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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1855, HORTON.


HORTON, 1855.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2270 Abby, NerClayton lanehouse & shop11, Clayton lane
2271 Abel, WilliamFarside greenhouse5, Farside green
2272 Ackroyd, AbramLittle Horton lanebeerhouse228, Little Horton lane
2273 Ackroyd, CowlingHigh streetmillHigh street
2274 Ackroyd, EdmundBank topmillBank top
2275 Ackroyd, FrancisLegrams lanehouse & land27, Legrams lane
2276 Ackroyd, HenryWestbrook terracehouse5, Westbrook terrace
2277 Ackroyd, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop45, Manchester road
2278 Ackroyd, JonathanClayton heightsmillBank top
2279 Ackroyd, JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop298, Manchester road
2280 Ackroyd, SamuelGreaves streethouse15, Greaves street
2281 Ackroyd, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop150, Manchester road
2282 Ackroyd, WilliamTumbling hill streetbeerhouse33, Tumbling hill street
2283 Alderson, GeorgeClaremonthouseClaremont
2284 Allan, EdwardGrosvenor terracehouse48, Grosvenor terrace
2285 Anderson, GeorgeAshfield placehouse17, Ashfield place
2286 Anderton, Jonathan WilliamSummerseat placehouse5, Summerseat place
2287 Anderton, SwithenAshfield placehouse7, Ashfield place
2288 Andrews, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse58, Little Horton lane
2289 Armitage, GeorgeManninghamdyehouseThornton road
2290 Armitage, GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse & land133, Little Horton lane
2291 Armstrong, RobertLittle Horton lanehouseBroad street, Bradford
successivehousePark Lane end, Little Horton Lane
2292 Arnold, John RandallWell streethouse2, Randall Well street
2293 Ashley, JohnSummerseat placehouse11, Summerseat place
2294 Ashley, ThomasLittle Horton lanehouse & shop9, Little Horton lane
2295 Ashworth, MarkManchester roadhouse & shop326, Manchester road
2296 Askew, JohnAshley streetbeerhouse44, Ashley street
2297 Aspin, GeorgeWestbrook terracehouse13, Westbrook terrace
2298 Aspinall, JohnHope streethouse & shop51, Hope street
2299 Asquith, SamuelHolme tophouse104, Holme top
2300 Atkinson, GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop138, Manchester road
2301 Atkinson, RichardManchester roadhouse & shop128, Manchester road
2302 Atkinson, JohnClaremonthouseClaremont
2303 Atkinson, WilliamMill lanehouse17, Mill lane
2304 Audsley, SquireHorton roadhouse & land107, Horton road
2305 Audsley, WilliamHorton roadhouse & land107, Horton road
2306 Austin, JosephManchester roadhouse24, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2307 Baines, FrederickClaremont placehouse5, Claremont place
2308 Baines, SimpsonClaremont placehouse5, Claremont place
2309 Bakes, JosephBirkshouse & landBirks
2310 Bakes, WilliamNorth parade, TownendbeerhouseNorth parade, Townend
2311 Baldwin, JohnGreaves streethouse13, Greaves street
2312 Balmforth, JamesHorton roadhouse & landHorton road
2313 Banks, GeorgeClaremont placehouseClaremont place
2314 Barber, WrightVilliers streethouseVilliers street
2315 Barker, JeremiahAshley streethouse66, Ashley street
2316 Barraclough, FrancisJer lanehouse & land3, Jer lane
2317 Barraclough, JohnHolme tophouse & shop59, Holme top
2318 Barrans, JamesSouthfield lanehouse174, Southfield lane
2319 Bartle, JohnHigh streethouse & land80, High street
2320 Bartle, MosesHigh streethouse45, High street
2321 Bartle, TimothyChesham streethouseChesham street
2322 Bastow, AbrahamHill endhouse & landHill end
2323 Bastow, JohnBakes streethouse & shopBakes street
2324 Bastow, JohnClaytondyehouseTanner beck
2325 Bastow, JohnAycliffe hillhouse & landAycliffe hill
2326 Bastow, MosesTanner beckhouse & landTanner beck
2327 Bastow, PaulLittle Horton lanebuildings & landLittle Horton lane
2328 Bates, JamesOld roadhouse & land1, Old road
2329 Batty, SamuelSt. James's squarehouse13, St. James's square
2330 Beach, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse15, Little Horton lane
2331 Beanland, GeorgeCross lanehouse74, Cross lane
2332 Beanland, JohnTownendland & millBeckside
2333 Beanland, JohnSt. John's streethouse1, St. John's street
2334 Beanland, JosephCross laneland & buildingsBeckside
2335 Beanland, WilliamSt. John's streethouse3, St. John's street
2336 Beattie, JonathanMannville crescenthouse33, Mannville crescent
2337 Benn, JohnBottomshouse & landBottoms
2338 Bennet, CharlesHigh streethouse & land160, High street
2339 Bennet, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop316, Manchester road
2340 Bentham, JamesEdmund streethouse7, Edmund street
2341 Bentley, CharlesUnder the hillhouse & landUnder the hill
2342 Bentley, EdwinSummerseat placehouse2, Summerseat place
2343 Bentley, HenryLegrams lanemillLegrams lane
2344 Bentley, WalterHigh streetinn38, High street
2345 Bentley, WilliamFairweather greenmillLegrams lane
2346 Berwick, JamesAshfieldhouseAshfield
2347 Binns, Abram FletcherLansdowne placehouse18, Lansdowne place
2348 Binns, GeorgeSawrey placehouse17, Sawrey place
2349 Binns, JosephHigh streethouse & shop103, High street
2350 Binns, WilliamPreston placehouse14, Preston place
2351 Birkbeck, DanielListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2352 Birkbeck, JohnDrophouse & landDrop
2353 Birkby, JamesTumbling hill streethouse & shopTumbling hill street
2354 Birkby, WilliamTown endhouse & land4, Town end
2355 Blackburn, ThomasFitzgerald streethouseFitzgerald street
2356 Blakey, CharlesPark lanehousePark lane
2357 Blamires, SamuelCross lanehouse11, Cross lane
2358 Bolton, RichardLow GreenwarehouseCroft street
2359 Bolton, RichardHigh streethouse & shop50, High street
2360 Bonnell, FearnleyAshfield placehouse5, Ashfield place
2361 Bonnell, JohnSt. James's squarehouse17, St. James's square
2362 Booker, Robert AlfredHorton house, Little Horton lanehouseHorton house, Little Horton lane
2363 Booth, GeorgeCastle streethouse & shop18, Castle street
2364 Booth, JamesLister terracehouse69, Lister terrace
2365 Booth, JohnKnott Field house, Rawdon, GuiseleymillShearbridge
2366 Booth, Moses BroadbentManchester roadhouse & shop84, Manchester road
2367 Bottomley, JamesNorth paradeland & buildingsHorton road
2368 Bottomley, JohnBradfordpart of millChapel lane
2369 Bottomley, JonathanCrowther streetpart of millManchester road
2370 Bottomley, JonathanCrowther streethouse10, Crowther street
2371 Bottomley, SamuelRawdonwarehouseCroft street
2372 Bottomley, SamuelAnn placehouse2, Ann place
2373 Bottomley, SmithVilliers streethouseVilliers street
2374 Bottomley, William ParkerLow Close househouse & land27, Low close house
2375 Bower, SamuelHorton roadhouse10, Horton road
2376 Bradford, ThomasRichmond terracehouse23, Richmond terrace
2377 Bradley, JohnWestbrook terracehouse1, Westbrook terrace
2378 Bradshaw, WilliamMannville crescenthouse63, Mannville crescent
