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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1858, BRADFORD, surnames D-J.


BRADFORD, 1858, surnames D-J.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
499 Dalby JamesBarkerendhouseBarkerend
500 Dalby JamesManninghamwarehouse10, Brook street
501 Dalby JosephTyersallmillLaisterdyke
502 Dalby RobertTyersallmillLaisterdyke
503 Dalby SamuelTyersallmillLaisterdyke
504 Dalby SamuelChapel streetshop32, Hustlergate
505 Dalton HenrySpring gardenshouse27 Spring gardens
506 Dalton WilliamBroadstoneshouse & shop12, Broadstones
507 Davies EdwardWestgrove streetshopThornton road
508 Davison Henry WaterhouseThornton roadhouse187, Thornton road
509 Dawson Christopher HoldsworthRoyds hallbuildings & landCanal road
510 Dawson DanielStone streetshop1, Bermondsey
511 Dawson GeorgeTrafalgar streetshop31 Darley street
512 Dawson JosephManninghamoffices3, Queensgate
513 Dawson MarkHipperholmewarehouse6, Booth street
514 Dawson WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop16, Wakefield road
515 Deacon DavidJoseph streethouse39, Joseph street
516 Dearden WilliamSnow hillschool-roomBrunswick place
517 Deighton AlfredBridge streethouse & shop87, Bridge street
518 Delaunay Frederick WilliamManninghamofficesAldermanbury
519 Demaine GeorgeManninghamshop & yard25, Manor row
520 Demaine JosephWestgatehouse & shop98, Westgate
521 Denbigh John BrookeHill sidehouse4, Hill side
522 Denby JohnManninghamwarehouse1, Cheapside
523 Denby JohnShipleywarehouse13, Leeds road
524 Denby JonasWestgrove streethouse & shop56, Westgrove street
525 Denby JosephShipleywarehouse13, Leeds road
526 Denby ThomasBrick lanehouse65, Brick lane
527 Denby WilliamShipleywarehouse13, Leeds road
528 Denholme AlexanderBrunswick placehouse & shopNorth parade
successivehouse19, Brunswick place
529 Denmark FrederickRobert's placehouse12, Robert's place
530 Dennison RobertPlanetreeshouse & land3, Planetrees
531 Denton CharlesManninghamofficesSunbridge
532 Denton RichardHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
533 Denton ThomasNorthgatehouse37, Northgate
534 Derenzy George Rev.Hill sidehouse17, Hill side
535 Devey AdamHanover squarehouse20, Hanover square
536 Dewhirst JamesNorthgatehouseNorthgate
537 Dewhirst JohnSalem streethouse2, Salem street
538 Dewhirst JohnPeckover streethouse11, Peckover street
539 Dewhirst ThomasHortonwarehouse27, Swaine street
540 Dewhirst ThomasManninghamoffices16, Union passage
541 Dewhirst WilliamRawdonwarehouse8, Leeds road
542 Dibb JohnStone streetwarehouse18, Bermondsey
543 Dickenson HenrySilsbridge lanehouse & shop45, Silsbridge lane
544 Dickenson William LeddicoteBolton roadhouse110, Bolton road
545 Dixon HenryDrewton streethouse13, Drewton street
546 Dixon JamesHortonshop6, Sunbridge
547 Dixon JohnBarkerendhouse121, Barkerend
548 Dixon JosephWhite Abbeyhouse & shop52, White Abbey
549 Dixon SamuelShipleywarehouseCanal road
550 Dixon ThomasManor streetoffices11, Rawson place
551 Dobson EdwardWestgatehouse & shop33, Westgate
552 Dobson JohnJoseph streetshops35, Joseph street
553 Dooley ThomasLeeds roadhouse538, Leeds road
554 Douglas JamesDrewton streethouse14, Drewton street
555 Douglas JamesHortonwarehouseRoebuck yard
556 Douglas RobertManninghamwarehouseCharles street
557 Douglas WilliamManninghamwarehouse10, Leeds road
558 Dovenor JonathanPark gatehouse42, Park gate
559 Dowgill RobertLeeds roadhouse & shop330, Leeds road
560 Downham ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shop304, Leeds road
561 Dowson Rev. HenryLumb lanehouseLumb lane
562 Dracup AbrahamSilsbridge lanehouse106, Silsbridge lane
563 Dracup SquireHortonshop34, Ivegate
564 Drake JohnVictoria streethouse59, Victoria street
565 Drake JohnCropper lanehouseCropper lane
566 Driver JamesThornton roadhouse206, Thornton road
567 Drummond JamesManninghamwarehouse1, Booth street
568 Drury George DickensonHallfield placeshopNorth parade
successiveshopNorth parade
569 Duckett JamesHortonofficesBridge street
570 Duckworth GeorgeCoach rowhouse42, Coach row
