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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1857, BRADFORD, surnames S-Z.


BRADFORD, 1857, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1521 Sadler JamesWestgatehouse & shop45, Westgate
1522 Salmond DavidSpringfield placewarehouse5, Wharfe street
1523 Salt GeorgeHipperholmewarehouseWell street
1524 Salt TitusHipperholmewarehouseWell street
1525 Salt William HenrySouthowramwarehouseWell street
1526 Sallitt Joseph WilliamShipleywarehouseWell street
1527 Saunders EdwinGalway streethouse1, Galway street
1528 Savage James AdolphusHanover squarehouse2, Hanover square
1529 Saville JohnWynne streethouse8, Wynne street
1530 Saville JonasBrick lanehouse & shop83, Brick lane
1531 Scarf Thomas WilkinsonHortonwarehouseHall ings
1532 Schlesinger JuliusIdlewarehouseKirkgate
1533 Scholefield JohnHortonshops88, Thornton road
1534 Scholefield JosephBowlingmillJoseph street
1535 Scholefield JosephFrederick streetshop12, Market street
1536 Scholefield Richard MortimerHanover squarehouse61, Hanover square
1537 Scholefield WilliamHorsforthwarehouse11, Swaine street
1538 Scholefield WilliamPeel streethouse & shop12, Peel street
1539 Scholes SamuelNorth wingshop & yardNorth wing
1540 Scholey StephenWestgrove streethouse60, Westgrove street
1541 Schonfield MichaelEldon placehouse1, Eldon place
1542 Scott DenbySpring streetshopMarket street
1543 Scott JohnGomersalwarehouse11, Hall ings
1544 Scott JosiahGomersalwarehouse11, Hall ings
1545 Scott SilasHustler terracewarehouse32, Bridge street
1546 Scott Thomas HitchingRobert's placehouseRobert's place
1547 Scully AmbroseHortonshop7, Ivegate
1548 Seacroft WilliamVicar lanehouse34, Vicar lane
1549 Selby SamuelManninghamwarehouse35, Cheapside
1550 Sewell ChristopherWestgatehouse & shop37, Westgate
1551 Sewell GeorgeJames streethouse4, James street
1552 Shackleton EllisWestgatehouse & shop84, Westgate
1553 Shackleton JamesIvegatehouse14, Ivegate
1554 Shackleton RobertBank streethouse27, Bank street
1555 Shackleton ThomasMiddle streethouse3, Middle street
1556 Sharp AlfredBingleywarehouse21, Booth street
1557 Sharp DanielCobden street, HortonmillThornton road
successivemillThornton road
1558 Sharp EdwardMicklethwaitewarehouse21, Booth street
1559 Sharp JacobWakefield roadhouse & shop3, Wakefield road
1560 Sharp JamesDarley streethouse & shop6, Darley street
1561 Sharp JohnWestgatehouse & shop79, Westgate
1562 Sharp JohnWakefield roadhouse8, Wakefield road
1563 Sharp JohnBirks lanehouse39, Birks lane
1564 Sharp JonasBingleywarehouse21, Booth street
1565 Sharp JoshuaWakefield roadhouse & shop1, Wakefield road
1566 Sharp WilliamLeeming streethouse & shop2, Leeming street
1567 Sharp WilliamBingleywarehouse21, Booth street
1568 Shaw JamesManor streethouseManor street
successivehouseManor street
1569 Shaw HenryVictoria streethouse67, Victoria street
1570 Shaw WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop47, Wakefield road
1571 Sheffield ThomasTrafalgar streetshopGrammar School street
1572 Shepherd WilliamUndercliffewarehouse18, Hall ings
1573 Shepherd WilliamPudseywarehouseBooth street
1574 Shuttleworth WilliamHill sidehouse6, Hill side
1575 Sichel Silvester EmilHortonwarehouse37, Well street
successivewarehouse63, Leeds road
1576 Silcock Joshua RowlandPeel squarehouse6, Southfield place, Manningham
successivehouse28, Peel square, Bradford
1577 Siltzer John LudwigManninghamwarehouse32, Union street
1578 Silverwood RichardAbbey streethouse & shop109, Abbey street
1579 Sim DavidPeel squarehouse9, Peel square
1580 Simonett JohnChapel streetshopsQuebec terrace
1581 Simpson JamesYork streethouse & shop11, York street
