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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1863, MANNINGHAM.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3987 Ackroyd AlfredSouthfield placehouse49, Southfield place
3988 Ackroyd GeorgeNorth park roadhouseNorth park road
3989 Ackroyd HenryWest Squire lanesize worksWest Squire lane
3990 Ackroyd HiramGirlingtonhouseGirlington
3991 Ackroyd JohnSouthfield squarehouseSouthfield square
3992 Ackroyd RobinsonBelgrave placehouse141, Belgrave place
3993 Ackroyd SamuelWest Duckworth lanehouse & landWest Duckworth lane
3994 Ackroyd ThomasWood streethouse58, Wood street
3995 Ackroyd UriahWashington streethouse112, Washington street
3996 Adamson JohnWellesley terracehouseWellesley terrace
3997 Akam William KendallBelgrave streethouse49, Belgrave street
3998 Aked WilliamApsley crescenthouse13, Apsley crescent
3999 Allen Thomas KingdonGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
4000 Allen WilliamMelrose placehouseMelrose place, Thornton road
4001 Ambler JamesOak lanehouseGirlington
successivehouseOak lane
4002 Ambler JamesOak lanehouse6, Oak lane
4003 Ambler JeremiahSkinner lanehouse & landSkinner lane
4004 Ambler JohnMarlborough roadhouse10, Marlborough road
4005 Ambler JohnWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
4006 Anderton John AshworthSouthfield placehouse73, Southfield place
4007 Armitage GeorgeMornington villashouseMornington villas
4008 Armitage JohnMount pleasanthouse5, Mount pleasant
4009 Ashley JohnNorth paradehouse117, North parade
4010 Aspinall GeorgeSouthfield placehouse24, Southfield place
4011 Asquith ReubenGirlington Road bottomhouse & shop17, Girlington Road bottom
4012 Atkinson William ChildAshdowne placehouseAshdowne place
4013 Aykroyd JosephSalt streethouse112, Salt street
4014 Aykroyd WilliamSalt streethouse116, Salt street

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4015 Bailey Samuel OldfieldSouthfield placehouse13, Southfield place
4016 Bairstow AmosClarendon placehouseBrunswick place
successivehouseClarendon place
4017 Bankart GeorgeClifton villashouseClifton villas
4018 Banner EdwinWellesley terracehouse222, Wellesley terrace
4019 Barker JamesMarlborough roadhouse20, Marlborough road
4020 Barker JohnBelgrave streethouse23, Belgrave street
4021 Barraclough JohnNorth park roadhouseNorth park road
4022 Barthelmes ErnestHighfield placehouseHighfield place
4023 Bates JoshuaSouthfield placehouse38, Southfield place
4024 Baxandall JohnReservoir hotelhouseReservoir hotel, near Throstle nest
4025 Beanland JohnGreen lanehouse44, Green lane
4026 Beevers CharlesHighfield placehouseHighfield place
4027 Beevers Joseph HardcastleSt. Jude's squarehouse9, St. Jude's square
4028 Bell JohnOak househouseOak house
4029 Bell WilliamPrimrose streethouse19, Primrose street
4030 Benson JosephRose streethouse & shopRose street
4031 Bentham JosephWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
4032 Bentley GreenwoodLilycroft lanehouseLilycroft lane
4033 Bergel SamuelCamden terracehouseCamden terrace
4034 Bernheim EdwardSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4035 Best SamuelClarendon terracehouse21, Clarendon terrace
4036 Binns Joseph ArthurNorthfield placehouse20, Northfield place
4037 Birch JohnGreen lanehouse & shop51, Green lane
4038 Blackburn GideonClarendon streethouse5, Clarendon street
4039 Booth BenjaminSouthfield placehouse13, Victoria street
successivehouse4, Southfield place
4040 Booth George HenryBolton roadhouseBolton road
4041 Booth Spencer BanksDuckworth lanehouseDuckworth lane
4042 Borissow AlbertBelle Vue placehouse7, Belle vue place
4043 Borissow AlbertBelle Vue placehouseHanover square
successivehouseBelle vue place
4044 Bray ThomasGirlington roadhouse167, Girlington road
4045 Brear RobinsonSouthfield placehouse3, Rose bank
successivehouse8, Southfield place
4046 Brear SamuelLumb lanehouseLumb lane
4047 Brigg JoshuaBelle Vue placehouse6, Belle vue place
4048 Briggs HenryOak lanehouseOak lane
4049 Briggs JamesSouthfield placehouse18, Southfield place
4050 Briggs JohnWhetley terracehouse47, Whetley terrace
4051 Briggs ThomasSouthfield placehouse19, Southfield place
4052 Broadley WilliamThornton roadhouse209 Thornton road
4053 Brogden JohnSouthfield squarehouse6, Southfield square
4054 Brook RichardApsley crescenthouseApsley crescent
4055 Brook RobertFour lane endshouseFour lane ends
4056 Brook TimothyMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
4057 Broughton BenjaminWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
4058 Broughton TomManningham lanehouse & gardenManningham lane
4059 Brown GeorgeSpring rowhouse13, Spring row
4060 Brown JamesSalt streethouse3, Salt street
4061 Brown JamesNorthfield placehouse10, Northfield place
4062 Brown JamesSpring rowhouse6, Spring row
4063 Bulmer WilliamNorthfield placehouse23, Northfield place
4064 Burnley JamesNorthfield placehouse24, Northfield place
4065 Burton John LedgardBelgrave streethouse51, Belgrave street
4066 Burton John EdwardGuardian streethouse25, Guardian street
successivehouse19, Guardian street
4067 Byles Henry BeuzevilleCliff villashouseCliff villas