571 Duckworth JosephBarkerendhouse & shop21, Well street
successivehouse & shop82, Barkerend
572 Duckworth WilliamBarkerendhouse109, Barkerend
573 Duncan JamesOtleywarehousePiece hall yard
574 Duncan ThomasOtleywarehousePiece hall yard
575 Duncan Thomas, junr.OtleywarehousePiece hall yard
576 Duncan ThomasFountain streethouse1, Fountain street
577 Dunlop WalterManninghamwarehousePeckover street
578 Dunn HenryNorth winghouse96, North wing
579 Dunn HughGreenaire placehouse42, Greenaire place
580 Dunn JohnBack lanehouseBack lane

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
581 Eastwood GeorgeProvidence streetshop154, Westgate
582 Edmondson JacobBowergatehouse4, Bowergate
583 Edmondson ThomasAllertonwarehouseRoebuck yard
584 Edwards JohnGarnett streethouse & shop11, Garnett street
585 Egan WilliamHustlergatehouse & shop21, Hustlergate
586 Ehrenbach BernardNorth paradehouse67, Hanover square
successivehouse55, North parade
587 Elgey JamesHanover squarehouse49, Hanover square
588 Ellis James AustinManninghammillMillergate
589 Ellis JohnBowlingwarehouse6, Charles street
590 Ellis JosephBingleywarehouse9, Charles street
591 Ellisdon WilliamHanover squarehouse5, Hanover square
592 Ellison ThomasUnion streethouse7, Union street
593 Ellison WilliamManninghamoffices31, Kirkgate
594 Elstrip WilliamBolton roadhouse13, Bolton road
595 Eltoft Joseph GreenVictoria streethouse24, Victoria street
596 Emmott JohnDarfield streethouseDarfield street
597 Emmett WilliamWestgrove streethouse38, Westgrove street
598 England WilliamSchool streethouse & shop16, School street
599 Everdell CharlesVictoria streethouse19, Victoria street
600 Exley JohnManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
601 Exley JosephNorthfield place, Manninghamwarehouse67, Commercial street
602 Exley RobertManninghamwarehouse67, Commercial street
603 Exley SamuelManninghamwarehouse67, Commercial street
604 Exley William OddyManninghamwarehouse67, Commercial street
successivewarehouse49, Bermondsey

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
605 Facer JohnBridge streethouse121, Bridge street
606 Fairbank WilliamTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
607 Falkingham JeffreyWestgatehouse & shop59, Westgate
608 Farlam John Rev.George streethouse42, George street
609 Farmery RichardSouthgatehouse6, Southgate
610 Farrar George HenryManninghamshop13, Kirkgate
611 Farrar HenryHanover squarehouse & shop20, Kirkgate
612 Farrar JosephChapel lanehouse & shop55, Chapel lane
613 Farrar JosephManninghamoffice2, Market street
614 Fattorini AntonioWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
615 Fattorini InnocentWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
616 Fattorini JohnWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
617 Favel JohnWakefield roadhouse27, Wakefield road
618 Fawcett JohnNorth paradeshop2, North parade
619 Fawcett JohnBridge streethouse71, Bridge street
620 Fawcett JonathanChandos streethouse & shop66, Chandos street
621 Fawcett RalphLeeds roadhouse274, Leeds road
successivehouse & shop276, Leeds road
622 Fawcett RichardManninghamwarehouse39, Cheapside
623 Fawcett RichardBridge streethouse & shop20, Bridge street
624 Fawthrop FrederickHortonmillThornton road
625 Fearnley JohnClayton streethouse117, Clayton street
626 Fearnley RobertStott hillhouse3, Stott hill
627 Fearnley WilliamTrafalgar streethouse5, Trafalgar street
628 Fearnsides JamesWestgrove streethouse24, Westgrove street
629 Fell SamuelWhite Abbeyhouse & shop40, White Abbey
630 Fenton JamesVictoria streethouse64, Victoria street
631 Fenton Kendall ThompsonHanover squarehouse21, Hanover square
632 Ferguson DavidVictoria streethouse29, Victoria street
633 Ferrand WilliamVictoria streethouse52, Victoria street
634 Field GeorgeWestgatehouse & shop13, Westgate
635 Field WilliamWestgatehouse & shop13, Westgate
636 Fielden ThomasHortonshops & yardLee street
637 Fieldhouse BenjaminHarley streethouse & shop1, Harley street
638 Fieldhouse GeorgeBowlingwarehouse29, Bermondsey