1582 Simpson JohnBarkerendhouse12, Barkerend
1583 Simpson JohnHill sidehouse11, Hill side
1584 Simpson WilliamVictoria streethouse45, Victoria street
1585 Singleton Joseph RobertManninghamland & buildingsCanal road
1586 Singleton SidneyWestgatehouse & shop140, Westgate
1587 Singleton WilliamLeedsland & buildingsCanal road
1588 Skelton WilliamVictoria streethouse12, Victoria street
1589 Slee FrederickBridge streethouse & shop35, Bridge street
1590 Sleight JohnVictoria streetshop & yardTrafalgar street
1591 Slinger JohnLongcroft placehouse105, Longcroft place
1592 Slingsby JosephLonglands streethouse50, Longlands street
1593 Smallpage John HenryWoodhouseshop11, Leeds road
1594 Smith AbrahamLeeds roadhouse & shop93, Leeds road
1595 Smith AquilaVictoria streethouse66, Victoria street
1596 Smith BenjaminBrunswick placewarehouse13, Brook street
1597 Smith DawsonNorth winghouse & shop44, North wing
1598 Smith EdwardGeorge streethouse & shop51, George street
1599 Smith EliNorthgatehouse & shop12, Northgate
1600 Smith FrederickNorthgatehouse5, Northgate
1601 Smith GeorgeHortonshop62, Tyrrel street
1602 Smith GeorgeHortonshops & yardThornton road
1603 Smith George BelkHortonoffices1, Leeds road
1604 Smith George PriestleyBarkerend roadhouse47, Barkerend road
1605 Smith HenryWestgatehouse & shop94, Westgate
1606 Smith HenryDrewton streetwarehouse15, Leeds road
1607 Smith IsaacManninghammill61, Southgate
1608 Smith JamesCollier rowmillMulgrave street
1609 Smith JohnPudseyshopsThompson's alley
1610 Smith JohnBarkerend roadhouse14, Barkerend road
1611 Smith JohnManninghammill61, Southgate
1612 Smith JohnHortonmill53, Thornton road
1613 Smith JohnUnion streethouse3, Union street
1614 Smith JohnDarley streethouse & shop27, Darley street
1615 Smith JohnSilsbridge lanehouse5, Silsbridge lane
1616 Smith JohnSpinkwellhouse & landSpinkwell
1617 Smith John ChristopherIvegatehouse & shop9, Ivegate
1618 Smith John WalesLeedsshopPiccadilly
1619 Smith JosephBroad streethouseBroad street
1620 Smith JosephTyrrel streethouse33, Tyrrel street
1621 Smith JosephHortonoffice1, Leeds road
1622 Smith JosephManninghamoffice16, Kirkgate
1623 Smith JosephNorth paradehouse25, North parade
1624 Smith Robert DixonDrewton streethouse42, Drewton street
1625 Smith ThomasLightcliffewarehouseWell street
1626 Smith WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse & shop40, White Abbey
1627 Smith WilliamWestgatehouse & shop35, Silsbridge lane
successivehouse & shop81, Westgate
1628 Smith WilliamBrunswick placehouse4, Brunswick place
1629 Smith WilliamBowlingmillLaisterdyke
1630 Smith WilliamJohn streethouse & shop3, John street
1631 Smith William, junr.Brunswick placewarehouse13, Brook street
1632 Smith William RamsdenHanover squarehouse20, Hanover square
successivehouse24, Hanover square
1633 Smithson MilesGrammar School streetshop56, Westgate
1634 Snow JosephBroad streetshopPiece hall yard
1635 Snow William HargreavesWakefield roadhouse & shop99, Wakefield road
1636 Soppitt GeorgeWestgatehouse & shop74, Westgate
1637 Southworth JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop244, Leeds road
1638 Sowden BenjaminWynne streethouseWynne street
1639 Sowden JosephBoltonshop25, Bank street
successiveshop60, Market street
1640 Sowden RichardSowden's Buildingshouse & land11, Sowden's Buildings
1641 Sowden WilliamBridge streethouse & shop99, Bridge street
1642 Spawforth ThomasManninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
1643 Speak PaulClaytonwarehouseBrook street
1644 Speight JamesManninghamwarehouse9, Union street
1645 Speight JamesBridge streethouse & shop85, Bridge street