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4068 Calvert MichaelSouthfield placehouse4, Southfield place
4069 Campbell DuncanSouthfield squarehouse50, Southfield square
4070 Carrington JohnGreen lanehouse & shopGreen lane
4071 Charlesworth CharlesNorthfield placehouse28, Northfield place
4072 Cheesebrough LeonardSouthfield placehouse14, Southfield place
4073 Child JohnNorth paradehouse137, North parade
4074 Clapham JohnSkinner lanehouse & shop7, Skinner lane
4075 Clapham ThomasGreen lanebeerhouse24, Green lane
4076 Clark BenjaminChurch streethouse411, Church street
4077 Clark JohnMontgomery streethouse & shopMontgomery street
4078 Clark JosephWaile streethouse34, Waile street
4079 Clark WilliamFour lane endshouse & shop120, Four lane ends
4080 Clay Charles SwingleyNorthfield placehouse26, Northfield place
4081 Clayton CharlesBox tree cottagehouseBox tree cottage, Allerton road
4082 Clayton David MilnerGuardian streethouseGuardian street
4083 Clayton JohnSouthfield placehouse44, Southfield place
4084 Clough HudsonGlobe cottagehouseGlobe cottage
4085 Clough JohnSalt streethouse & shopSalt street
4086 Clough LeeSouthfield placehouse29, Southfield place
4087 Clough RobertLumb lanehouseLumb lane
4088 Clough ThomasCarlisle roadhouse71, Carlisle road
4089 Coates GeorgeWellesley terracehouse228, Wellesley terrace
4090 Coates JamesBack lanehouse63, Back lane
4091 Cockcroft GregoryThornton roadhouse & shop254, Thornton road
4092 Cockin JosephHeaton roadhouse2, Heaton road
4093 Cockshott ThomasWellesley terracehouse210, Wellesley terrace
4094 Cole ThomasSt. Jude's placehouse7, St. Jude's place
4095 Collins WilliamArcadia streethouse66, Arcadia street
4096, Collinson JosephClarendon terracehouse23, Clarendon terrace
4097 Cook SamuelGrosvenor placehouseGrosvenor place
4098 Cook WilliamMarlborough roadhouse26, Marlborough road
4099 Cordingley JamesSt. Jude's placehouseSt. Jude's place
4100 Cowcroft JamesLilycrofthouseLilycroft
4101 Crabtree RichardRose bankhouseRose bank
4102 Craven JamesPicton streethouse129, Picton street
4103 Craven JohnPicton streethouse133, Picton street
4104 Craven JohnGuardian streethouse & yardGuardian street
4105 Craven JosephWhetley lanehouse & landWhetley lane
4106 Craven LotSpring cliffehouseSpring cliffe
4107 Craven SamuelHedge sidehouse & landHedge side
4108 Craven WilliamWhetley lanehouse & landWhetley lane
4109 Creak Henry BrownSkinner lanehouseSkinner lane
4110 Creyke JohnBelgrave streethouse26, Laburnum street
successivehouse37, Belgrave street
4111 Critchley WilliamWhetley lanehouse10, Whetley lane
4112 Crossley WilliamClarendon terracehouse9, Clarendon terrace
4113 Crowther BenjaminNorthfield placehouseNorthfield place
4114 Crowther George BrownBelgrave streethouse1, Belgrave street
4115 Crowther HenryNorthfield placehouse8, Northfield place
4116 Curtis JabezSt. Jude's squarehouse4, St. Jude's square