639 Fieldhouse ReubenFieldhouse rowhouse & land6 Fieldhouse row
640 Fieldhouse WilliamScaley streethouse & shop2, Scaley street
641 Fielding JohnBridge streethouse & shop77, Bridge street
642 Finucane Henry PatrickDrewton streethouse5, James street
successivehouse18, Drewton street
643 Firth AlfredWakefield roadhouse & shop35, Wakefield road
644 Firth FawthropCropper lanehouseCropper lane
645 Firth GeorgeHortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
646 Firth JohnMill streethouse32, Mill street
647 Firth JohnHortonwarehouse29, Union street
648 Firth JosephBolton roadshop118, Bolton road
649 Firth LukeBolton roadhouse & shop170, Bolton road
650 Firth PaulBrick lanehouse & shop117, Brick lane
651 Firth ThomasShipleywarehouse6, Commercial street
652 Firth WilliamTownhill streethouseTownhill street
653 Firth WilliamKirkstallwarehouse21, Leeds road
654 Firth WilliamDrewton streethouse17, Drewton street
655 Firth William, junr.Hortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
656 Fisher JohnPeel squarehouse6, Peel square
657 Fison Thomas SparhamRawdonwarehouseWell street
658 Fison WilliamBurleywarehouse17, Charles street
successivewarehouse6, Hall ings
659 Flaxington Benjamin WalkerBarkerend roadhouse46, Barkerend road
660 Fletcher HarrisonOtley roadhouse & shop13, Otley road
661 Fletcher JamesHustler terracehouseWestgate
successivehouseHustler terrace
662 Fletcher JosephWestgatehouse & shop63, Westgate
663 Fletcher RichardHortonshop3, Tyrrel street
664 Fletcher ThomasTrafalgar streethouse2, Hallfield place
665 Florack JosephBingleywarehouseWell street
666 Forrest Francis HansonWestgatehouse70, Westgate
667 Forrest SamuelOtley roadhouse49, Otley road
668 Forster William EdwardBurleywarehouse17, Charles street
successivewarehouse6, Hall ings
669 Foster Abraham BriggsClaytonwarehouseWell street
670 Foster HenryDenholmewarehouse21, Swaine street
671 Foster JeremiahMill streethouse21, Mill street
672 Foster JohnDrewton streethouse18, Victoria street
successivehouseDrewton street
673 Foster John, junr.ClaytonwarehouseWell street
674 Foster JoshuaThornton roadhouse & shop228, Thornton road
675 Foster JohnClaytonwarehouseWell street
676 Foster JohnManninghamwarehouse17, Cheapside
677 Foster JonasClaytonwarehouseWell street
678 Foster JonasTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
679 Foster JosephManninghamwarehouse18, Hall ings
680 Foster JosephVictoria streethouse38, Victoria street
successivehouse18, Victoria street
681 Foster JosiahWell streethouse & shop24, Well street
682 Foster MarmadukeRawson placehouse12, Rawson place
683 Foster WilliamHortonwarehouseWell street
684 Foster WilliamDenholmewarehouse21, Swaine street
685 Foster WilliamBirksland streethouse & shop26, Birksland street
686 Foster WilliamNorthgatehouse & shop15, Northgate
687 Foster WilliamBarkerendhouse & shop114, Barkerend
688 Foulds SamuelQuebec terracemillThornton road
689 Fountain JohnQueen streethousePiece hall yard
successivehouse1, Queen street
690 Fox Edmund KeighleyHortonwarehouse39, Tyrrel street
691 Fox John JamesCottingleyofficesBond street
692 Fox WilliamAbbey streethouse & shop20, Abbey street
693 Fox WilliamDryden streethouse1, Dryden street
694 Foxcroft Thomas GloverDuke streethouse6, Duke street
695 France William HenryBridge streethouse128, Bridge street
successiveshop93, Bedford street
696 Frank GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse & shop63, Barkerend road
697 Frank John PhilipEldon placewarehouse7, Duke street
698 Frankland JohnChandos streethouse & shop2, Chandos street
699 Franks CharlesCheapsidehouse & shop10, Cheapside
700 Freeman WilliamChapel streetshops4, Quebec terrace
701 French AdamWestgatehouse105, Westgate
702 French JohnWestgatehouse105, Westgate
703 Frood WilliamFountain streethouse7, Fountain street
704 Fryer JohnHanover squarewarehouseBermondsey
705 Fynn WilliamLeedsshop14, Darley street

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
706 Gale SeptimusHortonshop7, Toad lane
707 Galloway JesseHortonwarehouse8, Bank street
