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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1856, BRADFORD, surnames A-C.


BRADFORD, 1856, surnames A-C.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbs JamesSalem streethouse2, Hallfield place
successivehouseSalem street
2 Abel SamuelGeorge streethouse38, George street
3 Abercrombie DavidLightcliffewarehouse27, Leeds road
4 Ackroyd CowlingHortonwarehouse13, Charles street
5 Ackroyd EdmundHortonmillThornton road
6 Ackroyd GeorgeBirkenshawwarehouse16, Charles street
7 Ackroyd HenryHortonmillThornton road
8 Ackroyd JamesMarket streethouse31, Market street
9 Ackroyd JohnWestgatehouse & shop67, Westgate
10 Ackroyd JonathanHortonmillThornton road
11 Ackroyd ThomasBirkenshawwarehouse16, Charles street
12 Ackroyd WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse16, Charles street
13 Ackroyd WilliamManninghamdyehouseSpinkwell
14 Ackroyd WilliamOtleywarehousePiece hall yard
15 Adamson EdwardBarkerend roadwarehouseBentley street
16 Adamson JohnBarkerend roadhouse59, Barkerend road
17 Adamson John, junr.Salt street, ManninghamwarehouseBentley street
18 Addison WilliamPeckover streethouse15, Peckover street
19 Ainsley JohnLeeds roadhouse & shop34, Leeds road
20 Airey ThomasThornton roadhouse & shop101, Thornton road
21 Aked WilliamManninghamwarehouse54, Cheapside
22 Akroyd EdwardHalifaxwarehouse13, Booth street
23 Akroyd HenryHalifaxwarehouse13, Booth street
24 Aldersley WilliamWestgatehouse & shop184, Westgate
25 Alderson GeorgeHortonshop1, Bridge street
26 Alderson ThomasBridge streetshop1, Bridge street
27 Allen EdwardBowlingwarehouse19, Charles street
28 Allen WilliamWestgrove streetbuildingsThornton road
29 Allison HenryHarris streethouse & shop25, Market street
30 Ambler HenryOvendenwarehouse10, Brook street
31 Ambler JohnRawson placehouse & shop96, Thornton road
successivehouse8, Rawson place
32 Anderson GeorgeHortonwarehouseDrake street
33 Anderson JohnHortonwarehouseDrake street
34 Anderson JoshuaWilsdenwarehouse11, Brook street
35 Anderson MichaelBroad streethouse22, Broad street
36 Anderson RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop21, Wakefield road
37 Anderson ThomasTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
38 Anderson ThomasHarris streethouseHarris street
39 Anderson Walker SmithHortonwarehouseDrake street
40 Anderton JohnVictoria streethouse34, Victoria street
41 Anderton John AshworthManninghamwarehouse15, Broadstones
successivewarehouseSwaine street
42 Anderton Jonathan WilliamHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
43 Anderton Samuel BlakeyHortonmillPeel street
44 Anderton, SwithenHortonmillPeel street
45 Anderton, WilliamBingleywarehouse35, Brook street
46 Andrew, GeorgeTrafalgar streethouse10, Trafalgar street
47 Andrew, JohnWestgrove streethouse55, Westgrove street
48 Annison, SamuelPeckover streethouse, shop & land14, Peckover street
49 Appleyard, FrederickNorthgatehouse & shop75, Northgate
50 Appleyard, JoshuaHalifaxwarehouse10, Brook street
51 Appleyard, WilliamWarleywarehouse10 Brook street
52 Appleyard, WilliamHortonwarehouseBond street
53 Archer, WilliamTyrrel streetshopBedford street
successiveshopThompson's alley
54 Armitage, GeorgeThornton roaddyehouse32, Thornton road
55 Armitage, JoshuaBarkerendwarehouse43, Leeds road
56 Armstrong, EdwardGeorge streethouse60, George street
57 Arnold, JohnIvegateshop4, Ivegate
58 Arnold, Tubal CainLonglands streethouse & shop111, Longlands street
59 Arton, ThomasSalem streetwarehouse27, Leeds road
60 Ashley, JohnHanover squarehouse63, Hanover square
61 Ashley, WilliamIvegatehouse & shop23, Ivegate
62 Ashworth, JamesBuck streethouse & shopBuck street