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4117 Dale GeorgeSt. Jude's placehouse11, St. Jude's place
4118 Davey DennisSalt streethouse126, Salt street
4119 Dawson JosephClifton villashouseClifton villas
4120 Dawson WilliamWhetley lanehouse15, Whetley lane
4121 Denby JohnSkinner lanehouseSkinner lane
4122 Denby AbrahamDenby streethouse1, Denby street
4123 Demaine GeorgeSt. Jude's placehouse6, St. Jude's place
4124 Denbigh BenjaminBrowhouse & landBrow
4125 Dennison BenjaminBelgrave placehouse125, Belgrave place
4126 Denton WilliamSouthfield squarehouseSouthfield square
4127 Dewhirst ThomasNorth paradehouse143, North parade
4128 Dibb JohnClarendon streethouse1, Clarendon street
4129 Dixon JamesWellesley terracehouse69, Southfield square
successivehouse246, Wellesley terrace
4130 Dowson HenryDuckworth lanehouseLumb lane
successivehouse2, Duckworth lane
4131 Drake JohnLaburnum streethouseLaburnum street
4132 Drake JohnBrowhouse & landBrow
4133 Dracup JohnGirlington roadhouse & shopGirlington road
4134 Drummond JamesSpring LodgehouseField house
successivehouseSpring lodge
4135 Duckitt WilliamSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4136 Eastwood WilliamHighfield placehouse6, Highfield place
4137 Eddowes JohnSt. Jude's parsonagehouseSt. Jude's Parsonage
4138 Edmondson Joseph SowdenSalt streethouse & shop100, Salt street
4139 Edwards ThomasLower Globe streethouse208, Lower Globe street
4140 Eltoft JohnWhite Abbey roadhouse & shop96, White Abbey road
4141 Engelmann AntonCamden terracehouseCamden terrace
4142 Exley JohnBolton lanehouseBolton road

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4143 Fairbank JamesWhitefield placehouseWhitefield place
4144 Fairbank JosephWhitefield placehouseWhitefield place
4145 Fairbank WilliamAllertonmillBrick lane mill
4146 Fairbank WilliamNorth paradehouse123, North parade
4147 Fairbank William, junr.AllertonmillThornton road
4148 Fall ThomasGreen lanehouse & shop17, Green lane
4149 Farrar George HenryGreenfield placehouse5, Greenfield place
4150 Farrar JosephAtha villahouseAtha villa, Toller lane
4151 Fearnley EdmundArcadia streethouse6, Arcadia street
4152 Fearnley Eli BentleyWellesley terracehouse230, Wellesley terrace
4153 Fearnsides JohnIvy cottagehouseIvy cottage, Thornton road
4154 Field JosephLumb lanehouseLumb lane
4155 Firth George EnochEast Squire lanehouseEast Squire lane
4156 Firth JohnPicton streethouse & shop59, Picton street
4157 Firth JohnWellesley terracehouse & shop252, Wellesley terrace
4158 Firth JosephSpring cliffehouseSpring cliffe
4159 Firth WilliamApsley crescenthouseDrewton street
successivehouse15, Apsley crescent
4160 Fletcher JohnArcadia streethouse54, Arcadia street
4161 Foggo AlgernonRose bankhouseRose bank
4162 Fortune EdwardClarendon streethouseClarendon street
4163 Foster JonasToller lanehouse10, Toller lane
4164 Foster JosephSouthfield placehouse72, Southfield place
4165 Fountain ThomasBelgrave placehouse147, Belgrave place
4166 Fox EdwardNorthfield placehouse60, Salt street
successivehouse6, Northfield place
4167 Fox ThomasSouthfield placehouse7, Southfield place
4168 Frankland ThomasCarlisle roadbuildings & landCarlisle road
4169 Frankland WilliamSalt streethouse70, Salt street
4170 Freckleton Thomas W.Northfield placehouseWellesley terrace
successivehouse18, Northfield place
4171 Fugill JosephWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4172 Gant James Greaves TetleyClifton villashouseClifton villas
4173 Gardner LotMornington villashouseMornington villas
4174 Gardner RobertRose bankhouse6, Rose bank
4175 Garnett ThomasFairmount placehouse2, Fairmount place
4176 George JamesGrosvenor placehouseDrewton street
successivehouseGrosvenor place
4177 George WilliamSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4178 George WilliamWellesley terracehouse240, Wellesley terrace
4179 Gibson RichardBelgrave placehouse65, Belgrave place
4180 Gill JohnLily streethouse & shopLily street
4181 Gillies JohnCamden terracehouseCamden terrace
4182 Gledhill JosephValley placehouseValley place
4183 Goddard RichardApsley crescenthouse13, Apsley crescent
4184 Goggin MauriceNorthfield placehouse19, Northfield place
4185 Goodison JosephSalt streethouse39, Salt street
4186 Gornall HenryTop of Wood streethouse & shopTop of Wood street
4187 Gotthardt Walter HebdenSouthfield squarehouse70, Southfield square
4188 Gourlay AndrewSouthfield placehouse133, Southfield place
4189 Gourley JamesApsley crescenthouseApsley crescent
4190 Greaves JohnToller lanehouseToller lane
4191 Green JamesMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
4192 Greenway JohnHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
4193 Greenwood JohnTop of Carlisle roadhouseTop of Carlisle road
4194 Greenwood JohnSouthfield placehouse12, Southfield place
4195 Greenwood MatthewToller lanehouseToller lane
4196 Greenwood WilliamSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4197 Guy WilliamMarlborough roadhouse24, Marlborough road