2379 Bramma, BenjaminJonas gatehouse7, Jonas gate
2380 Brereton, John Le GayLittle Horton lanehouse54, Little Horton lane
successivehouse31, Little Horton Lane
2381 Briggs, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop147, Manchester road
2382 Broadbent, JohnEarl streethouse101, Earl street
2383 Broadbent, JohnGower streethouse2, Gower street
2384 Broadbent, JohnEdmund streethouse13, Edmund street
2385 Broadbent, SamuelNorcroft browhouse & shop1, Norcroft brow
2386 Brook, EdwardSummerseat placehouse9, Summerseat place
2387 Brooksbank, MichaelLittle Horton lanehouse12, Little Horton lane
2388 Brown, GeorgeCarlton placehouse4, Carlton place
2389 Brown, JohnCarlton placehouse2, Carlton place
2390 Brown, JosephVilliers streethouseHill side, Bradford
successivehouse2, Villiers place, Horton
2391 Brown, SamuelHorton roadhouse31, Horton road
2392 Brown, ThomasKent streethouse30, Kent street
2393 Brown, ThomasCarlton placehouseCarlton place
successivehouseCarlton place
2394 Brown, WilliamPark lanehousePark lane
2395 Brown, HenryManchester roadhouse & shop63, Manchester road
2396 Buck, Charles FrederickManor row, BradfordmillCliffe lane
2397 Buckle, WilliamHigh streethouse82, High street
2398 Buckley, William Halstead GreenwoodManchester roadhouse27, Manchester road
2399 Bunting, William LantsburyChesham streetmillCliffe lane
2400 Burfield, Henry JohnSt. James's ParsonagehouseSt. James's Parsonage
2401 Burton, FrancisAshfieldhouseAshfield
2402 Byles, WilliamAnn placehouse3, Ann place
2403 Byrne, William PatrickHorton house, Little Horton lanehouseHorton house, Little Horton lane
2404 Byron, RobertHorton roadhouse2, Horton road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2405 Calvert, LodgeBradfordmillWest holme
2406 Cameron, WilliamPark lanehouse25, Park lane
2407 Carr, RichardNelson streethouse & shop4, Nelson street
2408 Carrodus, JohnBurrow streetbeerhouse3, Burrow street
2409 Carter, Joseph ShepherdManchester roadhouse55, Manchester road
2410 Cartman, James CharlesLittle Horton lanehouse9½, Little Horton lane
2411 Cawthera, HenryLidget greenhouse & shopLidget green
2412 Cawthera, JonathanBecksidehouse & landBeckside
2413 Cawthera, JosephBracken hillhouse & landBracken hill
2414 Chapman, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse24, Little Horton lane
2415 Chapman, WilliamChapel lanehouse25 & 35, Chapel lane
2416 Cheadle, PeterPrimrose hillhouse3, Primrose hill
2417 Cheeseborough, JamesRichmond terracehouse24, Richmond terrace
2418 Cheeseborough, WilliamHorton roadhouse37, Horton road
2419 Cheetham, George ThomasChapel laneworkshopsChapel lane
2420 Clapham, SamuelClaremonthouseClaremont
2421 Clapham, ThomasSpring placehouseSpring place
2422 Clark, RobertLittle Horton greenhouse & land41, Little Horton lane
2423 Clark, WilliamMannville crescenthouse59, Mannville crescent
2424 Clarkson, JoshuaLittle Horton lanehouse & shop39, Little Horton lane
2425 Clayton, HenryBradfordwarehouseNelson street
2426 Clegg, JosephManchester roadbeerhouse350, Manchester road
2427 Cliff, JosephLittle Horton lanehouse14, Little Horton lane
2428 Clough, GeorgeClaremont placehouse4, Claremont place
2429 Clough, JamesLittle Horton lanehouse & land159, Little Horton lane
2430 Clough, JosephTumbling hill streethouse & shopTumbling hill street
2431 Clapham, EdmundManchester roadhouse & shopBolton road, Bradford
successivehouse & shopManchester road
2432 Clark, BenjaminChesham streethouseChesham street
2433 Clark, JohnChesham streethouseChesham street
2434 Cockerham, EdwardHigh streethouse56, High street
2435 Coleman, George6, Elizabeth streethouseHill side villas, Bradford
successivehouse6, Elizabeth street, Horton
2436 Collingwood, JosephFieldheadhouse38, Fieldhead
2437 Cook, GeorgeRichmond placehouse19, Richmond place
2438 Cooke, JohnEdmund streethouse9, Edmund street
2439 Cook, WilliamManchester roadhouse256, Manchester road
2440 Cooper, WilliamManchester roadhouse112, Manchester road
2441 Cordingley, John RhodesSt. John's streethouse4, St. John's street
2442 Cordingley, SamuelHorton Old hallhouse & landHorton Old hall
2443 Cordingley, WilliamPark lanehouse66, Park lane
2444 Corson, SamuelLittle Horton lanehouse60, Little Horton lane
2445 Cousen, WilliamCross lanehouse & landCross lane
2446 Cowen, ChristopherLegrams lanehouse13, Legrams lane
2447 Crabtree, BenjaminHigh streethouse1, High street
2448 Crabtree, JosephManchester roadhouse169, Manchester road
2449 Crabtree, MatthewHigh streethouse & shop61, High street
2450 Croft, RobertSt. James's squarehouse71, St. James's square
2451 Crook, WilliamLower Kent streetshopFawcett court
2452 Crossland, RobertLittle Horton lanehouse39, Little Horton lane
2453 Crossley, William HenryWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2454 Crowley, CorneliusElizabeth streethouse17, Elizabeth street
2455 Crowther, JohnSpring placehouse1, Spring place
2456 Croxall, JamesClaremont terracehouse26, William street
successivehouse7, Claremont terrace
2457 Cuthbert, William HenryManchester roadshop98, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2458 Davenport, HenryMill lanehouse21, Mill lane
2459 Denison, PatrickManchester roadhouse & shop96, Manchester road
2460 Dennison, ThomasShearbridgehouse50, Shearbridge
2461 Denton, AlfredCross lanehouse75, Cross lane
2462 Denton, RichardWell Close househouse & land25, Well close house
2463 Denton, SamuelLegrams lanehouse & land34, Legrams lane
2464 Dewhirst, JeremiahClifford streethouse & shop122, Clifford street
2465 Dewhirst, JohnLow greenland & buildingsLittle Horton lane
2466 Dewhirst, ThomasManchester roadhouse378, Manchester road
2467 Dewhirst, Thomas jun.William streethouse4, William street
2468 Dexter, John7, William streethouse13, William street
successivehouse7, William street
2469 Dick, Archibald HastieSterling streethouse63, Sterling street
2470 Dixon, JamesScholemoorhouseWestbrook
successivehouse & landScholemoor
2471 Dixon, JeremiahDuncan streethouse & shop8, Duncan street
2472 Dobson, HenryBirkshouse & landBirks
2473 Douglas, JamesEdmund streethouse14, Edmund street
2474 Douglas, JamesLittle Horton lanehouse2, Elizabeth street
successivehouseLittle Horton lane
2475 Dowling, MichaelManchester roadhouse & shop142, Manchester road
2476 Dracup, EdmundPickles lanehouse23, Pickles lane
2477 Dracup, SamuelUpper greenhouse & landUpper green
2478 Duckitt, JamesNelson squarehouse3, Nelson square
2479 Duckitt, John BroughtonHorton roadhouse47, Horton road
2480 Duckworth, JamesCroft streethouse12, Ashley street
successivehouseCroft street
2481 Duggan, Edwin PatrickManchester roadinn135, Manchester road
2482 Dunnington, JamesVilliers streethouseVilliers street
2483 Dunwell, JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop54, Manchester road
2484 Durham, JamesManchester roadhouse31, Manchester road
2485 Dyson, WilliamBentinck placehouse27, Bentinck place