1646 Speight RobertBowlingwarehouse4, Church bank
1647 Speight WilliamCross streethouse14, Cross street
1648 Spence GeorgeBolton roadhouse & shop18, Bolton road
1649 Spence ThomasManninghamwarehouse4, Leeds road
1650 Spence WilliamWakefield roadhouse10, Wakefield road
1651 Spencer JohnVictoria streethouse56, Victoria street
1652 Spencer JohnMilne's Buildingshouse2, Milne's Buildings
1653 Spencer RichardPeckover streethouse5, Peckover street
1654 Spencer ThomasJoseph streetshop12, Bolton road
1655 Spink JosephSalem streetshopKirkgate
1656 Stainburn JohnWestgrove streethouse34, Westgrove street
1657 Stanley Samuel HagueKirkgateshop38, Kirkgate
1658 Stanfeld DavidDrewton streethouse9, Drewton street
1659 Stansfeld Thomas WolrichiLeedswarehouse34, Union street
1660 Stead CharlesShipleywarehouseWell street
1661 Stead JohnNorth paradehouse69, North parade
1662 Stead JohnCross School streetshop40, Cheapside
1663 Stead JosephThornton roadhouse38, Thornton road
1664 Stead WilliamBoltonshop56, Market street
1665 Steel DanielQueen streethouse & shop31, Queen street
1666 Steel GeorgeWellington streethouse11, Wellington street
1667 Steel JohnManor rowhouse35, Manor row
1668 Steinthal Charles GustavusDrewton streetwarehouse17, Well street
1669 Stell WilliamApple hallhouse8, Apple hall
1670 Stelling ThomasVictoria streetshop62, Kirkgate
1671 Stephenson EdwardPeckover streetwarehouseAldermanbury
1672 Stephenson IsaacHortonmill24, Thornton road
1673 Stephenson LockwoodWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1674 Stephenson ThomasHortonshop24, Charles street
successivewarehouseThornton road
1675 Stephenson WilliamManninghamshop24, Charles street
successivewarehouseThornton road
1676 Stephenson WilliamAllertonhouse & shopWestgate
1677 Stewart JosephWestgatehouse & shop132, Westgate
1678 Stewart SamuelLongside lane, HortonshopThornton road
1679 Stocks AlfredWestgatehouse & shop158, Westgate
1680 Stocks HenryIvegatehouse & shop27, Ivegate
1681 Stocks SimeonWakefield roadhouse & shop105, Wakefield road
1682 Stocks Thomas WilliamHanover squarehouse6, Victoria street
successivehouse53, Hanover square
1683 Storey JosephBower greenhouse & landBower green
1684 Storey SamuelSpring gardenswarehouse7, Swaine street
1685 Stott FrederickBowlingofficesChapel lane
1686 Suddards EdwardHortonwarehouse5, Bank street
1687 Suddards JeremiahBroad streetwarehouse42A, Cheapside
1688 Sugden BenjaminPeel squareshop56, Westgate
1689 Sugden GeorgeCleckheatonwarehouseBooth street
1690 Sugden JamesKirkgatehouse & shop77, Kirkgate
1691 Sugden JohnTyrrel streethouse41, Tyrrel street
1692 Sugden JohnMulgrave streethouse & shop62, Mulgrave street
1693 Sugden Joseph DawsonHortonshop22, Bank street
successiveshop25, Bank street
1694 Sugden JosephWestgatehouse11, Westgate
1695 Sugden WilliamSpring gardenshouse22, Spring gardens
1696 Sugden WilliamBroadstoneshouse & shop6, Broadstones
1697 Sutcliffe AbrahamBack lanehouse37, Back lane
1698 Sutcliffe JacobSilsbridge lanehouse147, Silsbridge lane
1699 Sutcliffe JamesDrewton streetshop26, Westgate
1700 Sutcliffe JamesSimes streethouse29, Simes street
1701 Sutcliffe JohnLeeds roadhouse136, Leeds road
1702 Sutcliffe JonasShipleywarehouse21, Charles street
1703 Sutcliffe MartinHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
1704 Sutcliffe RobertBowlingwarehouse64, Bridge street
1705 Sutcliffe RobertLeeds roadhouse & shop103, Leeds road
1706 Sutcliffe WilliamBrunswick placehouse5, Brunswick place
1707 Swaine JamesWestgatehouse & shop55, Westgate
1708 Swaine JohnBolton roadhouse & shop158, Bolton road
1709 Swaine Simeon HardyKirkgatehouse & shop9, Kirkgate