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4198 Haigh MatthewSouthfield placehouse10, Southfield place
4199 Haigh William RoulstonOakfieldhouseOakfield
4200 Haley JohnFour lane endshouse109, Four lane ends
4201 Haley TimothyChurch streethouseChurch street
4202 Hall WilliamSalt streethouse77, Salt street
4203 Hallas GeorgeBold streethouse2, Bold street
4204 Halliday JeremiahSalt streethouse2, Salt street
4205 Halstead HenrySouthfield placehouse3, Southfield place
4206 Hamilton RichardApsley crescenthouse14, Apsley crescent
4207 Hammond JosephFour lane endshouse & shopFour lane ends
4208 Hammond JohnSpotted househouseSpotted house
4209 Hardy SquireClarendon terracehouse14, Clarendon terrace
4210 Hargreaves WilliamBelgrave streethouse31, Belgrave street
4211 Harland JohnSouthfield placehouse20, Southfield place
4212 Harris Richard PeckoverFairmount placehouseFairmount place
4213 Harrison BenjaminWordsworth cottagehouseWordsworth cottage
4214 Harrison HenrySouthfield placehouse9, Southfield place
4215 Harrison JohnNorth paradehouse101, North parade
4216 Harrison JosephWashington streethouseWashington street
4217 Harrison WilliamSouthfield placehouse25, Southfield place
4218 Harrop WilliamWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
4219 Hartley JohnNorthfield placehouse7, Northfield place
4220 Hartley RobertSalt streethouse124, Salt street
4221 Hastings CharlesToller lanehouseToller lane
4222 Hattersley Samuel LongdenNorth paradehouse99, North parade
4223 Heaton GeorgeHighfield placehouse4, Highfield place
4224 Hemming John HeathSouthfield placehouse27, Southfield place
4225 Heseltine SamuelMarlborough roadhouse22, Marlborough road
4226 Heselton John AllisonSouthfield placehouse22, Southfield place
4227 Hey AbrahamButterfield rowhouse & shopButterfield row
4228 Heydemann NicholasSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4229 Hill BannisterArcadia streethouse80, Arcadia street
4230 Hill GeorgeDaisy hillland & buildingsDaisy hill
4231 Hill JohnWellesley terracehouse226, Wellesley terrace
4232 Hillam JosephHortonquarry & buildingsManningham lane
4233 Hinchliffe BenjaminSalt streethouseSalt street
4234 Hind JohnWhite Abbeyhouse & shopWhite Abbey
4235 Hindle CharlesSpringfield streethouse27, Springfield street
4236 Hodgson JamesGreen lanehouse40, Green lane
4237 Hodgson JohnNorth park roadhouseNorth park road
4238 Holdsworth JohnNorthfield placehouse15, Northfield place
4239 Holdsworth JonathanLaburnum streethouseLaburnum street
4240 Holgate AdamsonHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
4241 Holgate JohnBelgrave placehouse47, Belgrave place
4242 Holgate ThomasNorth paradehouse119, North parade
4243 Holliday ThomasMount pleasanthouse & land4, Mount pleasant
4244 Hollings JohnWhetley hillhouseWhetley hill
4245 Hollings ThomasWest househouseWest house, Toller lane
4246 Holloway FrancisWellesley terracehouseWellesley terrace
4247 Holloway GilbertNorthfield placehouse22, Northfield place
4248 Holmes JohnApsley crescenthouse9, Apsley crescent
4249 Holmes WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse13, St. Jude's place
4250 Holmes WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse27, St. Jude's place
4251 Hopkinson JosephSalt streethouse1, Salt street
4252 Hudson WilliamLumb lanehouseLumb lane
4253 Hunter AlexanderGrosvenor placehouse139, Grosvenor place
4254 Hunter ThomasApsley crescenthouse11, Apsley crescent
4255 Hunton WilliamBelle Vue placehouse10, Belle vue place
4256 Hutton JamesLaburnum placehouse12, Northfield place
successivehouse2, Laburnum place

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4257 Ibbotson HenryClarendon streethouseGirlington
successivehouseClarendon street
4258 Ickeringill AbrahamWood streethouse & shopWood street
4259 Illingworth BoothSt. Jude's placehouseSt. Jude's place
4260 Illingworth JosephClifton villashouseClifton villas
4261 Illingworth RichardSt. Jude's placehouse15, St. Jude's place
4262 Illingworth ThomasThornton roadhouse203, Thornton road
4263 Illingworth ThomasThornton roadchemical worksThornton road
4264 Ingham JohnValley roadhouseValley road

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4265 Jackson JohnThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
4266 Jarratt EdwardLower Globebuildings & landLower Globe & Whetley lane
4267 Jarratt WilliamPicton streethouse159, Picton street
4268 Jennings WilliamMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
4269 Jesper AlfredHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
4270 Jewell John HenrySouthfield squarehouse46, Southfield square
4271 Johnson EdwardWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
4272 Johnson WilliamPrimrose terracehouse26, Primrose terrace
4273 Jolly IsaacLaburnum placehouse10, Laburnum place
4274 Jowett EdmundNorth paradehouse & warehouse97, North parade
4275 Jowett James AtkinsonBoltonland & buildingsClock house
4276 Jowett JonasThomas streethouse270, Thomas street
4277 Jowett WilliamSalt streethouse52, Salt street
4278 Jowett WilliamLaburnum placehouseLaburnum place
4279 Jowett WilliamLaburnum placehouseLaburnum place
successivehouse2, Laburnum place