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2486 Eastwood, JohnElizabeth streetmillManchester road
2487 Eastwood, JonathanWestbrookmachine shopTumbling hill street
2488 Echard, FerdinandAshfield placehouse11, Ashfield place
2489 Ecroyd, BenjaminAshfield placehouse13, Ashfield place
successivehouseSt. James's square
2490 Edmeston, RobertElizabeth streethouseGrafton street
successivehouse2, Elizabeth street
2491 Edmundson, ChristopherKent streethouseKent street
2492 Edwards, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse18, Preston place
successivehouseLittle Horton lane
2493 Ellis, GeorgeJer lanehouse & landJer lane
2494 Ellis, JohnGrafton streethouse & shop39, Grafton street
2495 Ellis, ThomasLittle Horton lanehouse & shopLittle Horton lane
2496 Emmott, JosephManchester roadhouse & shop58, Manchester road
2497 Emsley, BriggsShearbridgebeerhouse38, Shearbridge
2498 Emsley, JamesManchester roadhouse & shop212, Manchester road
2499 Elmsley, JonathanHollingwood lanehouse & land29, Hollingwood lane
2500 Empsall, ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop8, Manchester road
2501 Exton, JohnManchester roadbeerhouse121, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2502 Fall, ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop47, Manchester road
2503 Falshaw, RobertHigh streethouse & shopHigh street
2504 Farish, JamesCrowther streethouse & shop4, Crowther street
2505 Farrand, HenrySt. James's squarehouseManchester road
2506 Feary, HenryManchester roadshopManchester road
2507 Ferrand, BenjaminSawrey placehouse & shop19, Sawrey place
2508 Fieldhouse, BenjaminSouthfield lanehouse & shopSouthfield lane
2509 Fieldhouse, GeorgeHoward streethouse11, William street
successivehouseHoward street
2510 Fielding, JohnWilliam streethouse18, William street
2511 Firth, DanielSterling streethouse79, Sterling street
2512 Firth, JamesListerhillspart of millNorcroft road
2513 Firth, SamuelWilliam streethouse3, William street
2514 Firth, ThomasElizabeth streethouse20, Elizabeth street
successivehouse20, Elizabeth street
2515 Firth, ThomasAshfield placemillShearbridge
2516 Firth, ThomasListerhillspart of millNorcroft road
2517 Firth, WilliamNeal streethouse6, Little Horton lane
successivehouseNeal street
2518 Fison, CornellWoodville terracehouse46, Little Horton lane
successivehouseWoodville terrace
2519 Flather, EmanuelAshley streethouse84, Ashley street
2520 Foulds, JohnManchester roadshop180, Manchester road
successivehouse & shopManchester road
2521 Fowler, JohnSt. James's squarehouseSt. James's square
2522 Fox, Edmund KeighleyHigh streethouse29, High street
2523 Fox, GregoryHollingwood lanehouse & land9, Hollingwood lane
2524 Fox, ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop158, Manchester road
2525 Francis, JosephManchester roadbeerhouse88, Manchester road
2526 Freeman, JosephThornton road, Bradfordland & buildingsHorton road
2527 Fryer, JohnManchester roadbeerhouse108, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2528 Gale, SeptimusPark lanehouseLittle Horton green
successivehousePark lane
2529 Gallimore, JamesEbor streethouse32, Ebor street
2530 Galloway, JohnManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
successivehouse & shop123, Manchester road
2531 Gamble, SamuelHorton roadpart of millChapel lane
2532 Garner, JosephManchester roadhouse182, Manchester road
2533 Gath, WilliamClaremonthouseClaremont
2534 Gaukrodger, TitusKaye streethouseKaye street
2535 German, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouseClaremont
successivehouseLittle Horton lane
2536 Gibson, WilliamWilliam streethouse15, William street
2537 Gibson, GeorgeHigh streetbeerhouse90, High street
2538 Gidley, WilliamGreaves streethouse14, Greaves street
2539 Giles, ThomasKaye streethouseKaye street
2540 Gill, JohnCroft streethouse58, Croft street
2541 Gill, StephenManchester roadhouse & shop152, Manchester road
2542 Glaize, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse42, Little Horton lane
2543 Gledhill, RichardPark lanehousePark lane
2544 Gledhill, WilliamAbraham gatehouse49, Abraham gate
2545 Glover, HenrySawrey placehouse122, Sawrey place
2546 Glover, JohnSawrey placehouse6, Sawrey place
2547 Glover, MarkSawrey placehouse14, Sawrey place
2548 Godwin, Benjamin Westmount, Dr.Villiers streethouseWestmount, Villiers street
2549 Goodall, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop104, Manchester road
2550 Gosling, WilliamWestbrook terracehouse2, Westbrook terrace
2551 Greasley, Isaac MonsleyClaremont placehouse3, Claremont place
2552 Green, JamesLittle Horton lanemaltkilnLittle Horton lane
2553 Greenwood, BenjaminManchester roadhouse53, Manchester road
2554 Greenwood, JohnListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2555 Greenwood, John WilsonHigh streethouse & shop58, High street
2556 Greenwood, JosephHigh streethouse & shop40, High street
2557 Greenwood, WilliamSummerseat placehouse8, Summerseat place
2558 Greenwood, WilliamTanhouse, Horton roadhouseTanhouse, Horton road
2559 Groves, JohnPrimrose hillhouse1, Primrose hill