1710 Swallow DavidSalem streethouseSalem street
1711 Swallow JohnGarnett streethouse3, Garnett street
1712 Swithenbank EdwardGarnett streetwarehouseChurch bank
1713 Swithenbank George HenryHill sidewarehouseChurch bank
1714 Swithenbank JohnHill sidehouse18, Hill side
1715 Swithenbank JohnStott hillhouse19, Stott hill
1716 Swithenbank JoshuaTetley streethouse & shop17, Tetley street
1717 Sykes ChristopherBridge streethouse86, Bridge street
1718 Sykes Henry EdwinHortonwarehouseBridge street

BRADFORD, 1857, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1719 Tankard John BoyesBolton roadhouse2, Northbrook place
successivehouse445, Bolton road
1720 Tankard MichaelLaisterdykehouse38, Laisterdyke
1721 Taylor Christian HenryManor rowhouse18, Manor row
1722 Taylor ClementPeel squarehouseWestgate
successivehouse4, Peel square
1723 Taylor FredericShipleywarehouse14, Swaine street
1724 Taylor GeorgeApperley bridgewarehouseHall ings
1725 Taylor GideonBrick lanehouse & shopBrick lane
1726 Taylor James SomervilleApperley bridgewarehouse11, Peel place
1727 Taylor JohnSpring gardenshouse6, Spring gardens
1728 Taylor JohnManninghamoffices9, Rawson place
1729 Taylor JohnHortonwarehouse52, Old market
1730 Taylor John GeorgeShipleywarehouse25, Brook street
1731 Taylor JosephIdleshopMarket
1732 Taylor JoshuaHanover squarehouse56, Hanover square
1733 Taylor Joshua EdwardHanover squareofficesMarket street
successiveofficesPiece hall yard
1734 Taylor RobertSpring gardenswarehouse3, Booth street
1735 Taylor ThomasThornton streethouse & shop36, Thornton street
1736 Taylor ThomasSalem streethouse & shop27, Salem street
1737 Taylor WilliamCalverleywarehouse8, Duke street
1738 Taylor WilliamMalvern streethouse40, Malvern street
1739 Taylor William WomersleySpringfield placewarehouse12, Peel place
1740 Teale CharlesManninghamwarehouseMill bank
1741 Teesdale WilliamCanal terracehouse7, Canal terrace
1742 Tee Samuel LaycockCalverleywarehouse13, Dale street
1743 Terry BenjaminIdleofficesMarket street
1744 Terry JosephBowlingmillJoseph street
1745 Tetley BenjaminLeeds roadhouse58, Leeds road
1746 Tetley Edward TheophilusTyersallwarehouse4, Leeds road
1747 Tetley George CalvertHortonwarehouse4, Leeds road
1748 Tetley George GreenwoodManninghamwarehouse4, Leeds road
1749 Tetley JohnHortonmill53, Thornton road
1750 Tetley JonasBroad streethouse1, Broad street
1751 Tetley RobertTongwarehouse58, Bridge street
1752 Tetley SamuelManninghamwarehouse14, Leeds road
1753 Tetley SamuelOtley roadhouse & shopWakefield road, Bowling
successivehouseRhodes terrace, Bradford
successivehouseOtley road, Bradford
1754 Tetley SamuelVictoria streethouse54, Victoria street
1755 Tetley WilliamBolton placehouse5, Bolton place
1756 Thacker GeorgeQuill streethouse & shopQuill street
1757 Thistlethwaite JohnManninghamwarehouse32, Cheapside
1758 Thomas EliasHill sidehouseHill side
1759 Thomas SamuelRoebuck yardhouse11, Roebuck yard
1760 Thomas WilliamHeap lanehouse20, Heap lane
1761 Thompson AlexanderHanover squarehouse79, North parade
successivehouse55, Hanover square
1762 Thompson GeorgeWestgateshopNorthgate
1763 Thompson JamesVictoria streethouse26, Victoria street
1764 Thompson JamesHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
1765 Thompson JohnProspect terracehouse4, Prospect terrace
1766 Thompson JohnWestgatehouse & shop19, Westgate
1767 Thompson JosephEbenezer streethouse & shop28, Ebenezer street
1768 Thompson JosephNorth paradehouse & shop4, North parade
1769 Thompson JosephShipleyofficeBridge street
successiveofficeMarket street
1770 Thompson RobertWestgatehouse & shop87, Westgate
1771 Thornton EzraSouthgatehouse & shop13, Southgate