708 Galloway JohnHortonshopPiece hall yard
709 Gamble SamuelHortonshopPortland street
710 Gant James Greaves TetleyManninghamoffices14, Darley street
711 Gant William TetleyNorth paradeshopCheapside
712 Gardiner Alfred LotSouthfield placewarehouse & shop364, Leeds road
713 Garforth Henry SagarSalem streethouse52, Salem street
714 Garnett ThomasHanover squarewarehouse34, Swaine street
715 Garnett WilliamUndercliffemillBarkerend
716 Garrett WilliamWestgrove streethouse22, Westgrove street
717 Garvey FrancisWestgatehouse & shop34, Westgate
718 Gath GeorgeGrammar school streethouse2, Grammar school street
719 Gath WilliamHortonwarehouse38, Bridge street
720 Gaukroger SamuelSilsbridge lanehouse & shop21, Silsbridge lane
721 Geldard JohnGeorge streethouse174, George street
722 George JamesManninghamwarehouse15, Leeds road
723 George WilliamManninghamofficesKirkgate
724 Gibson ChristopherGarnett streethouse73, Garnett street
725 Gibson JamesSpring Gardenshouse23, Spring gardens
726 Gibson JohnSouthgatehouse & shopNorthgate
successivehouse & shopSouthgate
727 Gibson JosephSilsbridge lanehouse & shop11, Silsbridge lane
728 Gibson JosephKirkgatehouse & shop12, Kirkgate
729 Gibson WilliamSimes streethouse27, Simes street
730 Gill JamesBirksland streethouse & shop75, Birksland street
731 Gill JonathanIvegatehouse & shop19, Ivegate
732 Gill MichaelHill sideshop7, Well street
733 Gillam SamuelBack lanehouse & shop349, Back lane
734 Gillett John BaintonVictoria streethouse14, Victoria street
735 Gilliard WilliamBarkerend roadhouse & shop45, Barkerend road
736 Gillies John LawsonManninghamwarehouse34, Swaine street
737 Ginn ThomasGarnett streetshop & yard103, Garnett street
738 Gledhill GeorgeJoseph streethouse43, Joseph street
739 Gledhill JosephTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
740 Glover HenryHortonwarehouse36, Bond street
741 Glover MarkHortonwarehouse36, Bond street
742 Glyde William EvansBaildonwarehouseWell street
743 Goddard Richard WilliamShipleywarehouse20, Brook street
744 Godwin John VenimoreRawdonwarehouseLeeds road
745 Gomersal JohnBirks lanehouse22, Birks lane
746 Goodchild RichardMarkethouse & shop71, Market
747 Goodchild RichardCannon streethouse & shop15, Cannon street
748 Gott CharlesVictoria streethouse47, Victoria street
749 Gould WilliamSouthgatehouse17, Southgate
750 Golder CharlesDrewton streethouse10, Drewton street
751 Goldsbrough ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse171, Silsbridge lane
752 Gough JohnHortonwarehouseQuebec terrace
753 Gourlay JamesVictoria streethouse3, Victoria street
754 Gourlay ThomasFountain streethouse12, Fountain street
755 Graham JamesHanover squarehouse60, Hanover square
successivehouse36, Hanover square
756 Grange JohnBrick lanebuildings & landBrick lane
757 Grayson CharlesWestgatehouse & shop61, Westgate
758 Greaves JohnManninghamwarehouse31, Kirkgate
759 Greaves William HunsleyApple hallwarehouse31, Kirkgate
760 Green JamesManor rowhouse22, Manor row
761 Green James, junr.Salem streethouse13, Salem street
762 Green JohnHoughton placehouse8, Houghton place
763 Green Joseph William KnowlesManninghamwarehouse9, Leeds road
764 Green WilliamBurleywarehouse8, Hall ings
765 Greenhough BenjaminVictoria streethouse & shop30, Victoria street
766 Greenhough JamesGarden placehouse & shop1, Garden place
767 Greenhough JohnCropper lanehouse & shop16, Cropper lane
768 Greenhough Thomas ListerBridge streethouse & shop107, Bridge street
769 Greenhough WilliamLeeming streethouse4, Leeming street
770 Greenwood BenjaminManninghamwarehouseBond street
771 Greenwood BenjaminThornton roadhouseThornton road
772 Greenwood JohnBolton placehouse13, Bolton place
773 Greenwood JohnManninghamshop58, Market street
774 Greenwood JosephThornton roadhouse23, Thornton road
775 Greenwood SharpKirkgatehouse & shop46, White Abbey
successivehouse & shop42, Kirkgate
776 Greenwood ThomasWestgatehouse & shop136, Westgate
777 Greenwood ThomasYork streetshop67, Bridge street
778 Greenwood WilliamHaworthwarehouse20, Brook street