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2560 Haigh, EdwardLister terracemillShearbridge
2561 Haigh, SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop266, Manchester road
2562 Haigh, William ChapmanHorton Villahouse & landHorton villa
2563 Hailstone, EdwardHorton hallhouse & landHorton hall
2564 Haley, ElishaWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2565 Haley, EnochRichmond placehouse20, Richmond place
2566 Haley, JohnCross lanehouse & land12, Cross lane
2567 Haley, JosephCastle streetfoundryMoss street
2568 Haley, JoshuaSawrey placehouse5, Sawrey place
2569 Haley, RichardHigh streethouse & shopHigh street
2570 Haley WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop206, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop202, Manchester road
2571 Halstead, IsaacSpring placehouse2, Spring place
2572 Hanson, SamuelDog lanehouse & landDog lane
2573 Hanson, William SturdySummerseat placehouse1, Summerseat place
2574 Hardy, JohnQuaker lanehouse & landQuaker lane
2575 Hardy, JohnCrowther streethouse9, Crowther street
2576 Harewood, RichardRussell streethouse3, Russell street
2577 Hargreaves, Thomas HenryHampton placehouseHampton place
2578 Harrison, JohnSummerseat placehouse13, Summerseat place
2579 Harrison, MilesFawcett rowhouse & shopFawcett row
2580 Harrison, SamuelCrowther streethouse5, Crowther street
2581 Harrison, ThomasLansdowne placehouse16, Lansdowne place
2582 Harrowby, JohnChester streethouse13, Chester street
2583 Harrowby, RobertLittle Horton lanehouse13, Little Horton lane
2584 Hartley, GeorgeCobden streethouse62, Cobden street
2585 Hartley, JervisBradfordwarehouseCroft street
2586 Hartley, PeterHolme tophouse & shop99, Holme top
2587 Hartley, ThomasVilliers streethouseVilliers street
2588 Hartley, WilliamVilliers streethouse61, Villiers street
2589 Hartop, JamesManchester roadhouse & shop145, Manchester road
2590 Haslam, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse22, Little Horton lane
2591 Haste, JoshuaChesham streethouseChesham street
2592 Haste, WilliamBowlingpart of millChapel lane
2593 Hattersley, JohnSt. John's streethouse18, St. John's street
2594 Hatton, WilliamHorton roadhouse7, Horton road
2595 Healey, ThomasSawrey placehouse15, Sawrey place
2596 Helliwell, SamuelLittle Horton greenhouse16, Little Horton green
2597 Hertz, William DavidAshfieldhouse2, Ashfield
2598 Hill, JohnArundel streethouse3, Arundel street
2599 Hillam, JosephThornton lanehouse & landThornton lane
2600 Hillias, AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop211, Manchester road
2601 Hinchcliffe, ThomasBack lanehouse11, Back lane
2602 Hird, ThomasWestbrook terracehouse10, Westbrook terrace
2603 Hirst, JosephPasture side, Claytonland & buildingsPasture side, Horton
successivehouse & landSnap, Bank top
2604 Hirst, JosephHoward streethouseHoward street
2605 Hirst, JosephListerhillshouse & shop16, Listerhills
2606 Hirst, Michael StocksEdmund streethouse8, Edmund street
2607 Hodgson, GeorgeLegrams lanehouse & landLegrams lane
2608 Hodgson, JosephWilliam streethouse24, William street
2609 Holroyd, JohnHill enddyehouseTanner beck
2610 Holdsworth, EdwardFitzgerald streetmillWaterloo mill
2611 Holdsworth, JamesSterling streethouse10, Sterling street
2612 Holdsworth, JosephManchester roadhouse & shop43, Manchester road
2613 Holliday, ThomasWilliam streethouse20, William street
2614 Holliday, WilliamSt. George's placehouse4, St. George's place
2615 Holroyd, JamesLittle Horton lanehouse26, Little Horton lane
2616 Hollings, AbrahamLegrams lanehouse & shopLegrams lane
2617 Hollings, JosephHigh streethouseHigh street
2618 Holmes, DennisSt. James's squarehouse21, St. James's square
2619 Holmes, JohnHollingwood lanehouse & landHollingwood lane
2620 Holt, WilliamPreston placehouse16, Preston place
2621 Horsfield, ThomasVilliers streethouseVilliers street
successivehouseVilliers street
2622 Horsfall, JoshuaLegrams lanehouseLegrams lane
2623 Howard, CharlesEbor streetmillWaterloo mill
2624 Howatt, WilliamClaremonthouseClaremont
2625 Howitt, GeorgeSpring placehouse3, Spring place
2626 Howroyd, CharlesAshley streethouse14, Ashley street
2627 Hoyle, WilliamVilliers streethouseVilliers street
2628 Hudson, JohnLow greenhouseLow green
2629 Hudson, JosephElizabeth streethouse13, Elizabeth street
successivehouse & shop103, Manchester road
2630 Hunter, HenryManchester roadhouse & shop114, Manchester road
2631 Hunter, ThomasPreston placehousePreston place
2632 Hustler, GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop87, Manchester road
2633 Hustler, IsaacManchester roadhouse85, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2634 Illingworth, SamuelSouthfield lanehouse & land31, Southfield lane
2635 Ingham, TimothyLansdowne placehouse21, Lansdowne place

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2636 Jackson, JosephManchester roadhouse & shop156, Manchester road
2637 Jackson, JosephMill lanehouse19, Mill lane
2638 Jackson, SamuelSouth endshop131, Manchester road
2639 Jackson, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop131, Manchester road
2640 Jackson, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop144, Manchester road
2641 Jackson, WilliamSummerseat placehouse12, Summerseat place
2642 Jaggar, AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop52, Manchester road
2643 Jagger, Jonas237, Manchester roadhouse237, Manchester road
2644 James, Robert SquireSt. James's squarehouse13, St. James's square
2645 Jaram, EdwardManchester roadhouse & shop314, Manchester road
2646 Jarvis, WilliamManchester roadhouseManchester road
2647 Jennings, JonasHigh streethouse24, High street
2648 Jennings, JosephCrampton streethouse2, Crampton street
2649 Jennings, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse & shop238, Little Horton lane
2650 Johnson, GeorgeCrowther streethouse6, Crowther street
2651 Johnson, JohnBower streetbeerhouse23, Bower street
2652 Jowett, NathanEbor streethouse & shop30, Ebor street
2653 Jowett, WilliamManchester roadbeerhouse41, Manchester road
2654 Joyce, John BarnettSt. James's squarehouseSt. James's square