63 Askwith, JosephWestgatehouse91, Westgate
64 Aspinall, HallSouthgatehouse13, Southgate
65 Aspinall, JosephVictoria streethouse31, Victoria street
66 Aspinall, SamuelDuke placehouse5, Duke place
67 Astrap, SamuelWestgrove streethouse46, Westgrove street
successivehouse64, Westgrove street
68 Athea, JohnCropper lanehouseCropper lane
69 Atkinson, JohnHortonwarehouseWell street
70 Atkinson, JosephChandos streethouse & shopChandos street
71 Atkinson, NathanShipleyshop14, Kirkgate
72 Atkinson, ThomasNorth streethouse12, North street
73 Atkinson, ThomasBrick lanehouse & shop11, Brick lane
74 Atkinson, WalterRawdonwarehouseWell street
75 Atly, JamesJohn streethouse & shopJohn street
76 Aykroyd, JohnManninghamwarehouse20, Booth street

BRADFORD, 1856, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
77 Bailey, IsaacVictoria streethouse4, Victoria street
78 Bailey, Samuel OldfieldManninghamoffices5, Leeds road
79 Baines, SamuelBrighousewarehouse20, Old market
80 Baines, ThomasBingleywarehouse21, Charles street
81 Baird, HughVictoria streethouse58, Victoria street
82 Bairstow, EnochHortonshop13, Hustlergate
83 Bakes, WilliamVictoria streethouse77, Victoria street
84 Balmford, JamesThornton roadmillThornton road
85 Bankart, GeorgeManninghamwarehouse15, Peel place
86 Bankart, John HorsfallManninghamwarehouse4, Leeds road
successivewarehouseChapel lane
87 Banks GeorgeHortonwarehouse9, Bentley street
88 Banks MatthewCoach rowhouse & shop3, Coach row
89 Bannister JosephTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
90 Barber ThomasDarley streethouse35, Darley street
91 Barber WrightHortonmillThornton road
92 Barker BenjaminWhite Abbeyhouse & shop52, White Abbey
93 Barker JamesHanover squarehouse55, Hanover square
94 Barker JonathanHortonmillThornton road
95 Barker LyciasHortonmillThornton road
96 Barker Thomas ListerNorth paradehouse & shop23, North parade
97 Barker William1, Prospect terrace, Stone street, Bradfordhouse1, Prospect terrace, Stone street
98 Barlow ThomasWestgatehouse & shop121, Westgate
99 Barlow William WagstaffBroad streethouse10, Broad street
100 Barraclough JohnHortonwarehouseIvegate
101 Barratt WilliamIllingworth's yardhouse2, Illingworth's yard
102 Barrett Edward AlexanderWykeoffices3, Bridge street
103 Barrow WilliamNorthgateshop24, Bank street
104 Barsdorf SolomonHortonwarehouseCharles street
105 Bartle TimothyHortonshop28, Market street
106 Barton WilliamManor rowhouse16, Manor row
107 Barwick JohnBarkerend roadhouse & shop61, Barkerend road
108 Bastow WilliamManninghammillThornton road
109 Bateman CharlesGreenaire placehouse12, Greenaire place
110 Bates JoshuaManninghamwarehouse1, Church bank
111 Bates WilliamSnow hillshop10, Cheapside
112 Baxter BenjaminNorth winghouse & shop51, North wing
113 Baxter JohnDiamond streetshop & yardVicar lane
114 Baxter JosephEccleshillhouse51, Westgate
115 Baxter, WilliamWestgatehouse51, Westgate
116 Bayldon, WilliamBrunswick placehouse8, Brunswick place
117 Bean, JosephVictoria streethouse44, Victoria street
118 Beanland, HenryNorthgatehouse80, Northgate
119 Beanland, JohnVictoria streethouse1, Victoria street
120 Beanland, JosephDudley hill roadhouse & shop12, Dudley hill road
121 Beattie, JonathanHortonwarehouse4, Leeds road
successivewarehouseChapel lane
122 Beaumont, GeorgeSimes streethouse31, Simes street
123 Beaumont, ThomasLeeds roadhouse65, Leeds road
124 Beaumont, WilliamDrewton streethouseDrewton street
125 Beaver, WilliamStone streetwarehouse13, Cheapside
126 Beecroft, GeorgeTrafalgar streethouseSalt street, Manningham
successivehouseTrafalgar street, Bradford
127 Behrens, JacobNorth paradewarehouse23, Leeds road