779 Greenwood WilliamEldon placewarehouseHall ings
780 Greenwood WilliamTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
781 Greetham JosephManninghamshop35, Bank street
successiveshopTyrrel street
782 Greetham WilliamHortonshop64, Tyrrel street
783 Gregg JohnHoughton placehouse16, Trafalgar street
successivehouse42, Houghton place
784 Grey CharlesLaisterdykehouse12, Laisterdyke
785 Groves JohnSalem streethouse23, Salem street
786 Guthrie WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop88, Thornton road
787 Gurney JohnManninghamwarehouse34, Piccadilly
788 Guy WilliamDrewton streethouseDrewton street

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
789 Haggas JamesKeighleywarehouse15, Hall ings
790 Haggas JohnKeighleywarehouse18, Charles street
791 Haggas WilliamKeighleywarehouse18, Charles street
792 Haigh EdwardHortonwarehouse24, Swaine street
793 Haigh HenryManor rowhouse2, Manor row
794 Haigh MatthewManninghamwarehouse1, Court street
795 Haigh William RolstonManninghamwarehouse18, Leeds road
796 Hainsworth WilliamPudseywarehouse10, Brook street
797 Haley CharlesEbenezer streetshops21, Foundry street
798 Haley EdwardHortonshop50, Market street
799 Haley ElishaHortonshopsThornton road
800 Haley EnochHortonshopsThornton road
801 Haley JohnHortonwarehouseLeeds road
successivewarehouse4, Aldermanbury
802 Haley JoshuaHortonwarehouse8, Broadstones
803 Haley WilliamUnion streethouse8, Union street
804 Hall EdmundEccleshillwarehouse41, Bermondsey
805 Hall JohnManor streetshop40, Market street
806 Hall JohnNorthgatehouse & shop61, Northgate
807 Hall JohnLake streethouse5, Lake street
808 Hall JoshuaSpringfield placewarehouse5, Cheapside
809 Hall Richard WoodIvegatehouse & shop55, Westgate
successivehouse & shopIvegate
810 Hall Thomas HenrySalem streetshop8, Ivegate
811 Halliwell JohnHortonwarehouse109, Thornton road
812 Halliday AbrahamKirkgatehouse & shop6, Kirkgate
813 Halliday RichardShipleyshops & officeCanal road
814 Halstead Henry RichardManninghammillDixon street
815 Halstead IsaacHortonfoundry79, Thornton road
816 Hamilton RichardSpring gardenshouse4, Spring gardens
817 Hammond BenjaminNorth paradehouse49, North parade
818 Hammond JamesBrunswick placemillNortholme street
819 Hammond James GreenMarkethouse16, Green Market
820 Hammond JosephManninghammill53, Thornton road
821 Hannay JohnstoneSimes streethouse15, Simes street
822 Hanson JamesSilsbridge lanehouse & shop46, Silsbridge lane
823 Hanson JohnWapping roadhouse50, Wapping road
824 Hanson JonasWestgatehouse57, Westgate
825 Hanson JosephWakefield roadhouse2, Wakefield road
826 Hanson Thomas AndersonLeeds roadhouse69, Leeds road
827 Hanson William SturdyHortonwarehouse20, Hall ings
828 Hardaker JamesWestgatehouse & shop92, Westgate
829 Hardaker RichardManninghamwarehouseHardcastle lane
830 Hardaker WilliamNorth winghouse & shop77, North wing
831 Hardcastle GeorgeWestgatehouse & shop53, Westgate
832 Hardcastle JosephKeighleywarehouseDale street
833 Hardisty DavidMarkethouse & shop89, Market
834 Hardisty JamesLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane, Manningham
successivehouse & shopLumb lane, Bradford
835 Hardwick AndrewLonglands streethouse25, Longlands street
836 Hardwick ThomasWortleyshop36, Darley street
837 Hardwick WinterHeadingleyshop36, Darley street
838 Hardy CharlesOdsal housebuildings & landCanal road
839 Hardy SquireTongwarehouseCanal road
840 Hardy ThomasJames streetshopKirkgate
841 Hargreaves ThomasVicar lanehouse & shopVicar lane
842 Hargreaves BenjaminTongwarehouseHardcastle lane
843 Hargreaves GeorgeShipley fieldswarehouse9, Booth street
844 Hargreaves JohnBirksland streethouse30, Birksland street
845 Hargreaves JohnManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
846 Hargreaves JosephBaildonoffices13, Well street
847 Hargreaves ThomasShipley fieldswarehouse9, Booth street
848 Hargreaves WilliamFrizinghallwarehouse9, Booth street
849 Hargreaves WilliamWestgrove streetshopsThornton road
850 Hargreaves WilliamChapel streethouse & shops29, Chapel street