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2655 Keighley, WilliamHigh streethouseHigh street
2656 Kellett, JamesManchester roadbeerhouse190, Manchester road
2657 Kellett, JohnHigh streetland & buildingsHigh street
2658 Kershaw, RobertDuncan streetbeerhouse2, Duncan street
2659 Kettle, JohnPreston placehouse12, Preston place
2660 Knight, JosephGrosvenor terracehouseGrosvenor terrace
2661 Kramer, FrederickManchester roadhouse & shop46, Manchester road

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2662 Larter, ThomasSawrey placehouse4, Sawrey place
2663 Laukland, JosephChapel lanehouse36, Chapel lane
2664 Law, JamesClaremonthouse7, Russell street
2665 Laycock, CharlesHigh streethouse & shop59, High street
2666 Leather, George HenryEdmund streethouse11, Edmund street
2667 Lee, WilliamMilton streethouse & shop1, Milton street
2668 Lee, ThomasLidget greenhouse & shopLidget green
2669 Leeming, IsaacElizabeth streethouse14, Elizabeth street
2670 Lees, CharlesMelbourne placehouse2, Melbourne place
2671 Light, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse52, Little Horton lane
2672 Linton, JohnWestbrook terracehouse & shopWestbrook terrace
2673 Lister, JamesManchester roadhouse & shop146, Manchester road
2674 Lister, Joshua Brook2, St. John's streethouse2, St. John's street
2675 Liversidge, JabezHigh streetinn7, High street
2676 Liversidge, JohnHigh streethouse & shop19, High street
2677 Lodge, SamuelLower Thomas streetbeerhouseLower Thomas street
2678 Longfield, WilliamRichmond placehouse25, Richmond place
2679 Lord, JohnAshley streethouse10, Ashley street
2680 Lord, SamuelLittle Horton lanehouse20, Little Horton lane
2681 Lord, Thomas WilliamChesham placehouse79, Chesham place
2682 Lumb, CharlesNelson squarehouse4, Nelson square
2683 Lupton, John LaishmanManchester roadhouse57, Manchester road
2684 Lythall, WilliamEdmund streetmillShearbridge

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2685 Macfarline, WilliamElizabeth streethouse8, Elizabeth street
2686 Making, Henry FrancisEdmund streethouse4, Edmund street
2687 Mann, GeorgeWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2688 Marsden, WilliamManchester roadbeerhouse89, Manchester road
2689 Marshall, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse34, Little Horton lane
2690 Marshall, WilliamKaye streethouseKaye street
2691 Martin, James FrancisMelbourne placehouse1, Melbourne place
2692 Mason, HenryLegrams lanehouse10, Legrams lane
2693 Masser, ThomasSawrey placehouse32, Sawrey place
2694 Matthewman, JosephClaremont placehouse2, Claremont place
2695 Metcalfe, JohnWellington placehouse40, Wellington place
2696 Metcalfe, WilliamSawrey placehouse7, Sawrey place
2697 McMichan, John LittleManchester roadhouse29, Manchester road
2698 Middleton, DavidManchester roadhouse & shop60, Manchester road
2699 Midgley, John WhitworthFitzgerald streethouse33 & 35, Fitzgerald street
2700 Milligan, JamesSt. George's placehouse3, St. George's place
2701 Milligan, RobertElizabeth streethouse9, Elizabeth street
2702 Milligan, ThomasSummerseat placehouse14, Summerseat place
2703 Milligan, WilliamSt. George's placehouse3, St. George's place
2704 Milligan, WilliamElizabeth streethouse18, Elizabeth street
2705 Milnes, DavidManchester roadhouse & shop130, Manchester road
2706 Milnes, EnochManchester roadhouse & shop36, Manchester road
2707 Milnes, Isaac RandallWell streethouse5, Randall Well street
2708 Milnes, SamuelWilliam streethouse16, William street
2709 Milnes, RobertManchester roadhouse & shop141, Manchester road
2710 Mitchell, AbrahamBowlingmillMill gate
2711 Mitchell, HenryBright streetmillManchester road
2712 Mitchell, JohnHenry streethouse1, Henry street
2713 Mitchell, John, junr.BowlingmillManchester road
2714 Mitchell, JosephBowlingmillMill gate
2715 Mitchell, JoshuaBowlingmillMill gate
2716 Mitchell, RubenBowlingmillManchester road
2717 Molineux, John HardmanElizabeth streethouse5, Elizabeth street
2718 Moon, AlexanderRussell streethouseClaremont
successivehouse5, Russell street
2719 Moore, CharlesLittle Horton laneinn149, Little Horton lane
2720 Moore, JamesAshfield placemillShearbridge
2721 Moorhouse, WilliamHigh streetinn197, High street
2722 Moran, MichaelNelson squarehouse1, Nelson square
2723 Morgan, JohnMorpeth streetbeerhouse9, Morpeth street
2724 Mortimer, DavidParadisehouse & landParadise
2725 Mortimer, DavidHorton roadhouse & landHorton road
2726 Mortimer, GeorgeNew roadinn6, New road
2727 Mortimer, William DawsonWestmounthouse3, Westmount
2728 Moulson, JohnBowlingquarry & buildingsLegrams lane
2729 Moulson, MilesHorton roadhouse & landHorton road
2730 Moulson, WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse & land30, Little Horton green
2731 Murgatroyd, BenjaminBowlingdyehouseLittle Horton lane
2732 Murgatroyd, EmanuelHolme topbeerhouse71, Holme top
2733 Murgatroyd, WilliamBank tophouse15, Bank top
2734 Muller, GeorgeAshfield placehouse15, Ashfield place
2735 Musgrave, SamuelSt. James's streethouse5, St. James's street
2736 Myers, DavidCaledonia streetbeerhouse107, Caledonia street
2737 Myers, JohnBecksidehouse22, Beckside
2738 Myers, ThomasCross lanehouse & land28, Cross lane