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4280 Kay WilliamSouthfield squarehouse51, Southfield square
4281 Keighley DavidHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
4282 Keighley IsaacChurch streethouse153, Church street
4283 Keighley JamesBelle Vue placehouse1, Belle vue place
4284 Keighley JohnNorth paradehouse145, North parade
4285 Kell RobertSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4286 Kell Samuel CopelandWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
4287 Kemp Alfred BlythRose bankhouse5, Rose bank
4288 Kenion EdwardSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4289 King JohnMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
4290 Knight GeorgeCemetery roadbuildings & landCemetery road
4291 Knight John PikeSouthfield placehouse62, Southfield place
4292 Knight ThomasSouthfield placehouse35, Southfield place
4293 Koppel John SolomonMornington villashouse13, Mornington villas

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4294 Lancaster AlfredClarendon terracehouse3, Clarendon street
4295 Lancaster RobertClarendon streethouse21, Clarendon street
4296 Lancaster ThomasPrimrose streethouse2A, Primrose street
4297 Lassen Edward SamuelRose mounthouseRose mount
4298 Lawton EdwinClarendon placehouseElizabeth street
successivehouseClarendon place
4299 Leach JosephSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4300 Leach SamuelSalt streethouse56, Salt street
4301 Leather William HenrySouthfield placehouse39, Southfield place
4302 Leather SamuelSouthfield placehouse41, Southfield place
4303 Ledgard HarrisonLumb lanebeerhouseLumb lane
4304 Lee JohnSalt streethouse122, Salt street
4305 Lee JohnArcadia streethouse82, Arcadia street
4306 Leeming JohnSouthfield placehouse64, Southfield place
4307 Lishman MatthewGirlington roadhouse103, Girlington road
4308 Lister Samuel CunliffeManningham hallhouseManningham hall
4309 Little DavidSouthfield squarehouse56, Southfield square
4310 Lobley John DeanWellesley terracehouse53, Belgrave place
successivehouseWellesley terrace
4311 Lockwood CharlesOakfieldhouseOakfield
4312 Lowcock JosephWellesley terracehouse220, Wellesley terrace
4313 Longbottom Thomas KirkbySt. Jude's placehouse3, St. Jude's place
4314 Lowenthal SiegmundBelle Vue placehouse11, Belle vue place
4315 Lumb GeorgeLaburnum streethouse28, Laburnum street
4316 Lumb SamuelNorth paradehouse147, North parade
4317 Lund CharlesClarendon terracehouse18, Northfield place
successivehouseClarendon terrace
4318 Lund KeighleySouthfield placehouse31, Southfield place
4319 Lund WilliamBelgrave placehouse & shop55, Belgrave place

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4320 Mann BenjaminDaisy hillhouse & landDaisy hill
4321 Marshall JohnBelle Vue placehouse8, Belle vue place
4322 Martin WilliamFairmount placehouseFairmount place
4323 Mather James StewartApsley crescenthouseApsley crescent
4324 Matthews AlfredMount pleasanthouse6, Mount pleasant
4325 Maude GeorgeSt. Jude's placehouse9, St. Jude's place
4326 Mawson Henry OgleApsley crescenthouse21, Apsley crescent
4327 Mawson WilliamSouthfield placehouse11, Southfield place
4328 McKean AndrewSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4329 McLaren JohnSouthfield placehouse33, Southfield place
4330 Mercer ThomasWaile streethouse & stablesWaile street
4331 Merrall StephenSpring cliffehouseSpring cliffe
4332 Metcalfe JosephFour lane endshouse & landFour lane ends
4333 Metcalfe WilliamSouthfield placehouse43, Southfield place
4334 Miall James GoodeveBelle Vue placehouse5, Belle vue place
4335 Midgley RowlandGreen lanehouse46, Green lane
4336 Milligan RobertNorth park roadhouseNorth park road
4337 Milligan Walter, junr.Rose bankhouse1, Rose bank
4338 Manes EliRose bankhousePierremont, Toller lane
successivehouseRose bank
4339 Milnes HenryToller lanehouseToller lane
4340 Mitchell GeorgeBelgrave placehouse103, Belgrave place
4341 Mitchell HenryMornington villashouseMornington villas
4342 Mitchell JohnParkfield househouseParkfield house
4343 Mitchell Thomas JamesWellesley terracehouse214, Wellesley terrace
4344 Mitchell ThomasBelgrave placehouse123, Belgrave place
4345 Mitchell ThomasGreenfield placehouseGreenfield place
4346 Mitton WelburySt. Paul's ParsonagehouseSt. Paul's Parsonage
4347 Mitton WilliamBelgrave streethouse63, Belgrave street
4348 Moiser SamuelNorthfield placehouse13, Northfield place
4349 Moore JohnChurch streethouse & shop199, Church street
4350 Morrell GeorgeSouthfield placehouse65, Southfield place
4351 Mortimer EliThrostle nesthouse & landThrostle nest
4352 Mosley JamesValley roadhouse25, Valley road
4353 Moulden WilliamSt. Jude's squarehouse11, St. Jude's square
4354 Moulden WilliamSmith lanehouseSmith lane
4355 Muff Thomas ParkinsonBelle Vue placehouse4, Belle vue place
4356 Murgatroyd BenjaminSalt streethouse64, Salt street
4357 Murgatroyd JosephChurch streethouse & shopChurch street
4358 Murgatroyd ThomasGreen lanebeerhouse34, Green lane