851 Harker GeorgeJoseph streethouse55, Joseph street
852 Harker JohnRailroad streethouse & shop1, Railroad street
853 Harker WilliamBowlingwarehouse14, Brook street
successivewarehouseBrook street
854 Harland EdwardJames streethouse27, James street
855 Harland JohnWestgrove streetshop15, Hustlergate
856 Harland JohnBrick lanehouse & shop55, Brick lane
857 Harland RichardWestgrove streetshopHustlergate
successivehouseWestgrove street
858 Harland ThomasWestgrove streethouse67, Westgrove street
859 Harper WilliamLeeds roadhouse358, Leeds road
860 Harpley JohnOtley roadhouse & shop19, Otley road
861 Harris AlfredMicklethwaitebanking house24, Kirkgate
862 Harris Alfred, junr.Hortonbanking house24, Kirkgate
863 Harris HenryHeaton hallbanking house24, Kirkgate
864 Harris William MastermanHortonbanking house24, Kirkgate
865 Harrison BenjaminManninghammillNorth wing
866 Harrison EdwardSilsbridge lanehouse & shop53, Silsbridge lane
867 Harrison GeorgeTrafalgar streethouse33, Trafalgar street
868 Harrison Henry EdwinLeedsbuildings & landCanal road
869 Harrison JamesManor rowwarehouse18, Bermondsey
870 Harrison JosephBrick lanehouse & shop13, Brick lane
871 Harrison JoshuaWestgrove streetwarehouseThornton road
872 Harrison SamuelRegent placewarehouse17, Cheapside
873 Harrison ThomasHortonshop8, Sunbridge
874 Harrison Rev. ThomasJermyn streethouseJermyn street
875 Harrison WilliamOtley roadhouse & shop34, Otley road
876 Harrison WilliamBack lanehouse & shop207, Back lane
877 Harrison WilliamHanover squarehouse35, Hanover square
878 Harrop HenryThorntonwarehouse29, Charles street
879 Hartley Alfred WardWhite Abbeyhouse & shop38, White Abbey
880 Hartley CharlesJohnson streethouse1, Johnson street
881 Hartley GeorgeDarfield streethouseDarfield street
882 Hartley JohnBowlingmillAdolphus street
883 Hartley JosephDryden streetmillAdolphus street
884 Hartley RichardPeel streetmillAdolphus street
885 Hartley SamuelDarley streethouse & shop34, Darley street
886 Hartley StephenPeel streetmillAdolphus street
887 Hartley ThomasFrederick streetmillAdolphus street
888 Hartley ThomasDenholmewarehouseCharles street
889 Hartley WilliamBrick lanebuildings & landBrick lane
890 Haste JohnHortonwarehouse1, Hall ings
891 Haste John PatchettSilsbridge lanehouse & shop169, Silsbridge lane
892 Haste JoshuaHortonwarehouse18, Dale street
893 Hastings CharlesManninghamwarehouse30, Swaine street
894 Hattersley GeorgeKeighleywarehouseBrook street
895 Hattersley Samuel LongdaleVictoria streethouse71, Victoria street
896 Hawkins WilliamProspect terracehouse2, Prospect terrace
897 Hawksworth PeterManninghamwarehouse13, Cheapside
898 Heaton JohnBolton roadhouse & shopBolton road
899 Heaton WilliamLumb lanehouse27, Lumb lane
900 Heaton WilliamWestgatehouse & shop128, Westgate
901 Helliwell HenryLumb lanehouse & shop43, Lumb lane
902 Helliwell WilliamBack lanehouse40, Back lane
903 Helm HenryJames streethouse6, James street
904 Hepworth GeorgeBedford streethouse3, Bedford street
905 Heron JamesHanover squarehouse30, Hanover square
906 Heron PeterTrafalgar streethouseTrafalgar street
907 Heron ThomasBroad streethouse12 Broad street
908 Herrin DennisPoole alleyhouse & shop4, Poole alley
909 Hertz MartinManninghamwarehouse14, Booth street
910 Hertz William DavidHortonwarehouseThornton road
911 Hervey JamesLightcliffeoffices7, Leeds road
912 Heselton John AllisonManninghamoffices14, Darley street
913 Hesling JohnUndercliffeshop14, North street
914 Heslop RichardVictoria streethouse10, Victoria street
915 Hetherington JohnHortonshopWell street
916 Hetherington ThomasHortonshopWell street
917 Hewitt SamuelBroad streetmill21, School street
918 Hey GeorgeEdward streethouse & shop1, Edward street
919 Heydemann Nicholas HermannManninghamwarehouse78, Chapel lane
920 Heyworth AbrahamBrick lanehouse20, Brick lane
921 Hick JosephHanover squareshop3, Broadstones
922 Hiley JohnJowett streethouse & shop116, Jowett street
923 Hill GeorgeEllis streethouse & shop1, Ellis street
924 Hill JohnWestgrove streethouse62, Westgrove street
925 Hill JohnRawdonshops8, Cheapside