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2739 Naylor, AbrahamHorton roadhouse & land135, Horton road
2740 Naylor, GeorgeCrowther streethouse18, Crowther street
2741 Naylor, JonasNorcroft roadhouseNorcroft road
2742 Naylor, WilliamTudor streethouse6, Tudor street
2743 Neal, CharlesJohn gatehouse & shop4, John gate
2744 Newbolt, JohnFitzgerald streethouse & shopFitzgerald street
2745 Nicholson, George KayWellington placehouse38, Wellington place
2746 Norfolk, JohnAycliffe hillhouse & landAycliffe hill

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2747 Ogden, AlfredAshfieldhouse14, Ashfield
2748 Oldfield, JohnAshley streethouse8, Ashley street
2749 Ollivier, CharlesSt. James's squarehouseSt. James's square
2750 Osborne, MarmadukeRichmond placehouse21, Richmond place

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2751 Parker, HenryHigh streethouse & shopHigh street
2752 Parker, WilliamSummerseat placehouse3, Summerseat place
2753 Parkinson, GeorgeBentinck placehouse23, Bentinck place
2754 Parkinson, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse18, Little Horton lane
2755 Parkinson, ThomasManchester roadhouse126, Manchester road
2756 Patchett, HenryLegrams lanehouse33, Legrams lane
2757 Patterson, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop65, Manchester road
2758 Pawson, JohnClaremont placehouse1, Claremont place
2759 Payne, GeorgeBrunswick place, BradfordofficeManchester road
2760 Pearson, JamesSam's millhouse & millSam's mill
2761 Peel, EdwardSouthfield lanehouse77, Southfield lane
2762 Peel, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouseMannville crescent
successivehouseLittle Horton lane
2763 Petherbridge, AbramManchester roadhouse & shop134, Manchester road
2764 Pickard, JohnHope streetbeerhouse2, Hope street
2765 Phillips GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop210, Manchester road
2766 Pilling, JabezCobden streetmillManchester road
2767 Pilling, JosephLittle Horton lanehouse21, Little Horton lane
2768 Pilling, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse19, Little Horton lane
2769 Pittam, SamuelChapel lanehouse33, Chapel lane
2770 Pollard, JoshuaClaremont placehouseClaremont place
2771 Pollard, RichardPark lanehouseEarl street
successivehousePark lane
2772 Powell, Francis SharpLittle Horton hallhouse & landLittle Horton green
2773 Poppleton, JoeLittle Horton lanehouse11, Little Horton lane
2774 Popplewell, WilliamSterling streetmillPortland street
2775 Preller, ErnearMelbourne placehouse8, Melbourne place
2776 Prest, ThomasListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2777 Preston, BenjaminManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
2778 Priestley, SamuelListerhillshouse & shop15, Listerhills
2779 Priestley, SamuelCrowther streethouse7, Crowther street
2780 Priestley, WilliamHigh streethouse & shop57, High street
2781 Priestman, JohnManninghammillFieldhead
2782 Prince, GeorgeManchester roadbeerhouse245, Manchester road
2783 Proctor, AnthonyManchester roadhouse & shop352, Manchester road
2784 Proctor, SamuelRussell streethouse9, Russell street
2785 Procter, WilliamPerseverance rowhouse & shopPerseverance row
2786 Pullan, JosephLittle Horton lanehouse29, Little Horton lane
2787 Pullon, GeorgeSummerseat placehouse10, Summerseat place
2788 Pyrah, WilliamGower streethouse30, Gower street

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2789 Ramsbottom, Henry RobertLegrams lanemillLittle Horton lane
2790 Ramsden, JosephUpper greenhouseUpper green
2791 Ramsden, ThomasWestbrook terracehouse3, Westbrook terrace
2792 Rand, JohnWhetley hill, ManninghammillLittle Horton lane
2793 Rand, WilliamLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
2794 Raw, ThomasManchester roadbeerhouse300, Manchester road
2795 Rawnsley, JohnCroft streethouseCroft street
2796 Rawson, JohnAshfield placehouse1, Ashfield place
2797 Read, HenrySawrey placehouse3, Sawrey place
2798 Read, JosephPentonvillehousePentonville, Little Horton lane
2799 Reaney, JamesPreston placehousePreston place
2800 Reaney, John LewisHorton roadhouse105, Horton road
2801 Rendle, ThomasNorton gatehouseNorton gate
2802 Rhodes, John, seniorLegrams lanehouse & land8, Legrams lane
2803 Rhodes, John, junr.Legrams lanehouse11, Legrams lane
2804 Rhodes, ManoahLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
2805 Rhodes, SamuelClaremont terracehouse7, William street
successivehouse6, Claremont terrace
2806 Rhodes, WilliamSterling streethouse1, Sterling street
2807 Rhodes, ZaccheusHorton roadhouse6, Horton road
2808 Richardson, JamesSt. James's squarehouse16, St. James's square
2809 Ridings, EdwardLower Spring head, ClaytonmillBeckside
2810 Rigg, SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop322, Manchester road
2811 Riley, EphraimHigh streetbeerhouseHigh street
2812 Riley, JohnSpring place, Hortonhouse & shopMulgrave street, Bradford
successivehouseSpring place
2813 Riley, ThomasPreston placehouse11, Preston place
2814 Roberts, ChristopherWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2815 Roberts, JohnSt. James's squarehouse3, St. James's square
2816 Robertshaw, JamesSouthfield lanehouse117, Southfield lane
2817 Robertshaw, JobSouthfield lanehouse & land141, Southfield lane
2818 Robertshaw, WilliamSouthfield lanehouse & land141, Southfield lane
2819 Robinson, JosephFitzgerald streethouseFitzgerald street
2820 Robinson, JohnGrosvenor terracehouse2, Edmund street
successivehouseGrosvenor terrace
2821 Robinson, RalphManchester roadhouse76, Manchester road
2822 Rogers, GeorgeHipperholmemillWestholme
2823 Roper, JohnHoward streethouse8, Sawrey place
successivehouseHoward street
2824 Rouse, WilliamWestbrook househouseWestbrook house
2825 Rowntree, IsaacSt. George's placehouseSt. George's place
2826 Rudd, JohnHigh streethouse74, High street
2827 Rushforth, MichaelEbor streethouse46, Ebor street
2828 Russell, JohnMelbourne placehouse13, Melbourne place

