminShipley fieldswarehouse19, Leeds road
1766 Wood GeorgeWestgatehouse105, Westgate
1767 Wood GeorgeRussell streethouse & shop27, Russell street
1768 Wood GeorgeHanover squarehouse33, Hanover square
successivehouse46, Hanover square
1769 Wood IsaacHigh streethouse & shop21, High street
1770 Wood IsaacBroadstoneshouse & shop12, Broadstones
1771 Wood JamesPark placeoffices3, Hall ings
1772 Wood James HargreavesShipley fieldswarehouse19, Leeds road
1773 Wood John CatlowChapel streethouse5, Chapel street
1774 Wood JonasMill bankhouse42, Mill bank
1775 Wood JosephShipley fieldswarehouse19, Leeds road
1776 Wood ThomasFountain streethouse4, Fountain street
1777 Wood ThomasSouthowram quarryland & buildingsBolton road
1778 Wood WilliamTyrrel streethouse31, Tyrrel street
1779 Woodcock CharlesBroad streetofficesSunbridge
1780 Woodcock JosephBroad streethouse2, Broad street
1781 Woodcock Thomas HenryPeel squareshop18, Darley street
1782 Woodhead JohnBank streethouse & shop3, Bank street
1783 Woodhead SamuelHortonofficesNorthgate
1784 Woodhead WilliamHanover squarehouse7, Hanover square
1785 Woodhead William HenryVictoria streetshop3, North parade
1786 Wooler JohnBradford moorshopLaisterdyke
1787 Wooler SamuelBradford moorhouse & shopBradford moor
1788 Wright GeorgeBridge streethouse124, Bridge street
1789 Wright George RoyalManor streethouse18, Manor street
1790 Wright IsaacManninghamwarehouseBolton place, 12, Bermondsey
1791 Wright JamesHortonshop10, Ivegate
1792 Wright JohnHortonmillTetley street
1793 Wright JohnBridge streethouse & shop48, Bridge street
1794 Wright JohnBack lanehouse & shop7, Back lane
1795 Wright JosephBridge streethouseBridge street
1796 Wright WilliamWestgatehouse & shop90, Westgate
1797 Wright WilliamLeeming streethouse4, Leeming street
1798 Wright WilliamHortonmillTetley street
1799 Wrigley Nathaniel RichardHortonmillDickson street
1800 Wyatt HenryStone streethouse17, Stone street
1801 Wyrill WilliamHortonshop8, Westgate

BRADFORD, 1853, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1802 Yates RobertHanover squarehouse12, Hanover square
1803 Yewdall AbrahamEdward streethouse29, Edward street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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