1772 Thornton GeorgeHortonoffices16, Kirkgate
1773 Thornton HenryHortonoffices16, Kirkgate
1774 Thornton JamesBarkerendhouse93, Barkerend
1775 Thornton JohnVicar lanehouse18, Vicar lane
1776 Thornton John HirstWestgatehouse & shop21, Westgate
1777 Thorp WilliamTyrrel streethouse12, Tyrrel street
1778 Thresh ThomasLeeds roadhouse152, Leeds road
1779 Thwaites JohnWestgateshop24, Ivegate
1780 Thwaites RichardKirkgatehouse & shop71, Kirkgate
1781 Thwaites RobinsonHortonwarehouse37, Tyrrel street
1782 Thwaites ThomasHortonwarehouse37, Tyrrel street
1783 Tillotson MilesManninghamwarehouse12, Bermondsey
1784 Tindall ThomasKirkgatehouse & shopKirkgate
1785 Titterington ThomasMidgleywarehouseOld market
1786 Tommis WilliamQuill streethouse & shopQuill street
1787 Tordoff JohnBoltonshop46, Kirkgate
1788 Tordoff JonathanThornton roadhouseThornton road
1789 Tordoff JosephWibseymillLaisterdyke
1790 Tordoff Thomas DenbighHanover squarehouse44, Hanover square
1791 Tordoff WilliamBolton roadhouse & shop140, Bolton road
1792 Tottie JohnWestgatehouse & shop27, Westgate
1793 Town Edward Henry JohnIvegatehouse21, Ivegate
1794 Town SamuelWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1795 Townend George EdwardHortonwarehouse24, Cheapside
1796 Townend JohnHortonwarehouse36, Bank street
1797 Townend SimeonThorntonwarehouse20, Swaine street
1798 Townend SimeonHortonwarehouse24, Cheapside
1799 Townend William HenryHortonwarehouse21, Cheapside
1800 Tuck JosephHallfield placehouse2, Victoria street
successivehouse5, Hallfield place
1801 Tuke DanielManninghamshop34, Bridge street
1802 Tuke EdwardSpring gardenshouse4, Salem street
successivehouse11, Spring gardens
1803 Turnbull ThomasWell streethouse & shopWell street
1804 Turner CharlesHortonwarehouseSwaine street
1805 Turner CharlesCroft streethouse107, Croft street
1806 Turner GeorgeHortonwarehouse10, Booth street
1807 Turner JohnHortonwarehouse10, Booth street
1808 Turner JohnHanover squarehouse45, Hanover square
1809 Turner JohnLightcliffewarehouse26, Brook street
1810 Turner William ClaughtonBrunswick placehouse7, Brunswick place
1811 Twedale James SmithiesDewsburyland & buildingsBolton road
1812 Tyas JohnWynne streethouse & shopWynne street

BRADFORD, 1857, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1813 Ullathorne SamuelBarkerend roadhouse51, Barkerend road
1814 Underwood IsaacHortonshop73, Market street
1815 Unna Jacob ArnoldEldon placehouse2, Eldon place
1816 Uttley WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse24, White Abbey

BRADFORD, 1857, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1817 Varley JosephRawson placehouse10, Rawson place
1818 Varley SamuelStanningleywarehousePiece hall yard
1819 Varley WilliamStanningleywarehousePiece hall yard
1820 Varley WilliamWilsdenwarehouse20, Brook street
1821 Vickerman JohnShibdendalewarehouse12, Charles street
successivewarehouse24, Charles street
1822 Virr WilliamGarnett streetshop15, Well street

BRADFORD, 1857, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1823 Waddington BenjaminLeeds roadhouse & shop112, Leeds road
1824 Waddington JosephWestgatehouse & shop73, Westgate
1825 Waddington JoshuaWell streethouse & shop12, Well street
1826 Waddington WilliamVincent streethouse & shop2, Vincent street
1827 Waddy BenjaminEast paradehouse3, East parade
1828 Wade Edward HirstNorth paradewarehouseCommercial street
1829 Wade JohnBroad streethouse7, Broad street
1830 Wade John HenryPudseyofficesKirkgate
1831 Wade JosephChapel streethouse17, Chapel street
1832 Wadsworth JamesMount streethouse3, Mount street
1833 Wainwright John Wilson, junr.Bridge streethouse72, Bridge street