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4359 Nelson CharlesWhetley streethouse30, Whetley street
4360 Nelson John AsquithGirlington roadhouse101, Girlington road
4361 Nelson RichardWood streethouse & shop1, Wood street
4362 Nelson ThomasGreen rowhouse & gardenGreen row
4363 Newby WilliamManningham lanehouse & shopManningham lane
4364 Newboult GeorgeClarendon terracehouse2, Clarendon terrace
4365 Nicholls William SchofieldSouthfield placehouse40, Southfield place
4366 Northorp SamuelWhetley lanehouse5, Whetley lane
4367 Nutter JosephKensington cottagehouseKensington cottage, Girlington

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4368 Oldfield JamesSouthfield placehouse54, Southfield place

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4369 Parker JamesClarendon streethouse7, Clarendon street
4370 Parkinson CharlesToller lanehouseToller lane
4371 Parkinson JohnGuardian streethouse23A Guardian street
4372 Parry CharlesSpring rowhouse16, Spring row
4373 Patchett JamesNorth paradehouse121, North parade
4374 Pawson BenjaminSpringfield streethouse36, Springfield street
4375 Peel George FrederickMarlborough roadhouse14, Marlborough road
4376 Pennington GeorgeSouthfield placehouse1, Northfield place
successivehouse15, Southfield place
4377 Perkins Joseph WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse5, St. Jude's place
4378 Perkin JamesWhetley lanehouse17, Whetley lane
4379 Pesel Frederick RobertMornington villashouseMornington villas
4380 Pesel George HenryMornington villashouseMornington villas
4381 Petty JoshuaSouthfield placehouse28, Southfield place
4382 Petty Robert HenryBelle Vue placehouse2, Belle vue place
4383 Phillips JacobClifton villashouseClifton villas
4384 Phillips JamesWellesley terracehouse234, Wellesley terrace
4385 Pickles BenjaminWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
4386 Pickles JosephTop of Spring rowhouse & shopTop of Spring row
4387 Pollard RobertNorth paradehouse103, North parade
4388 Poole JohnSt. Jude's squarehouse6, St. Jude's square
4389 Powell ThomasSouthfield placehouse135, Southfield place
4390 Preller EmilusOakfieldhouseOakfield
4391 Preston JohnJarratt streethouseJarratt street
4392 Priestley SamuelThornton roadhouse & shop11, Thornton road
4393 Priestman AlfredEldon terracemillValley road
4394 Priestman EdwardGirlington roadhouse244, Girlington road
4395 Priestman FrederickPierremonthousePierremont, Toller lane
4396 Priestman JohnWhetley hillhouseWhetley hill
4397 Priestman John, junr.Eldon terracemillValley mill

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4398 Ralfe WalterClarendon terracehouse23, Clarendon street
4399 Ramsden DavidSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4400 Ramsden ThomasClarendon streethouse15, Clarendon street
4401 Redman JohnDuckworth lanehouse194 A, Duckworth lane
4402 Renton ThomasClifton villashouseClifton villas
4403 Rhodes IsaacSkinner lanehouseSkinner lane
4404 Rhodes SamuelSkinner lanehouse & landSkinner lane
4405 Rhodes JamesSouthfield squarehouse68, Southfield square
4406 Rhodes JosephLily streethouseLily street
4407 Richmond ThomasWhite Abbeyhouse & shop32, White Abbey
4408 Riley Arthur JamesSalt streethouse75, Salt street
4409 Riley JohnSt. Jude's squarehouse98, St. Jude's place
4410 Riley ThomasGirlington roadhouse174, Girlington road
4411 Roberts JosephWashington streethouseWashington street, Girlington
4412 Roberts John ArthurBelle Vue placehouse3, Belle vue place
4413 Roberts WilliamToller lanehouse12, Toller lane
4414 Robertshaw CalvinAllertonmillThornton road
4415 Robertshaw IllingworthAllertonmillThornton road
4416 Robertshaw JonathanSmith lanehouseSmith lane
4417 Robertshaw JosephClarendon terracehouse15, Clarendon terrace
4418 Robertshaw LutherAllertonmillThornton road
4419 Robertshaw ThomasAllertonmillThornton road
4420 Robinson JamesSt. Jude's placehouse96, St. Jude's place
4421 Robinson JosiahPrimrose streethouse & shop28, Primrose street
4422 Rogerson George Bayldon2, Mount pleasanthouse2, Mount pleasant
4423 Rossen AlbertRose bankhouse2, Rose bank
4424 Rowntree HenryClarendon streethouse17, Clarendon street
4425 Rouse WilliamCamden terracehouseCamden terrace
4426 Russell PeterGuardian streethouse17, Guardian street
4427 Rycroft JosephBrick lanehouse72, Brick lane