128 Belden, William BenjaminBarkerendhouse & shopBarkerend
129 Bell, JohnKirkgatehouse12, Tyrrel street
successivehouse39, Kirkgate
130 Bell, WilliamTyrrel squarehouse30, Tyrrel square
131 Bellingham, HenryDuke placehouse7, Duke place
132 Benn, HenryThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
133 Bentham, JamesManninghammillThornton road
134 Bentham, JosephManninghamofficesMarket street
135 Bentley, CharlesKirkgatehouse & shop58, Kirkgate
136 Bentley, EdwinHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
137 Bentley, GreenwoodShipleyoffices3, Hall ings
138 Bentley, HenryHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
139 Bentley, WilliamHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
140 Bergel SamuelDrewton streetofficesMarket street
successivewarehouseHall ings
141 Berry JohnVictoria streethouse20, Victoria street
142 Berwick JamesManninghamwarehouse34, Swaine street
143 Berwick JohnHortonwarehouse34, Swaine street
144 Berwick WilliamCliffe laithehouse & landCliffe laithe
145 Best AbrahamSalem streetwarehousePiccadilly
146 Best SamuelYork streetwarehousePiccadilly
147 Best Thomas ScraceWortleyshopBarley street
148 Bibby GeorgeGarnett streetshop44, Market street
149 Bilbrough William HudsonTongoffices12, Union passage
150 Billinge AdamQuebec terracehouse15, Quebec terrace
151 Bingham GeorgeHarris streethouseHarris street
152 Bingham George, junr.Harris streetwarehouse5, Canal terrace
153 Binns GeorgeHortonwarehouse4, Sunbridge
154 Binns JohnJohn streethouse & shop10, John street
155 Binns JohnDarley streethouse & shop24, Darley street
156 Binns JohnBrick lanehouse & shopBrick lane
157 Binns OgdenVincent streethouse53, Vincent street
158 Binns PeterBrick lane, Bradfordhouse & shopBrick lane, Bradford
159 Bird Isaac FaulknerHustler terracehouse4, Hustler terrace
160 Birkbeck MorrisNorth paradewarehouse46, Cheapside
161 Birkbeck WilliamManninghammill47, Thornton road
162 Birkett WilliamThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
163 Birrell JohnNorth paradehouse15, Hanover square
successivehouse91, North parade
164 Blackburn BaileyManninghamshop2, Westgate
165 Blackburn GideonManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
166 Blackburn HenryMarket streethouse & shop43, Market street
167 Blackburn Henry WebsterHorsforthoffices10, Darley street
168 Blackburn JohnBradford MoormillLaisterdyke
169 Blackburn JohnHorsforthoffices10, Darley street
170 Blackburn John, junr.Bradford MoormillLaisterdyke
171 Blackburn SamuelTyrrel streetshop18, Tyrrel street
172 Blackburn WilliamUndercliffe laneshop15, Market street
173 Blackburn William HowgillHarris streetshop15, Market street
174 Blagbrough EdwardNorth winghouse32, North wing
175 Blakey JobsonIllingworth yardhouse78, Westgrove street
successivehouseIllingworth yard
176 Blamires JohnWestgatehouse62, Westgate
177 Blamires JosephCheapsidehouseCheapside
178 Blamires SamuelBridge streethouse & shop5, Bridge street
179 Bland JamesNorth winghouse4, North wing
180 Bleasdale JosephNorth winghouse & shop30, North wing
181 Bollans WilliamChurch bankhouse11, Church bank
182 Bolton GeorgeBolton roadhouse & shop345, Bolton road
183 Bolton JosephLeeds roadhouse35, Leeds road
184 Bonnell JohnHoughton placehouse7, Houghton place
185 Bonnell Joseph FearnleyHortonshop18, Bridge street
186 Booth IsaacThornton roadmillThornton road
187 Booth RichardBuck streethouse & shopBuck street
188 Booth Spencer BanksManninghammillThornton road
189 Bostock WilliamIvegatehouse & shop29, Ivegate
190 Bottomley EliCroft streethouse & shop141, Croft street
191 Bottomley JamesBrick lanehouse & shop10, Brick lane
192 Bottomley JamesNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