1834 Waite John HudsonIvegatehouse & shop32, Ivegate
1835 Walker CharlesNorth paradehouse22, North parade
1836 Walker JamesHarris streethouse15, Harris street
1837 Walker JamesHoughton placeshopsThornton road
1838 Walker JamesVictoria streethouse41, Victoria street
1839 Walker JamesBrick lanehouse & shopBrick lane
1840 Walker James GoodallWakefield roadhouse & shop97, Wakefield road
1841 Walker James ThomasCheapsidehouse25, Cheapside
1842 Walker JohnBack lanehouseBack lane
1843 Walker JohnManor streethouse4, Manor street
1844 Walker JohnHortonshop52, Tyrrel street
1845 Walker JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop95, Wakefield road
1846 Walker JohnWestgatehouse & shop186, Westgate
1847 Walker RichardVictoria streetshops17, Darley street
1848 Walker RobertFrederick streethouse & shop24, Frederick street
1849 Walker ThomasWhite Abbeyhouse & shop55, White Abbey
1850 Walker WilliamBolling Hallmill62, Bridge street
1851 Walker WilliamBowlingwarehouse45, Bermondsey
1852 Walker WilliamHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
1853 Waller CharlesSpring gardenshouse25, Spring gardens
1854 Walls Matthew HenryLeeds roadhouse119, Leeds road
1855 Walmsley John ClaytonHortonshops60, Kirkgate
1856 Walmsley Samuel BairstowHortonshops55, Thornton road
1857 Walton James GeorgePeckover streethouse13, Peckover street
1858 Walton JeremiahHortonwarehouse24, Brook street
1859 Walton ThomasBarkerend roadshop5, Cross James street
1860 Warburton GeorgeSpring gardenshouse28, Spring gardens
1861 Warburton WilliamDrewton streethouse8, Drewton street
1862 Ward AlfredHortonshop42, Tyrrel street
1863 Ward EdwinClaytonhouse & shop57, Kirkgate
1864 Ward GeorgeWhite Abbeyhouse & shop6, White Abbey
1865 Ward JohnChapel streethouse7, Chapel street
1866 Ward JosephUndercliffehouse & landUndercliffe
1867 Ward SamuelKirkgatehouse & shop57, Kirkgate
1868 Ward William MannKirkgateoffices16, Kirkgate
1869 Wardle ThomasIvegatehouse & shop13, Ivegate
1870 Waring JohnPeel streethouse & shop9, Peel street
1871 Waterhouse RichardMarkethouse68, Market
1872 Waterhouse ThomasNorthgatehouse & shop52, Northgate
1873 Waters JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop9, Silsbridge lane
1874 Watkins ThomasBridge streethouse & shop53, Bridge street
1875 Watkins WilliamWestgrove streetshop23, Westgate
1876 Watkinson HenryHanover squarewarehouse66, Commercial street
1877 Watson EdwardWestgatehouse & shop96, Westgate
1878 Watson JohnHortonofficesMarket street
1879 Watson JohnHanover squarehouse40, Hanover square
1880 Watson JohnHoughton placehouse13, Houghton place
1881 Watson JonasBrunswick placehouse11, Brunswick place
1882 Watson MatthewManor rowhouse21, Manor row
1883 Watson PeterSnow hillhouse8, Snow hill
1884 Watson PeterSpringfield placehouse8, Springfield place
1885 Watson StephenRobert's placeshop1, Kirkgate
1886 Watson WilliamBrunswick placeshop1, Kirkgate
1887 Watson William ChristopherManninghamshopKirkgate
1888 Watson William SimpsonVictoria streethouse16, Victoria street
1889 Waud Robert HenryManninghamwarehouse21, Darley street
1890 Waud WilliamManor rowshop1, Darley street
1891 Wawbank CharlesTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
1892 Weatherill JosephCross streethouse54, Cross street
1893 Webster IsaacWakefield roadhouse73, Wakefield road
1894 Webster RichardDrewton streethouse24, Drewton street
1895 Webster RobertHortonwarehouseHall ings
1896 Webster SamuelHortonwarehouseBrook street
1897 Webster WilliamWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
successivehouse & shopWestgate
1898 Wellock BenjaminBarkerendhouse & landBarkerend