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4428 Sagar John TetleySalt streethouse9, Salt street
4429 Sagar SamuelWhite Abbey roadhouse & shop84, White Abbey road
4430 Sagar StephenLumb lanehouseLumb lane
4431 Scales Henry ChristianNorth paradehouse159, North parade
4432 Schlesinger AndrewCrowtreeshouseCrowtrees
4433 Schlesinger EmilFairmount placehouseFairmount place
4434 Schlesinger JuliusWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
4435 Schmidt WilliamHighfield placehouse3, Highfield place
4436 Schorfield Samuel RichardCarlisle roadhouse1, Carlisle road
4437 Scholey StephenBelgrave placehouse119, Belgrave place
4438 Schutt Herman PeterWhetley househouseWhetley house
4439 Scott WalterWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
4440 Scully AmbroseNorthfield placehouseNorthfield place
4441 Seed EdwardSpring cliffehouseSpring cliffe
4442 Sells John CherrettApsley crescenthouse12, Apsley crescent
4443 Semon CharlesManningham LodgehouseManningham lodge
4444 Shann WilliamLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane
4445 Sharman James MaudGirlingtonhouse18, Girlington
4446 Sharp SamuelSouthfield placehouse32, Southfield place
4447 Sharp SimonGreen lanehouse & shop45, Green lane
4448 Shaw WilliamSouthfield placehouse & shopSouthfield place
4449 Sim DavidSouthfield squarehouse52, Southfield square
4450 Simpson JohnSouthfield placehouse36, Southfield place
4451 Singleton JosephParadise greenhouseParadise green
4452 Singleton Thomas83, Salt streethouse152, Salt street
successivehouse83, Salt street
4453 Skelhorn William HenryGrosvenor placehouse153, Grosvenor place
4454 Smith EliGirlingtonhouse20, Girlington
4455 Smith IsaacSmith lanehouseSmith lane
4456 Smith IsaacThornton roadhouseHampton place, Horton
successivehouseEnon place, Thornton
4457 Smith JamesKensington streethouse127, Kensington street
4458 Smith JohnField househouseEnon house, Thornton road
successivehouseField house, Daisy hill
4459 Smith JohnSmith lanehouse & landSmith lane
4460 Smith JosephApsley crescenthouse6, Apsley crescent
4461 Smith PeterGirlingtonhouseGirlington
4462 Smith SamuelFieldhead, HortonmillNew Miller's Dam mill
4463 Smith ShackletonClarendon streethouse5, Clarendon street
4464 Snow ThomasClarendon terracehouse19, Clarendon terrace
4465 Snowden GeorgeSouthfield placehouse55, Southfield place
4466 Speight FrederickClarendon streethouse25, Clarendon street
4467 Speight JohnArcadia streethouse70, Arcadia street
4468 Stansfield John SlaterWatersidehouse & landWaterside
4469 Stead ThomasBelle Vue placehouse9, Belle vue place
4470 Steel DanielLumb lanehouse & shop90, Lumb lane
4471 Stellings JohnThornton roadhouseThornton road
4472 Stephenson AlfredClarendon placehouse9, Clarendon street
successivehouse11, Clarendon place
4473 Stephenson WilliamClarendon placehouse1, Sedgfield terrace
successivehouseClarendon place
4474 Steinthal Charles GustavusClifton villashouseClifton villas
4475 Storey GeorgeNorthfield placehouse16, Northfield place
4476 Sugden EdwardSouthfield squarehouseSouthfield square
4477 Sugden IsaacClarendon terracehouse11, Clarendon terrace
4478 Sugden JohnBelgrave streethouse33, Belgrave street
4479 Sugden JohnKensington streethouse164, Kensington street
4480 Sugden SamuelApsley crescenthouseApsley crescent
4481 Stephenson ThomasBelgrave placehouse131, Belgrave place
4482 Sutcliffe JamesSt. Jude's squarehouse7, St. Jude's square
4483 Sutcliffe SamuelSpring Bank placehouseSpring Bank place
4484 Sutcliffe ThomasValley rowhouse26, Valley row
4485 Swithenbank MidgleySt. Jude's squarehouse5, St. Jude's square