926 Hill JonasKirkgatehouse37, Kirkgate
927 Hill JosephManor rowhouse41, Manor row
928 Hill Luke CrosbyManor rowwarehouse4, Broadstones
929 Hill ThomasManor streetbuildings & land14, Church bank
930 Hill Thomas HardacreCropper lanehouseCropper lane
931 Hinchcliffe ThomasGeorge streethouse121, George street
successivehouse20, George street
932 Hindle EdmundThornton roadshopsThompson's alley
933 Hindle ThomasDarley streethouse23, Darley street
934 Hird WilliamWestgatehouse & shop109, Westgate
935 Hirst JosephHortonwarehouse2, Roebuck yard
936 Hirst ThomasNorthgatehouse60, Northgate
937 Hitchen JohnJohn streethouse & shop12, John street
938 Hitchen SamuelHalifaxwarehouse33, Swaine street
939 Hodgson GeorgeHortonshops49, Thornton road
940 Hodgson JohnGarnett streethouse & shop5, Garnett street
941 Hodgson JohnBowlingwarehouse20, Brook street
942 Hodgson MichaelWestgatehouse & shop77, Westgate
943 Hodgson ThomasCalverleywarehouse23, Well street
944 Hodgson WilliamEast paradehouse14, East parade
successivehouse12, East parade
945 Hodgson WilliamWestgrove streethouse54, Westgrove street
946 Holden WilliamNorth winghouse & stableNorth wing
947 Holdsworth EborJohn streethouse & shop31, John street
948 Holdsworth GeorgeHalifaxwarehouse44, Bridge street
949 Holdsworth HenrySpring gardenswarehouseMildred court
950 Holdsworth JamesHortonwarehouse63, Commercial street
951 Holdsworth JamesPeel streethouse13, Peel street
952 Holdsworth RobertHalifaxwarehouse44, Bridge street
953 Holdsworth RobertHill sidehouse8, Hill side
954 Holdsworth ThomasHortonshops & yard86, York street
955 Holdsworth TomHalifaxwarehouse44, Bridge street
956 Holdsworth WilliamBirksland streetmillBirksland street
957 Holdsworth William IrvingHalifaxwarehouse44, Bridge street
958 Holgate DawsonWestgrove streetshop124, Westgate
959 Holgate JohnMarket streethouse & shop67, Kirkgate
successivehouse & shop27, Market street
960 Holgate RichardSillock rowhouse & land2, Sillock row
961 Holgate RobertWestgatehouse & shop25, Westgate
962 Holgate ThomasKirkgatehouse & shop63, Kirkgate
963 Holgate WilliamMarket streethouse & shop10, Market street
964 Holgate WilliamUnion passagehouse15, Union passage
965 Hollings JamesBrick lanehouse22, Brick lane
966 Hollings JohnManninghambuildings123, Silsbridge lane
967 Hollingworth WilliamManninghamshop3, Leeds road
968 Holloway William HenryEldon placewarehouse1, Piccadilly
969 Holmes DavidSilsbridge lanehouse1, Silsbridge lane
970 Holmes DennisRobert's placehouse22, Robert's place
971 Holmes JamesBowlingshopsFrederick street
972 Holmes JohnHanover squarewarehouseAldermanbury
973 Holmes JohnDarley streetshopWestgate
successivehouse & shopDarley street
974 Holmes JohnLumb lanehouse & shop37, Lumb lane
975 Holmes JosephDarley streethouse & shop53, Darley street
976 Holmes Samuel HartleyNorth paradewarehouseAldermanbury
977 Holmes ThomasDrewton streetoffices10, Piccadilly
978 Holmes ThomasBaildonwarehouseSwaine street
979 Holmes William WainmanBaildonwarehouseSwaine street
980 Holroyd JamesMarket streethouse20, Market street
981 Holroyd ThomasOtley roadhouse & shop43, Otley road
982 Holt BenjaminWestgrove streetwarehouseSouthgate
983 Holt GeorgeVictoria streetshopKirkgate
984 Holt ThomasWakefield roadshop28, Hustlergate
985 Hope JohnVictoria streethouse7, Victoria street
986 Hope Thomas CampbellVictoria streetoffices31, Kirkgate
987 Hopkinson AbrahamLeeds roadwarehouseAldermanbury
988 Hopkinson JosephPark gateshops & yardLee street
989 Hopkinson JosephHill sidehouse14, Hill side
990 Hopkinson WilliamWapping roadhouse13, Wapping road
991 Hornell JamesManor rowhouse10, Manor row
992 Horner JohnMarket streetwarehouse11, Market street
993 Horsfall JoshuaClaremont terrace, HortonwarehouseBank street
successivewarehouseUnion street
994 Horsfall TimothyHawksworth hallwarehouse25, Broadstones
995 Horsfall WilliamCalverley hallwarehouse25, Broadstones
996 Horseman JohnCroft streethouse & shop102, Croft street
997 Horton RichardThornton roadhouse & shopLee street
998 Howitt GeorgeHortonwarehouse2, Union street