1899 Wells Stephen LonderkinDrewton streethouseDrewton street
1900 Wells WilliamEldon placehouse14, Eldon place
1901 Wells WilliamInfirmary streethouse40, Infirmary street
1902 West JamesUndercliffehouse & landUndercliffe
1903 West JoshuaThornton roadhouse91, Thornton road
1904 Westwood HenryWestgatehouse & shop54, Westgate
1905 Whalley HenryInfirmary streethouseInfirmary street
1906 Whalley JamesPeel squarehouse8, Peel square
1907 Wharton WilliamWestgatehouse39, Westgate
1908 Wheater ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shop125, Silsbridge lane
1909 Wheater WilliamNorth winghouse & shop93, North wing
1910 Wheater WilliamWestgrove streetmill53, Thornton road
1911 Whewall JosephKirkgatehouse & shop44, Kirkgate
1912 Whipp RobertJohn streethouse & shop1, John street
1913 Whitaker CharlesLightcliffewarehouseBrook street
1914 Whitaker HenryLightcliffewarehouseBrook street
1915 Whitaker JohnChapel streethouse11, Chapel street
1916 Whitaker JonasBridge streethouse & shop74, Bridge street
1917 Whitaker WilliamHortonwarehouseHall ings
1918 White AbrahamChapel streetmillDixon street
1919 White CalebWakefield roadhouse & shop79, Wakefield road
1920 White IsaacManninghamwarehouseRoebuck yard
1921 White JonasHarley streethouse & shop2, Harley street
1922 White SamuelAllertonwarehouse5, Court street
1923 White StephenAllertonwarehouseCommercial street
1924 White WalterChapel streethouse23, Barkerend road
successivehouse18, Chapel street
1925 Whitehead JosephBrunswick placewarehouse6, Bolton road
1926 Whitehead PaulQueensgatehouse & shop30, Queensgate
1927 Whitehead WilliamManninghamoffices31, Kirkgate
1928 Whitfield ThomasHustlergatehouse & shop24, Hustlergate
1929 Whitley FrederickWestgatehouse & shop14, Westgate
1930 Whitley IsaacVictoria streethouse25, Victoria street
1931 Whitley James BriggsBelgrave place, Manninghamwarehouse29, Union street
1932 Whitley RichardHortonwarehouse13, Cheapside
1933 Whitley NathanDudley hillwarehouse10, Brook street
1934 Whitley SquireWestgatehouse & shop69, Westgate
1935 Whitley WilliamBelgrave place, Manninghamwarehouse29, Union street
1936 Whitley WilliamGeorge streethouse23, George street
1937 Whitworth JohnOvendenwarehouse23, Booth street
1938 Whitworth RobertHalifaxwarehouse23, Booth street
1939 Whitworth WilliamHalifaxwarehouse23, Booth street
1940 Wigglesworth AbrahamBedford streethouse & shop44, Bedford street
1941 Wigglesworth EliJermyn streethouse & shop8, Jermyn street
1942 Wignall JamesBrunswick placehouse & shop20, Brunswick place
1943 Wignall JamesBarkerendhouse & shop56, Barkerend
1944 Wigney JohnSalem streethouseSalem street
1945 Wilcock IsaacIdlewarehouseBolton place
1946 Wilcock JohnHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
1947 Wilcock William ButterfieldNorth paradehouse26, North parade
1948 Wild AlexanderHortonshopMawson street
successivemill79, Thornton road
1949 Wild BenjaminHortonwarehouseNorfolk street
1950 Wilkinson ChristopherTyrrel streethouse & shop17, Tyrrel street
1951 Wilkinson JamesIvegatehouse & shop25, Ivegate
1952 Wilkinson JosephSalem streetshopGreen market
1953 Wilkinson LeonardInfirmary streethouse & stablesInfirmary street
1954 Wilkinson MarkLumb lanehouse & shop45, Lumb lane
1955 Wilkinson RichardLister courthouse & shop8, Lister court
1956 Wilkinson RichardWellington streethouse & shop94, Wellington street
1957 Wilkinson SamuelWestgrove streethouse76, Westgrove street
1958 Wilkinson ThomasOtley roadhouse24, Otley road
successivehouse & shop11, Otley road
1959 Wilkinson ThomasWestgatehouse & shop38, Westgate
1960 Williamson JamesNorth paradehouse63, North parade