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2829 Sagar, JohnListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2830 Sagar, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop94, Manchester road
2831 Salt, TitusCrow nest, LightcliffewarehouseNelson street
2832 Sampson, GeorgeSt. James's squarehouse20, St. James's square
2833 Sanderson, GeorgeLidget greenhouse1, Lidget green
2834 Scaife, GeorgeAbraham gatehouse7, Abraham gate
2835 Scarf, Thomas WilkinsonClaremonthouseClaremont
2836 Schofield, WilliamManchester roadinn49, Manchester road
2837 Schofield, Richard MortimerHanover square, BradfordwarehouseHorton road
2838 Scholey, StephenListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2839 Seebohm, BenjaminLansdowne placehouse1, Edmund street
successivehouseLansdowne place
2840 Schlesinger, AndrewAshfieldhouse10, Ashfield place
2841 Shackleton, RobertBank street, Bradfordland & buildingsDirk hill
2842 Shackleton, ThomasCrowther streethouse2, Crowther street
2843 Sharrow, GeorgeHorton roadhouse77, Horton road
2844 Sharman, George3, Little Horton greenhouse22, St. John's street
successivehouse3, Little Horton green
2845 Sharp, DanielBrownroyd foldhouse & landBrownroyd fold
2846 Sharp, HenryHolme topinnHolme top
2847 Sharp, SquireMoss streethouse & shopMoss street
2848 Sharp, SquireManchester roadhouse & shop289, Manchester road
2849 Sharp, WilliamBurrow streethouse2, Burrow street
2850 Sharp, WilliamBrownroyd foldhouse & land8, Brownroyd fold
2851 Shaw, BenjaminFitzgerald streethouseFitzgerald street
2852 Shaw, WilliamThornton lanehouse & landThornton lane
2853 Shaw, WilliamManchester roadinn318, Manchester road
2854 Sichel, Silvester EmilAshfield placehouseAshfield place
2855 Sidney, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
2856 Slee, HenryRichmond placehouseRichmond place
2857 Smith, CharlesManchester roadhouse163, Manchester road
2858 Smith, GeorgeTumbling hill streetinnTumbling hill street
2859 Smith, GeorgeSawrey placehouse11, Sawrey place
2860 Smith, George BelkMelbourne placehouse11, Melbourne place
2861 Smith, JohnBradfordpart of millNorcroft road
2862 Smith, JohnClose tophouse & landClose top
2863 Smith, JohnNelson squarehouse5, Nelson square
2864 Smith, JosephManchester roadhouse & shop109, Manchester road
2865 Smith, JosephLittle Horton lanehouse56, Little Horton lane
2866 Smith, JoshuaLittle Horton lanehouse109, Little Horton lane
2867 Smith, LawrenceLegrams lanehouse & land22, Legrams lane
2868 Smith, LawrenceHigh streetbeerhouse69, High street
2869 Smith, MichaelShelfweaving shedHolme top
2870 Smith, SamuelUpper Burnett field, Bowlingweaving shedHolme top
2871 Smith, SamuelField househouseField house
2872 Simpson, JohnWilliam streethouse6, William street
2873 Singleton, Charles WilliamGipton grove, near LeedswarehouseManchester road
2874 Singleton, Richard HarrisonSpringfield Lodge, Burmantofts, LeedswarehouseManchester road
2875 Singleton, WilliamLeedswarehouseManchester road
2876 Snowden, George RusselCrampton streethouse1, Crampton street
2877 Snowden, HenryHigh streetmillCliffe lane
2878 Snowden, JohnMelbourne placehouse5, Ann place
successivehouse12, Melbourne place
2879 Sowden, WilliamSterling streethouse12, Sterling street
2880 Spedding, John WarbrickPark lanehousePark lane
2881 Spence, William MorrittSt. George's placehouseSt. George's place
2882 Spence, SamuelChester streetmillChapel lane
successivehouseKaye street
2883 Staniforth, HenryLydon terracehouseLydon terrace
2884 Stead, JamesBank tophouse & buildingsBank top
2885 Stead, JohnLittle Horton lanehouse44, Little Horton lane
2886 Stead, Joseph HitchenManchester roadhouse & shop86, Manchester road
2887 Stead, ThomasEdmund streethouse10, Edmund street
2888 Stephenson, JohnHorton roadhouse & land139, Horton road
2889 Stephenson, MosesClayton lanehouseClayton place
2890 Stephenson, ThomasSummerseat placehouse7, Summerseat place
2891 Stirk, JamesManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
2892 Stott, JosephEmma gatehouse & shop2, Emma gate
2893 Stowell, HenryTriangle streethouse & shop2, Triangle street
2894 Stowell, SquireLittle Horton lanehouse & land119, Little Horton lane
2895 Sucksmith, WilliamManchester roadhouse208, Manchester road
2896 Suddards, EdwardElizabeth streethouseElizabeth street
2897 Sugden, Joseph DawsonSt. John's streethouse7, St. John's street
2898 Sugden, WilliamManchester roadhouse23, Manchester road
2899 Sunderland, ThomasHigh streethouse & shop44, High street
2900 Sutcliffe, CharlesSouthfield laneland & buildingsSouthfield lane
successivehouse7, Elizabeth street
2901 Sutcliffe, JohnElizabeth streethouse10, Elizabeth street
2902 Sutcliffe, JohnClayton lanebeerhouseClayton lane
2903 Sutcliffe, JosephSouthfield lanehouse & land84, Southfield lane
2904 Sutcliffe, MartinElizabeth streethouse1, Elizabeth street
2905 Swaine, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop304, Manchester road
2906 Swaine, JonathanPark lanehouseEarl street
successivehousePark lane
2907 Swaine, WilliamNew roadhouse & shopNew road
2908 Swann, WilliamSt. James's squarehouse9, St. James's square
2909 Symmons, ChristopherLumby streetbeerhouse14, Lumby street