193 Bottomley JamesPark streethouse50, Park street
194 Bottomley MosesShelfwarehouse16, Brook street
195 Bottomley Moses, junr.ShelfwarehouseLeeds road
196 Bottomley SamuelNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
197 Bottomley SamuelShelfwarehouse16, Brook street
198 Bottomley SamuelRawdonwarehouse15, Charles street
199 Bottomley ThomasShelfwarehouse22, Swaine street
200 Bower IsaacBarkerend roadhouse36, Barkerend road
201 Bower JonasVictoria streethouse25, Victoria street
202 Bower SamuelHortonshop & yard14, Quebec terrace
203 Bowers AlfredWestgatehouse & shop178, Westgate
successivehouse & shopRawson place
204 Bowers BenjaminHortonoffices5, Queensgate
205 Bowes JamesUnion passagehouse & shop9, Union passage
206 Bowker ChristopherWhite Abbeyhouse & shop44, White Abbey
207 Bowles John HoldsworthWestgatehouse & shop139, Westgate
208 Boyd JohnHortonhouse & shop58, Chapel lane
209 Boyes RobertHoughton placehouseHoughton place
210 Boyes WilliamVictoria streethouse68, Victoria street
211 Boyes WilliamNorthbrook placehouse7, Northbrook place
212 Boyle JosephWestgatehouse85, Westgate
213 Boyes RichardLaisterdykehouse & shop49, Laisterdyke
214 Bradford Charles WilliamKirkgatehouse8, Kirkgate
215 Bradley JohnLaisterdykehouse & shop37, Laisterdyke
216 Bradshaw ChristopherToad lanehouse13, Toad lane
217 Braithwaite JamesBaildonwarehouseSwaine street
218 Braithwaite SamuelBradford MoormillLaisterdyke
219 Branson ThomasBack lanehouse & shop1, Back lane
220 Bray JohnHill sidehouse10, Hill side
221 Bray ThomasGarnett streethouse85, Garnett street
222 Brayshaw JamesSalem streetshops8, Cheapside
223 Brayshaw WilliamLumb lanehouseLumb lane
224 Brayshaw WilliamSouthgatehouse30, Southgate
225 Brayshay WilliamHortonwarehouse40, Bridge street
226 Brear WilliamInfirmary streethouse30, Infirmary street
227 Brearley DavidWestgatehouse & shop49, Westgate
228 Brigg JohnKeighleywarehouse17, Hall ings
229 Brigg JoshuaManninghamwarehouseBentley street
230 Briggs HenryManninghamshops1, Northgate
231 Briggs JohnManninghammillBlack Abbey
232 Briggs JonasWykewarehouseBooth street
233 Briggs JosephRawdonwarehouseSwaine street
234 Briggs MilesAbbey streethouse & shop1, Abbey street
235 Briggs NathanielRawdonwarehouseHall ings
236 Briggs RobertManninghammillBlack Abbey
237 Briggs, ThomasManninghammillBlack Abbey
238 Briggs, WilliamShibdendalewarehouse12, Charles street
successivewarehouseCharles street
239 Briggs, WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop85, Thornton road
240 Brightman, WilliamBirk streethouse & shop89, Birk street
241 Broadbent, JohnBroad streethouse24, Broad street
242 Broadbent, JohnHortonwarehouseSwaine street
successivewarehouseBrook street
243 Broadbent, Thomas AlfredHarris streethouse9, Harris street
successivehouse8, Harris street
244 Broadbent, WilliamVictoria streetwarehouse27, Swaine street
245 Broadley, MilesNorth paradehouse & shop15, North parade
246 Broadley, WilliamVicar lanehouse & shop16, Vicar lane
247 Brook, EdwardGarnett streethouse & shopGarnett street
248 Brook, JohnNorthgatehouse & shop63, Northgate
249 Brook, JohnKirkgatehouse & shop48, Kirkgate
250 Brook, RichardManninghamwarehouse45, Leeds road
251 Brook, ThomasBentley streethouseBentley street
252 Brook, RichardKirkgateshop61, Kirkgate
253 Brook, WilliamBarkerend roadhouse & shop21, Barkerend road
254 Brooks, EdwardHortonwarehouse29, Swaine street
255 Brooksbank, MichaelHortonshop64, Market street
256 Brooksbank, WilliamManninghamhouse & shop64, Market street
257 Broscombe, JosephBlack Abbeyhouse49, Black Abbey
258 Broughton, BenjaminManninghamwarehouse21, Leeds road