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4486 Taylor ClementWellesley terracehouseWellesley terrace
4487 Taylor GeorgeGreen lanehouse & shop1, Green lane
4488 Taylor JohnGreenfield placehouse2, Greenfield place
4489 Taylor John CravenGreen lanehouse25, Green lane
4490 Taylor SamuelNorthfield placehouse68, Arcadia street
successivehouseNorthfield place
4491 Taylor ThomasBelgrave streethouse61, Belgrave street
4492 Terry JohnSt. Jude's placehouse8, St. Jude's place
4493 Tetley George GreenwoodLadye roydhouseLadye royd
4494 Tetley JohnSt. Jude's placehouse37, St. Jude's place
4495 Tetley JosephSouthfield placehouse2, Southfield place
4496 Tetley WilliamBrowhouse & landBrow
4497 Thackray WilliamLaburnum cottagehouseLaburnum cottage
4498 Threlkeld ThomasGirlington roadhouse99, Girlington road
4499 Thresh AbrahamLaburnum placehouse12, Laburnum place
4500 Thomas EliasNorthfield placehouse5, Northfield place
4501 Thompson JohnCliffe villashouseCliffe villas
4502 Thornton SharpChurch streetbeerhouseChurch street
4503 Tillotson FrancisArcadia streethouse38, Arcadia street
4504 Tillotson MilesClifton villashouseClifton villas
4505 Topham WilliamOakfieldhouseOakfield
4506 Tordoff Thomas DenbighApsley crescenthouse8, Apsley crescent
4507 Tout RichardGirlingtonhouseGirlington
4508 Tuke DanielChesnut cottagehouseChesnut cottage

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4509 Vaughan WilliamHighfield placehouse2, Highfield place
4510 Virr ThomasGirlington roadhouse48, Drewton street
successivehouse209, Girlington road

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4511 Waddington JosephWashington streethouseWashington street
4512 Wade John HenryApsley crescenthouse16, Apsley crescent
4513 Walker GeorgeWellesley terracehouse81, Salt street
successivehouseWellesley terrace
4514 Wall AlfredSkinner lanehouseSkinner lane
4515 Wallace FrederickSouthfield placehouse67, Southfield place
4516 Wallace MichaelClarendon terracehouse27, Clarendon terrace
4517 Walsh JohnSpringfield streethouse & shopSpringfield street
4518 Waterhouse JohnWest Squire lanehouse & land18, West Squire lane
4519 Watson StephenDuckworth lanehouseDuckworth lane
4520 Watson WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse31, St. Jude's place
4521 Watson WilliamSkinner lanehouse16, Skinner lane
4522 Waugh BenjaminFour lane endshouse161, Four lane ends
4523 Weatherill JamesLily streethouseLily street
4524 West EdwardToller lanehouseToller lane
4525 Whitaker CharlesGrosvenor placehouse137, Grosvenor place
4526 White IsaacBrownroydhouse & landBrownroyd
4527 White JosephEnon placehouse205, Enon place, Thornton road
4528 Whiteley John MarvelSalt streethouse74, Salt street
4529 Whitfield JohnWood streethouse & shopWood street
4530 Whitley JamesBelgrave streethouse43, Belgrave street
4531 Whitley SquireAshdowne placehouseAshdowne place
4532 Whitley WilliamClarendon streethouse3, Clarendon street
4533 Wilcock JosephGirlington roadhouse40, Girlington road
4534 Wild JohnWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
4535 Wilkinson AlfredClarendon streethouse7, Clarendon street
4536 Wilkinson EdwardPicton streethouse & shop159, Picton street
4537 Wilkinson FrancisSouthfield placehouse53, Southfield place
4538 Willett ThomasApsley crescenthouse19, Apsley crescent
4539 Wilman JosephFour lane endshouseFour lane ends
4540 Wilson ArthurGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
4541 Wilson George WilliamSouthfield squarehouse63, Southfield square
4542 Wilson JamesFairmount placehouse7, Fairmount place
4543 Wilson JamesSpringfield workshouseSpringfield works, White Abbey
4544 Wilson JosephSpringfield workshouseSpringfield works, White Abbey
4545 Wilson SamuelTreeshouseTrees
4546 Wilson TaylorMontgomery streethouse & shop1, Montgomery street
4547 Wilson ThomasWhetley terracehouse19, Whetley terrace
4548 Wood BenjaminCarlisle roadhouse66, Carlisle road
4549 Wood BenjaminGirlington roadhouse184, Girlington road
4550 Wood IsaacGirlingtonhouseGirlington
4551 Wood JamesChurch streethouse115, Church street
4552 Wood JosephNorth paradehouse141, North parade
4553 Wood JosephLilycroft lanehouse & landLilycroft lane
4554 Wood ThomasSalt streethouse87, Salt street
4555 Wood WilliamValley placehouseValley place
4556 Woodhead SamuelClarendon streethouse19, Clarendon street
4557 Wright CharlesMarlborough roadhouse12, Marlborough road
4558 Wright IsaacGrosvenor placehouseGrosvenor place
4559 Wright William EllisApsley crescenthouse23, Apsley crescent
4560 Wroe WilliamToller lanehouseToller lane
4561 Wubbe Hermann AugustMornington villashouseMornington villas

MANNINGHAM, 1863, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4562 Yates JohnSalt streethouse40, Salt street
4563 Yates RobertApsley crescenthouse12, Apsley crescent
4564 Yewdall JesseNorth paradehousePeel park villas
successivehouse111, North parade

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