1961 Williamson ThomasTrafalgar streethouse8, Trafalgar street
1962 Williamson William HarrisonNorth paradehouse67, North parade
1963 Willis ThomasDarfield streetshop14, Mill bank
1964 Willis Thomas, jun.Mill bankhouse42, Mill bank
1965 Wilman IsaacCross Wellington streethouse7, Cross Wellington street
1966 Wilman JamesSunbridgehouse2, Sunbridge
1967 Wilman PeterLongcroft placehouse15, Longcroft place
1968 Wilson GeorgeBroad streethouse9, Broad street
1969 Wilson JamesEast paradehouse8, East parade
1970 Wilson JamesHortonwarehouse12, Booth street
1971 Wilson JamesDarley streethouse & shop17, North parade
successivehouse & shop40, Darley street
1972 Wilson JohnChapel streetshops2, Market
1973 Wilson JosephDarfield streethouseDarfield street
1974 Wilson Joshua SimesKirkgatehouse & shop47, Kirkgate
1975 Wilson Samuel ThomasIvegatehouseSimes street
successivehouse & shop3, Ivegate
1976 Womersley JohnLeeds roadhouse368, Leeds road
1977 Wood AbrahamHortonshopCanal road
successivemill21, School street
1978 Wood BenjaminShipleywarehouse19, Mildred court
1979 Wood GeorgeWestgatehouse105, Westgate
1980 Wood GeorgeVictoria streethouse51, Victoria street
1981 Wood GeorgeEldon placehouse13, Eldon place
1982 Wood IsaacBarkerend roadhouse & shop21, Barkerend road
1983 Wood JamesHortonoffices3, Hall ings
1984 Wood JohnHortonmillThompson's alley
1985 Wood JosephVaughan streethouse & shop6, Vaughan street
1986 Wood JosephShipleywarehouse19, Mildred court
1987 Wood SamuelHortonmillThompson's alley
1988 Wood StephenOtley roadhouse & shop17, Otley road
1989 Wood ThomasFountain streethouse5, Fountain street
1990 Wood ThomasBrunswick placeland & buildingsBolton road
1991 Wood ThomasHanover squarehouse34, Hanover square
1992 Wood William HenryEccleshillshopThompson's alley
1993 Woodcock CharlesBroad streetofficesSunbridge
1994 Woodcock JosephBroad streethouse2, Broad street
1995 Woodcock Thomas HenryPeel squarehouse13, Peel square
1996 Woodhead Charles StoryHortonshop36, Bridge street
1997 Woodhead JonasLonglands placehouse8, Longlands place
1998 Woodhead ThomasHortonofficesNorthgate
1999 Woodhead WilliamHortonshopsThornton road
2000 Woodhead WilliamDarfield streetshop37, Market street
2001 Woodhead William HenryVictoria streethouse13, Victoria street
2002 Wooler JohnLaisterdykeshop12, Laisterdyke
2003 Wormald JosephBridge streethouse & shop55, Bridge street
2004 Worsnop SamsonBelgrave place, Manninghamshop46, Market street, Bradford
2005 Wray JosephManninghammill24, Thornton road
2006 Wright GeorgeJowett streethouse108, Jowett street
2007 Wright George RoyleNorth paradehouse18, North parade
2008 Wright IsaacManninghamwarehouse12, Bermondsey
2009 Wright JamesHortonshop10, Ivegate
2010 Wright JohnBridge streethouse & shop48, Bridge street
2011 Wright JohnBack lanehouse & shop8, Back lane
2012 Wright RobertJohn streethouse & shop9, John street
2013 Wright SamuelNorthbrook placehouse45, Northbrook place
2014 Wright WilliamWestgatehouse & shop90, Westgate
2015 Wright WilliamBridge streethouseBridge street
2016 Wrigley WilliamWestgatehouse & shop115, Westgate
2017 Wroe NathanWright streethouse2, Wright street
2018 Wroe ThomasFountain streethouse18, Fountain street
2019 Wurtzburgh EdwardLeedswarehouseHall ings
2020 Wyatt HenryStone streethouse17, Stone street
2021 Wyrill WilliamHortonshop10, Westgate

BRADFORD, 1857, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2022 Yates RobertHanover squarehouse11, Hanover square
2023 Yewdall AbrahamEdward streethouse29, Edward street
2024 Yewdall JesseUndercliffehouseUndercliffe
2025 Yewdall HenryDarley streethouse38, Darley street

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