259 Brown, GeorgeHortonmillThornton road
260 Brown, GeorgeManninghamshop10, Market street
261 Brown, HenryApperley bridgeshop54, Market street
262 Brown, HenryHalifaxwarehouseTyrrel street
successivewarehouseOld market
263 Brown, IsaacWestgatehouse & shop97, Westgate
264 Brown, JacobJohn streethouse8, John street
265 Brown, JamesVictoria streethouse82, Victoria street
266 Brown, JamesManninghamofficesMarket street
267 Brown, JohnHortonwarehouse9, Cheapside
268 Brown, JosephHortonwarehouse2, Swaine street
269 Brown, JosephLongcroft placehouse4, Longcroft place
270 Brown, MatthewDrewton streethouse15, Drewton street
271 Brown, ThomasLeedswarehouse107, Thornton road
272 Brown, ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shop220, Leeds road
273 Brown, Thomas LonsdaleBroadstoneshouse1, Hardcastle lane
274 Brown, WilliamHeadingleywarehouse34, Union street
275 Brownbridge, RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop145, Wakefield road
276 Brumfit, CharlesManninghamwarehouse27, Bermondsey
277 Brumfit, JosephHanover squareshop55, Market street
278 Brunton, WilliamHortonshop & yardKeighley street
279 Buck, BollandHoughton placehouse1, Houghton place
280 Buck, Charles FrederickManor rowwarehouse6, Peel place
281 Buck, ThomasManor rowhouse17, Manor row
282 Buckup, JohnSpring gardenswarehouse2, Union street
283 Bunting, William LantsburyHortonwarehouse6, Peel place
284 Burlison, ThomasYork streetshop & yard51, York street
285 Burnet Rev. John, LL.D.Hustler terracehouse5, Hustler terrace
286 Burnley, JamesBlack AbbeyhouseBlack Abbey
287 Burnley, James, junr.Black Abbeywarehouse6, Bermondsey
288 Burnley, JohnVictoria streethouse53, Victoria street
289 Busfield, Johnson AtkinsonBingleyoffices71, Market street
290 Butler, GeorgeSouthgatehouse & shop17, Southgate
291 Butler, HenryLeeds roadhouse & shopLeeds road
292 Butler, JosiahLow moorofficesBridge street
293 Butterfield, BenjaminBridge streethouse & shop3, Bridge street
294 Butterfield, FrancisBingleyofficesKirkgate
successiveoffices12, Albion court
295 Butterfield, GeorgePudseywarehouse20, Swaine street
296 Butterfield, IllingworthBuck streethouseBuck street
297 Butterfield, JamesLongcroft placehouse & shop122, Longcroft place
298 Butterfield, JohnKeighleywarehouse9, Piccadilly
299 Butterfield, JohnNorth paradehouse30, North parade
300 Butterfield, John, junr.North paradewarehouse20, Swaine street
301 Butterfield, Richard ShackletonKeighleywarehouse9, Piccadilly
302 Butterfield, Robert SmithBoltonwarehouseSwaine street
303 Butterfield, SamuelNorth wingwarehouse17, Leeds road
304 Butterfield, WilliamKeighleywarehouse9, Piccadilly
305 Byles, Henry BeuzevilleManninghamshop17, Kirkgate
306 Byles WilliamHortonofficesCheapside
307 Byrom, Henry LeahChandos streethouseChandos street

BRADFORD, 1856, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
308 Calvert, BlakeyLeeds roadwarehouse56, Leeds road
309 Calvert, LodgeLeeds roadwarehouse56, Leeds road
310 Campbell, JamesPark gatehouse48, Park gate
311 Cannan WilliamEccleshillwarehouseAdolphus street
312 Carr, JohnHalifaxoffices10, Queensgate
313 Carrodus, ThomasHallfield placehouse6, Hallfield place
314 Carter, BennettSouthampton streethouseSouthampton street
315 Carter, JohnBarkerend roadhouse & shop41, Barkerend road
316 Carter, RichardWestgrove streetmillPit lane
317 Carter, WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop82, Thornton road
318 Carter, WilliamVicar lanehouse & shop54, Vicar lane
319 Casson, EdwinBarkerend roadhouse1, Barkerend road
320 Casson, HerbertNorthgatehouse & shop39, Northgate
321 Catherall, JohnVicar lanehouse & shopVicar lane
322 Cawthra, ThomasHarris streethouse12, Harris street