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2910 Talbot ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop68, Manchester road
2911 Tankard, BenjaminLansdowne placehouse20, Lansdowne place
2912 Tankard, JohnLansdowne placehouse19, Lansdowne place
2913 Tankard, NoahEbor streethouse5, Ebor street
2914 Taylor, JohnHorton roadhouse43, Horton road
2915 Tee, Samuel LaycockHorton roadhouse35, Horton road
2916 Tenant, JohnQueen street, LeedswarehouseManchester road
2917 Tetley, George CalvertHorton roadhouse33, Horton road
2918 Tetley, RichardCrowther streethouse11, Crowther street
2919 Thackray, JamesDarley street, BradfordworkshopCrampton street
2920 Thistlethwaite, ChristopherSawrey placehouseSawrey place
2921 Thomas, SquirePickles hillhouse & landPickles hill
2922 Thomas, William JacobManchester roadhouse & shop120, Manchester road
2923 Thompson, BenjaminGuiseleybrewhouseHorton road
2924 Thompson, JamesAnn placehouse4, Ann place
2925 Thompson, William RandallWell streethouseCarlton place
successivehouse3, Randall Well street
2926 Thornton, WilliamSouthfield lanehouse & land4, Southfield lane
2927 Thwaites, RobinsonHorton roadhouse49, Horton road
2928 Thwaites, Thomas RandallWell streethouse1, Randall Well street
2929 Timperley, Joseph BennettEdmund streethouseEdmund street
2930 Tiplady, SamuelChapel lanehouse & shopChapel lane
2931 Todd, JamesLittle Horton lanehouse5, Little Horton lane
2932 Todd, JohnElizabeth streethouse19, Elizabeth street
2933 Todd, JonathanNelson squaremillNelson court
2934 Todd, MatthewNelson squaremillNelson court
2935 Topham, BenjaminBack foldland & buildingsBack fold
2936 Topham, JohnBecksidehouse & landBeckside
2937 Topham, WilliamWoodville terracehouseWoodville terrace
2938 Tordoff, DanielBeldon hillhouse & land5, Beldon hill
2939 Tordoff, SquireBank topinn12, Bank top
2940 Towers, ThomasHolme top lanehouse & shopHolme Top lane
2941 Townend, JohnSawrey placehouse9, Sawrey place
2942 Townend, SimeonUpper Scholemoorhouse & landUpper Scholemoor
2943 Townend, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop90, Manchester road
2944 Trees, WilliamBower streethouse & shop8, Bower street
2945 Turner, CharlesSawrey placehouse1, Sawrey place
successivehouse31, Little Horton lane
2946 Turner, GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse33, Little Horton lane
2947 Turner, JamesLittle Horton greenhouse14, Little Horton green
2948 Turner, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop252, Manchester road
2949 Turner, JohnBack lanehouse30, Back lane
2950 Turner, John, junr.Legrams lanehouseLegrams lane
2951 Turner, RobertHorton grangehouse & landHorton grange
2952 Turner, Robert, junr.Legrams MillmillBeckside

HORTON, 1855, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2953 Waddilove, RichardClifford streetinnClifford street
2954 Wade, JamesHorton roadhouse9, Horton road
2955 Wadsworth, ThomasBerwick streethouseBerwick street
2956 Ward, HenryHigh streethouseHigh street
2957 Ward, JohnHill endhouse & landHill end
2958 Ward, WilliamHigh streethouseHigh street
2959 Wardle, Thomas HenrySt. George's placehouse1, St. George's place
2960 Wardle, WilliamHigh streethouse & shop87, High street
2961 Wardman, HenryChapel lanehouse & shop8, Chapel lane
2962 Walker, JohnLansdowne placehouse & shop116, Manchester road
2963 Walker, WilliamChapel lanehouse & shop36, Chapel lane
2964 Walker, WilliamBowling hallworkshopsLower Kent street
2965 Walker, WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop102, Manchester road
successivehouseVilliers street
2966 Walmsley, Samuel BairstowChesham streethouseChesham street
2967 Walton, GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse10, Little Horton lane
2968 Walton, Henry ArnottChester streethouse8, Chester street
2969 Walton, JosephNelson squarehouse6, Nelson square
2970 Walton, RobertManchester roadhouse & shop204, Manchester road
2971 Waterhouse, JosephBank tophouse & land11, Bank top
2972 Watson, JohnMelbourne placehouse6, Melbourne place
2973 Watson, PeterSt. John's streethouse16, St. John's street
2974 Watson, RichardPreston placehouse15, Preston place
2975 Watson, WilliamNew roadhouse & landNew road
2976 Waud, ChristopherManningham lane, BradfordmillPortland street
2977 Waud, EdwardRichmond housemillPortland street
2978 Webster, JosephElizabeth streethouseElizabeth street
2979 Webster, RichardLeedswarehouseManchester road
2980 Webster, RobertLansdowne placehouse22, Lansdowne place
2981 Webster, SamuelPrimrose hillhouse4, Primrose hill
2982 Wegner, GeorgePentonvillehousePentonville
2983 Wells, JoshuaManchester roadhouse & shop186, Manchester road
2984 West, EdwardWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2985 Wharf, RichardManchester roadhouse & shop105, Manchester road
2986 Whitaker, CharlesSummerseat placehouse4, Summerseat place
2987 Whitaker, JamesHigh streethouse & shop76, High street
2988 Whitaker, DavidListerhillshouse & shopListerhills
2989 Whitehead, JohnListerhillsinnListerhills
2990 Whitley, IsaacWilliam streethouse22, William street
2991 Whitley, RichardPreston placehouse17, Preston place
2992 Whitham, ThomasKent streethouse55, Kent street
2993 Wiechers, George RichardAshfieldhouseAshfield
2994 Wilcock, JohnFitzgerald streethouseFitzgerald street
2995 Wilcock, JohnKent streetbeerhouseKent street
2996 Wilcock, JohnManchester roadhouse & shop100, Manchester road
2997 Wilcock, JohnElizabeth streethouse15, Elizabeth street
2998 Wilcock, SamuelWilliam streethouse2, William street
2999 Wild AlexanderVilliers streethouseVilliers street
3000 Wild, BenjaminMelbourne placehouse14, Melbourne place
3001 Wilkinson, JohnBeldon hillhouse & land8, Beldon hill
3002 Wilkinson, RobertBright streetmillManchester road
3003 Wilkinson, WilliamHall lane, BowlingwarehouseCroft street
3004 Wilkinson, BarzillaManchester roadhouse32, Manchester road
3005 Willis, Henry de LavelClaremonthouseLittle Horton lane
3006 Wilson, FrancisManchester roadhouse & shop61, Manchester road
3007 Wilson, JamesClose tophouse & land45, Close top
3008 Wilson, ThomasGrafton streethouse & shopGrafton street
3009 Wilson, SamuelRichmond terracehouse & shop17, Richmond terrace
3010 Wood, AbrahamSt. John's streethouse14, St. John's street
3011 Wood, BenjaminJacob streetbeerhouseJacob street
3012 Wood, GeorgeHolme top lanehouse & shop1, Holme top lane
3013 Wood, JamesAshfieldhouseAshfield
3014 Wood, SamuelLegrams lanehouse & land25, Legrams lane
3015 Woodhead, JosephMill lanehouse13, Mill lane
3016 Woodhead, WilliamHolme tophouse & shop72, Holme top
3017 Worsnop, JosephPark lanehouse11, Park lane
3018 Worsnop, LeviPark lanehouse12, Park lane
3019 Wray, WilliamFawcett rowhouse & shopFawcett row
3020 Wright, George AndersonCrampton streethouse & shop18, Crampton street
3021 Wright, JamesMannville crescenthouse61, Mannville crescent
3022 Wright, JosephJonas gatehouse21, Jonas gate
3023 Wright, WilliamAdelaide streethouse & shop87, Adelaide street
3024 Wrigley, Richard NathanielSawrey placehouse2, Sawrey place
3025 Wyrill, WilliamWilliam streethouse14, William street
3026 Wyrill, William5, Primrose hillhouse5, Primrose hill

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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