999 Howitt Thomas BellHortonwarehouse2, Union street
1000 Howker JohnWhite Abbeyhouse & shop10, White Abbey
1001 Hudson EleazorTongwarehouse20, Brook street
1002 Hudson JamesDudley hill roadhouse & shop9, Dudley hill road
1003 Hudson JohnLeeds roadhouse215, Leeds road
1004 Huggan ThomasKirkgatehouse & shop54, Kirkgate
1005 Humble GeorgeHanover squareoffices10, Darley street
1006 Humphries SamuelBarkerend roadhouse & shop79, Barkerend road
1007 Hunter AlexanderManninghamwarehouse1, Norfolk street
1008 Hunter JohnHeatonshop74, Market street
1009 Hunter ThomasHortonshop4, Westgate
1010 Hunter ThomasManninghamwarehouse32, Piccadilly
1011 Hunter WilliamThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
1012 Hunton WilliamManninghamshop8, Darley street
1013 Hustler JamesNorth streethouse10, North street
1014 Hutchinson Henry GwynneLeeds roadhouse & officeLeeds road
1015 Hutchinson James GwynneHarris streethouse7, Harris street
1016 Hutchinson JohnChurch hillhouse & shop2, Church hill
1017 Hutton JohnBarkerendhouse129, Barkerend
1018 Hutton RichardHortonshopCheapside
1019 Hutton ThomasBarkerendhouse23, Barkerend
1020 Hyde William RichardWestgatehouse41, Westgate

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1021 Ibbotson WilliamPeckover streetwarehouse43, Leeds road
1022 Illingworth AlfredHanover squarehouse13, Hanover square
1023 Illingworth AlfredHortonmillTetley street
1024 Illingworth BoothManninghamshops51, Southgate
1025 Illingworth CharlesHill sidehouseHill side
1026 Illingworth ErRebecca streethouse & shop3, Rebecca street
1027 Illingworth HenryPeel squarehouse26, James street
successivehouse14, Peel square
1028 Illingworth HenryHortonmillTetley street
1029 Illingworth HenryNorth paradehouse45, North parade
1030 Illingworth JamesUndercliffehouseUndercliffe lane
1031 Illingworth JoeSalem streetwarehouseTyrrel street
1032 Illingworth JohnWestgatehouse & shop66, Westgate
1033 Illingworth John TaylorSilsbridge lanehouse & shop24, Silsbridge lane
1034 Illingworth JonasThornton roadhouse & shop103, Thornton road
1035 Illingworth JosephEldon placewarehouseSwaine street
1036 Illingworth ThomasWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1037 Illingworth ThomasHortonwarehouseTyrrel street
1038 Illingworth WilliamUndercliffe lanehouse & landUndercliffe lane
1039 Illingworth William JonathanRawson placehouse11, Rawson place
1040 Ingham JamesSpringfield placewarehouse3, Booth street
1041 Ingham JohnHalifaxwarehouse33, Swaine street
1042 Ingle BenjaminBradford moorhouseBradford moor
1043 Ingle JohnThornton roadmill28, Thornton road
1044 Ingle WilliamEast parademillMulgrave street, New Leeds
1045 Inman HenryBarkerend roadhouse & shop3, Barkerend road
1046 Inman ThomasBarkerendhouse111, Barkerend
1047 Irving ChristopherWestgatehouse & shop42, Westgate
1048 Irving WilliamOtley roadhouse28, Otley road
1049 Isherwood WilliamManninghammill53, Thornton road
1050 Isitt GeorgePark placeshopTyrrel street
successiveshop72, Market street
1051 Isles ThomasIllingworthwarehousePeel place

BRADFORD, 1858, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1052 Jackson ThomasCross streethouse & shop60, Cross street
1053 Jackson WilliamBrunswick placehouse13, Brunswick place
1054 Jackson WilliamHortonshop33A, Kirkgate
1055 Jenkinson RobertLeeds roadhouse86, Leeds road
1056 Jennings JohnSchool streetbuildings & landValley road
1057 Jesper AlfredHortonshopKirkgate
1058 Jewitt JamesBowlingbuildings & land198, Wakefield road
1059 Johnson BenKirkgatehouse & shop65, Kirkgate
1060 Johnson Charles SmithPark placehouse6, Park place
1061 Johnson FrederickInfirmary streetmill53, Southgate
1062 Johnson GeorgeBirksland streetmillBirksland street
1063 Johnson GeorgeDarfield streetshops & yards25, Manor row
1064 Johnstone JamesWestgatehouse114, Westgate
1065 Jowett EdmundManninghamwarehouse4, Union passage
1066 Jowett John MarshallManninghamshop14, Market street
1067 Jowett JosephHanover squarehouse41, Hanover square

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