323 Caygill, JohnBarkerend roadhouse & shop11, Barkerend road
324 Chapman, JohnHortonshop26, Kirkgate
325 Charlesworth, Thomas RichardBradford moorhouse14, Bradford moor
326 Charlton, EdwardTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
327 Chatterton, FrederickIvegatehouse38, Ivegate
328 Cheesebrough, AlfredHortonwarehouse16, Piccadilly
329 Cheesebrough, JamesHortonwarehouse16, Piccadilly
330 Cheesebrough, LeonardVictoria streethouse80, Victoria street
331 Cheesebrough, WilliamHortonwarehouse13, Dale street
332 Chesman ThomasStott hillhouse26, Stott hill
333 Cheetham George ThomasChapel lanehouse75, Chapel lane
334 Child JohnManninghamschoolInfirmary street
335 Child Richard GrationHoughton place, BradfordschoolInfirmary street, Bradford
336 Churton Andrew CairdDrake streethouse15, Peel place
337 Clapham JohnThornton roadmill62, Thornton road
338 Clapham WilliamWilsdenwarehouse25, Charles street
339 Clark ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shop15, Silsbridge lane
340 Clarke BenjaminCroft streetwarehouse10, Broadstones
341 Clarke James GarnettBroadstoneshouse & shop5, Broadstones
342 Clarke JohnCroft streetwarehouse10, Broadstones
343 Clarke JoshuaAnderton streethouse1, Anderton street
344 Clarke RobertHortonshop27, Kirkgate
345 Clarke WilliamHortonwarehouse18, Dale street
346 Clarkson ThomasBack lanehouse & shop21, Back lane
347 Clarkson WilliamDiamond streethouse8, Diamond street
348 Clay John BlagbroughNorth paradehouse57, North parade
349 Clayton CharlesThornton roadworkshop46, Thornton road
350 Clayton HenryHanover squarehouse58, Hanover square
351 Clayton IsaacWestgrove streethouse47, Westgrove street
352 Clayton JamesBowlingwarehouse18, Brook street
353 Clayton JeremiahOtley roadland & buildingsBarkerend
354 Clayton JohnApsley crescent, Manninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
355 Clayton JohnManninghammill46, Thornton road
356 Clayton JohnSchool streetshop & yard25, Simes street
357 Clayton JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop83, Wakefield road
358 Clayton RichardBirks lanehouse23, Birks lane
359 Clayton SolomonVictoria streethouse55, Victoria street
360 Clayton ThomasCroft streethouse73, Croft street
361 Clayton WilliamThornton roadhouse77, Thornton road
362 Clayton WilliamThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
363 Clegg JamesThornton roadhouse76, Thornton road
364 Clegg JohnManor rowhouse3, Manor row
365 Clemitshaw JohnVictoria streethouse32, Victoria street
366 Cliff HenryHanover squarehouse52, Hanover square
367 Cliff HenryVictoria streethouse17, Victoria street
368 Cliff JosephHortonworkshopsTyrrel street
369 Clough CharlesSpring gardenshouse12, Spring gardens
370 Clough HudsonManninghamwarehouse31, Swaine street
371 Clough JohnKeighleywarehouse5, Booth street
372 Clough JohnKeighleywarehouse18, Charles street
373 Clough RobertKeighleywarehouse5, Booth street
374 Clough WhitakerBarkerendhouse60, Barkerend road
375 Clough WilliamEast paradehouse5, East parade
376 Clough WilliamWestgatehouse75, Westgate
377 Cluderay JohnPeel squarehouse10, Peel square
378 Cluderay WilliamSimes streetshop134, Westgate
379 Clulow William BentonSpring gardenshouse20, Spring gardens
380 Coates GeorgeNorthgatehouse & shop35, Northgate
381 Coates JamesNorth paradehouse31, Hanover square
successivehouse83, North parade
382 Coates, RalphBolton roadhouse & shop29, Bolton road
383 Coates, WilliamRawson placehouse7, Rawson place
384 Coates, WilliamNorthgatehouse & shop35, Northgate
385 Cockroft, JosephBolton roadhouse219, Bolton road
386 Cockroft, SamuelOtley roadhouse22, Otley road
387 Cockshott, WilliamWestgateshop32, Westgate
388 Coe, WilliamWakefield roadhouse67, Wakefield road
389 Collier, WilliamVictoria streethouse & shop85, Victoria street
390 Collinge, HalsteadWapping roadhouse52, Wapping road
391 Collinson, JosephWestgrove streethouse30, Westgrove street
392 Collison, RichardGreat Cross streethouse16, Great Cross street
393 Cooke, JamesBridge streethouse & shop45, Bridge street
394 Cooke, Edward ClaytonBridge streethouse & shop9, Bridge street
395 Cooke, JohnHorsforthofficesPiccadilly
396 Cooke, WilliamEbenezer streethouse & shop1, Ebenezer street
397 Cooke, WilliamHanover squarewarehouse44, Cheapside
398 Cookson, JohnDrewton streethouse & shop38, Drewton street
399 Coombes, George2 Undercliffehouse & gardenUndercliffe
400 Cooper, WilliamWest streethouse & shop20, West street
401 Cordingley, CharlesBowlingwarehouse25, Well street
402 Cordingley, ThomasNorth paradehouse10, North parade
403 Corless, ThomasBack lanehouse81, Back lane
404 Couldwell, CharlesDarley streethouse & shop46, Darley street
405 Coultman, MatthewVictoria streetshopKirkgate
406 Cousen, CharlesMirey shaybuildings & land1, Brunswick place
407 Cousen, SamuelApple hallshop15, Kirkgate
408 Cousen, Samuel MannMirey shayhouse25, Mirey shay
409 Cowgill, EllisNorth paradeshop & yard26, Broad street
410 Cowgill, JamesDrewton streethouseDrewton street
411 Cowgill, WilliamLow moorofficesPiece hall yard
412 Cox, JosephOtley roadhouse51, Otley road
413 Coyle, JohnSouthgatehouse2, Southgate
414 Crabtree, AbrahamSimes streethouse38, Simes street
415 Crabtree, JohnBolton roadhouse303, Bolton road
416 Crabtree, JohnBridge streethouse & shop77, Bridge street
417 Crabtree, JohnSouthgatehouse14, Southgate
418 Crabtree, JohnManninghamwarehouseThornton road
419 Crabtree, John AnthonySalem streethouse7, Salem street
420 Crabtree, JonasChandos streethouse92, Chandos street
421 Crabtree, ThomasShipleywarehouse9, Booth street
422 Crabtree, ThomasSalem streethouseSalem street
423 Crabtree, WilliamGrammar school streethouse3, Grammar School street
424 Crabtree, WilliamDiamond streethouse15, Diamond street
425 Craven, BenjaminAllertonwarehouseBrook street
426 Craven, EdwardDrewton streethouseDrewton street
427 Craven, EdwinThorntonwarehouse29, Charles street
428 Craven, FrancisThorntonwarehouse29, Charles street
429 Craven, JohnKeighleywarehouse11, Booth street
430 Craven, JohnManninghamwarehouse33, Bermondsey
431 Craven JonasThorntonwarehouse29, Charles street
432 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse13, Swaine street
433 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse29, Charles street
434 Craven JoshuaThorntonwarehouse13, Swaine street
435 Craven LotUndercliffewarehouse17, Leeds road
436 Craven WilliamGaynor streetbuildings & landGaynor street
437 Critchley WilliamManninghamwarehouseBooth street
438 Cromack IsraelChurch bankhouse17, Church bank
439 Crompton CharlesLeedswarehouse3, Charles street
440 Crook WilliamHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
441 Crossland JohnLeeds roadhouse & shop64, Leeds road
442 Crossley EdwardBarkerend roadhouse16, Barkerend road
443 Crossley Henry WilliamHortonshop31, Ivegate
444 Crossley ThomasNorth paradehouseNorth parade
445 Crowther DavidWestgatehouse & shop120, Westgate
446 Crowther Eli4 Brick lanehouse27, Brick lane
447 Crowther JohnMarket streethouse & shop17, Market street
448 Croxall JamesHortonofficesCheapside
449 Cure WilliamWestgatehouse & shop24, Westgate
450 Curtis WilliamManninghamofficesBermondsey

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
All of these registers from 1853 to 1915 are available
on CD rom from Yorkshire CD books.
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